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Actinocorallia aurantiaca (Lavrova and Preobrazhenskaya 1975) Zhang et al. 2001
Actinocorallia aurantica (sic) (Lavrova & Preobrazhenskaya 1975)
Actinocorallia aurea
Actinocorallia aurea Tamura et al. 2007
Actinocorallia cavernae
Actinocorallia cavernae Lee 2006
Actinocorallia glomerata
Actinocorallia glomerata (Itoh et al. 1996) Zhang et al. 2001
Actinocorallia herbida
Actinocorallia herbida Iinuma et al. 1994
Actinocorallia Iinuma et al. 1994 emend. Zhang et al. 2001
Actinocorallia libanotica
Actinocorallia libanotica (Meyer 1981) Zhang et al. 2001
Actinocorallia longicatena
Actinocorallia longicatena (Itoh et al. 1996) Zhang et al. 2001
Actinocorallia sp. 81048
Actinocorallia sp. D41
Actinocorallia sp. IM-5291
Actinocorallia sp. YIM 56155
Actinocorallia spatholoba
Actinocyclus actinochilus
Actinocyclus curvatulus
Actinocyclus Ehrenberg, 1837
Actinocyclus verrucosus
Actinocythereis costata
Actinodaphne borneensis
Actinodaphne borneensis Meisn.
Actinodaphne confertiflora
Actinodaphne confertiflora Meisn.
Actinodaphne cupularis
Actinodaphne cupularis (Hemsl.) Gamble
Actinodaphne diversifolia
Actinodaphne diversifolia Merr.
Actinodaphne forrestii
Actinodaphne forrestii (C.K.Allen) Kosterm.
Actinodaphne glabra
Actinodaphne glabra Blume
Actinodaphne glomerata
Actinodaphne glomerata (Blume) Nees
Actinodaphne henryi
Actinodaphne henryi Gamble
Actinodaphne kweichowensis
Actinodaphne kweichowensis Yen C.Yang & P.H.Huang
Actinodaphne lecomtei
Actinodaphne lecomtei C.K.Allen
Actinodaphne macrophylla
Actinodaphne macrophylla (Blume) Nees
Actinodaphne maingayi
Actinodaphne maingayi Hook.f.
Actinodaphne malaccensis
Actinodaphne malaccensis Hook.f.
Actinodaphne myriantha
Actinodaphne myriantha Merr.
Actinodaphne Nees
Actinodaphne obovata
Actinodaphne obovata (Nees) Blume
Actinodaphne omeiensis
Actinodaphne omeiensis (H.Liu) C.K.Allen
Actinodaphne paotingensis
Actinodaphne paotingensis Yen C.Yang & P.H.Huang
Actinodaphne pedicellata Hayata
Actinodaphne pilosa
Actinodaphne pilosa (Lour.) Merr.
Actinodaphne procera
Actinodaphne procera (Blume) Nees
Actinodaphne pruinosa
Actinodaphne pruinosa Nees
Actinodaphne sesquipedalis
Actinodaphne sesquipedalis Hook.f.
Actinodaphne sp. SING
Actinodaphne trichocarpa
Actinodaphne trichocarpa C.K.Allen
Actinodaphne tsaii
Actinodaphne tsaii Hu
Actinodiscus nummiformis
Actinodiscus nummiformis (Ruppell & Leuckart, 1828)
Actinodiscus sp. SR-2003
Actinodium cunninghamii
Actinodontium sprucei
Actinodura nipalensis
Actinodura souliei
actinofuranone A
actinofuranone B
actinohivin protein, actinomycete
Actinoid Metals
Actinoid Series Elements
Actinoid Series Elements [Chemical/Ingredient]
actinoidins hydrochloride
Actinokentia Dammer
Actinokentia divaricata
Actinokentia divaricata Dammer
Actinokentia huerlimannii
Actinokentia huerlimannii H.E.Moore
Actinokineospora akaoensis
Actinokineospora auranticolor
Actinokineospora auranticolor Otoguro et al. 2003
Actinokineospora diospyrosa
Actinokineospora diospyrosa Tamura et al. 1995
Actinokineospora enzanensis
Actinokineospora enzanensis Otoguro et al. 2003
Actinokineospora globicatena
Actinokineospora globicatena Tamura et al. 1995
Actinokineospora Hasegawa 1988
Actinokineospora inagensis
Actinokineospora inagensis Tamura et al. 1995
Actinokineospora riparia
Actinokineospora riparia Hasegawa 1988
Actinokineospora sp. BTCC B-558
Actinokineospora sp. BTCC B-559
Actinokineospora sp. NBRC 104211
Actinokineospora sp. NBRC 104212
Actinokineospora sp. YU 873-1
Actinokineospora sp. YU 923-201
Actinokineospora terrae
Actinokineospora terrae Tamura et al. 1995
Actinolema eryngioides
Actinolema eryngioides Fenzl
Actinolema Fenzl
Actinolema macrolema
Actinolema macrolema Boiss.
