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actinobacterium BAL264
actinobacterium BAL270
actinobacterium BAL271
actinobacterium BAL283
actinobacterium BAL285
actinobacterium BAL60
actinobacterium BAL68
actinobacterium BAL70
actinobacterium BAL71
actinobacterium BAL73
actinobacterium BAL74
actinobacterium BAL76
actinobacterium BAL77
actinobacterium BAL78
actinobacterium BAL80
actinobacterium BAL89
actinobacterium BAL94
actinobacterium BC5
actinobacterium BC5a
actinobacterium BD2
Actinobacterium bifidum
actinobacterium BP17
actinobacterium BSw10170Y
actinobacterium BVF2
actinobacterium C-129
actinobacterium C04
actinobacterium C07
actinobacterium C10
actinobacterium C18
actinobacterium C19
actinobacterium C20
actinobacterium C23
actinobacterium C27
actinobacterium C39
actinobacterium C43
actinobacterium C44
actinobacterium C45
actinobacterium C46
actinobacterium C46-Indonesia
actinobacterium C47
actinobacterium C48
actinobacterium C49
actinobacterium C50
actinobacterium C51
actinobacterium C8
actinobacterium C9
actinobacterium CA10
actinobacterium CH12i
actinobacterium CH13i
actinobacterium CH20i
actinobacterium CH21i
actinobacterium CH2i
actinobacterium CH4i
actinobacterium CPCC100076
actinobacterium CSC1
actinobacterium CSC15
actinobacterium D
actinobacterium D-N(0)-7
actinobacterium D19-5C
actinobacterium DS3
actinobacterium dtb36
actinobacterium dtb52
actinobacterium dtb63
actinobacterium E24-1
actinobacterium EC5
actinobacterium FA6
actinobacterium FA6a
actinobacterium FB5
actinobacterium FS4
actinobacterium FS4a
actinobacterium G2B1
actinobacterium G7A1
actinobacterium G7B1
actinobacterium G7B2
actinobacterium gap-d-10
actinobacterium gap-f-58
actinobacterium GP-6
actinobacterium GWS-AG-H191
actinobacterium GWS-AG-H192
actinobacterium GWS-AG-H206
actinobacterium GWS-AG-H250-19
actinobacterium GWS-AG-H266
actinobacterium GWS-AG-H268b
actinobacterium GWS-AG-H271
actinobacterium GWS-BW-H198
actinobacterium GWS-BW-H259
actinobacterium GWS-BW-H99
actinobacterium GWS-SE-H170
actinobacterium GWS-SE-H175
actinobacterium GWS-SE-H242a
actinobacterium GWS-TZ-H118
actinobacterium GZ
actinobacterium H524
actinobacterium H531
actinobacterium H562
actinobacterium HRG3
actinobacterium HRG6
actinobacterium ice-oil-317
actinobacterium ICS20411
actinobacterium ICS20435
actinobacterium iEAIC38
actinobacterium iEAIC68
actinobacterium iEAIC94
actinobacterium iEI7
actinobacterium iEII7
actinobacterium iEII8
actinobacterium IMCC1756
actinobacterium iMCIII14
actinobacterium iRII14
actinobacterium iRII17
actinobacterium iRIII11
actinobacterium iRIII6
actinobacterium iRIII7
actinobacterium iRIV11
actinobacterium iRIV12
actinobacterium iRV16
Actinobacterium israeli
actinobacterium J
actinobacterium Jbg10
actinobacterium Jbg11
actinobacterium Jbg12
actinobacterium Jbg13
actinobacterium Jbg14
actinobacterium Jbg15
actinobacterium Jbg16
actinobacterium Jbg8
actinobacterium Jbg9
actinobacterium JS14
actinobacterium K4-07A
actinobacterium KCB45
actinobacterium KE27CII-4
actinobacterium KF020
actinobacterium KF029
actinobacterium KF065
actinobacterium KFC-24
actinobacterium kmd_008
actinobacterium kmd_043
actinobacterium kmd_065
actinobacterium kmd_070
actinobacterium kmd_071
actinobacterium kmd_072
actinobacterium kmd_076
actinobacterium kmd_078
actinobacterium kmd_116
actinobacterium kmd_123
actinobacterium kmd_151
actinobacterium kmd_152
actinobacterium kmd_160
actinobacterium kmd_217
actinobacterium kmd_222
actinobacterium kmd_278
actinobacterium kmd_307
actinobacterium kmd_323
actinobacterium kmd_327
actinobacterium kmd_332
actinobacterium kmd_340
actinobacterium kmd_360
actinobacterium KV-403
actinobacterium KV-405
actinobacterium KV-407
actinobacterium KV-408
actinobacterium KV-409
actinobacterium KV-410
actinobacterium KV-413
actinobacterium KV-414
actinobacterium KV-415
actinobacterium KV-416
actinobacterium KV-417
actinobacterium KV-418
actinobacterium KV-419
