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I-Tyr-Gly-(28,31-Nle-33-p-NO2-Phe)-cholecystokinin (26-33)
I-Vite Protect
I-Vite Protect, Antioxidant Multiple Vitamins and Minerals oral tablet
I-Vite, Antioxidant Multiple Vitamins and Minerals oral tablet
I, Acid Lipase
I, Angiotensin
I, Antithrombin
I, beta-Lactoglobulin
I, Calpain
I, Carbamoyl-Phosphate Synthetase
I, Coagulation Factor
I, CPRS Type
I, Cranial Nerve
I, Cyclin
I, Dipeptidyl Aminopeptidase
I, Dipeptidyl Peptidase
I, Glyoxalase
I, Heparinase
I, Hyperlipoproteinemia Type
I, Neurofibromatosis Type
I, Neurophysin
I, Photosystem
I, Proplast
I, Purine Hydroxylase
I, Pyroglutamyl-Peptidase
I, RNA Polymerase
I, Thymopoietin
i. e.
I.C.I. 105552
I.D.A., 325 mg-100 mg-65 mg oral capsule
i.e. across-track)
i.e. along-track)
I.M., Kedacillin
I.M.A.G.E. Consortium
I.S.P. LOTION [VA Product]
I.V. Solution, Ibuprofen
I'c-IIa, Platelet Glycoprotein
I'd be glad to!
I'd be much obliged.
I'd rather die.
I'd rather not go.
I'd tend to the latter.
I'll act on your advice
I'll act on your advice.
I'll agree to that.
I'll arrive a week tomorrow.
I'll be damned if I know!
I'll be expecting you tomorrow.
I'll be getting a pay rise before the year is out.
I'll be happy to convey the message.
I'll be happy to help/assist you.
I'll be jetlagged, but this is a unique opportunity, so I'll put up with it.
I'll belt you one!
I'll call for you this evening.
I'll check it out.
I'll come and pick you up.
I'll do it all the same!
I'll do it anyway.
I'll do it this minute
I'll do it this minute.
I'll do it, but just this once, mind you!
I'll do it, I assure you.
I'll do my level best
I'll do my level best.
I'll eat my hat if ...
I'll get back to you on that.
I'll give him a book for Christmas / as a Christmas present.
I'll give him what for!
I'll give them a run for their money.
I'll give you a buzz.
I'll give you the low down.
I'll give you three guesses.
I'll give you what for!
I'll go along with that.
I'll have a whack at it.
I'll have to cancel this appointment.
I'll have to do it whether I like it or not.
I'll have to put that down/chalk that up to experience.
I'll hedge my bet.
I'll just drop in for a second.
I'll keep my fingers crossed
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
I'll keep my fingers crossed.
I'll make do with it.
I'll never make it
I'll never make it.
I'll not be browbeaten.
I'll pay him all right.
I'll pick you up tomorrow morning.
I'll run you a bath.
I'll see to it at once.
I'll see you further first.
I'll see you home.
I'll spread the news to everyone.
I'll take a leap of faith.
I'll take a rain check on that.
I'll take my child out of school.
I'll take you at your word.
I'll take you up on that.
I'll teach him a lesson he won't forget.
I'll tell him a thing or two.
I'll tell him where to get off with that stuff.
I'll think it over.
I'll thump you if you ...
I'm ...-mad.
I'm 15 years old.
I'm 15.
I'm a bit rusty.
I'm a bit uncertain.
I'm a bit under the weather today.
I'm a goner.
I'm a stranger here
I'm a stranger here.
I'm afraid ...
I'm afraid I cannot come.
I'm afraid I couldn't go along with that
I'm afraid I couldn't go along with that.
I'm afraid I have to tell you that ...
I'm afraid it's not so easy.
I'm afraid not!
I'm afraid of him.
I'm afraid so.
I'm afraid we have to go now.
I'm afraid yes.
I'm afraid you're wrong.
I'm afraid you've had a wasted trip, he has already left.
I'm afraid, I don't agree.
I'm all mixed up
I'm all mixed up.
