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it increased
it increases
it is
It is a (complete) mystery to me why he did it.
It is a long time ago, to be sure ...
It is a millstone around my neck.
It is a mistake to assume that ...
it is a pity
It is a pity.
It is a punishable offence ...
It is a sight.
It is about time!
It is absolutely unacceptable to beat one's wife.
It is absurd to ...
It is all wrong.
It is also the same with me.
It is apt to rain in ...
it is based on
It is better to be the hammer than the anvil.
It is beyond me.
it is characterized by
It is cloudy.
It is cold.
it is disgusting how/that ...
it is due to (the fact that)
It is enough to put you to sleep.
It is entirely possible.
It is envisaged that the meeting will take place in the spring.
It is everything I have wished for.
It is foggy.
it is for this reason
it is foreseeable that ...
It is free. In return, you have to accept that ads are popping up.
It is frightfully boring.
It is hailing.
It is her?
it is in actual fact impossible
It is in the nature of things.
It is incontestable that ...
It is incumbent upon him ...
It is just putting us off until Doomsday.
it is known that there are ...
it is laughed at
It is little surprise ...
It is more or less a matter of taste.
it is my turn
It is my turn.
It is necessary to boil the water.
It is no concern of yours.
It is no joke!
It is no joke.
It is none of my doing.
It is not a case of winning or losing.
it is not convenient for me
It is not convenient for me.
It is not done.
It is not enough to adjust a few screws.
It is not for me to judge her.
it is not worth the trouble
It is not worth the trouble.
It is notable that ...
It is now well known that ...
it is of use
it is of vital importance
It is only a stone's throw away.
it is out of the question
It is out of the question.
It is preposterous to ...
It is probably just a mistake.
It is purely and simply impossible.
It is quite correct.
It is really great/perfect weather for travelling.
It is really ridiculous.
it is related
it is reported
It is required ...
It is rumored that
it is said
It is scary to me.
It is six in one hand and half-a-dozen in the other.
it is snowing
it is spitting (with rain)
It is striking to note that ...
It is strongly suspected that ...
it is subject to
It is sunny.
it is synchronized
it is thanks to him that
It is thanks to him that ...
it is the convention to do sth.
It is the custom.
It is the same with me, too.
it is thrown up
It is time to end the blame game.
it is to be regretted
it is valid
It is very time-consuming.
It is well-nigh time you come out with the truth.
It is windy.
It is within your own discretion.
it is written that ...
It is you?
it is/was broken
it is/was consolidated
it is/was crocheted
it is/was frozen
it is/was intended
it is/was salted
it is/was succeeded
It isn't anything like her.
it isn't much good
It isn't much good.
it isn't my job
It isn't my job.
It isn't too cold, is it ?
It just doesn't appeal to me (grab me).
It just fell into his lap.
it lacked
it lacks
It lacks any rationale.
It lacks substance.
It leads to nowhere.
It leaves me cold.
It left me speechless.
It lies with you to do it.
it looks like rain
It looks like rain.
It looks that way.
it looped
it loops
It made me cry.
It made my spine tingle.
It makes an appreciable difference.
It makes me sick just thinking about it!
It makes me sick.
It makes my mouth water.
It makes no odds.
It makes no sense.
it manifests itself (in)
It marked the beginning of a war.
it matters
It matters.
it may be too late
It may be too late.
It may/might be true.
it means
it means a lot to me
It means a lot to me.
it means in effect
it meant
it melted
it melts
it miscarried
it miscarries
it mizzled
it mizzles
It must be ready by ten.
It never entered my head (thoughts).
It never rains but it pours
It never rains but it pours.
it occurred
It occurred to me that ...
It occurred to me.
it occurs
It occurs to me that ...
It offends my eye.
It only remains for me to add that ...
It only seems like it.
It opened up a whole new world to me.
it overtakes
it overtook
it passed off
it passes off
It pays that ...
It peeved me that ...
It pelted with rain.
it pertained
it pertained to
it pertains
it pertains to
It pleases me.
it poured
it pours
it premiered
It raised a few eyebrows when he made that announcement.
it ran
it really isn't very far
It really isn't very far.
it rebounded
it rebounds
it related
it relates
It remains to be seen.
It requires a lot of trust.
it resulted in
it results
it results in
it rhymed
it rhymes
It rings true.
it rots
it rotted
it rubbed
it rubs
it runs
It runs in the blood.
It runs in the family.
it seemed
It seemed never-ending.
it seems
it seems as if
it seems as if ...
it seems incongruous that ...
it seems that
it seems that ...
it seems to me
It seems to me eminently reasonable.
It seems to me that ...
It sends cold shivers up and down my spine.
It serves no purpose.
It shouldn't be forgotten here that ...
it silted
it silted up
it silts
it silts up
It simply wouldn't go right.
It smells strangely.
it smelted
it smelts
it smoldered
it smolders
it smouldered
it smoulders
it snowed
it snows
it so happened
It sold for a whopping 3 millions.
it sounded
it sounds
It sounds crazy, but ...
it sounds like
IT specialist
IT specialists
It spoiled our day.
it spread like wildfire
It spread like wildfire.
it stands to reason
It stands to reason.
it stings
It stinks to high heaven.
it stopped
it stops
it storms
it streamed
it streams
It struck me right away.