Actinolite Asbestos
Actinomadura africana
Actinomadura africana Preobrazhenskaya and Sveshnikova 1974 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura alba
Actinomadura atramentaria
Actinomadura atramentaria Miyadoh et al. 1987
Actinomadura aurantiaca
Actinomadura aurantiaca Lavrova and Preobrazhenskaya 1975 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura bangladeshensis
Actinomadura bangladeshensis Ara et al. 2008
Actinomadura catellatispora
Actinomadura catellatispora Lu et al. 2003
Actinomadura chibensis
Actinomadura chokoriensis
Actinomadura chokoriensis ara et al. 2008
Actinomadura citrea
Actinomadura citrea Lavrova et al. 1972
Actinomadura coerulea
Actinomadura coerulea Preobrazhenskaya et al. 1975
Actinomadura coeruleifusca
Actinomadura coeruleofusca
Actinomadura coeruleofusca Preobrazhenskaya and Sveshnikova 1974 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura coeruleoviolacea
Actinomadura coeruleoviolacea Preobrazhenskaya and Terekhova 1987
Actinomadura cremea
Actinomadura cremea Preobrazhenskaya et al. 1975
Actinomadura echinospora
Actinomadura echinospora (Nonomura and Ohara 1971) Kroppenstedt et al. 1991
Actinomadura fastidiosa
Actinomadura fastidiosa Soina et al. 1975 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura ferruginea
Actinomadura ferruginea Meyer 1981
Actinomadura fibrosa
Actinomadura fibrosa Mertz and Yao 1990
Actinomadura flava
Actinomadura flava Gauze et al. 1974 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura flexuosa
Actinomadura flexuosa (ex Krasil'nikov and Agre 1964) Meyer 1989
Actinomadura formosensis
Actinomadura formosensis (Hasegawa et al. 1986) Zhang et al. 1998
Actinomadura fulvescens
Actinomadura fulvescens Terekhova et al. 1987
Actinomadura glauciflava
Actinomadura glauciflava Lu et al. 2003
Actinomadura glomerata
Actinomadura glomerata Itoh et al. 1995 (sic)
Actinomadura glomerata Itoh et al. 1996
Actinomadura hallensis
Actinomadura hallensis Lee and Jeong 2006
Actinomadura helvata
Actinomadura helvata Nonomura and Ohara 1971 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura hibisca
Actinomadura hibisca Tomita et al. 1991
Actinomadura japonica
Actinomadura keratinilytica
Actinomadura keratinilytica Puhl et al. 2009
Actinomadura kijaniata
Actinomadura kijaniata Horan and Brodsky 1982
Actinomadura latina
Actinomadura latina Trujillo and Goodfellow 1997
Actinomadura Lechevalier and Lechevalier 1968
Actinomadura libanotica
Actinomadura libanotica Meyer 1979 (sic)
Actinomadura libanotica Meyer 1981
Actinomadura livida
Actinomadura livida Lavrova and Preobrazhenskaya 1975
Actinomadura longicatena
Actinomadura longicatena Itoh et al. 1995 (sic).
Actinomadura longicatena Itoh et al. 1996
Actinomadura longispora
Actinomadura longispora Preobrazhenskaya and Sveshnikova 1974 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura luteofluorescens
Actinomadura luteofluorescens (Shinobu 1962) Preobrazhenskaya et al. 1975
Actinomadura macer
Actinomadura macra
Actinomadura macra (ex Celmer et al. 1979) Huang 1980
Actinomadura madurae
Actinomadura madurae (Vincent 1894) Lechevalier and Lechevalier 1968
Actinomadura maheshkhaliensis
Actinomadura malachitica
Actinomadura malachitica Lavrova et al. 1972 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura melliaura
Actinomadura mexicana
Actinomadura mexicana Quintana et al. 2004
Actinomadura meyerae
Actinomadura meyerae corrig. Quintana et al. 2004
Actinomadura meyerii
Actinomadura miaoliensis
Actinomadura miaoliensis Tseng et al. 2009
Actinomadura namibiensis
Actinomadura namibiensis Wink et al. 2003
Actinomadura napierensis
Actinomadura napierensis Cook et al. 2005
Actinomadura nitritigenes
Actinomadura nitritigenes Lipski and Altendorf 1995
Actinomadura ochracea
Actinomadura oligospora
Actinomadura oligospora Mertz and Yao 1986
Actinomadura pelletieri
Actinomadura pelletieri (Laveran 1906) Lechevalier and Lechevalier 1968
Actinomadura polychroma
Actinomadura polychroma Galatenko et al. 1987
Actinomadura pusilla
Actinomadura pusilla Nonomura and Ohara 1971 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura recticatena
Actinomadura recticatena Gauze et al. 1987
Actinomadura recticatena Terekhova et al. 1987
Actinomadura roseola
Actinomadura roseola Lavrova and Preobrazhenskaya 1975 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura roseoviolacea
Actinomadura roseoviolacea Nonomura and Ohara 1971 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura rubra
Actinomadura rubra (Sveshnikova et al. 1969) Meyer and Sveshnikova 1974 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura rubrobrunea
Actinomadura rubrobrunea (ex Krasil'nikov et al. 1968) Kroppenstedt et al. 1991
Actinomadura rudentiformis
Actinomadura rudentiformis le Roes and Meyers 2007
Actinomadura rugatobispora
Actinomadura rugatobispora Miyadoh et al. 1991
Actinomadura salmonea
Actinomadura salmonea Preobrazhenskaya et al. 1975 (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura salmonea Preobrazhenskaya et al. 1977 (sic) (Approved Lists 1980)
Actinomadura sp.
