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Results for H in English, page 49
He's got what it takes.
He's half-baked.
He's hard up.
He's having his hair cut.
He's head over ears in love.
He's head over heels in love.
he's hopeless
He's in a quandary.
He's in a real fix (bind
he's in bad shape
He's in bad shape.
He's in her bad books.
He's in his prime.
he's in the dark
He's in the dark.
He's in two minds as to whether he should go or not.
He's just coasting along in his work.
He's just like his father.
he's just pretending
He's just pretending.
He's known all over town.
He's late as usual.
He's late, but he's coming after all.
He's like a drowned rat.
He's living it up.
He's living off the fat of the land.
He's married to his job.
He's no company for you.
He's no match for him.
He's not an easy man to deal with.
he's not in
He's not in his right mind.
He's not in.
He's not much of a dancer.
He's not one to keep his opinions to himself.
He's not suited for a doctor.
He's nuts about her.
he's of another opinion
He's of another opinion.
he's on a visit
He's on a visit.
he's on duty
He's on duty.
He's on his beat.
He's on his last legs.
He's on his own.
He's on the dole.
he's on the list
He's on the list.
He's on the loo/john.
He's on the make.
He's on the mend.
He's on the up and up.
He's on to every dodge.
He's one of a kind.
He's only pretending.
He's only toying.
He's open to reason.
he's out of work
He's out of work.
He's out on a date.
He's peeved.
He's pig-headed.
He's prejudiced.
He's pretty modest.
He's putting up a brave front.
He's putty in his wife's hands.
he's quick at learning
He's quick at learning.
He's rolling in money.
He's round the bend.
He's said to be a rich man.
he's said to be ill
He's said to be ill.
he's scared of the water
He's scared of the water.
He's Scottish. He's a Scotsman.
He's sitting on the throne. (toilet visit)
He's slow to catch on.
He's splitting his sides with laughter.
he's staying with me
He's staying with me.
He's still feverish.
he's supposed to be rich
He's supposed to be rich.
He's supposed to come.
He's sure to succeed.
he's taking it to heart
He's taking it to heart.
He's terribly grumpy in the morning.
He's the same as everyone else.
He's the spitting image of his father.
he's toiling
He's told us we have to leave the flat (apartment).
He's two-faced.
He's up against it.
He's up in the air.
He's up to every trick.
He's up to him.
He's up to his neck in it.
he's very particular
He's well off.
he's wide awake
He's wide awake.
He's wrong in the garvet.
He's yellow!
he/he answers
he/she abnegates
he/she abolishes
he/she absorbs
he/she accepts
he/she accesses
he/she achieves
he/she acknowledges
he/she acquires
he/she administers
he/she administrates
he/she admits
he/she admonishes
he/she adopts
he/she adores
he/she advertises
he/she advises
he/she affirms
he/she agitates
he/she alleges
he/she allows
he/she amused himself/herself
he/she amuses himelf/herself
he/she annotates
he/she annuls
he/she apologised
he/she apologises
he/she apologized
he/she apologizes
he/she applies
he/she appliques
he/she appreciates
he/she approves
he/she argues
he/she arose
he/she aroses
he/she arraigns
he/she arrogates
he/she asks
he/she assumes
he/she attacks
he/she attracts
he/she attunes
he/she avoids
he/she awakens
he/she baffles
he/she bakes
he/she banishes
he/she barters away
he/she bashes
he/she bathes
he/she beats
he/she became engaged
he/she becomes
he/she becomes engaged
he/she begins
he/she begs
he/she behaves
he/she believes
he/she belts
he/she bemuses
he/she bends
he/she bespeaks
he/she bestrides
he/she betakes
he/she betrays
he/she bets
he/she binds
he/she bites
he/she bites through
he/she bivouacs
he/she bleeds
he/she bleeds to death
he/she blows
he/she boozes
he/she braced himself/herself
he/she braces himself/herself
he/she braids
he/she brandishes
he/she breaks off
he/she breeds
he/she brings
he/she builds
he/she buries
he/she buys
he/she calculates
he/she calls
he/she calms
he/she camps
he/she caricatures
he/she carries
he/she carries on talking
he/she carves
he/she casts
he/she catches
he/she catches a cold
he/she cautions
he/she celebrates
he/she certifies
he/she changes
he/she cheats
he/she chews
he/she chimes
he/she chooses
he/she chops
he/she chucks
he/she cites
he/she climbs
he/she closes
he/she coerces
he/she comes out
he/she comments
he/she commercializes
he/she compares
he/she compels
he/she confirms
he/she confronts
he/she confuses
he/she congratulates
he/she conjectures
he/she conjures
he/she connects
he/she considers
he/she consolidates
he/she consults
he/she continues
he/she contradicts
he/she contributes
he/she convalesces
he/she cooks
he/she copies
he/she counterfeits
he/she counts
he/she cowers
he/she crawls
he/she creates
he/she creeps
he/she crests
he/she cries
he/she crochets
he/she crosses through
he/she cuts
he/she cycles
he/she damages
he/she dances
he/she dared
