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Results for H in English, page 51
he/she is angry
he/she is away
he/she is cold
he/she is confused
he/she is cross
he/she is descended from
he/she is disqualified
he/she is drowned
he/she is eliminated
he/she is embarrassed
he/she is frightened
he/she is glad
he/she is gone
he/she is happy
he/she is in a position to
he/she is interested in
he/she is involved
he/she is late
he/she is like
he/she is mistaken
he/she is patient
he/she is pleased
he/she is present
he/she is qualified
he/she is there
he/she is/was caught
he/she journeys on
he/she jumps
he/she keeps
he/she keeps silent
he/she kicks
he/she kills
he/she kisses
he/she kneels down
he/she knelt down
he/she knows
he/she lands
he/she laughs
he/she lays
he/she leads
he/she learns
he/she leaves
he/she leaves out
he/she legitimizes
he/she lends
he/she lets
he/she lies
he/she lifts
he/she likes
he/she limps
he/she listens
he/she lives
he/she loads
he/she locks up
he/she looks
he/she looks up
he/she looses
he/she loses
he/she loses weight
he/she loves
he/she lullabied
he/she makes
he/she makes a diagnosis
he/she makes a pretext of
he/she maltreats
he/she marks
he/she may
he/she means
he/she measures
he/she meets
he/she memorizes
he/she mercerizes
he/she mesmerizes
he/she migrates
he/she milks
he/she misbehaves
he/she misconceives
he/she mislays
he/she mismanages
he/she misnames
he/she misplaces
he/she misunderstands
he/she mixes up
he/she moderates
he/she moistens
he/she moisturizes
he/she molests
he/she monitors
he/she moves
he/she moves up
he/she murmurs
he/she muses
he/she must
he/she names
he/she needs
he/she normalizes
he/she numbers
he/she obviates
he/she occupied with
he/she occupies
he/she occupies with
he/she offers
he/she oils
he/she omits
he/she opens
he/she orders
he/she overcomes
he/she overdraws
he/she overflies
he/she overmasters
he/she oversells
he/she overstocks
he/she owes
he/she owns
he/she paints
he/she pales
he/she parts
he/she passes
he/she pays
he/she perceives
he/she permits
he/she phones
he/she picks
he/she picks up
he/she pinches
he/she plans
he/she plays
he/she pleads as an excuse
he/she ploughs
he/she plows
he/she plucks
he/she polishes
he/she ponders
he/she possesses
he/she postulates
he/she pours
he/she praises
he/she precooks
he/she preludes
he/she prepared himself/herself
he/she prepares himself/herself
he/she pricks
he/she proceeds
he/she promises
he/she props up
he/she proves
he/she provides
he/she pulls
he/she pulls together
he/she punishes
he/she pushes
he/she pushes off
he/she put on
he/she puts
he/she puts under
he/she raises
he/she ransoms
he/she ravages
he/she razes
he/she reads
he/she reads to
he/she reaps
he/she receives
he/she recites
he/she reckons
he/she recognizes
he/she recommends
he/she recovers
he/she rehearses
he/she relied
he/she relies
he/she remains silent
he/she remembered
he/she remembers
he/she repels
he/she reports
he/she reproaches
he/she requests
he/she resells
he/she resembles
he/she resigns
he/she resists
he/she resows
he/she retrenches
he/she rhymes
he/she rides
he/she rings
he/she romps
he/she rows
he/she rubs with ointment
he/she rules
he/she runs
he/she runs on
he/she sacrifices
he/she salts
he/she salvages
he/she sands off
he/she sat down
he/she saves
he/she says (saith )
he/she scalds
he/she scampers
he/she scares
he/she scolds
he/she screams
he/she scrubs
he/she searches
he/she seeks
he/she sees
he/she seizes
he/she sells
he/she sends
he/she sends out
he/she sensitized
he/she sensitizes
he/she serves a sentence
he/she sets
he/she settles
he/she sews up
he/she shackles
he/she shakes
he/she shall
he/she shears
he/she shins up
he/she shits
he/she shocks
he/she shoots
he/she should have/had
he/she shows
he/she shows off
he/she shuts
he/she sings
he/she sinks
he/she sits
he/she sits down
he/she sizes
he/she skies
he/she skips
he/she skulks
he/she slams
he/she sleepwalks
he/she slips
he/she smatters
he/she smuggles
he/she sneezes
he/she snores
he/she snubs
he/she soaks
he/she sorts
he/she sows
he/she spades
he/she spares
he/she speaks
he/she speaks broken ...