Actinomadura sp. (strain R39)
Actinomadura sp. 171712
Actinomadura sp. 171810
Actinomadura sp. 171812
Actinomadura sp. 171817
Actinomadura sp. 171824
Actinomadura sp. 171828
Actinomadura sp. 171839
Actinomadura sp. 171848
Actinomadura sp. 171849
Actinomadura sp. 172301
Actinomadura sp. 172301y
Actinomadura sp. 172302a
Actinomadura sp. 172315
Actinomadura sp. 172320
Actinomadura sp. 172512
Actinomadura sp. 1A01698
Actinomadura sp. 21G792
Actinomadura sp. 28a-59-3
Actinomadura sp. 28a-77-2
Actinomadura sp. 306D04
Actinomadura sp. 322C06
Actinomadura sp. 322G01
Actinomadura sp. 334D05
Actinomadura sp. 334E07
Actinomadura sp. 337H02
Actinomadura sp. 387B11
Actinomadura sp. 387H07
Actinomadura sp. 40007
Actinomadura sp. 40008
Actinomadura sp. 413D10
Actinomadura sp. 413F04
Actinomadura sp. 413G02
Actinomadura sp. 415A12
Actinomadura sp. 418H03
Actinomadura sp. 419B09
Actinomadura sp. 428G07
Actinomadura sp. 431D03
Actinomadura sp. 431D09
Actinomadura sp. 6192
Actinomadura sp. AC104
Actinomadura sp. AF-555
Actinomadura sp. ATCC 39727
Actinomadura sp. ATCC39727
Actinomadura sp. AV1
Actinomadura sp. CNQ-052_SD01
Actinomadura sp. CNT-075_SF06
Actinomadura sp. CNU125 PL04
Actinomadura sp. CPCC201357
Actinomadura sp. CPCC202697
Actinomadura sp. E6
Actinomadura sp. GMKU 931
Actinomadura sp. GMKU359
Actinomadura sp. GMKU370
Actinomadura sp. H590
Actinomadura sp. I43-1
Actinomadura sp. IM-1232
Actinomadura sp. IM-1290
Actinomadura sp. IM-2953
Actinomadura sp. IM-3046
Actinomadura sp. IM-3889
Actinomadura sp. IM-5243
Actinomadura sp. IM-5508
Actinomadura sp. IM-5556
Actinomadura sp. IM-5929
Actinomadura sp. IM-6226
Actinomadura sp. IM-6793
Actinomadura sp. IM-6830
Actinomadura sp. IM-6847
Actinomadura sp. IM-6849
Actinomadura sp. IM-6891
Actinomadura sp. IM-6895
Actinomadura sp. IM-6933
Actinomadura sp. IM-6993
Actinomadura sp. IM-7012
Actinomadura sp. IM-7044
Actinomadura sp. IM-7045
Actinomadura sp. IM-7056
Actinomadura sp. IM-7057
Actinomadura sp. IM-7092
Actinomadura sp. IM-7177
Actinomadura sp. IM-7187
Actinomadura sp. IM-7212
Actinomadura sp. IM-7213
Actinomadura sp. IM-7214
Actinomadura sp. IM-7222
Actinomadura sp. IM-7258
Actinomadura sp. IM-7397
Actinomadura sp. IM-7435
Actinomadura sp. IM-8473
Actinomadura sp. IMMIB L-889
Actinomadura sp. K22T
Actinomadura sp. KC-IT-F8
Actinomadura sp. KC-IT-H5
Actinomadura sp. R39
Actinomadura sp. RtIII23
Actinomadura sp. RtIII29
Actinomadura sp. RtIV13
Actinomadura sp. RtIV2
Actinomadura sp. S2
Actinomadura sp. Shinshu-MS-02
Actinomadura sp. Shinshu-MS-03
Actinomadura sp. SK74
Actinomadura sp. T16-1
Actinomadura sp. TFS 1144
Actinomadura sp. TFS 1200
Actinomadura sp. TFS 455
Actinomadura sp. TP-A0878
Actinomadura sp. TT 00-28
Actinomadura sp. TT 02-15
Actinomadura sp. TT 02-22
Actinomadura sp. TT 02-47
Actinomadura sp. TT 04-09
Actinomadura sp. TT 99-66
Actinomadura sp. TT 99-68
Actinomadura sp. TT A3015