he/she dares
he/she deactivates
he/she debates
he/she decalcifies
he/she decides
he/she deletes
he/she depilates
he/she derides
he/she describes
he/she developes
he/she devoured
he/she diagnoses
he/she dices
he/she dies
he/she digs
he/she dines
he/she disappears
he/she disavows
he/she discerns
he/she discharges
he/she discommodes
he/she discourages
he/she disgraced himself/herself
he/she disgraces himself/herself
he/she disinfects
he/she dispels
he/she dissuades
he/she disturbs
he/she does (doth )
he/she does damage
he/she does gymnastics
he/she does handicrafts
he/she doubts
he/she draws
he/she dreams
he/she dredges
he/she drinks
he/she drives
he/she drops out
he/she drowned
he/she drowns
he/she drudges
he/she elects
he/she embalms
he/she embroiders
he/she emigrates
he/she endears
he/she enforces
he/she enjoys
he/she enquired
he/she enquires
he/she enters
he/she entitles
he/she entrenches
he/she envisages
he/she envisions
he/she exceeds
he/she falls
he/she falls asleep
he/she falls ill
he/she fantasizes
he/she feeds
he/she feels
he/she fences
he/she fetches
he/she fetters
he/she fiddles
he/she fights
he/she finds
he/she finds out
he/she flails
he/she flees
he/she flies
he/she flies over
he/she flies there
he/she flies towards
he/she forbids
he/she forces
he/she foresees
he/she forges
he/she forgets
he/she forgives
he/she formalizes
he/she formats
he/she forms
he/she forsakes
he/she forswears
he/she frets
he/she fries
he/she frightens
he/she galvanizes
he/she gets
he/she gets a cold
he/she gets a day off
he/she gets caught
he/she gets drunk
he/she gets further
he/she gets on
he/she gets to
he/she gets up
he/she gibbers
he/she gives
he/she gives away
he/she gives up
he/she gives way
he/she glides
he/she glues
he/she goes
he/she goes ahead
he/she goes blind
he/she goes on talking
he/she goes out
he/she goes to sleep
he/she goggles
he/she got hurt
he/she grasps
he/she greets
he/she grinds
he/she grows
he/she grows up
he/she guesses
he/she hacks
he/she had breakfast
he/she hands over
he/she hangs
he/she harasses
he/she harvests
he/she has breakfast
he/she has gone
He/She has his/her arm in plaster.
he/she has not
he/she has to
he/she has/had abolished
he/she has/had absorbed
he/she has/had accepted
he/she has/had accessed
he/she has/had achieved
he/she has/had acknowledged
he/she has/had acquired
he/she has/had administered
he/she has/had administrated
he/she has/had admitted
he/she has/had admonished
he/she has/had advertised
he/she has/had advised
he/she has/had agitated
he/she has/had alleged
he/she has/had allowed
he/she has/had annotated
he/she has/had annulled
he/she has/had answered
he/she has/had anticipated
he/she has/had apologised
he/she has/had apologized
he/she has/had applied
he/she has/had appreciated
he/she has/had approved
he/she has/had argued
he/she has/had asked
he/she has/had assumed
he/she has/had attacked
he/she has/had attracted
he/she has/had attuned
he/she has/had avoided
he/she has/had awoked
he/she has/had awoken
he/she has/had baffled
he/she has/had baked
he/she has/had banished
he/she has/had bartered away
he/she has/had bashed
he/she has/had beaten
he/she has/had become
he/she has/had become tired
he/she has/had been
he/she has/had been able to go out
he/she has/had been absent
he/she has/had been allowed
he/she has/had been away
he/she has/had been cold
he/she has/had been confused
he/she has/had been drowned
he/she has/had been frightened
he/she has/had been glad
he/she has/had been gone
he/she has/had been happy
he/she has/had been like
he/she has/had been patient
he/she has/had been pleased
he/she has/had been qualified
he/she has/had begun
he/she has/had behaved
he/she has/had believed
he/she has/had belted
he/she has/had bemused
he/she has/had bent
he/she has/had bespoken
he/she has/had bet
he/she has/had betrayed
he/she has/had betted
he/she has/had bitten
he/she has/had bitten through
he/she has/had bled
he/she has/had bled to death
he/she has/had blown
he/she has/had boozed
he/she has/had born
he/she has/had bought
he/she has/had bound
he/she has/had braced himself/herself
he/she has/had braided
he/she has/had brandished
he/she has/had bred
he/she has/had broken
he/she has/had broken off
he/she has/had brought
he/she has/had built
he/she has/had buried
he/she has/had calculated
he/she has/had called
he/she has/had calmed
he/she has/had carried
he/she has/had carried on talking
he/she has/had carved
he/she has/had cast
he/she has/had caught
he/she has/had caught a cold
he/she has/had caulked
he/she has/had cautioned
he/she has/had celebrated
he/she has/had changed
he/she has/had cheated
he/she has/had chewed
he/she has/had chimed
he/she has/had chopped
he/she has/had chosen
he/she has/had chucked
he/she has/had cited
he/she has/had climbed
he/she has/had closed
he/she has/had come
he/she has/had come out
he/she has/had commented
he/she has/had compared
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