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Coelorinchus scaphopsis
Coelorinchus scaphopsis (Gilbert, 1890)
Coelospermum balansaeanum
Coelospermum balansanum
Coelospermum monticola
Coelospermum monticola Baill. ex Guillaumin
Coelospermum monticolum
Coelostegia borneensis
Coelostemma sp. nov. DRUW-2008
Coelostoma orbiculare
Coelotes atropos
Coelotes brunneus
Coelotes modestus
Coelotes plancyi
Coelotes spinivulva
Coelotes terrestris
coelovirin A
Coelus ciliatus
Coelus globosus
Coelus pacificus
Coemansia aciculifera
Coemansia braziliensis
Coemansia formosensis
Coemansia furcata
Coemansia mojavensis
Coemansia reversa
Coemansia sp. ID05-F0205
Coemansia sp. ID05-F0237
Coemansia sp. KFC01-30
Coemansia sp. Kimi
Coemansia spiralis
Coenagrion australocaspicum
Coenagrion hastulatum
Coenagrion lanceolatum
Coenagrion lunulatum
Coenagrion mercuriale
Coenagrion ornatum
Coenagrion puella
Coenagrion pulchellum
Coenagrion resolutum
Coenagrion sp. RH-2002
Coenagrion terue
Coenagrion v-nigrum
Coenagrionidae sp. 1 BM-2008
Coendou bicolor
Coendou insidiosus
Coendou melanurus
Coendou prehensilis
Coenobita compressus
Coenobita rugosus
Coenobita rugosus Edwards, 1837
Coenobita violascens
Coenobita violascens Heller, 1862
Coenocentrotus gibbosus
Coenochloris polycocca
Coenocorypha aucklandica
Coenocystis inconstans
Coenogonium disjunctum
Coenogonium flavicans
Coenogonium leprieurii
Coenogonium luteum
Coenogonium pineti
Coenogonium subzonatum
Coenomyia ferruginea
Coenonia anatina
Coenonia anatina Vandamme et al. 1999
Coenonia Vandamme et al. 1999
Coenonympha amaryllis
Coenonympha amaryllis (Stoll, 1782)
Coenonympha arcania
Coenonympha arcanioides
Coenonympha arcanioides (Pierret, 1837)
Coenonympha austauti
Coenonympha austauti Oberthur, 1881
Coenonympha corinna
Coenonympha dorus
Coenonympha elbana
Coenonympha elbana Staudiger, 1901
Coenonympha gardetta
Coenonympha gardetta (de Prunner, 1798)
Coenonympha glycerion
Coenonympha hero
Coenonympha iphioides
Coenonympha iphioides Staudinger, 1870
Coenonympha leander
Coenonympha leander (Esper, 1784)
Coenonympha mahometana
Coenonympha mahometana Alpheraky, 1881
Coenonympha nolckeni
Coenonympha nolckeni Erschoff, 1874
Coenonympha oedippus
Coenonympha oedippus (Fabricius, 1787)
Coenonympha pamphilus
Coenonympha rhodopensis
Coenonympha rhodopensis Elwes, 1900
Coenonympha saadi
Coenonympha saadi Kollar, 1849
Coenonympha semenovi
Coenonympha semenovi Alpheraky, 1887
Coenonympha sunbecca
Coenonympha sunbecca Eversmann, 1843
Coenonympha thyrsis
Coenonympha thyrsis (Freyer, 1845)
Coenonympha tullia
Coenonympha vaucheri
Coenonympha vaucheri Blachier, 1905
Coenophlebia archidona
Coenophlebia archidona (Hewitson, 1860)
Coenopoeus palmeri
Coenosia attenuata
Coenosia attenuata Stein, 1903
Coenosia sp. CY42
Coenosia testacea
Coenosia testacea (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830)
Coenosia tigrina
Coenosia tigrina (Fabricius, 1775)
Coenzyme A
Coenzyme A [Chemical/Ingredient]
coenzyme A anabolism
coenzyme A biosynthesis
coenzyme A biosynthetic process
coenzyme A breakdown
