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Results for C in English, page 386
client AODU history
client assessment
client care management
client centered therapy
client compliance
client contract
client contracts
client counselor interaction
client data
client education
client evaluation
client family history
client history
client interview
client management
client mental stability
client mental state
client motivation
client physical state
Client Physiologic Monitor Displays
client pre-assessment
client retention
client rights
Client satisfaction
Client satisfaction - coordination of care
client server architecture
client specifications
Client Staff Ratio
Client Staff Relations
client state
client states
Client-centered psychotherapy
Client-Centered Therapies
Client-Centered Therapy
client-intervention matching
Client-Staff Ratio
Client-Staff Ratios
Client-Staff Relation
Client-Staff Relations
Client, Contacting
client/patient management
client/patient relapse
Clientister sp. MSC-2005
Clients, Contacting
CLIF protein, human
Clifden nonpareil
Clifden nonpareil moth
cliff dweller
cliff dwellers
Cliff Flycatcher
cliff goldenbush
cliff wall
cliff walls
Cliffortia acanthophylla
Cliffortia acanthophylla C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia aculeata
Cliffortia aculeata Weim.
Cliffortia acutifolia
Cliffortia acutifolia Weim.
Cliffortia alata
Cliffortia alata N.E.Br.
Cliffortia amplexistipula
Cliffortia amplexistipula Schltr.
Cliffortia anthospermoides
Cliffortia anthospermoides Fellingham
Cliffortia apiculata
Cliffortia apiculata Weim.
Cliffortia arborea
Cliffortia arborea Marloth
Cliffortia arcuata
Cliffortia arcuata Weim.
Cliffortia atrata
Cliffortia atrata Weim.
Cliffortia baccans
Cliffortia baccans Harv.
Cliffortia brevifolia
Cliffortia brevifolia Weim.
Cliffortia browniana
Cliffortia browniana Burtt Davy
Cliffortia burchellii
Cliffortia burchellii Stapf
Cliffortia burgersii
Cliffortia burgersii E.G.H.Oliv. & Fellingham
Cliffortia carinata
Cliffortia carinata Weim.
Cliffortia castanea
Cliffortia castanea Weim.
Cliffortia ceresana
Cliffortia ceresana C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia cervicornu
Cliffortia cervicornu Weim.
Cliffortia cf. eriocephalina Whitehouse 188
Cliffortia cf. glauca Whitehouse 214
Cliffortia cf. glauca Whitehouse 78
Cliffortia cf. polita Whitehouse 128
Cliffortia cf. polita Whitehouse 301
Cliffortia cf. pterocarpa Whitehouse 126
Cliffortia cf. semiteres Whitehouse 231
Cliffortia cf. verrucosa Whitehouse 89
Cliffortia cf. virgata Whitehouse 264
Cliffortia complanata
Cliffortia complanata E.Mey. ex Harv. & Sond.
Cliffortia conifera
Cliffortia conifera E.G.H.Oliv. & Fellingham
Cliffortia crassinervis
Cliffortia crassinervis Weim.
Cliffortia crenata
Cliffortia crenata L.f.
Cliffortia cristata
Cliffortia cristata Weim.
Cliffortia cruciata
Cliffortia cruciata C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia cuneata
Cliffortia cuneata Aiton
Cliffortia curvifolia
Cliffortia curvifolia Weim.
Cliffortia cymbifolia
Cliffortia cymbifolia Weim.
Cliffortia densa
Cliffortia densa Weim.
Cliffortia dentata
Cliffortia dentata Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia dentata Willd.
Cliffortia denticulata
Cliffortia denticulata (Weim.) C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia dichotoma
Cliffortia dichotoma Fellingham
Cliffortia dispar
Cliffortia dispar Weim.
Cliffortia dodecandra
Cliffortia dodecandra Weim.
Cliffortia dracomontana
Cliffortia dracomontana C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia dregeana
Cliffortia dregeana C.Presl
Cliffortia dregeana x Cliffortia pungens
Cliffortia dregeana x pungens
Cliffortia drepanoides
Cliffortia drepanoides Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia erectisepala
Cliffortia erectisepala Weim.
Cliffortia ericaefolia
Cliffortia ericifolia
Cliffortia ericifolia L.f.
Cliffortia eriocephalina
Cliffortia eriocephalina Cham.
Cliffortia esterhuyseniae
Cliffortia esterhuyseniae Weim.
Cliffortia exilifolia
Cliffortia exilifolia Weim.
Cliffortia falcata
Cliffortia falcata L.f.
Cliffortia ferricola
Cliffortia ferricola C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia ferruginea
Cliffortia ferruginea L.f.
Cliffortia filicaulis
Cliffortia filicaulis Schltdl.
Cliffortia filicauloides
Cliffortia filicauloides Weim.
