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Results for H in English, page 47
Hdmpp cpd
Hdmx protein, human
hDNA methyltransferase 3b
HDNB Scn Bld-Imp
HDNF (hippocampus derived neurotrophic factor)
HDO cpd
HDOBA calcium salt
HDP protein, Plasmodium falciparum
HDP-1 protein, mouse
HDPP formate
HDPR1 protein, human
HDR activity
HDR Hydrogel
HDR protein, human
HDR protein, tomato
hDrb1 protein, human
hDREF protein, human
HDRF-2 protein, human
HDRP protein, human
HDS1 protein, Helix lucorum
HDS2 protein, Helix lucorum
hdsFv25, human
HDSSF, human
HDT cpd
HDT-1 cpd
HDT1 protein, Arabidopsis
HDT2 protein, Arabidopsis
HDtrans bench w/wo comm open
HdtS protein, Pseudomonas fluorescens F113
hDUS2 protein, human
HDV Ab Fld Ql
HDV Ab Ser EIA-aCnc
HDV Ab Ser Ql
HDV Ab Ser RIA-aCnc
HDV Ab Ser-aCnc
HDV Ag Ser EIA-aCnc
HDV Ag Ser Ql
HDV Ag Ser-mCnc
HDV Ag Ur-mCnc
HDV IgG Ser EIA-aCnc
HDV IgG Ser Ql
HDV IgG Ser-aCnc
HDV IgM Ser EIA-aCnc
HDV IgM Ser Ql
HDV IgM Ser-aCnc
HDW Bld Auto
HDW Bld-mCnc
HDX gene
HdynIV protein, human
he (him)
HE 11
HE 111
HE 24108
HE 3235
HE 36
HE 800 EPS, V diabolicus
HE 800, Vibrio diabolicus
HE 93
He actually did it.
he advised against it
He advised against it.
He aimed his remarks at me.
He always bandies big words about.
He always gets the short end of the stick.
He always has something up his sleeve.
he always keeps a level head
He always keeps a level head.
He always puts me to shame (in the shade).
He always shops around for bargains.
He always wants the last word.
he and his
He appears to be (very) sick.
He appears to be sick.
he appears to be very sick
he applied for the job
He applied for the job.
he arrived in good time
He arrived in good time.
He asked to be allowed to withdraw.
He asked to be called back.
He asked to be excused.
He bears no enmity.
he beat all records
He begged to come with us.
He behaves like a bull in a china shop.
He blatantly ignored it.
He blew a fuse.
He blew his top.
He bore the palm.
He breaks a fly on the wheel.
He broke all records. He beat all records.
He brought home the bacon.
he called me names
He called me names.
He came all right, but too late.
he came by himself
He came by himself.
He came by the same token.
he came last
He came last.
He came off a loser.
He came to her aid.
He can be completely relied upon to keep a bargain.
He can get away with murder.
he can speak English
He can speak English.
He can take it.
He can tell you a thing or two about it.
He can't make head or tail of it.
he can't take a joke
He can't take a joke.
He can't take criticism.
he cannot compare with you
He cannot compare with you.
He chanced to be ...
He choked on a fishbone.
He claims he saw it.
he claims to know you
He claims to know you.
he concluded by saying
He concluded by saying ...
He consciously/recklessly disregarded the risk to others.
He could barely contain himself.
he could do with losing a few pounds
He could do with losing a few pounds.
He could hardly keep his eyes open.
He could not measure up to her.
He could scarcely keep his eyes open.
He couldn't stand it at home any more.
He countered (objected) that ...
He cringed at the thought.
He cut a caper.
he cut his finger
He cut his finger.
He cuts no ice with me.
He dances well to whom fortune pipes.
He decided to go freelance.
he denies himself
He departed from his word.
He deserves better.
He did all the talking.
he did his best
He did his best.
He did it again and again.
he did it in joke
He did it in joke.
He did it in spite of himself.
He did it intentionally.
He did it on purpose.
He did not come until ...
He didn't brush his teeth.
He didn't even begin to try.
He didn't know how to swim, I did.
he didn't know what to say to that
He didn't know what to say to that.
He didn't say anything at all.
He didn't seem to be quite all here.
he didn't sleep a wink
He didn't sleep a wink.
he died of a heart attack
He died of a heart attack.
He disappeared from the picture.
He dislocated his arm.
he doesn't care a straw
He doesn't care a straw.
He doesn't feel well.
He doesn't hold a grudge against him.
He doesn't know any details.
He doesn't know how to behave.
He doesn't lift a finger.
He doesn't like wine.
He doesn't mince his words.
He doesn't mince matters.
He doesn't mind his P's and Q's.
He drinks like a fish.
He drives a hard bargain.
He dropped by on his way home from work.
he dropped in
He dropped in.
He earns a good salary.
He edged himself into the conversation.
He element
He entered the name in a notebook.
he explained (justified) it by the fact that
He explained (justified) it by the fact that ...
He exudes great confidence.
He failed to appear.
he failed to turn up
He failed to turn up.
He fancies himself as an expert.
He fancies his chances.
He feathered his own nest.
he feels very bad about it
He feels very bad about it.
he fell asleep
He fell asleep.
He fell in love with her.
He fell into abeyance.
He fells nohow.
He finds no quarter.
he finished up the bread
He finished up the bread.
he fits in very well
He fits in very well.
He flashed his ID at me.
he flatly denied
He flatly denied.
He flushed the toilet.
He fought it tooth and nail.
He found plenty of work to do.
He gave her a piece of his mind.