coenzyme A catabolic process
coenzyme A catabolism
coenzyme A degradation
coenzyme A disulfide
coenzyme A disulfide reductase activity
coenzyme A disulfide reductase, Staphylococcus aureus
coenzyme A disulfide-glutathione reductase activity
coenzyme A disulfide-SS-dioxide
Coenzyme A disulfide, S,S-dioxide
coenzyme A formation
coenzyme A glutathione disulfide
coenzyme A glutathione disulfide reductase activity
Coenzyme A Ligases
Coenzyme A Ligases [Chemical/Ingredient]
Coenzyme A linked butyraldehyde dehydrogenase
coenzyme A metabolic process
coenzyme A metabolism
coenzyme A persulfide
coenzyme A synthase, human
coenzyme A synthesis
Coenzyme A Synthetases
coenzyme A thiosulfonate
Coenzyme A Transferases
coenzyme A transmembrane transporter activity
coenzyme A transport
coenzyme A transporter activity
coenzyme A-agarose
coenzyme A-dependent NAD(P)H sulfur oxidoreductase activity
coenzyme A-glutathione mixed disulfide
Coenzyme A-Monacylglycerophosphateacyltransferase, Acyl
coenzyme A-peptidyl-cysteine covalent linking
coenzyme A-S-S-glutathione reductase (NADPH)
coenzyme A-sepharose
coenzyme A-synthesizing protein complex
Coenzyme A-Transferases
Coenzyme A-Transferases [Chemical/Ingredient]
coenzyme A, (methylenecyclopropyl)formyl-
coenzyme A, 1-pyrenebutyryl-
coenzyme A, 10-propoxydecanoyl-
coenzyme A, 16-(9-anthroyloxy)palmitoyl-
Coenzyme A, 17-hydroxy-1-methyl-17-propyl-, (E,Z)-
coenzyme A, 2-bromoacetyl
coenzyme A, 2-hydroxybutyryl
coenzyme A, 2-hydroxyoctadecanoyl-
coenzyme A, 2-ketocyclohexanecarboxyl
coenzyme A, 2-methylacetoacetyl-
coenzyme A, 2-octynoyl-
coenzyme A, 2-pentynoyl
coenzyme A, 2-succinylbenzoic acid-
coenzyme A, 2-tetradecylglycidyl
coenzyme A, 2-tolylacetyl-
coenzyme A, 2,4-decadienoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-chloropropionyl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxy-3-ethylglutaryl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxy-3-methyl-4-carboxybutyl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryldithio-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxy-3-phenylpropionyl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxy-4-decenoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxybenzoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxybutyryl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxydecanoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxyglutaryl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxyoctadecanoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-hydroxypalmitoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-indoleacryloyl
coenzyme A, 3-indolepropionyl
coenzyme A, 3-keto-4-pentenoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-ketohexanoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-ketostearoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-ketovaleryl-
coenzyme A, 3-mercaptopropionyl-
coenzyme A, 3-pentynoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-phenoxybenzoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-thia-octanoyl-
