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He is very devoted to his wife.
He is, I venture to say, not the only one.
He is, or rather was, a student.
He isn't breaking his back.
He isn't forceful enough.
He isn't here any more.
He isn't straining himself.
he isn't up yet
He isn't up yet.
He jumped at the opportunity.
He jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.
he just arrived
He just arrived.
He just escaped being killed.
He just won't fit in.
He keeps a civil tongue in his head.
He keeps late hours.
He keeps to himself.
He keeps us on the go.
he kept his head above water
He kept his head above water.
he kept his word
He kept his word.
He kept me from work.
He kept the pot boiling.
He knocked the stuffing out of him.
He knows a thing or two.
He knows his onions.
He knows his stuff.
He lacked the courage to do it.
He lacks the courage to do it.
he laughed up his sleeve
He laughed up his sleeve.
He laughs best that laughs last.
he leaned out of the window
He leaned out of the window.
He leapfrogged his superiors and became general manager.
He learned it from scratch.
He learns the hard way.
He left her holding the bag.
He left his key at the office.
He left his wife and children.
He left me completely in the dark about his plans.
He left no stone unturned.
He let it happen.
He let me do all the hard work alone.
He let the work pile up.
He lets things slide.
He lies like a trooper.
He likes beer better.
He likes to be out and about.
He lives away from home.
he lives beyond his means
He lives beyond his means.
He lives the life of Riley.
He looked crestfallen.
He looks/is the very picture of health (and vigour /vigor ).
he lost control of his car
He lost control of his car.
he lost control over
He lost control over.
He made a bolt for it.
He made a fool of himself.
He made a quick getaway.
He made his pile.
He made it his business.
he made it plain to me
He made it plain to me.
he made no bones about it
He made no bones about it.
he made no reply
He made no reply.
he made no resistance
He made no resistance.
He makes a great show of learning.
He makes himself scarce.
He makes himself scare.
He makes it himself.
He makes no bones about it.
He makes things hum.
He managed it in the twinkling of an eye.
He massaged his wife's back.
He may be lowlife, but he isn't stupid.
He may come tomorrow.
He may have done it.
He means business.
He met a lot of people on his travels in/around the Far East.
He met his fate calmly.
He met his Waterloo.
He moved heaven and earth.
He must act as he sees fit.
He must always butt in.
he must be sick
He must be sick.
He must have done it.
He must have judged him unfavorably.
He must work flat out.
He nearly dislocated my arm.
He needs a little horse sense.
He needs helping.
He never loses his poise.
He never misses a trick.
He now reaps what he has sown.
He nurses a glass of wine.
He occupies the Chair of French at the Graz university.
He occupies the University of Graz's Chair of French.
he of all people
He often picks a quarrel.
He ought to have read it.
He owes a lot to her.
He parked the funds temporarily in this company/account.
He passed the ball on to his teammate
He paused to let his words sink in.
He picked up his ears.
He plays a good knife and fork.
He plucked up courage and went on his way.
He pokes his nose into everything.
he polished his shoes
He polished his shoes.
He poured the money down the drain (down a rat hole).
He poured the money down the drain.
He predeceased his wife.
He probably got out of bed on the wrong side.
HE protein, Coronavirus
He pulled the wool over my eyes.
He put a spoke in my wheel.
he put his heart and soul in it
He put his heart and soul in it.
He put his life on the line to ...
He put his oar in.
He put in his two cents.
he put it straight
He put it straight.
He put up a big front.
He puts a good face on the matter.
He puts up with everything.
He puts up with it.
He quaffed off the wine.
He quit for greener pastures.
He ran like lightning.
He ranks as a great writer.
He really fancies her.
He really got himself into hot water.
He really takes after his father.
He recited an Our Father.
He regards himself as superior.
He registered every word.
He repairs cars.
He rests on his laurels.
He risked his neck to ...
he satisfied me that
He satisfied me that ...
He saw daylight.
He saw the red light.
He says one thing, then another.
He seeks a job where he is able to call the shots/tune.
He sees just about any offer as a possible trap.
He sees things through rose-colored glasses.
he seized me by the arm
He seized me by the arm.