actinobacterium KV-420
actinobacterium KV-421
actinobacterium KV-422
actinobacterium KV-424
actinobacterium KV-425
actinobacterium KV-531
actinobacterium KV-532
actinobacterium KV-533
actinobacterium KV-534
actinobacterium KV-535
actinobacterium KV-536
actinobacterium KV-537
actinobacterium KV-539
actinobacterium KV-540
actinobacterium KV-541
actinobacterium KV-542
actinobacterium KV-545
actinobacterium KV-546
actinobacterium KV-547
actinobacterium KV-549
actinobacterium KV-550
actinobacterium KV-551
actinobacterium KV-558
actinobacterium KV-559
actinobacterium KV-561
actinobacterium KV-564
actinobacterium L
actinobacterium LH15
actinobacterium LH19
actinobacterium mCFU59
actinobacterium MES16
Actinobacterium meyer
actinobacterium MH1-1
actinobacterium MH1-2
actinobacterium MH2-2
actinobacterium MH3-1
actinobacterium MH3-2
actinobacterium MH3-3
actinobacterium MH3-4
actinobacterium MH3-5
actinobacterium MH3-6
actinobacterium MIXRI55
actinobacterium MPD-60
actinobacterium MPD-93
actinobacterium MS 3/20
actinobacterium MS-B-35
actinobacterium MS-B-40
actinobacterium MS-B-41
actinobacterium MS-B-44
actinobacterium MS-B-52
actinobacterium MS-B-63
actinobacterium MS-B-64
actinobacterium MS-B-74
actinobacterium MS-F-1
actinobacterium MS-F-13
actinobacterium MS-F-22
actinobacterium MS-F-27
actinobacterium MS-F-58
actinobacterium MS-F-61
actinobacterium MS-F-64
actinobacterium MS-F-71
actinobacterium MS-F-76
actinobacterium MS-F-91
actinobacterium MS-M-107
actinobacterium MS-M-35
actinobacterium MS-M-57
actinobacterium MS-M-58
actinobacterium MS-M-97
actinobacterium MS310
actinobacterium MSA10
actinobacterium MSA15
actinobacterium MSA19
actinobacterium MSB2110
actinobacterium MSB2127
actinobacterium MSB2131
actinobacterium MSB3004
actinobacterium MSB3008
actinobacterium MSB3012
actinobacterium MSI051
actinobacterium MSI70
actinobacterium Msj2
actinobacterium Muzt-C12
actinobacterium Muzt-C13
actinobacterium Muzt-C32
actinobacterium Muzt-C4
actinobacterium Muzt-D83
actinobacterium Muzt-D93
actinobacterium Muzt-F32
actinobacterium Muzt-F6
actinobacterium MWH-Aus1
actinobacterium MWH-Bo1
actinobacterium MWH-EgelM2-3.B2
actinobacterium MWH-EgelM2-3.D6
actinobacterium MWH-EgelM2-3.H6
actinobacterium MWH-HuqW11
actinobacterium MWH-Mo1
actinobacterium MWH-Mo2
actinobacterium MWH-Mo3
actinobacterium MWH-NPG1
actinobacterium MWH-Po1
actinobacterium MWH-Ta1
actinobacterium MWH-Ta2
actinobacterium MWH-Ta3
actinobacterium MWH-Ta3y
actinobacterium MWH-Ta4
actinobacterium MWH-Tana7
actinobacterium MWH-TaSIIW17
actinobacterium MWH-Uga1
actinobacterium MWH-Uga2
actinobacterium MWH-Wo1
actinobacterium N13
actinobacterium N6
actinobacterium NAA-13
actinobacterium NW-Sp2AK
actinobacterium NW-Sp3EI
actinobacterium NZ2
actinobacterium NZ3
actinobacterium ODP52503by0
actinobacterium ODP52703by0
actinobacterium P1
actinobacterium P115
actinobacterium P19
actinobacterium P2
actinobacterium P20
actinobacterium P22
actinobacterium P23
actinobacterium P4
actinobacterium P6
actinobacterium PB90-4
actinobacterium PB90-5
actinobacterium PC7
actinobacterium PDD-12b-4
actinobacterium pfB5
actinobacterium PI_GH1.1.B5
actinobacterium PI_GH2.1.C2
actinobacterium PII_GH2.2.C11
actinobacterium R2_11
actinobacterium R2_8
actinobacterium R2A160
actinobacterium R2A170
actinobacterium R2A54
actinobacterium RBE2CD-53
actinobacterium RG-10
actinobacterium RG-12
actinobacterium RG-2
actinobacterium RG-20
actinobacterium RG-34
actinobacterium RG-35
actinobacterium RG-36
actinobacterium RG-38
actinobacterium RG-40
actinobacterium RG-47
actinobacterium RG-48
actinobacterium RG-50
actinobacterium RG-51
actinobacterium RG-54
actinobacterium RG-59
actinobacterium RG-6
actinobacterium RG-62
actinobacterium RG-63
actinobacterium RG-65
actinobacterium RG-7
actinobacterium RG-72
actinobacterium RG-72a
actinobacterium RG-73
actinobacterium RG-9
actinobacterium S-A(1)-8A
actinobacterium S-N(0)-21A
actinobacterium S-N(1)-11A