Actinomadura sp. TT N02-22
Actinomadura sp. TT N02-30
Actinomadura sp. Y218
Actinomadura sp. YIM 48842
Actinomadura sp. YIM 61435
Actinomadura sp. YIM 61608
Actinomadura spadix
Actinomadura spadix Nonomura and Ohara 1971
Actinomadura spiralis
Actinomadura spiralis Meyer 1981
Actinomadura turkmeniaca
Actinomadura turkmeniaca Terekhova et al. 1987
Actinomadura umbrina
Actinomadura umbrina Galatenko et al. 1987
Actinomadura verrucosospora
Actinomadura verrucosospora Nonomura and Ohara 1971
Actinomadura vinacea
Actinomadura vinacea Lavrova and Preobrazhenskaya 1975
Actinomadura viridilutea
Actinomadura viridilutea (Agre and Guzeva 1975) Zhang et al. 2001
Actinomadura viridis
Actinomadura viridis (Nonomura and Ohara 1971) Miyadoh et al. 1989
Actinomadura yumaensis
Actinomadura yumaensis Labeda et al. 1985
Actinomadura yumensis
Actinomucor elegans
Actinomucor sp. 04M 159
Actinomucor sp. JHS0708
Actinomyces Ab Ser Ql
Actinomyces Ab Ser-aCnc
Actinomyces Ab Titr Ser
Actinomyces Ab Titr Ser IF
Actinomyces acrimycini
Actinomyces ahygroscopicus
Actinomyces albidoflavus
Actinomyces alboflavus
Actinomyces albohelvatus
Actinomyces albosporeus
Actinomyces albovinaceus
Actinomyces alboviridis
Actinomyces almquisti
Actinomyces alni
Actinomyces annulatus
Actinomyces ansochromogenes
Actinomyces anthocyanicus
Actinomyces antibioticus
Actinomyces Antibodies
Actinomyces Antibodies Test
Actinomyces antibody assay
Actinomyces asteroides
Actinomyces atroolivaceus
Actinomyces aurantiacus
Actinomyces aurantiogriseus
Actinomyces aureocirculatus
Actinomyces aureomonopodiales
Actinomyces aureoverticillatus
Actinomyces aurigineus
Actinomyces bacillaris
Actinomyces badius
Actinomyces bernardiae
Actinomyces bernardiae Funke et al. 1995
Actinomyces bicolor
Actinomyces bifidus
Actinomyces bikiniensis
Actinomyces biverticillatus
Actinomyces bobili
Actinomyces bottropensis
Actinomyces bovis
Actinomyces bovis Ab
Actinomyces bovis Ab [Presence] in Serum
Actinomyces bovis Ab | bld-ser-plas
Actinomyces bovis Ab:ACnc:Pt:Ser:Ord
Actinomyces bovis Antibody
Actinomyces bovis Antibody:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Serum:Ordinal
Actinomyces bovis farcinicus
Actinomyces bovis Harz 1877
Actinomyces bowdenii
Actinomyces bowdenii Pascual et al. 1999
Actinomyces brasiliensis
Actinomyces cacaoi
Actinomyces caeruleus
Actinomyces caesius
Actinomyces californicus
Actinomyces candidus
Actinomyces canis
Actinomyces canis Hoyles et al. 2000
Actinomyces cardiffensis
Actinomyces cardiffensis Hall et al. 2003
Actinomyces castaneoglobisporus
Actinomyces catuli
Actinomyces catuli Hoyles et al. 2001
Actinomyces caviae
Actinomyces cellulosae
Actinomyces cf. urogenitalis M560/98/1
Actinomyces chartreusis
Actinomyces chromofuscus
Actinomyces chryseus
Actinomyces cinnabarinus
Actinomyces citreofluorescens
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