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Alternate character set handling scheme
Alternate character sets
alternate clearance
alternate communication
alternate date
alternate dates
alternate delivery systems
alternate device
alternate devices
alternate director
alternate electronic
alternate electronic - ActCode
Alternate eye cover test
Alternate eye cover test result
alternate hypotheses
alternate hypothesis
alternate key
alternate key stroke
alternate keypad
alternate keypad mode
alternate keys
alternate multilayer
alternate rhyme
alternate rhymes
alternate routing
alternate sector
alternate sector assignment
alternate sector assignments
alternate sector table
alternate sector tables
alternate shift
alternate shifts
Alternate Splicing
alternate splicing factor
alternate splicing of antibody genes
alternate splicing of immunoglobulin genes
Alternate Splicings
Alternate state Medicaid billing
Alternate state Medicaid billing - RUG version code
Alternate state Medicaid billing - RUG version code | patient
Alternate state Medicaid billing - RUG version code | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Alternate state Medicaid billing - RUG version code MDSv3
Alternate state Medicaid billing - RUG version code:Type:Point in time:^Patient:Nominal:MDSv3
Alternate state Medicaid billing - RUG version code:Type:Pt:^Patient:Nom:MDSv3
Alternate state Medicaid billing | patient
Alternate state Medicaid billing | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Alternate state Medicaid billing MDSv3
Alternate state Medicaid billing:Type:Point in time:^Patient:Nominal:MDSv3
Alternate state Medicaid billing:Type:Pt:^Patient:Nom:MDSv3
alternate state of consciousness
alternate track
alternate tracks
alternating call voltage
alternating copolymer
alternating current
alternating current (AC)
alternating current /AC
alternating current generator
alternating current generators
alternating current machine
alternating current machines
alternating current motor
alternating current motors
alternating current/direct current
alternating data pair
Alternating esotropia
Alternating esotropia with A pattern
Alternating esotropia with other noncomitancies
Alternating esotropia with V pattern
Alternating esotropia with X or Y pattern
Alternating Exotropia
Alternating exotropia with A pattern
Alternating exotropia with other noncomitancies
Alternating exotropia with V pattern
Alternating exotropia with X or Y pattern
alternating field
alternating group
Alternating hemiplegia of childhood ({104290}) is an allelic disorder with an overlapping phenotype
Alternating hyperphoria
alternating magnetic field
Alternating Nystagmus, Periodic
Alternating pressure pad
alternating series
alternating special dial tone
alternating torque
alternating UDP-alpha-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine:beta-D-glucuronosyl-(1->3)-[nascent hyaluronan] 4-N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminyltransferase and UDP-alpha-D-glucuronate:N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosaminyl-(1->4)-[nascent hyaluronan] 3-beta-D-glucuronosyltransferase ac
alternating voltage
Alternating-Pressure Control Units
Alternating-Pressure Mattress Systems
Alternating-Pressure Mattresses
Alternating-Pressure Pads
alternation of day and night
alternation theorem
alternative (to)
alternative activities prevention approach
Alternative Billing Concepts
Alternative Billing Concepts, 2009
alternative channel
alternative channels
alternative choice
alternative claim
Alternative Complement Activation Pathway
alternative complement pathway
alternative complement pathway C3(C5) convertase activity
alternative complement pathway-inhibiting protein, Bombyx mori
alternative cost
alternative crop program
alternative cultur
alternative culture
alternative denial
alternative draft
alternative drafts
Alternative explanations for the event available
Alternative Fascicle (Bundle) Pattern
alternative forecast
alternative forecasts
Alternative HCT
Alternative Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation
alternative hypotheses
alternative hypothesis
alternative instruction
alternative language
Alternative Level of Care
Alternative Level of Care - ActCode
Alternative Macrophage Activation-Associated CC Chemokine 1
alternative macrophage activation-associated CC-chemokine 1, human
Alternative Medical Procedure
Alternative Medical System
alternative medical systems
Alternative Medical Therapy
alternative medical treatment
Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine preparation
Alternative Medicine Services
Alternative Medicine, Direct
Alternative Medicine, Indirect
alternative mode
alternative model (to sth.)