He served his company well.
he settled down to work
He settled down to work.
He settled the quarrel.
he settles the quarrel
he shaved himself
he shaves himself
he shou wu
He should be locked up.
He should have been allowed to do it.
He should have driven faster.
He should mind his own business.
he shouted at me
He shouted at me.
He shouted drinks.
He showed his true self.
He showed it for all the world to see.
He shrugged his shoulders.
He simply doesn't count.
He simply skipped work.
He sits at the end of the table.
He skimmed the cream off the top.
he slept away the day
He slept away the day.
He slipped through their fingers.
He smacked his lips with relish.
He smells a rat.
He snatched up his stuff.
He sounds angry.
he spent his time in reading
He spent his time in reading.
he spent the day among friends
He spent the day among friends.
He spoke about indifferent topics.
He spoke haltingly.
He sprained his ankle.
He stands there like a duck in a thunder storm.
He stands upon trifles.
He stepped into the lion's den.
He sticks his nose into everything.
He stole my thunder.
He stole the show.
He stood her up.
He stopped in speaking in mid-flow.
he stops at nothing
He stops at nothing.
He struck for home.
he struck him a blow
He struck him a blow.
he succeeded in overcoming the difficulties
He succeeded in overcoming the difficulties.
He surely does not come.
He surely made that up out of thin air.
He surmounts all diffculties.
He swore to high heaven that ...
He takes a line of the least resistance.
he takes his clothes off
He takes his clothes off.
he talks big
He talks big fam.
He talks big.
He talks Billingsgate.
He talks his head off.
He that comes last makes all fast.
He that grasps at too much holds nothing fast.
He that has plenty of goods shall have more.
He that makes himself a sheep, shall be eaten by the wolf.
He that praises himself spatters himself.
He that seeks trouble never misses.
He that will eat the kernel, must crack the nut.
He that will not be counselled cannot be helped.
He that will not hear must feel.
He that will steal a pin, will steal a better thing.
He that will steal an egg, will steal an ox.
He that's resolved to beat a dog, never wants long a stick.
He thinks he's the cat's meow.
He thinks highly of you.
He thinks no end of himself.
he thinks nothing of it
He thinks nothing of it.
he thinks the world of you
He thinks the world of you.
he threw an angry look at me
He threw an angry look at me.
He throws his cap over the mill.
He told it to me in confidence.
He told me a lie.
he told me the plain truth
He told me the plain truth.
He took a fancy to go swimming.
He took a powder.
He took French leave.
He took his chance.
he took leave
He took leave.
he took lessons in driving
He took lessons in driving.
he took no notice
He took no notice.
He took revenge on him.
He took the bull by the horns.
He took the cake.
He took the gloves off.
He took the gloves.
he tried hard
He tried hard.
He tried to palm it off on me.
He tried to prove that black is white.
He tried to save his bacon.
He turned a deaf ear to my advice.
He turned out to be a real low life.
He turns the tables.
he used to come
He used to come.
He uses a very vulgar language.
He was a babe in the woods when he came to New York.
He was a famous actor in his day.
He was a good worker, say what you will.
He was able to do it.
he was all smiles
He was all smiles.
He was an out and out student.
He was anxious not to be misunderstood.
he was appointed manager
He was appointed manager.
He was as bold as brass.
He was asking for it.
He was attacked with a barrage of questions.
He was banned from driving.
He was careful, though, not to speak about it.
He was caught with his pants down.
He was choked with emotion.
He was completely lacking in courage.
he was delayed
He was delayed.
He was disappointed at/by having failed.
He was easily persuaded.
He was embarrassed by ...
He was expected to come.
He was expected to depart soon thereafter.
He was extremely annoyed with himself about ...
He was faced with ruin.
He was fined for speeding.
He was flabbergasted.
He was found hanged by a belt from a tree.
He was grateful for your support.
He was hampered in his movements by the helmet.
He was here a moment ago.
He was humiliated.
he was kept in after school
He was kept in after school.
He was only joking.
He was open-mouthed.
He was sentenced to 90 days' hard time.
He was sentenced to death on a charge of/for high treason.
He was sentenced to life imprisonment.
He was stopped by police for speeding.
he was struck by a car
He was struck by a car.
