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Dasymutilla dugesii (Cockerell & Casad, 1894)
Dasymutilla errabunda
Dasymutilla errabunda Mickel, 1928
Dasymutilla foxi
Dasymutilla foxi (Cockerell, 1894)
Dasymutilla gloriosa
Dasymutilla gloriosa (Saussure, 1868)
Dasymutilla heliophila
Dasymutilla heliophila (Cockerell, 1900)
Dasymutilla lepeletierii
Dasymutilla lepeletierii (Fox, 1899)
Dasymutilla magnifica
Dasymutilla magnifica Mickel, 1928
Dasymutilla monticola
Dasymutilla monticola (Cresson, 1865)
Dasymutilla nocturna
Dasymutilla nocturna Mickel, 1928
Dasymutilla occidentalis
Dasymutilla occidentalis (Linnaeus, 1758)
Dasymutilla paenulata
Dasymutilla paenulata Mickel, 1928
Dasymutilla reclusa
Dasymutilla reclusa Mickel, 1928
Dasymutilla sp.
Dasymutilla sp. JC3
Dasymutilla sp. PS-2008
Dasymutilla thetis
Dasymutilla thetis (Blake, 1886)
Dasymutilla vesta
Dasymutilla vesta (Cresson, 1865)
Dasymys incomtus
Dasymys rufulus
Dasyochloa pulchella
Dasyochloa pulchella (Kunth) Willd. ex Rydb.
Dasyochloa Willd. ex Rydb.
Dasyophthalma creusa
Dasyophthalma creusa (Hubner, 1821)
Dasyornis broadbenti
Dasypeltis atra
Dasypeltis scabra
Dasypeltis sp.
Dasyphila preissii
Dasyphloea insignis
Dasyphyllum argenteum
Dasyphyllum armatum
Dasyphyllum brasiliense
Dasyphyllum candolleanum
Dasyphyllum colombianum
Dasyphyllum diacanthoides
Dasyphyllum dicanthoides
Dasyphyllum donianum
Dasyphyllum excelsum
Dasyphyllum ferox
Dasyphyllum hystrix
Dasyphyllum inerme
Dasyphyllum Kunth
Dasyphyllum latifolium
Dasyphyllum leptacanthum
Dasyphyllum popayanense
Dasyphyllum reticulatum
Dasyphyllum spinescens
Dasyphyllum sprengelianum
Dasyphyllum synacanthum
Dasyphyllum tomentosum
Dasyphyllum vagans
Dasyphyllum velutinum
Dasypoda argentata
Dasypoda braccata
Dasypoda crassicornis
Dasypoda dusmeti
Dasypoda frieseana
Dasypoda hirtipes
Dasypoda oraniensis
Dasypoda pyriformis
Dasypoda pyrotricha
Dasypoda spinigera
Dasypoda suripes
Dasypoda visnaga
Dasypogon bromeliifolius
Dasypogon diadema
Dasypogon diadema (Fabricius, 1781)
Dasypogon hookeri
Dasypogon Meigen, 1803
Dasypogon R.Br., 1810
Dasypops schirchi
Dasypops schirchi Miranda-Ribeiro, 1924
Dasyprocta agouti
Dasyprocta aguti
Dasyprocta fuliginosa
Dasyprocta leporina
Dasyprocta punctata
Dasypsyllus gallinulae
Dasypsyllus gallinulae (Dale, 1878)
Dasypsyllus stejnegeri
Dasypsyllus stejnegeri (Jordan, 1929)
Dasypus kappleri
Dasypus novemcinctus
Dasypus sp. VJL-2004
Dasypyrum breviaristatum
Dasypyrum villosum
Dasypyrum villosum (L.) P.Candargy
Dasyrhynchus giganteus
Dasyrhynchus giganteus (Diesing, 1850)
Dasyrhynchus pillersi
dasyscyphin A
dasyscyphin B
dasyscyphin C
dasyscyphin D
dasyscyphin E
Dasyscyphus fuscescens
Dasyscyphus nidulus
Dasysiphonia chejuensis
Dasysiphonia okiensis
Dasysyrphus albostriatus
Dasysyrphus albostriatus (Fallen, 1817)
Dasysyrphus creper
Dasysyrphus creper (Snow, 1895)
Dasysyrphus friuliensis
Dasysyrphus hilaris
Dasysyrphus hilaris (Zetterstedt, 1843)
Dasysyrphus lotus
Dasysyrphus lotus (Williston, 1887)
Dasysyrphus nigricornis
Dasysyrphus pauxillus
Dasysyrphus pinastri
Dasysyrphus postclaviger
Dasysyrphus sp. berberidis
Dasysyrphus sp. insidiosus
Dasysyrphus sp. laskai
Dasysyrphus sp. Y314
Dasysyrphus sp. Y315
Dasysyrphus sp. Y316
Dasysyrphus venustus
Dasytes aeratus
Dasytes aeratus Stephens, 1829
Dasytes emarginatus
Dasytes niger
Dasytes niger (Linnaeus, 1761)
Dasytes planifrons
Dasytes plumbeus
Dasytes plumbeus (Muller, 1776)
Dasytes sp. TJH-2005
Dasytes terminalis
Dasytes terminalis (Fall, 1917)
Dasythamniella dasyura
Dasythemis esmeralda
Dasythemis esmeralda Ris, 1910
Dasytidius gracilis
Dasytinae sp. TJH-2005
Dasytricha dehorityi
Dasytricha dogieli
Dasytricha ruminantium
Dasyuridae sp. JMZ-2005
Dasyuroides byrnei
Dasyurus albopunctatus
Dasyurus geoffroii
Dasyurus hallucatus
Dasyurus maculatus
Dasyurus spartacus
Dasyurus viverrinus
Dasyurus viverrinus/maculatus mixed DNA library
