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Bacillus lentimorbus
Bacillus lentimorbus Dutky 1940 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bacillus lentus
Bacillus lentus Gibson 1935
Bacillus leprae
Bacillus licheniformis
Bacillus licheniformis (Weigmann 1898) Chester 1901
Bacillus licheniformis 86 surfactant
Bacillus litoralis
Bacillus litoralis Yoon and Oh 2005
Bacillus lividus
Bacillus longiquaesitum
Bacillus longisporus
Bacillus luciferensis
Bacillus luciferensis Logan et al. 2002
Bacillus lymphophilus
Bacillus lynceorum
Bacillus lynceourum
Bacillus macauensis
Bacillus macauensis Zhang et al. 2006
Bacillus macerans
Bacillus macerans amylase
Bacillus macerans Schardinger 1905 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bacillus macquariensis
Bacillus macquariensis Marshall and Ohye 1966 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bacillus macroides
Bacillus macyae
Bacillus macyae Santini et al. 2004
Bacillus malacitensis
Bacillus malacitensis Ruiz-Garcia et al. 2005
Bacillus malenominatus
Bacillus mallei
Bacillus maltohexaose-forming amylase
Bacillus mangrovensis
Bacillus mannanilyticus
Bacillus mannanilyticus Nogi et al. 2005
Bacillus marcescens
Bacillus marinus
Bacillus marinus (Ruger and Richter 1979) Ruger 1983 emend. Ruger et al. 2000
Bacillus marisflavi
Bacillus marisflavi Yoon et al. 2003
Bacillus marismortui
Bacillus marismortui Arahal et al. 1999
Bacillus maroccanus
Bacillus massiliensis
Bacillus massiliensis Glazunova et al. 2006
Bacillus medusa
Bacillus megaterium
Bacillus megaterium de Bary 1884
Bacillus megatherium
Bacillus mesentericus
Bacillus metalloendopeptidase
Bacillus methanicus
Bacillus methanolicus
Bacillus methanolicus Arfman et al. 1992
Bacillus migulanus
Bacillus migulanus Takagi et al. 1993
Bacillus milletiae
Bacillus milosensis
Bacillus minor
Bacillus minutissimus
Bacillus mojavensis
Bacillus mojavensis Roberts et al. 1994
Bacillus moniliforme
Bacillus morgani
Bacillus mortiferus
Bacillus mucilaginosus
Bacillus mucilaginosus Avakyan et al. 1998 emend. Shelobolina et al. 1998
Bacillus mucilaginosus exopolysaccharide
Bacillus mucosus anaerobius
Bacillus multiformis
Bacillus muralis
Bacillus muralis Heyrman et al. 2005
Bacillus murimartini
Bacillus murimartini Borchert et al. 2007
Bacillus mycoides
Bacillus mycoides Flugge 1886
Bacillus myxolacticus
Bacillus naganoensis
Bacillus naganoensis Tomimura et al. 1990
Bacillus natto
Bacillus natto productive protein, Bacillus
Bacillus navicula
Bacillus naviformis
Bacillus nealsonii
Bacillus nealsonii Venkateswaran et al. 2003
Bacillus necrogenes
Bacillus necrophorus
Bacillus necroseos
Bacillus necrosus
Bacillus necroticus
Bacillus neidei
Bacillus neidei Nakamura et al. 2002
Bacillus nematocida
Bacillus nephritidis equi
Bacillus niabensis
Bacillus niabensis Kwon et al. 2007
Bacillus niacini
Bacillus niacini Nagel and Andreesen 1991
Bacillus nirobakter
Bacillus nitritophilus
Bacillus nitrogenes
Bacillus nocardi
Bacillus novalis
Bacillus novalis heyrman et al. 2004
Bacillus novosp. MN-32
Bacillus novyi
Bacillus odysseyi
Bacillus odysseyi La Duc et al. 2004
Bacillus oedematis sporogenes
BACILLUS OF CALMETTE & GUERIN, LIVE 81 MG Injection (systemic) powder for solution
Bacillus of Calmette and Guerin Vaccine, Live 800 Million CFU Intravesical Powder for Suspension [TICE BCG]