I'm all right.
I'm allowed
I'm already spoken for.
I'm annoyed about it.
I'm at a loss for words.
I'm at a loss what to do
I'm at a loss what to do.
I'm at my wits' end
I'm at my wits' end.
I'm aware of that.
I'm awfully sorry
I'm awfully sorry.
I'm badly off
I'm badly off.
I'm blessed if I know.
I'm bound to say
I'm bound to say ...
I'm broke.
I'm bursting with curiosity
I'm bursting with curiosity.
I'm calling it a day.
I'm cold
I'm cold.
I'm concerned to hear that ...
I'm concerned to learn that ...
I'm convinced that
I'm convinced that ...
I'm corious about it
I'm curious about it.
I'm delighted to meet you.
I'm double your age
I'm double your age.
I'm dreadfully sorry.
I'm dying to go to the loo.
I'm dying to know ...
I'm fed up with it
I'm fed up with it!
I'm fed up with it.
I'm fed up with strikes.
I'm fed up with your eternal whining.
I'm feeling blue.
I'm fine, and you?
I'm firmly (absolutely) convinced of it.
I'm freezing.
I'm full up.
I'm getting stale.
I'm glad of that!
I'm glad to meet you
I'm glad to meet you.
I'm glad to see you again.
I'm going along.
I'm going by car.
I'm going stir-crazy.
I'm going to give vent to my feelings.
I'm grateful to you for ...ing ...
I'm happy.
I'm having a house built.
I'm in doubt about it
I'm in doubt about it.
I'm in favour of going
I'm in favour of going.
I'm in his good books (good favor).
I'm in no laughing mood.
I'm in the dark.
I'm inclined to do ...
I'm interested in ...
I'm irritated.
I'm leaving the city behind.
I'm left holding the baby.
I'm looking for a particular book.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.
I'm looking forward to seeing you again
I'm looking forward to seeing you again.
I'm looking forward to your next email.
I'm losing my patience.
I'm mad about ...
I'm mortified.
I'm no chicken.
I'm not
I'm not a bit hungry.
I'm not accepting any presents!
I'm not doing well.
I'm not either.
I'm not going to mince matters.
I'm not in the mood to do ...
I'm not losing any sleep over that.
I'm not particularly (that) well.
I'm not qualified to speak for him.
I'm not squeamish.
I'm not staying here any longer!
I'm not sure.
I'm not taking any!
I'm not that stupid!
I'm of good cheer.
I'm off
I'm off the booze.
I'm off.
I'm on good terms with him.
I'm on his side
I'm on his side.
I'm on my way!
I'm on shore leave.
I'm only human.
I'm out of favor with her.
I'm pleased to announce ...
I'm pleased to be able to tell you ...
I'm positive.
I'm pretty much finished (with sth.).
I'm pretty nearly/very nearly certain that ...
I'm quite put out about the matter.
I'm ready.
I'm really cheered up from watching this film.
I'm really not responsible for it.
I'm really pleased.
I'm really sorry
I'm really sorry.
I'm relieved to hear that.
I'm right, am I not?
I'm running a bit late.
I'm serious about it.
I'm short of breath this month.
I'm short of cash this month.
I'm sick and tired of it.
I'm sick of it.
I'm sitting at the computer.
I'm snowed under with work.
I'm sorry
I'm sorry about that
I'm sorry about that.
I'm sorry for her
I'm sorry for her.
I'm sorry I have to leave.
I'm sorry to bother you but ...
I'm sorry to say
I'm sorry to say ...
I'm sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me if ...
I'm sorry to trouble you.
I'm sorry, ...
I'm sorry, I can't work with these continual interruptions.
I'm sorry, I don't speak English.
I'm sorry, I overlooked that.
I'm sort of glad [fam]
I'm sort of glad.
I'm starving
I'm starving (to death).
I'm still busy.
I'm sure he will come.
I'm sure I don't know.
I'm sure you'll understand me.
I'm sure.
I'm surprised
I'm surprised at you!
I'm surprised.