Dat (Dopamine N acetyltransferase) protein, Drosophila
DAT (dopamine transporter) protein, Drosophila
DAT 582
DAT activity
DAT C3-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT C3+C4 Comp-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT C3c-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT C3d-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT combination
DAT Comp-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT Comp-Sp Reag RBC Ql 5M RT inc
DAT Dopamine Transporter
DAT Dopamine Transporter Proteins
DAT glycolipid, Mycobacterium tuberculosis
DAT IgA-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT IgG-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT IgG-Sp Reag RBC-Imp
DAT IgG-Sp Reag RBCCo Ql
DAT IgM-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT p transf RBC Ql
DAT Poly-Sp Reag p transf rx RBC Ql
DAT Poly-Sp Reag RBC Ql
DAT Poly-Sp Reag RBCCo Ql
DAT protein, S cerevisiae
dat protein, Saccharothrix
DAT protein, zebrafish
DAT protocol 1
DAT protocol 2
DAT regimen
DAT-1 protein, C elegans
DAT-COAP regimen
DAT1 protein, human
Dat1 protein, mouse
Dat1 protein, rat
DAT1 protein, S cerevisiae
data access
data accesses
data acquisition
data acquisition scheme
Data acquisition unit
Data Acquisition Unit Device Component
Data Adjustment
Data Adjustments
Data Aggregation
data alert
Data Analyses
Data Analyses, Statistical
Data Analysis
data analysis as a research step
data analysis method
Data Analysis Systems, Ultrasound
Data Analysis Systems, Ultrasound, Cardiac
Data Analysis Systems, Ultrasound, Obstetric
Data Analysis, Statistical
Data and Safety Monitoring Boards
data ascertainment
Data back-up problem
Data Back-Up Problem Associated with Medical Device
Data Bank
data bank system
Data Bank, DNA
Data Bank, Factual
Data Bank, Genetic
data banks
Data Banks, DNA
Data Banks, Factual
Data Banks, Genetic
data base
Data Base Management
data base management system
Data Base Management Systems
Data Base, Factual
Data Base, Genetic
Data Bases, Factual
Data Bases, Genetic
data bit
data bits
data block
data blocks
data buffer
data bus
data cabinet
data cabinets
data capture
data carrier
data character
data check character
data check digit
Data Collection
data collection as a research step
data collection evaluation
data collection from documents
data collection from mental responses
data collection method
data collection methodology
data collection methodology/evaluation
data collection system
data collection systems
data communication
Data Communication Equipment /DCE/
Data Compilation and Analysis Shared Resource
Data Compression
Data Compromising
data contamination
data conversion
Data Correlation
Data Correlations
Data corrupted
Data Corrupted Computer Software Problem Associated with Medical Device
Data criteria
Data criteria | patient
Data criteria | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Data criteria:Find:Pt:^Patient:Nar
Data criteria:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Narrative
Data Cube
data dase machine
data description language
data description languages
data dictionaries
data dictionary
Data Disc
Data Disk
Data Display
Data Displays
Data Element
Data Element Concept
Data Element Derivation
Data Element Module
Data Element Relationship
Data Element Relationships
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS)
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.0
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.0 | patient
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.0 | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.0:-:Point in time:^Patient:-
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) Release 1.0:-:Pt:^Patient:-
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) release 1.1
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) release 1.1 | patient