Bacillus of Calmette and Guerin Vaccine, Live 81 MG Intravesical Powder for Suspension [THERACYS]
Bacillus ohbensis
Bacillus okeni
Bacillus okhensis
Bacillus okhensis Nowlan et al. 2006
Bacillus okuhidaensis
Bacillus okuhidensis
Bacillus okuhidensis Li et al. 2002
Bacillus oleronius
Bacillus oleronius Kuhnigk et al. 1996
Bacillus olivae
Bacillus orleanensis
Bacillus oryzae
Bacillus OS-ac-18
Bacillus oshimae
Bacillus oshimensis
Bacillus oshimensis Yumoto et al. 2005
Bacillus oxydans
Bacillus oxytocus perniciosus
Bacillus pabuli
Bacillus pabuli (ex Schieblich 1923) Nakamura 1984
Bacillus pallidus
Bacillus pallidus
Bacillus pallidus Scholz et al. 1988
Bacillus pallidus Zhou et al. 2008
Bacillus panaciterrae
Bacillus panaciterrae Ten et al. 2006
Bacillus pantothenticus
Bacillus pantothenticus Proom and Knight 1950 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bacillus parabrevis
Bacillus parabrevis Takagi et al. 1993
Bacillus parapertussis
Bacillus paraputrificus
Bacillus pasteurii
Bacillus pasteurii (Miquel 1889) Chester 1898 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bacillus pastorianus
Bacillus patagoniensis
Bacillus patagoniensis Olivera et al. 2005
Bacillus penetrans
Bacillus peoriae
Bacillus peoriae Montefusco et al. 1993
Bacillus perfringens
Bacillus permians
Bacillus pestis
Bacillus pesudotuberculosis murium
Bacillus Phage
Bacillus phage 0305phi8-36
Bacillus phage 1102phi1-3
Bacillus phage 12826
Bacillus phage 2C
Bacillus phage AP50
Bacillus phage B103
Bacillus phage Bam35
Bacillus phage Bastille
Bacillus phage BCJA1c
Bacillus phage beta22
Bacillus phage bg1
Bacillus phage bg2
Bacillus phage bg3
Bacillus phage BS32
Bacillus phage Cherry
Bacillus phage Fah
Bacillus phage GA-1
Bacillus phage Gamma
Bacillus phage GIL16c
Bacillus phage H1
Bacillus phage H2
Bacillus phage IEBH
Bacillus phage lambda Ba01
Bacillus phage lambda Ba02
Bacillus phage lambda Ba03
Bacillus phage lambda Ba04
Bacillus phage M2
Bacillus phage M2Y
Bacillus phage PBS1
Bacillus phage PBS2
Bacillus phage PBSX
Bacillus phage phBC6A51
Bacillus phage phBC6A52
Bacillus phage phi-105
Bacillus phage phi-29
Bacillus phage phi105
Bacillus phage phi29
Bacillus phage phiNIT1
Bacillus phage rho11s
Bacillus phage rho15
Bacillus phage SF5
Bacillus phage SF6
Bacillus phage SP-beta
Bacillus phage SP82
Bacillus phage SPBc2
Bacillus phage SPO1
Bacillus phage SPO2
Bacillus phage SPP1
Bacillus phage SPR
Bacillus phage TP21-L
Bacillus phage WBeta
Bacillus phage Z
Bacillus Phages
Bacillus phosphorescens II
Bacillus phosphorescens indigenus
Bacillus phosphoreus
Bacillus pichinotyi
Bacillus piliformis
Bacillus plakortidis
Bacillus plakortidis Borchert et al. 2007
Bacillus plakortiensis
Bacillus plauti
Bacillus pneumoniae
Bacillus pneumosintes
Bacillus pocheonensis
Bacillus pocheonensis Ten et al. 2007
Bacillus polyfermenticus
Bacillus polygoni
Bacillus polygoni Aino et al. 2008
Bacillus polygonumi
Bacillus polymyxa
Bacillus polymyxa (Prazmowski 1880) Mace 1889 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bacillus polymyxa group
Bacillus polymyxa proteinase
Bacillus popilliae
Bacillus popilliae Dutky 1940 (Approved Lists 1980)
Bacillus PS3
Bacillus pseudalcaliphilus
Bacillus pseudalcaliphilus corrig. Nielsen et al. 1995
Bacillus pseudalcalophilus
Bacillus pseudodiphtheriticus
Bacillus pseudofirmus
Bacillus pseudofirmus Nielsen et al. 1995
Bacillus pseudomallei
Bacillus pseudomegaterium
Bacillus pseudomycoides