alternative nuclear mRNA splicing via spliceosome
alternative nuclear mRNA splicing, via spliceosome
alternative offer
alternative oxidase
alternative oxidase 1A , Arabidopsis
alternative oxidase 2, Arabidopsis
alternative oxidase activity
alternative oxidase, HA
alternative oxidase, Hansenula anomala
alternative path
alternative paths
Alternative Pathway C3 C5 Convertases
Alternative Pathway C3 Convertase
Alternative Pathway C3-C5 Convertases
Alternative Pathway C5 Convertase
alternative plan
alternative planning
alternative plannings
alternative plans
alternative procedures
alternative product therapy
alternative production
alternative program
alternative program path
alternative proposal
alternative proposals
alternative question
alternative questions
alternative reading frame of loricrin protein, human
alternative reading frame protein, HCV
alternative respiration
alternative rim
Alternative RNA Splicing
Alternative RNA Splicings
alternative route
alternative routes
alternative routing
alternative service
alternative service (in lieu of military service)
alternative solution
alternative solutions
Alternative Splice Site
Alternative Splice Sites
Alternative Splicing
alternative splicing defective-2 protein, C elegans
Alternative Splicings
alternative suggestion
alternative suggestions
alternative systems of medical practice
alternative testis transcripts protein, Drosophila
Alternative Therapies
Alternative Therapy
Alternative Therapy for Cancer
alternative to
alternative-complement-pathway C3/C5 convertase activity
alternative-splicing defective-1 protein, C elegans
Alternative, Animal Testing
Alternative, Animal Use
alternative, short form NMT-S
Alternatives to Animal Testing
alternatives to animals in research
Alternatives, Animal Testing
Alternatives, Animal Use
Alternator Device Component
alternifolia, Melaleuca
alternifolias, Melaleuca
alternifolium, Gymnema
alternifoliums, Gymnema
alterobactin A
alterobactin B
Alterococcus agarolyticus
Alterococcus agarolyticus Shieh and Jean 1999
Alterococcus Shieh and Jean 1999
Alteromonadaceae bacterium 4
Alteromonadaceae bacterium AAM1
Alteromonadaceae bacterium AAT1
Alteromonadaceae bacterium ACEMC 12-10
Alteromonadaceae bacterium ACEMC 19-10
Alteromonadaceae bacterium ACEMC 27-3
Alteromonadaceae bacterium ACEMC 8-7
Alteromonadaceae bacterium B04
Alteromonadaceae bacterium E1
Alteromonadaceae bacterium EXT14
Alteromonadaceae bacterium GWS-BW-H18M
Alteromonadaceae bacterium GWS-BW-H31M
Alteromonadaceae bacterium GWS-BW-H7M
Alteromonadaceae bacterium GWS-BW-H81M
Alteromonadaceae bacterium GWS-BW-H88M
Alteromonadaceae bacterium GWS-BW-H8gM
Alteromonadaceae bacterium KE1-05
Alteromonadaceae bacterium LA13
Alteromonadaceae bacterium LA34A
Alteromonadaceae bacterium LA50
Alteromonadaceae bacterium LD86
Alteromonadaceae bacterium MOLA 142
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P120
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P3
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P630
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P72
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P76
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P78p
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P82
Alteromonadaceae bacterium P86
Alteromonadaceae bacterium PH39
Alteromonadaceae bacterium PH5
Alteromonadaceae bacterium PKU
Alteromonadaceae bacterium R2
Alteromonadaceae bacterium R8
Alteromonadaceae bacterium RE1-1
Alteromonadaceae bacterium RE2-10
Alteromonadaceae bacterium RM91
Alteromonadaceae bacterium SN-1009
Alteromonadaceae bacterium T1
Alteromonadaceae bacterium T8
Alteromonadaceae bacterium TAI
Alteromonadaceae bacterium YACS-28
Alteromonadaceae bacterium YN1
Alteromonadaceae group
Alteromonadaceae Ivanova and Mikhailov 2001 emend. Ivanova et al. 2004
Alteromonadales bacterium C357
Alteromonadales bacterium CAa242
Alteromonadales bacterium CAa70
Alteromonadales bacterium CAa87
Alteromonadales bacterium fav-2-10-05
Alteromonadales bacterium fav-2-50-10
Alteromonadales bacterium fav-2-50-12
Alteromonadales bacterium G-AMM10
Alteromonadales bacterium G-AMM12
Alteromonadales bacterium G-AMM13
Alteromonadales bacterium G-AMM9
Alteromonadales bacterium G-He11
Alteromonadales bacterium G-He12
Alteromonadales bacterium G-He6
Alteromonadales bacterium G-Suc21
Alteromonadales bacterium G-Suc65
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-C-02-1