He gave him the shirt off his back.
he gave me a ride
He gave me a ride.
He gave us to understand that he would help us.
He gets about a lot.
He gets away with everything.
He gets carried away and rambles on.
He gets his girlfriend to keep him.
He gets in hot water.
He gives him the fluff.
he gives me a lot of trouble
He gives me a lot of trouble.
he goat
he goats
He got a bad break.
He got away by the skin of his teeth.
he got bitten by the bug
He got bitten by the bug.
He got his just deserts.
He got his own way.
He got it in the neck.
He got nowhere.
He got off with a slap on the wrist.
He got the shock of his life.
He got the yellow card for blocking an opponent.
He got up on the wrong side.
He had a fine old time.
He had an alcohol level of 150 millilitres.
He had better take care!
He had forty winks.
he had his hair cut
He had his hair cut.
He had his heart in his mouth.
He had his surname changed from X to Y.
He had it coming to him.
He had lost the thread of the conversation.
he had no money about him
He had no money on him.
He had presence of mind.
He had the good sense to ...
he had the impudence to ...
He had to do it.
He hardly had time to breathe.
He has a auditive memory.
He has a bad handwriting.
he has a black eye
He has a black eye.
he has a day off
He has a day off.
He has a distinct penchant for Latin America.
He has a finger in the pie.
He has a fixation about football.
He has a good grasp.
He has a grudge against me.
He has a lot of experience of dealing with the media.
he has a lot of work
He has a lot of work.
He has a mother fixation.
He has a poor hand.
He has a pronounced boozer's nose.
He has a pronounced German accent when he speaks French.
he has a say in the matter
He has a say in the matter.
He has a say too.
He has a sharp tongue.
He has a short fuse.
he has a temperature
He has a temperature.
He has a very keen mind.
He has a visual memory.
He has apologized tome, but apologies don't butter any parsnips.
He has bats in the belfry.
He has been charged with theft.
He has been getting nowhere.
He has been the talk of the town since he appeared on TV, if not earlier.
He has been to see the doctor.
He has been treading water.
he has brains
He has brains.
He has broken his leg.
he has completely spent out
He has established himself as a regular player in the team.
He has fond hopes of winning.
He has found me a job.
He has fulfilled his obligations.
He has gone to rack and ruin.
He has gone to the dogs.
He has got full-blown AIDS.
He has got the run of the place.
He has him on toast.
He has lost his temper.
He has lost his wind.
He has made a perfect fool of me.
He has no kick left.
he has no manners
He has no manners.
he has no right to
He has no right to.
he has no say
He has no say.
He has not a spark of decency.
He has not his fellow.
He has promised firmly that he will come.
He has reached a blind alley.
He has reached a dead end.
He has read aloud.
He has read out loud
He has really hit the jackpot.
He has really taken leave of his senses.
He has taken it into his head.
He has the gift of gab.
he has the right of way
He has the right of way.
he has touched a sore spot
He has touched a sore spot.
He has two teeth missing.
He has visitors.
He hasn't come.
He hasn't got it in him.
He hasn't got much savvy.
He hasn't read Debrett's.
He hasn't read Emily Post.
he hit his head on the beam.
he hit the mark
He hit the mark.
He holds/has a special place within the family.
He hung up on me.
HE hypothalamic glycoprotein, rat
he identifies
He improved from third to second rank.
he is
He is a auditive person.
he is a bad mixer
He is a bad mixer.
He is a chip off the old block.
He is a close friend.
He is a fine chap.
He is a good listener.
he is a good mixer
He is a good mixer.
He is a megalomaniac.
He is a peasant.
he is a police officer
He is a police officer.
He is a real Peter Pan.
He is a spender, not a saver.
He is a stowaway.
He is a villain, and a most dangerous one at that.
He is a visual person.
He is a well-known figure in the motorcycle scene.
He is absentminded.
He is all talker.
He is always arguing.
He is always on the go.
He is an orphan.
He is anxious to please.
He is apt to be late.
He is as dumb as a post.
He is at the end of his tether.
He is away.
He is basking in the glow of success.
He is clever, I grant, but ...
He is completely in his element.
He is confined to bed (the house).
He is fluent in Chinese.
He is fluent in Mandarin.
He is fond of joking.
He is forty and thus/hence too old for space flights.
He is full of beans.
he is gaining on us
He is gaining on us.
He is game for anything.
He is getting furious.
He is going to be a mechanic
He is going to be a mechanic.
He is hardly ever/almost never at home.
He is hopeless.
He is into cats. (passion)
He is like that.
He is my major customer.
He is never at a loss of words.
He is next door.
He is no fair-weather politician.
he is no match for him
He is no match for him.
He is not a person to be trifled with.
He is not entitled to say that.
He is not even 10 years old.
He is not exactly a genius.
He is not in a position to meet the expenditure.
He is not in the best of health.
He is not legally liable to pay.
He is not really on top of things.
He is not the creep he is usually portrayed as.
He is not to be relied upon.
He is not to blame for this.
He is not well.
he is on his own
He is on his own.
He is one of the family.
he is open to an offer
He is open to an offer.
He is out to lunch.
He is outrageous!
He is paid according to output.
He is really henpecked.
He is referred to as ...
he is resigned to the fact
He is resigned to the fact.
He is said to have stolen the book.
He is said to know this.
He is scheduled to speak tomorrow.
He is shy of money.
he is subject to colds
He is subject to colds.
He is such a cutie.
He is suspected of ...
He is to blame for it.
He is trying to prove himself all the time.
He is under suspicion of murder.
He is up to no good.
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