Bacillus pseudomycoides Nakamura 1998
Bacillus pseudotuberculosis
Bacillus pseudotuberculosis-ovis
Bacillus pseudotuberkulosis
Bacillus psychrodurans
Bacillus psychrodurans Abd El-Rahman et al. 2002
Bacillus psychrophilus
Bacillus psychrophilus (ex Larkin and Stokes 1967) Nakamura 1984
Bacillus psychrosaccharolyticus
Bacillus psychrosaccharolyticus (ex Larkin and Stokes 1967) Priest et al. 1989
Bacillus psychrotolerans
Bacillus psychrotolerans Abd El-Rahman et al. 2002
Bacillus psychroviridis
Bacillus pulvifaciens group II
Bacillus pumilus
Bacillus pumilus Meyer and Gottheil 1901
Bacillus pumilus phage 702phi1-1
Bacillus pumilus ribonuclease
Bacillus pumilus Rnase
Bacillus punctatus
Bacillus putidus
Bacillus putredinis
Bacillus putrefaciens
Bacillus putrificus
Bacillus pycnus
Bacillus pycnus Nakamura et al. 2002
Bacillus pyelonephritidis
Bacillus pyelonephritidis boum
Bacillus pyelonephritidis bovis
Bacillus pyelonephritis bovis
Bacillus pyocyaneus
Bacillus pyogenes
Bacillus pyosepticus
Bacillus pyosepticus equi
Bacillus Q
Bacillus qingdaonensis
Bacillus qingdaonensis Wang et al. 2007
Bacillus racemilacticus
Bacillus radiobacter
Bacillus ramosus
Bacillus renalis
Bacillus repazii
Bacillus reuszeri
Bacillus reuszeri Shida et al. 1995
Bacillus rhusiopathiae suis
Bacillus rossius
Bacillus rossius x Bacillus grandii benazzii
Bacillus rossius x Bacillus grandii grandii
Bacillus rRNA group 1
Bacillus rubropertinctus
Bacillus ruris
Bacillus ruris Heyndrickx et al. 2005
Bacillus safensis
Bacillus safensis Satomi et al. 2006
Bacillus salarius
Bacillus salarius Lim et al. 2006
Bacillus salexigens
Bacillus salexigens Garabito et al. 1997
Bacillus saliphilus
Bacillus saliphilus Romano et al. 2005
Bacillus salmonicida
Bacillus samanii
Bacillus scatologenes
Bacillus schlegelii
Bacillus schlegelii Schenk and Aragno 1981
Bacillus selenatarsenatis
Bacillus selenatarsenatis Yamamura et al. 2007
Bacillus selenitireducens
Bacillus selenitireducens Switzer Blum et al. 2001
Bacillus senegalensis
Bacillus seohaeanensis
Bacillus seohaeanensis Lee et al. 2006
Bacillus septicus
Bacillus shackletonii
Bacillus shackletonii Logan et al. 2004
Bacillus shandongensis
Bacillus shigae
Bacillus silvestris
Bacillus silvestris Rheims et al. 1999
Bacillus simplex
Bacillus simplex (ex Meyer and Gottheil 1901) Priest et al. 1989 emend. Heyrman et al. 2005
Bacillus siralis
Bacillus siralis Pettersson et al. 2000
Bacillus smegmatis
Bacillus smithii
Bacillus smithii Nakamura et al. 1988
Bacillus solanacearum
Bacillus solfatarae
Bacillus solfatarensis
Bacillus soli
Bacillus soli Heyrman et al. 2004
Bacillus sonorensis
Bacillus sonorensis Palmisano et al. 2001
Bacillus sordelli
Bacillus sp
Bacillus sp.
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN 1-1)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN 1011)
Bacillus sp. (strain 17-1)
Bacillus sp. (strain 170)
Bacillus sp. (strain 221)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN 38-2)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN 6.6.3)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN 707)
Bacillus sp. (strain AK1)
Bacillus sp. (strain B-0618)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN B1018)
Bacillus sp. (strain B21-2)
Bacillus sp. (strain DS11)
Bacillus sp. (strain F5)
Bacillus sp. (strain H-257)
Bacillus sp. (strain HIL-Y85/54728)
Bacillus sp. (strain KSM-330)