He was suddenly struck by the thought that ...
He was suspended with immediate effect.
He was taken in by him.
He was the father of Swedish gymnastics.
He was thunderstruck.
He was very off-hand.
he was well-liked by his peers
He was well-liked by his peers.
He was wide-eyed.
He was, after all, the boss.
He went (the) whole hog.
He went away empty handed.
He went through enormous trouble.
He went through the roof.
he who
He who does lend, loses his friend.
He who excuses, accuses himself.
He who has an art, has everywhere a part.
he who is in a bad position eventually succumbs
He who laughs last, laughs loudest.
He who sits in a glass house should not throw stones.
He who will reap must sow.
He who would learn to command well must first of all learn to obey.
He will listen to reason.
He will live to rue it.
he won by a close vote
He won by a close vote.
He won by cheating.
He won us over with his great defensive play.
he won't bite you
He won't bite you.
He won't come until you invite him.
He won't listen to anything I say.
He won't set the Thames on fire.
He won't set the Thanes on fire.
he won't stir a finger
He won't stir a finger.
He wondered what the word could possibly mean.
he worked wonders
He worked wonders.
He works from morning to night.
He works to rule.
He would have liked to come along.
He would stop at nothing to ...
He wouldn't give it house-room.
He wound up in a pub.
he writes as follows
He wrote a novel with a kick.
he yuan yuan kai tang
he yuan zi
He´s busy.
he´s in her bad books
HE-24.8 gadolinium
He'll be a pushover for her.
he'll be here at any moment
He'll be here at any moment.
he'll catch up with you
He'll catch up with you.
He'll come along later.
He'll just have to want to.
he'll never get anywhere
He'll never get anywhere.
He'll never set the world on fire.
He'll take no refusal.
he'll take the chance
He'll take the chance.
He's a born fool.
He's a chip of the old block.
He's a chip off the old block.
He's a con man.
He's a couch-potato.
He's a dead loss.
He's a decent fellow.
He's a deep me.
He's a deep one.
He's a difficult man to pin down.
He's a dog in the manger.
He's a few years under age.
He's a fifth wheel.
He's a glamour boy.
He's a go-getter.
he's a god sailor
He's a good sailor.
He's a goody-goody.
He's a hard man to please.
He's a heavy drinker.
He's a hen-pecked husband.
He's a knowing me.
He's a man about town.
He's a man of few words.
He's a novelist manque.
He's a pain in my neck.
He's a queer card.
He's a real teaser.
He's a sad dog.
He's a sly old dog.
He's a smooth customer.
He's a snappy dresser.
He's a sorehead.
He's a sponger.
He's a stay-at-home.
He's a thorn in my side.
He's a very different kind of man.
He's a wet blanket.
He's all done in.
He's all ears.
He's always on the ball.
He's always on the go.
He's an awful bore.
he's an honest man.
He's an old stager.
He's an up-and-coming young man.
He's applied to ... (for a job).
He's as fit as a fiddle.
He's as stiff as a poker.
He's as thick as two short plankes.
He's as thick as two short planks.
He's at odds with his friend.
He's away on a business trip and won't be back until next week.
He's back to his usual self.
He's bad medicine.
he's badly off
He's badly off.
He's been at the cake.
He's behind the times.
He's being helpful.
He's being very petty about it.
he's beside himself with rage
He's beside himself with rage.
he's beyond help
He's beyond help.
He's busy.
He's can't sit still.
he's certain to come
He's certain to come.
He's clean-shaven.
He's coming right away.
He's dead from the neck up.
he's dead tired
He's dead tired.
he's due to arrive at ten
He's due to arrive at ten.
He's due to be here soon.
He's earning the top whack.
He's English. He's an Englishman.
He's entirely in your hands.
He's falsely taking all the credit.
He's feeling his oats.
He's full of go.
He's full of mischief.
He's going strong.
He's gone for a few days.
He's gone off his nut.
He's gone to the loo/john.
He's good at French.
he's good company
He's good company.
He's got a business degree.
He's got a lot on his mind.
He's got a nerve!
He's got a screw loose.
He's got one of his crazy turns.
He's got the bug.
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