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-C-02-2
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-C-03-2
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-C-03-3
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-C-03-4
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-C-03-5
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-C-03-6
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-10
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-11
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-13
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-2
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-3
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-4
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-5
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-6
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-8
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-I-03-9
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-O-02-4
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-O-02-5
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-O-03-12
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-O-03-14
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-O-03-15
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-O-03-18
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-O-03-9
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-OI-02-10
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-OI-02-3
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-OI-02-5
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-OI-02-6
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-OI-03-1
Alteromonadales bacterium HD-OI-03-3
Alteromonadales bacterium HI9
Alteromonadales bacterium JK1
Alteromonadales bacterium JK46
Alteromonadales bacterium M13-C7
Alteromonadales bacterium M2-C14
Alteromonadales bacterium M3-C12
Alteromonadales bacterium M3-C2
Alteromonadales bacterium M3-C8
Alteromonadales bacterium M3-C9
Alteromonadales bacterium M7-C5
Alteromonadales bacterium M8-C13
Alteromonadales bacterium sty-2-10-05
Alteromonadales bacterium TW-7
Alteromonadales bacterium VHES1
Alteromonadales bacterium VHTS
Alteromonadales Bowman and McMeekin 2005
Alteromonadales genera incertae sedis
Alteromonadales TW-7
Alteromonas addita
Alteromonas addita Ivanova et al. 2005
Alteromonas agarilytica
Alteromonas agarlyticus
Alteromonas alvinellae
Alteromonas atlantica
Alteromonas aurantia
Alteromonas Baumann et al. 1972 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Gauthier et al. 1995
Alteromonas Baumann et al. 1972 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Novick and Tyler 1985
Alteromonas Baumann et al. 1972 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Van Trappen et al. 2004
Alteromonas carrageenovora
Alteromonas citrea
Alteromonas colwelliana
Alteromonas colwelliana Weiner et al. 1988
Alteromonas communis
Alteromonas communis Baumann et al. 1972 (Approved Lists 1980)
Alteromonas denitrificans
Alteromonas distincta
Alteromonas distincta Romanenko et al. 1995
Alteromonas elyakovii
Alteromonas elyakovii Ivanova et al. 1997
Alteromonas elykovii
Alteromonas espejiana
Alteromonas fuliginea
Alteromonas genovensis
Alteromonas genovensis Vandecandelaere et al. 2008
Alteromonas group
Alteromonas haloplanktis
Alteromonas haloplanktis (ZoBell and Upham 1944) Reichelt and Baumann 1973 (Approved Lists 1980)
Alteromonas hanedai
Alteromonas hanedai Jensen et al. 1981
Alteromonas hispanica
Alteromonas hispanica Martinez-Checa et al. 2005
Alteromonas infernus
Alteromonas litorea
Alteromonas litorea Yoon et al. 2004
Alteromonas luteiviolacea
Alteromonas luteo-violaceus
Alteromonas luteoviolacea
Alteromonas luteoviolacea (ex Gauthier 1976) Gauthier 1982
Alteromonas macleodii
Alteromonas macleodii Baumann et al. 1972 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Vandecandelaere et al. 2008
Alteromonas macleodii Baumann et al. 1972 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Yi et al. 2004
Alteromonas marina
Alteromonas marina Yoon et al. 2003
Alteromonas marinopraesens
Alteromonas nigrifaciens
Alteromonas nigrifaciens (ex White 1940) Baumann et al. 1984
Alteromonas phage PM2
Alteromonas putrefaciens
Alteromonas putrefaciens (ex Derby and Hammer) Lee et al. 1981
Alteromonas rubra
Alteromonas rubra Gauthier 1976 (Approved Lists 1980)
Alteromonas simiduii
Alteromonas sp.