Bacillus sp. (strain KSM-522)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN KSM-635)
Bacillus sp. (strain KSM-64)
Bacillus sp. (strain LW2)
Bacillus sp. (strain MGA3)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN NS-129)
Bacillus sp. (strain Q)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN RC607)
Bacillus sp. (strain RFL6)
Bacillus sp. (strain S)
Bacillus sp. (STRAIN TA39)
Bacillus sp. (strain TB-90)
Bacillus sp. (strain ULM1)
Bacillus sp. (strain YAB)
Bacillus sp. (strain YM-1)
Bacillus sp. (strain YM-2)
Bacillus sp. (strain YN-1)
Bacillus sp. (TS-23)
Bacillus sp. 001-2.1-LH-Heh(h)-01
Bacillus sp. 0021
Bacillus sp. 005-1.2-CV-A-01
Bacillus sp. 007-2.1-LH-Heh(h)-07
Bacillus sp. 00763
Bacillus sp. 01-855
Bacillus sp. 010502
Bacillus sp. 01074
Bacillus sp. 01075
Bacillus sp. 01082
Bacillus sp. 01102
Bacillus sp. 01105
Bacillus sp. 01WB02.2-14
Bacillus sp. 01WB02.2-25
Bacillus sp. 01WB03.4-31
Bacillus sp. 027-2.2-LH-H16(s)-04
Bacillus sp. 02A-X15
Bacillus sp. 02Co-2
Bacillus sp. 02Co-3
Bacillus sp. 03-572
Bacillus sp. 030-2.2-LH-H16(s)-07
Bacillus sp. 031-3.3-CV-A-13
Bacillus sp. 035-2.1-CV-H(h)-04
Bacillus sp. 037-2.1-CV-H(h)-06
Bacillus sp. 038-2.1-CV-H(h)-07
Bacillus sp. 039-2.1-CV-H(h)-08
Bacillus sp. 040-2.2-CV-H05(h)-01
Bacillus sp. 041-2.2-CV-H05(h)-02
Bacillus sp. 044-3.1-LH-A-09
Bacillus sp. 044-4.3-CV-A-09
Bacillus sp. 04Ya209
Bacillus sp. 04Ya252
Bacillus sp. 04Ya253
Bacillus sp. 05
Bacillus sp. 055-2.2-CV-H26(h)-01
Bacillus sp. 06-027342
Bacillus sp. 06-029011
Bacillus sp. 06-029012
Bacillus sp. 060-3.2-LH-A-01
Bacillus sp. 069-2.1-LH-A-04
Bacillus sp. 071-2.1-LH-A-06
Bacillus sp. 076-2.2-LH-A-04
Bacillus sp. 077-2.2-LH-A-05
Bacillus sp. 080702E
Bacillus sp. 080802K1
Bacillus sp. 080807
Bacillus sp. 083-3.2-LH-A-24
Bacillus sp. 091102
Bacillus sp. 093903
Bacillus sp. 094510
Bacillus sp. 094518
Bacillus sp. 094601
Bacillus sp. 094802
Bacillus sp. 095003
Bacillus sp. 095305
Bacillus sp. 095414
Bacillus sp. 095417
Bacillus sp. 095801
Bacillus sp. 095802
Bacillus sp. 096002
Bacillus sp. 1-1
Bacillus sp. 1-1(2008)
Bacillus sp. 1-10
Bacillus sp. 1-3
Bacillus sp. 1-6
Bacillus sp. 1-7
Bacillus sp. 1-8
Bacillus sp. 1-9
Bacillus sp. 1.046
Bacillus sp. 1.143
Bacillus sp. 10
Bacillus sp. 10(2008)
Bacillus sp. 100
Bacillus sp. 10089
Bacillus sp. 10099
Bacillus sp. 101
Bacillus sp. 101-4
Bacillus sp. 1011
Bacillus sp. 10401
Bacillus sp. 104NP12
Bacillus sp. 104NP13
Bacillus sp. 104NP16
Bacillus sp. 104NP2
Bacillus sp. 104NP4
Bacillus sp. 105
Bacillus sp. 105-4.2-LH-A-23
Bacillus sp. 10a
Bacillus sp. 10BFS
Bacillus sp. 10R1-301
Bacillus sp. 11
Bacillus sp. 11-13
Bacillus sp. 11-6
Bacillus sp. 11(2008)
Bacillus sp. 110
Bacillus sp. 110-2
Bacillus sp. 110602D
Bacillus sp. 1108
Bacillus sp. 1115
Bacillus sp. 112
Bacillus sp. 113-3.2-LH-A-54
Bacillus sp. 1130-273-22
Bacillus sp. 114
Bacillus sp. 115-1.1-LH-C14(s)-03
Bacillus sp. 115-3.2-LH-A-56
Bacillus sp. 115-4.1-CV-H(h)-01
Bacillus sp. 115898
Bacillus sp. 1171b
Bacillus sp. 1195
Bacillus sp. 11BFS
Bacillus sp. 12
Bacillus sp. 12-041
Bacillus sp. 12-059
Bacillus sp. 12-1
Bacillus sp. 121401
Bacillus sp. 121407
Bacillus sp. 122-4.1-CV-H(h)-08
Bacillus sp. 122003
Bacillus sp. 122004
Bacillus sp. 122706
Bacillus sp. 12603
Bacillus sp. 12a
Bacillus sp. 12B_7
Bacillus sp. 12BFS
Bacillus sp. 12HD15
Bacillus sp. 12HD24
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