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) release 1.1 | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) release 1.1:-:Point in time:^Patient:-
Data Elements for Emergency Department Systems (DEEDS) release 1.1:-:Pt:^Patient:-
Data Encryption Standard /DES/
data entry
Data entry error
Data entry error | patient
Data entry error | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Data entry error MDSv3
Data entry error:Type:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:MDSv3
Data entry error:Type:Pt:^Patient:Ord:MDSv3
data entry format
data entry person
data error
Data errors
data exchange
Data Extraction
data falsification
Data Field
Data File
Data File, Machine-Readable
Data Files
Data Files, Machine-Readable
data flow
data flows
data format
data formats
Data found
Data found, no errors (this is the default)
data gathering
Data Grid Service
data handling
Data handling and record keeping section
Data handling and record keeping section | Clinical trial protocol
Data handling and record keeping section | Clinical trial protocol | Bld-Ser-Plas
Data handling and record keeping section:-:-:^Clinical trial protocol:Nar
Data handling and record keeping section:-:-:^Clinical trial protocol:Narrative
data haven
data input
data integrity
Data Interface Units
Data Interface Units, Physiologic Monitor/Computer
Data Interface Units, Physiologic Monitor/Computer, Temporary Storage
Data Interface Units, Physiologic Monitor/Information System
Data Interface Units, Temporary Storage
Data Interpretation, Statistical
Data Interpretations, Statistical
data item
data items
Data items collected at inpatient facility admission or agency discharge only
Data items collected at inpatient facility admission or agency discharge only | patient
Data items collected at inpatient facility admission or agency discharge only | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Data items collected at inpatient facility admission or agency discharge only:-:Point in time:^Patient:-
data journalling
data key
data line
data link
Data Linkage
Data Linkages
data load
data logger
data logging
data loss
data losses
data maintenance
Data Management
Data Management Systems
Data Management Systems, Anesthesia
Data Management Systems, Blood Bank
Data Management Systems, ECG
Data Management Systems, Hemodynamic
Data Management Systems, Obstetrical
Data Management Systems, Patient
Data Management Systems, Radiation Oncology
Data Management Systems, Radiology
Data Manager
Data Manager Tape
data manipulation language
data manipulation languages
data medium
Data Mining
data model
data modelling
data models
Data Monitoring Committee
Data Monitoring Committees
data munging
data network
data networks
Data Not Available
Data Not Releasable
data organization
data origin
data origins
data output
data owner
data packet
data packets
data pen
data point
data pool
Data Pooling
Data Poolings
Data Port
data preparation
data privacy
Data Privacy, Patient
Data Processing
data processing center
data processing centers
Data Processing, Automatic
Data Processing, Computer
Data Processing, Electronic
data processings
data processor
Data Processors
Data Processors, Electronic Recording
Data Processors, Electronic Recording, Electrocardiography
Data Processors, Electronic Recording, Electroencephalography
Data Processors, Tape Recording
Data Processors, Tape Recording, Electrocardiography
Data Processors, Tape Recording, Electroencephalography
Data Processors, Ultrasonic Scanning
Data Protection
data protection act
data protection acts
data protection official
data protection officials
data protection registrar
data protection registrars
Data Qualities
Data Quality
data quality/integrity
data rate
Data Recorders
data recording
Data Recovery
Data Reporting
Data Retrieval
data sampling
data search
data secrecy
Data Security
data security engineer
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