he/she speaks up
he/she specifies
he/she spends
he/she spins
he/she spits
he/she springs
he/she sprinkles
he/she squats
he/she squeals
he/she stammers
he/she stands
he/she stands about
he/she stands up
he/she startles
he/she startles easily
he/she starts
he/she stays
he/she steals
he/she steers
he/she stems
he/she steps
he/she steps out
he/she sticks on
he/she stipulates
he/she stitches
he/she strangles
he/she stresses
he/she strews
he/she strides
he/she strikes
he/she strips
he/she strives
he/she struggles
he/she studies
he/she stutters
he/she subsidizes
he/she sucks
he/she suffers
he/she suffocates
he/she sunbathes
he/she suns himeself/herself
he/she supposes
he/she surfs
he/she surprises
he/she swabs
he/she swears
he/she sweeps
he/she swims
he/she swindles
he/she swings
he/she synchronizes
he/she tabulates
he/she tags
he/she takes
he/she takes fright
he/she takes ill
he/she takes off
he/she takes over
he/she teaches
he/she tears
he/she tears apart
he/she tells
he/she tells all
he/she tents
he/she terrifies
he/she testifies
he/she tests
he/she thinks
he/she threatens
he/she threshes
he/she throws
he/she thrusts
he/she touches
he/she tousles
he/she transfers
he/she transfixes
he/she travels
he/she trawls
he/she treads
he/she treads down
he/she treats
he/she tries
he/she trusted
he/she trusts
he/she tunes up
he/she turns
he/she turns back
he/she turns pale
he/she undertakes
he/she unearthes
he/she unlocks
he/she unpacks
he/she unwraps
he/she vacationed
he/she vacuum-cleans
he/she vanishes
he/she varnishes
he/she vends
he/she visits
he/she waits
he/she wakes
he/she wakes (up)
he/she wakes up
he/she walks along
he/she wangles
he/she wants
he/she warns
he/she was canonized
he/she was confused
he/she was elevated to sainthood
he/she was embarrassed
he/she was late
he/she was mistaken
he/she washes
he/she wastes
he/she watches television
he/she weakens
he/she wears
he/she weaves
he/she weeps
he/she weighs
he/she welds
he/she wets
he/she whistles
he/she wins
he/she wishes
he/she withdraws
he/she witnesses
he/she works
he/she would need
he/she wrestles
he/she wrings
he/she writes
he/she writes down
he/she yaps
he/she yearns
He/She's a nobody.
he/she/it appears
he/she/it becomes stunted
he/she/it belongs
he/she/it breaks
he/she/it burns
he/she/it bursts
he/she/it came
he/she/it can
he/she/it capsizes
he/she/it caulks
he/she/it comes
he/she/it comes through
he/she/it contains
he/she/it depended
he/she/it depends
he/she/it deviates
he/she/it eats
he/she/it encapsulates
he/she/it fades
he/she/it flows
he/she/it gets through
he/she/it glows
he/she/it grazes
he/she/it grinds
he/she/it hadn't
he/she/it has
he/she/it has/had appeared
he/she/it has/had been able
he/she/it has/had been called
he/she/it has/had been good for
he/she/it has/had burned
he/she/it has/had burnt
he/she/it has/had burst
he/she/it has/had come through
he/she/it has/had contained
he/she/it has/had eaten
he/she/it has/had faded
he/she/it has/had flowed
he/she/it has/had ground
he/she/it has/had had
he/she/it has/had hanged
he/she/it has/had hung
he/she/it has/had penetrated
he/she/it has/had pointed
he/she/it has/had printed
he/she/it has/had recurred
he/she/it has/had risen
he/she/it has/had sent
he/she/it has/had shrivelled
he/she/it has/had shrunk
he/she/it has/had slid
he/she/it has/had smelt (smelled)
he/she/it has/had soaked
he/she/it has/had sprouted
he/she/it has/had stunk
he/she/it is
he/she/it is able
he/she/it is called
he/she/it is good for
he/she/it is not
he/she/it is/was sunken
he/she/it isn't
he/she/it lives
he/she/it makes stupid
he/she/it may
he/she/it might
he/she/it must not
he/she/it need not
he/she/it neutralises
he/she/it neutralizes
he/she/it ought to
he/she/it overcharges
he/she/it overextends
he/she/it penetrates
he/she/it pleases
he/she/it points
he/she/it presses
he/she/it prints
he/she/it prospers
he/she/it recurs
he/she/it reeks
he/she/it rises
he/she/it shall not
he/she/it shan't
he/she/it shines
he/she/it should
he/she/it shouldn't
he/she/it shrinks
he/she/it shrivels
he/she/it sinks
he/she/it slides
he/she/it smells
he/she/it soaks
he/she/it sops
he/she/it sprouts
he/she/it stinks
he/she/it thrives
he/she/it turns
he/she/it will
HE1 protein, human
HE1 protein, mouse
HE1-NP-C2 protein, human
HE1-NPC2 protein, human
HE12 protein, human
HE2 sperm antigen
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