Alteromonas sp. (STRAIN B-10-31)
Alteromonas sp. (STRAIN M-1)
Alteromonas sp. 00SS11568
Alteromonas sp. 06-027337
Alteromonas sp. 06-027338
Alteromonas sp. 06-028671
Alteromonas sp. 06-028674
Alteromonas sp. 06-029038
Alteromonas sp. 0603
Alteromonas sp. 1-5A
Alteromonas sp. 11.5.053CC8
Alteromonas sp. 14III/A01/003
Alteromonas sp. 253-19
Alteromonas sp. 2c3
Alteromonas sp. 35A5
Alteromonas sp. 35B11
Alteromonas sp. 35B5
Alteromonas sp. 35B6
Alteromonas sp. 35C5
Alteromonas sp. 35E9
Alteromonas sp. 35F10
Alteromonas sp. 36B1
Alteromonas sp. 36D7
Alteromonas sp. 36H4
Alteromonas sp. 36H5
Alteromonas sp. 407-2
Alteromonas sp. 42Xb4
Alteromonas sp. 45Xa1-J
Alteromonas sp. 46Xb1
Alteromonas sp. 4BT
Alteromonas sp. 5RC-3
Alteromonas sp. 7IX/A01/156
Alteromonas sp. 9PC-1
Alteromonas sp. 9RSW-8
Alteromonas sp. 9VII/A02/229
Alteromonas sp. 9VII/A02/230
Alteromonas sp. 9VII/A02/231
Alteromonas sp. A14
Alteromonas sp. A18
Alteromonas sp. A28
Alteromonas sp. A323
Alteromonas sp. ANSW2-2
Alteromonas sp. AOH-43
Alteromonas sp. AS-12
Alteromonas sp. AS-15
Alteromonas sp. AS-2
Alteromonas sp. AS-3
Alteromonas sp. AS-30
Alteromonas sp. AS-31
Alteromonas sp. AS-7
Alteromonas sp. ATCC 43554
Alteromonas sp. ATCC43554
Alteromonas sp. B-10-31
Alteromonas sp. BG20
Alteromonas sp. BI23
Alteromonas sp. BUS 07-8
Alteromonas sp. C1ROTREFM2
Alteromonas sp. C260
Alteromonas sp. C47
Alteromonas sp. CF11-1
Alteromonas sp. CF11-11
Alteromonas sp. CF11-2
Alteromonas sp. CF11-3
Alteromonas sp. CF11-4
Alteromonas sp. CF11-5
Alteromonas sp. CF11-6
Alteromonas sp. CF11-7
Alteromonas sp. CF11-8
Alteromonas sp. CF12-1
Alteromonas sp. CF12-2
Alteromonas sp. CF12-3
Alteromonas sp. CF12-4
Alteromonas sp. CF12-5
Alteromonas sp. CF12-6
Alteromonas sp. CF12-7
Alteromonas sp. CF14-2
Alteromonas sp. CF14-3
Alteromonas sp. CF14-4
Alteromonas sp. CF6-3
Alteromonas sp. CFS-3
Alteromonas sp. CFW-5
Alteromonas sp. CJHH1
Alteromonas sp. CJHH16
Alteromonas sp. CJHH17
Alteromonas sp. CJNY36
Alteromonas sp. Cobs2H2022
Alteromonas sp. Cobs2Tis43
Alteromonas sp. Cv1
Alteromonas sp. D
Alteromonas sp. D0-PB-B02
Alteromonas sp. D0-PB-E02
Alteromonas sp. DG1302
Alteromonas sp. DG1307
Alteromonas sp. DH12
Alteromonas sp. DH46
Alteromonas sp. E-1
Alteromonas sp. E407-1
Alteromonas sp. E407-3
Alteromonas sp. E407-4
Alteromonas sp. E407-5
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