Cliffortia filifolia
Cliffortia filifolia L.f.
Cliffortia geniculata
Cliffortia geniculata Weim.
Cliffortia glauca
Cliffortia glauca Weim.
Cliffortia gracillima
Cliffortia gracillima C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia graminea
Cliffortia graminea L.f.
Cliffortia grandifolia
Cliffortia grandifolia Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia hantamensis
Cliffortia hantamensis Diels
Cliffortia heterophylla
Cliffortia heterophylla Weim.
Cliffortia hexandra
Cliffortia hexandra Weim.
Cliffortia hirsuta
Cliffortia hirsuta Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia hirta
Cliffortia hirta Burm.f.
Cliffortia ilicifolia
Cliffortia ilicifolia L.
Cliffortia incana
Cliffortia incana Weim.
Cliffortia integerrima
Cliffortia integerrima Weim.
Cliffortia intermedia
Cliffortia intermedia Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia juniperina
Cliffortia juniperina L.f.
Cliffortia juniperina x Cliffortia ruscifolia
Cliffortia L.
Cliffortia lanata
Cliffortia lanata Weim.
Cliffortia lanceolata
Cliffortia lanceolata Weim.
Cliffortia lepida
Cliffortia lepida Weim.
Cliffortia linearifolia
Cliffortia linearifolia Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia longifolia
Cliffortia longifolia (Eckl. & Zeyh.) Weim.
Cliffortia marginata
Cliffortia marginata Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia micrantha
Cliffortia micrantha Weim. ex Levyns
Cliffortia mirabilis
Cliffortia mirabilis Weim.
Cliffortia monophylla
Cliffortia monophylla Weim.
Cliffortia montana
Cliffortia montana Weim.
Cliffortia multiformis
Cliffortia multiformis Weim.
Cliffortia neglecta
Cliffortia neglecta Schltr.
Cliffortia neglecta x Cliffortia tuberculata
Cliffortia neglecta x tuberculata
Cliffortia nitidula
Cliffortia nitidula R.E.Fries & T.C.E.Fr.
Cliffortia nivenioides
Cliffortia nivenioides Fellingham
Cliffortia obcordata
Cliffortia obcordata L.f.
Cliffortia obovata
Cliffortia obovata E.Mey. ex Harv. & Sond.
Cliffortia odorata
Cliffortia odorata L.f.
Cliffortia odorata x Cliffortia theodori-friesii
Cliffortia oligodonta
Cliffortia oligodonta C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia ovalis
Cliffortia ovalis Weim.
Cliffortia paucistaminea
Cliffortia paucistaminea Weim.
Cliffortia pedunculata
Cliffortia pedunculata Schltr.
Cliffortia perpendicularis
Cliffortia perpendicularis C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia phillipsii
Cliffortia phillipsii Weim.
Cliffortia phyllanthoides
Cliffortia phyllanthoides Schltr.
Cliffortia pilifera
Cliffortia pilifera Bolus
Cliffortia polita
Cliffortia polita Weim.
Cliffortia polygonifolia
Cliffortia polygonifolia L.
Cliffortia prionota
Cliffortia prionota C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia propinqua
Cliffortia propinqua Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia pterocarpa
Cliffortia pterocarpa (Harv.) Weim.
Cliffortia pulchella
Cliffortia pulchella L.f.
Cliffortia pungens
Cliffortia pungens C.Presl
Cliffortia ramosissima
Cliffortia ramosissima Schltr.
Cliffortia recurvata
Cliffortia recurvata (Weim.) C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia reniformis
Cliffortia reniformis (Weim.) C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia repens
Cliffortia repens Schltr.
Cliffortia reticulata
Cliffortia reticulata Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia rigida
Cliffortia rigida Weim.
Cliffortia robusta
Cliffortia robusta Weim.
Cliffortia ruscifolia
Cliffortia ruscifolia L.
Cliffortia ruscifolia x Cliffortia integerrima
Cliffortia ruscifolia x Cliffortia teretifolia
Cliffortia ruscifolia x Cliffortia theodori-friesii
Cliffortia ruscifolia x integerrima
Cliffortia ruscifolia x teretifolia
Cliffortia ruscifolia x theodori-friesii
Cliffortia scandens
Cliffortia scandens C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia schlechteri
Cliffortia schlechteri (Weim.) C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia sericea
Cliffortia sericea Eckl. & Zeyh.
Cliffortia serpyllifolia
Cliffortia serpyllifolia Cham. & Schltdl.
Cliffortia setifolia
Cliffortia setifolia Weim.
Cliffortia sp. Balele 23B
Cliffortia sparsa
Cliffortia sparsa C.Whitehouse
Cliffortia spathulata
Cliffortia spathulata Weim.
Cliffortia stricta
Cliffortia stricta Weim.