coenzyme A, 3-tolylacetyl-
coenzyme A, 3,4-pentadienoyl-
Coenzyme A, 3'-O-dephosphono-, S-acetate
coenzyme A, 3'-pyrophosphoryl-
coenzyme A, 4-(2'-carboxyphenyl)-4-oxobutyrate-
coenzyme A, 4-(4-chlorobenzyloxy)benzoyl-
coenzyme A, 4-acetamidobutyryl-
coenzyme A, 4-azidobenzoyl-
coenzyme A, 4-coumaroyl-
coenzyme A, 4-hydroxybenzoyl-
coenzyme A, 4-hydroxybutyryl-
coenzyme A, 4-tolylacetyl-
coenzyme A, 5-(tetradecyloxy)-2-furoyl-
coenzyme A, 5-decenoyl-
coenzyme A, 5,6-dichloro-4-thia-5-hexenoyl-
Coenzyme A, 6-amino-alpha-(1-formyl-2-hydroxyethoxy)-, (R-(R*,R*))-
coenzyme A, 6-doxylstearoyl-
Coenzyme A, 6-O-(3-hydroxy-1-oxo-2-tetradecyloctadecyl)-alpha-D-galactopyranosyl, (3alpha,5beta,7alpha,12alpha,24xi)-
Coenzyme A, 7-((12-((4-azido-2-nitrophenyl)amino)-1-oxododecyl)oxy)-4-hydroxy-N,N,N-trimethyl-10-oxo-, (R)-
Coenzyme A, 8-chloro-N,N-dimethyl-6-phenyl-, (2S-(1(R*(R*)),2alpha,3abeta,7abeta))-
Coenzyme A, Acetyl
coenzyme A, acetyldithio-
coenzyme A, acitretinoyl-
coenzyme A, acryloyl-
Coenzyme A, Acyl
coenzyme A, arachidonyl-
coenzyme A, arachidoyl-
coenzyme A, ASA-
coenzyme A, behenyl-
coenzyme A, benzoyl-
coenzyme A, beta-(N-(7-nitro-2,1,3-benzoxadiazol-4-yl))alanine
coenzyme A, beta-ketohexadecanoyl-
coenzyme A, bezafibroyl-
Coenzyme A, bis(azetidine)dichloro-, (R)-
coenzyme A, bromooctanoyl-
coenzyme A, butynoyl-
coenzyme A, butyryl-
coenzyme A, caffeoyl-
coenzyme A, carboxy-PROXYL-
coenzyme A, carboxymethyl-
coenzyme A, chloroacetyl
coenzyme A, cinnamoyl-
coenzyme A, ciprofibrate-
coenzyme A, cis-4-decenoyl-
coenzyme A, citryl-
coenzyme A, clofibric acid-
coenzyme A, clofibroyl-
coenzyme A, crotonyl-
coenzyme A, crotonyoxy-
coenzyme A, cyclohex-1-enecarboxyl
coenzyme A, cyclohexanecarboxyl-
coenzyme A, cyclopropanecarboxyl-
coenzyme A, dec-2-ynoyl-
coenzyme A, decanoyl-
coenzyme A, desulfo
coenzyme A, dethiaacetyl-
coenzyme A, DICHYB
coenzyme A, docosahexaenoyl-
coenzyme A, dodecenoyl-
coenzyme A, eicosapentaenoic acid-
coenzyme A, erucoyl-
coenzyme A, erucyl-
coenzyme A, etomoxiryl-
coenzyme A, glutaconyl-
coenzyme A, glutaryl-
coenzyme A, glycoyl-
coenzyme A, heptadecan-2-onyl-dethio
coenzyme A, heptadecanoyl-
coenzyme A, heptadecyl-
coenzyme A, hexadecanedionyl-mono-
coenzyme A, hexanoyl-
coenzyme A, ibuprofenyl-
coenzyme A, IFA-
coenzyme A, isobutyryl-
coenzyme A, isovaleryl-
coenzyme A, lactoyl-
coenzyme A, lauroyl-
coenzyme A, lignoceroyl-
coenzyme A, linoleoyl-
coenzyme A, maleyl-
Coenzyme A, Malonyl
coenzyme A, malyl-
coenzyme A, methacrylyl
coenzyme A, methylmalonyl-
coenzyme A, myristoylcarba(dethia)-
Coenzyme A, N-(2-((6-aminohexyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl)-
coenzyme A, N-(3-iodo-4-azidophenylpropionamido)cysteinyl-5-(2'-thiopyridyl)cysteine-
coenzyme A, nafenopin-
coenzyme A, nonanoyl-
coenzyme A, octanoyl-
coenzyme A, oleoyl-
Coenzyme A, Palmitoyl
coenzyme A, parinaroyl-
coenzyme A, phenylacetyl
coenzyme A, phenylpropionyl-
coenzyme A, pimeloyl-
coenzyme A, pimelyl
coenzyme A, propionyl-
coenzyme A, pyrenedodecanoyl-
Coenzyme A, S-((Z)-hydrogen 2-butenedioate)