I'm terrified of sb./sth.
I'm through with him.
I'm tired from work
I'm tired from work.
I'm tired of it
I'm tired of it.
I'm tired of your secretiveness.
I'm tired.
I'm to
I'm to go tomorrow
I'm to go tomorrow.
I'm torn.
I'm trying to fathom what ...
I'm unable to appreciate modern music.
I'm under notice to leave.
I'm up to my ears with work.
I'm very concerned about her health.
I'm very much in favour of it.
I'm waiting to hear your explanation.
I'm well, and you?
I'm willing to admit that ...
I'm working on the computer.
I'm your neighbor.
I's a moral certainty that...
I've a bad cold.
I've a notion that
I've a notion that ...
I've already sorted it out.
I've always fought shy of claiming that...
I've always had a funny feeling about him.
I've an upset stomach.
I've arranged to meet her tomorrow.
I've been
I've been asked to tell you that...
I've been extremely busy lately.
I've been here for five days.
I've been looking all over for you.
I've been looking everywhere for you.
I've burnt my fingers
I've burnt my fingers.
I've changed my mind.
I've done it!
I've enough and to spare
I've enough and to spare.
I've finished with you.
I've got a big favo(u)r to ask of you.
I've got a nosebleed.
I've got a raise at work.
I've got a runny nose
I've got his number.
I've got it down pat.
I've got it.
I've got to go now.
I've got to go to the loo.
I've got to leave now.
I've got to watch what I eat.
I've got you to thank for that. (ironic)
I've got your number!
I've had a very bad experience of ...
I've had continual problems with this car ever since I bought it.
I've had enough of it.
I've had the chance to talk to her twice.
I've half a mind to run off.
I've improved a lot.
I've just entered the job market.
I've known it to happen.
I've laddered my tights.
I've made it!
I've made one or two modifications to the original design.
I've my back to the wall.
I've never ever been so insulted.
I've never seen her.
I've no preference.
I've nothing on tonight.
I've other fish to fry.
I've rather got the impression ...
I(123) idobenzamide
I(125) 17-hydroxy-pregenolone-3-hemisuccinate-histamine
I(125)-Ro 31-8472
I(23)2N cpd
I(25)2N cpd
I(Cln) chloride channel protein, Xenopus
I(h) cation channel
I(Ks) channel
I/he/she abnegated
I/he/she abolished
I/he/she absorbed
I/he/she accepted
I/he/she achieved
I/he/she acknowledged
I/he/she acquired
I/he/she administered
I/he/she administrated
I/he/she admitted
I/he/she admonished
I/he/she adopted
I/he/she adored
I/he/she advertised
I/he/she advised
I/he/she affirmed
I/he/she agitated
I/he/she alleged
I/he/she allowed
I/he/she annotated
I/he/she annulled
I/he/she answered
I/he/she applied
I/he/she appliqued
I/he/she appreciated
I/he/she approved
I/he/she argued
I/he/she arraigned
I/he/she arrogated
I/he/she asked
I/he/she assumed
I/he/she ate
I/he/she attacked
I/he/she attracted
I/he/she attuned
I/he/she avoided
I/he/she awaked
I/he/she awoke
I/he/she baffled
I/he/she baked
I/he/she banished
I/he/she bartered away
I/he/she bashed
I/he/she bathed
I/he/she beat
I/he/she became
I/he/she began
I/he/she begged
I/he/she behaved
I/he/she believed
I/he/she belted
I/he/she bemused
I/he/she bent
I/he/she bespoke
I/he/she bestrode
I/he/she bet
I/he/she betook
I/he/she betrayed
I/he/she betted
I/he/she bit
I/he/she bit through
I/he/she bivouacked
I/he/she bled
I/he/she bled to death
I/he/she blew
I/he/she boozed
I/he/she bought
I/he/she bound
I/he/she braided
I/he/she brandished
I/he/she bred
I/he/she broke off
I/he/she brought
I/he/she built
I/he/she buried
I/he/she calculated
I/he/she called
I/he/she calmed
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