Cliffortia strigosa
Cliffortia strigosa Weim.
Cliffortia strobilifera
Cliffortia strobilifera Murr.
Cliffortia subsetacea
Cliffortia subsetacea Diels ex Bolus & Wolley-Dod
Cliffortia tenuis
Cliffortia tenuis Weim.
Cliffortia teretifolia
Cliffortia teretifolia L.f.
Cliffortia theodori-friesii
Cliffortia theodori-friesii Weim.
Cliffortia tricuspidata
Cliffortia tricuspidata Harv.
Cliffortia triloba
Cliffortia triloba Harv.
Cliffortia tuberculata
Cliffortia tuberculata (Harv.) Weim.
Cliffortia uncinata
Cliffortia uncinata Weim.
Cliffortia varians
Cliffortia varians Weim.
Cliffortia verrucosa
Cliffortia verrucosa Weim.
Cliffortia virgata
Cliffortia virgata Weim.
Cliffortia viridis
Cliffortia viridis Weim.
Cliffortia weimarckii
Cliffortia weimarckii C.Whitehouse
clift protein, Drosophila
Clifton Choctaw
Clifton Choctaw race
Cliftonia monophylla
CLIK 148
CLIK 164
Clik1 protein, human
CLIM-1 protein, human
CLIM-1 protein, mouse
CLIM-2 protein, mouse
CLIM2 protein, human
CLIM2 protein, mouse
Climacium americanum
Climacium dendroides
Climacium japonicum
Climacocystis borealis
Climacocystis sp. KEW215
Climacodon septentrionale
Climacodon septentrionalis
Climacoptera Botsch. 1956
Climacoptera brachiata
Climacoptera brachiata (Pall.) Botsch.
Climacoptera Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1895
Climacoptera crassa
Climacoptera glaberrima
Climacoptera glaberrima Botsch.
Climacoptera iranica
Climacoptera iranica U.Pratov
Climacoptera lanata
Climacoptera longipistillata
Climacoptera longipistillata Botsch.
Climacoptera sp. EHR-2007
Climacoptera turcomanica
Climacoptera turcomanica (Litv.) Botsch.
Climacosphenia moniligera
Climacostomum virens
Climact arthrit-forearm
Climact arthritis NEC
Climact arthritis-ankle
Climact arthritis-hand
Climact arthritis-l/leg
Climact arthritis-mult
Climact arthritis-pelvis
Climact arthritis-shlder
Climact arthritis-unspec
Climact arthritis-up/arm
Climacteric arthritis
Climacteric arthritis involving ankle and foot
Climacteric arthritis involving forearm
Climacteric arthritis involving hand
Climacteric arthritis involving lower leg
Climacteric arthritis involving multiple sites
Climacteric arthritis involving other specified sites
Climacteric arthritis involving pelvic region and thigh
Climacteric arthritis involving shoulder region
Climacteric arthritis involving upper arm
Climacteric arthritis, site unspecified
climacteric period
Climacteris erythrops
Climacteris picumnus
Climacteris rufa
Climara 0.025 MG/24HR Weekly Transdermal Patch
Climara 0.0375 MG/24HR Weekly Transdermal Patch
Climara 0.05 MG/24HR Weekly Transdermal Patch
Climara 0.06 MG/24HR Weekly Transdermal Patch
Climara 0.075 MG/24HR Weekly Transdermal Patch
Climara 0.1 MG/24HR 3-4 Day Transdermal Patch
Climara Pro
Climara Pro 0.045/0.015 MG per 24HR Weekly Transdermal Patch
Climara pro levonorgestrel 0.015mg/day + estradiol 0.045mg/day transdermal system
Climara pro levonorgestrel 0.015mg/day + estradiol 0.045mg/day transdermal system (product)
Climara pro levonorgestrel 0.015mg/day + oestradiol 0.045mg/day transdermal system
Climara Pro, 0.045 mg-0.015 mg/24 hr transdermal film
Climara, 0.025 mg/24 hours weekly transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.025 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.0375 mg/24 hours weekly transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.05 mg/24 hours weekly transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.05 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.06 mg/24 hours weekly transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.075 mg/24 hours weekly transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.075 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.1 mg/24 hours weekly transdermal film, extended release
Climara, 0.1 mg/24 hr transdermal film, extended release
climatal fluctuation
climatal fluctuations
climatal zone
climatal zones
climate and weather
Climate Change
Climate Changes
climate chart
climate charts
Climate Control
Climate Controls
climate disaster
climate observation
climate protection
climate research
climate simulation
climate simulations
climate skeptic
Climate Therapies
Climate Therapy
climate variation
climate variations
climate zone
climate zones
climate-sensitive diseases
Climate, Cold
Climate, Desert
Climate, Tropical
Climates, Cold
Climates, Desert
Climates, Tropical
climatic chamber
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