actinobacterium S-N(nd)-5-1
actinobacterium S-Su(nd)-11A
actinobacterium SA9T
actinobacterium SAP4
actinobacterium Shinshu-ah4
actinobacterium sj41
actinobacterium sj74
actinobacterium SM36
actinobacterium SM41
actinobacterium SM45
actinobacterium SM48
actinobacterium so05
actinobacterium SOC A20(63)
actinobacterium SR5
actinobacterium ss-Acetyl-04PA2-28e
actinobacterium SUWAF012
actinobacterium T10
actinobacterium T2-1
actinobacterium T28-5
actinobacterium T28-6
actinobacterium T28-9a
actinobacterium T3Y
actinobacterium TB3-11-I
actinobacterium TB3-4-I
actinobacterium TB4-12-I
actinobacterium TB4-13-I
actinobacterium TH-G16
actinobacterium TH-G25
actinobacterium TH-G30
actinobacterium TH-G34
actinobacterium TH-G43
actinobacterium TH-G47
actinobacterium TH-H18
actinobacterium TH-K22
actinobacterium TH-N23
actinobacterium TH-N29
actinobacterium TH-N3
actinobacterium TH-S48
actinobacterium TH-S55
actinobacterium TP209
actinobacterium TP232
actinobacterium TP297
actinobacterium TP647
actinobacterium TP65
actinobacterium TP67
actinobacterium TS-BY3
actinobacterium TSBY-90
actinobacterium UF001
actinobacterium UF004
actinobacterium UF005
actinobacterium VAS33
actinobacterium VAS43
actinobacterium VeCb6
actinobacterium VeSm15
actinobacterium W-2005
actinobacterium W-2012
actinobacterium W-2013
actinobacterium W-2014
actinobacterium W-2015
actinobacterium W-2020
actinobacterium W-2023b
actinobacterium W-2048a
actinobacterium W072
actinobacterium WB2
actinobacterium WCIF4
actinobacterium WCIP2
actinobacterium WCIP5
actinobacterium WCIP6
actinobacterium WCIR1
actinobacterium WCIR2
actinobacterium wj08
actinobacterium WJ25
actinobacterium X10
actinobacterium X14
actinobacterium X18
actinobacterium X19
actinobacterium X20
actinobacterium X21
actinobacterium X22
actinobacterium X23
actinobacterium X24
actinobacterium X25
actinobacterium X26
actinobacterium X9
actinobacterium YJF1-30
actinobacterium YJF2-33
actinobacterium YM22-133
actinobacterium YNPRH1P-1
actinobacterium zj04
Actinobaculum Lawson et al. 1997
Actinobaculum massiliae
Actinobaculum massiliense
Actinobaculum massiliense corrig. Greub and Raoult 2006
Actinobaculum schaalii
Actinobaculum schaalii Lawson et al. 1997
Actinobaculum sp. BM#101342
Actinobaculum sp. F507B
Actinobaculum sp. HA1
Actinobaculum sp. P2P_19 P1
Actinobaculum sp. VA15_2004
Actinobaculum sp. VA15-2004
Actinobaculum suis
Actinobaculum suis (Wegienek and Reddy 1982) Lawson et al. 1997
Actinobaculum urinale
Actinobaculum urinale Hall et al. 2003
Actinobaculum urinalis
Actinobifida alba
Actinobifida chromogena
Actinobifida dichotomica
Actinobispora alaniniphila
Actinobispora alaniniphila Xu et al. 1999
Actinobispora aurantiaca
Actinobispora aurantiaca Xu et al. 1999
Actinobispora Jiang et al. 1991
Actinobispora sp. QAII43
Actinobispora xinjiangensis
Actinobispora xinjiangensis Xu et al. 1999
Actinobispora yunnanensis
Actinobispora yunnanensis Jiang et al. 1991
Actinobole uliginosum
actinobolin sulfate (1:1)
actinobolin sulfate (3R) (2:1)
actinobolin sulfate, ((3alpha,4alpha(S*),4abeta,5beta,6alpha))-isomer
Actinocatenispora sera
Actinocatenispora sera Matsumoto et al. 2007
Actinocatenispora silicis
Actinocatenispora thailandica
Actinocatenispora thailandica Thawai et al. 2006
Actinocatenispora Thawai et al. 2006
Actinocephalus (Koern.) Sano
Actinocephalus bongardii
Actinocephalus bongardii (A.St.-Hil.) Sano
Actinocephalus brachypus
Actinocephalus brachypus (Bong.) Sano
Actinocephalus divaricatus
Actinocephalus divaricatus (Bong.) Sano
Actinocephalus falcifolius
Actinocephalus falcifolius (Koern.) Sano
Actinocephalus polyanthus
Actinocephalus polyanthus (Bong.) Sano
Actinocephalus ramosus
Actinocephalus ramosus (Wikstr.) Sano
Actinocephalus sp. F204
Actinocheita filicina
Actinochloris sp. BCP-LG3VF20
Actinocladothrix bovis
Actinocleidus recurvatus
Actinocorallia aurantiaca
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