It struck me that ...
it stung
it subserved
it subserves
it succeeded
it succeeds
It sucks big time.
It sucks.
it supports
it suppurated
it suppurates
it surfaced
it swarmed
it swarms
it swelled
it swills
It switches itself off.
It takes a lot of confidence.
It takes a lot of time.
It takes ages.
It takes courage.
it takes place
It takes some time for the truth to sink in.
It takes some/a lot of chutzpah to propose this.
It takes too long.
It takes two to tango
it tasted
it tastes
It tastes like what?
It tastes of salt.
It tells its own tale.
it ticked
it ticks
It took a load off my mind.
It took all of three days for the book to sell out.
it took my breath away
it took place
it turned out to ...
It turned out to be right.
It turns me on.
it ulcerated
it ulcerates
it undulated
it undulates
It used to be.
it vaporised
it vaporises
it vaporized
it vaporizes
It was (a case of) your proverbial pig in a poke.
It was a bit a peeve.
it was a costly affair
It was a costly affair.
It was a disaster.
It was a dog's breakfast.
It was a doozie!
it was a fight to the finish
It was a fight to the finish.
It was a flop.
It was a load off his mind.
It was a perfectly organized disaster (cock-up)!
It was a put-up affair.
It was a put-up job.
It was a scene of destruction.
It was a sheer delight.
It was a stormy affair.
It was a waste of time (money
it was a waste of time (money, energy)
It was all a waste-of-time.
it was borne in on him
It was borne in on him.
It was bound to happen.
It was brought home to me.
it was caused
it was clearly his fault
It was clearly his fault.
it was done out of ...
It was either do or die.
It was everything I had wished for.
It was full to the bursting point.
It was good average at best.
It was his off day.
It was his own idea.
It was learned yesterday.
It was like a bolt from the blue.
It was meant as a joke.
it was no picnic
It was no picnic.
it was of use
It was only a false alarm.
It was only when she rang up that I realized it.
It was partly his doing.
It was pathetic to see.
It was pelting down with rain.
it was performed first
It was pure chance that ...
It was pure luck.
it was put about that ...
it was related
it was reported
it was snowing
It was snowing hard and we were anxious to get home.
It was storming last night.
it was subject to
it was suggested
It was then, if not before, that there was need for action.
It was then, if not before, that we realized ...
it was thrown up
It was too late to help.
It was touch-and-go whether I passed my exams.
it was valid
It was well-nigh a sacrilege to question his decisions.
It was without question the highlight of the trip.
It wasn't deliberate.
it weighed down
it weighed on
it weighs down
It weighs heavily on my mind.
it weighs on
It went like clockwork.
it went off
it went on
it went out
it went smoothly
it went through a crisis
It will be an Italy-Germany final.
It will come out all right in the end.
it will do
It will do tomorrow.
it will take 4 hours to get there
It will take 4 hours to get there.
it winds itself
It won't be my fault if ...
It won't be my fault if things go wrong.
It won't happen again.
It won't kill you.
It won't last.
It won't take much longer
It won't work.
it worked
It worked like a charm.
it worked out
it works
it works out
It works, but there's no (such thing as a) free lunch.
It would appear to me that ...
it would arise
It would be an asset ...
It would be inexpedient to approve of the decision.
It would be no good.
It would be pointless to ...
it would be thrown up
it would burst
it would fail
it would ferment
it would go out
it would happen
it would loop
it would melt
it would miscarry
It would never have occurred to me.
it would occur
it would pour
it would run
it would seem
it would sound
it would stream
it would succeed
it would swell
it would wind itself
It wouldn't be a very good idea to ...
It wouldn't harm you to be a little more polite.
It wouldn't involve you.
it wound itself
IT-37 cpd
IT-Kyoto solution
It's (no) fun.
it's (not) very widely known
It's (not) very widely known.
It's (such) a shame.
It's a bargain at that price!
It's a bargain!
It's a beastly shame.
It's a busy street.
It's a cinch. (easy task)
It's a closed book.
It's a completely different ball game.
It's a crying shame!
It's a deal!
It's a delight to watch him.
It's a done deal.
it's a frequent occurrence
it's a frequent practice
It's a go! Settled!
It's a good thing that ...
It's a great convenience.
it's a great pity
It's a great pity.
It's a great worry to me.
It's a horse of a different colour.
It's a lead-pipe cinch.
It's a lot too thin!
It's a matter for the boss.
It's a matter of common knowledge.
It's a matter of life and death.
It's a mercy!
It's a pity.
it's a popular saying
It's a raw deal.
It's a real shame with ...
It's a real treat.
It's a red rag to him.
It's a rule that ...
It's a shame!
it's a ten-day journey to ...
It's a wrap.
It's about as broad as it's long.
It's absolutely sickening.
It's all (on the) surface.
It's all a fraud!
it's all Greek to me
It's all Greek to me.
It's all haywire.
It's all hollow words!
It's all in the day's work.
It's all in the mind.
It's all in the stars.
It's all make believe.
It's all or nothing now.
It's all over town..
It's all over.
It's all part of it.
It's all put on.
it's all right with me
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