Coenzyme A, S-(2-((4-((3-aminopropyl)amino)butyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl)-
Coenzyme A, S-(2-(3-carboxy-1-oxopropyl)benzoate)
coenzyme A, S-(2-(5-(4-chlorophenyl)pentyl)oxiranecarboxylate)-
Coenzyme A, S-(2-dodecyl-4,4-dimethyl-3-oxy-2-oxazolidinepentanoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(2-hydroxyoctadecanoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(2-methyl-2-butenoate), (E)-
Coenzyme A, S-(2-methyl-3-oxobutanoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(2-methylenecyclopropaneacetate)
coenzyme A, S-(2-oxopentadecyl)-
Coenzyme A, S-(2-oxopropyl)-
Coenzyme A, S-(3-((7-nitro-4-benzofurazanyl)amino)propanoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-2-propenoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(3-hydroxyoctadecanoate)
coenzyme A, S-(3-oxobutyl)
Coenzyme A, S-(3-oxobutyl)-
Coenzyme A, S-(3-oxohexadecanoate)
coenzyme A, S-(3-oxohexadecyl)-
Coenzyme A, S-(3-oxooctadecanoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(3-phenoxybenzoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(3-phenyl-2-propenoate), (E)-
Coenzyme A, S-(4-(acetylamino)butanoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(4-azidobenzoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(4-bromo-2,3-dioxobutyl)-
Coenzyme A, S-(4-carboxy-3-hydroxy-3-methylbutyl)-
Coenzyme A, S-(4-hydroxybenzoate)
Coenzyme A, S-(alpha-(hydroxymethyl)benzeneacetate)
Coenzyme A, S-(dimethylarsinite)
Coenzyme A, S-(hydrogen 3-ethyl-3-hydroxypentanedioate)
coenzyme A, S-(hydrogen butanedioate)
Coenzyme A, S-(hydrogen propanedioate)
Coenzyme A, S-(O-methyl carbono(dithioperoxoate))
Coenzyme A, S-03-((3,4-dihydroxy-5-methoxyphenyl)-2-propenoate)
Coenzyme A, S-1-pyrenebutanoate
coenzyme A, S-11-octadecenoate
Coenzyme A, S-13-docosenoate, (Z)-
Coenzyme A, S-2-furanpropanoate
Coenzyme A, S-4-decenoate, (Z)-
Coenzyme A, S-5,8,11,14-eicosatetraenoate, (all-Z)-
Coenzyme A, S-9,12-octadecadienoate-
coenzyme A, S-9,12-octadecadienoate, (Z,Z)
Coenzyme A, S-acetate
coenzyme A, S-acetyl-3-mercaptopropanoyl-
coenzyme A, S-butanoate
coenzyme A, S-dimethylarsino-
Coenzyme A, S-ethyl-
Coenzyme A, S-hexadecanoate
Coenzyme A, S-nitrite
coenzyme A, S-nitroso
Coenzyme A, S-nonanoate
coenzyme A, salicyl-
coenzyme A, sebacoyl
coenzyme A, stearoyl-
coenzyme A, stearoyl-(1,N(6))-etheno-
coenzyme A, succinyl-
coenzyme A, tetradecanoyl-
coenzyme A, tetradecylthioacrylyl-
coenzyme A, tiglyl-
coenzyme A, tridecanoyl-
coenzyme A, tropoyl-
coenzyme A, vaccenoyl-
coenzyme A, valeryl-
coenzyme A, valproyl-
coenzyme A, vinylacetyl-
coenzyme A:fatty acid synthetase apoenzyme 4'-phosphopantetheine transferase activity
coenzyme A:glutathione-disulfide oxidoreductase activity
coenzyme A:oxidized-glutathione oxidoreductase activity
coenzyme anabolism
coenzyme analog
coenzyme and prosthetic group anabolism
coenzyme and prosthetic group biosynthesis
coenzyme and prosthetic group biosynthetic process
coenzyme and prosthetic group breakdown
coenzyme and prosthetic group catabolic process
coenzyme and prosthetic group catabolism
coenzyme and prosthetic group degradation
coenzyme and prosthetic group formation
coenzyme and prosthetic group metabolic process
coenzyme and prosthetic group metabolism
coenzyme and prosthetic group synthesis
coenzyme B
coenzyme B anabolism
coenzyme B biosynthesis
coenzyme B biosynthetic process
coenzyme B formation
coenzyme B metabolic process
coenzyme B metabolism
coenzyme B synthesis
coenzyme B--coenzyme M heterodisulfide reductase activity
coenzyme B:coenzyme M:methanophenazine oxidoreductase activity
coenzyme B12
coenzyme B12-dependent diol dehydrase activity
coenzyme binding
coenzyme biosynthesis
coenzyme biosynthetic process
coenzyme breakdown
coenzyme catabolic process
coenzyme catabolism
Coenzyme Co Q10
Coenzyme Co Q10, 100 mg oral capsule
coenzyme degradation
coenzyme F
coenzyme F 390 A
coenzyme F 390 G
coenzyme F(420)
coenzyme F(420) reducing hydrogenase
coenzyme F(420)-dependent methylene-5,6,7,8-tetrahydromethanopterin dehydrogenase
coenzyme F390 synthetase activity
coenzyme F420
coenzyme F420 hydrogenase
coenzyme F420 hydrogenase activity
coenzyme F420-0 gamma-glutamyl ligase activity
coenzyme F420-2 alpha-glutamyl ligase activity
coenzyme F420-dependent alcohol dehydrogenase
coenzyme F420-dependent glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase
coenzyme F420-dependent hydrogenase activity
coenzyme F420-dependent N(5),N(10)-methenyltetrahydromethanopterin reductase activity
coenzyme F420-dependent N5,N10-methenyltetrahydromethanopterin reductase activity
coenzyme F420H2 - 2,3-dimethyl-1,4-naphthoquinone oxidoreductase
coenzyme F430
coenzyme F430 metabolic process
coenzyme formation
Coenzyme I
Coenzyme II
Coenzyme M
coenzyme M anabolism
coenzyme M biosynthesis
coenzyme M biosynthetic process
coenzyme M formation
coenzyme M heterodisulfide reductase
coenzyme M metabolic process
coenzyme M metabolism
coenzyme M synthesis
coenzyme M-7-merceptoheptanoylthreonine-phosphate-heterodisulfide hydrogenase
coenzyme M-epoxyalkane ligase activity
coenzyme metabolic process
coenzyme metabolism
coenzyme MF(430)
coenzyme MF430
Coenzyme PQQ
coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein A, Methylobacterium extorquens
coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein B, Klebsiella pneumoniae
coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein C, Bacteria
coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein D, Methylobacterium extorquens
coenzyme pyrroloquinoline-quinone biosynthesis
coenzyme pyrroloquinoline-quinone biosynthetic process
Coenzyme Q
Coenzyme Q (lab procedure)
coenzyme Q and cytochrome c reductase complex assembly
coenzyme Q and cytochrome c reductase complex biogenesis
coenzyme Q binding
coenzyme Q biosynthesis
coenzyme Q biosynthesis methyltransferase activity
coenzyme Q biosynthesis monooxygenase activity
coenzyme Q biosynthetic process
coenzyme Q biosynthetic process methyltransferase activity
coenzyme Q biosynthetic process monooxygenase activity
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