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I/he/she came
I/he/she came out
I/he/she camped
I/he/she caricatured
I/he/she carried
I/he/she carried on talking
I/he/she carved
I/he/she cast
I/he/she caught
I/he/she caught a cold
I/he/she caulked
I/he/she cautioned
I/he/she ceased
I/he/she celebrated
I/he/she certified
I/he/she changed
I/he/she cheated
I/he/she chewed
I/he/she chimed
I/he/she chopped
I/he/she chose
I/he/she chucked
I/he/she cited
I/he/she climbed
I/he/she closed
I/he/she commented
I/he/she commercialized
I/he/she compared
I/he/she compelled
I/he/she confirmed
I/he/she confronted
I/he/she confused
I/he/she congratulated
I/he/she conjectured
I/he/she conjured
I/he/she connected
I/he/she considered
I/he/she consolidated
I/he/she consulted
I/he/she continued
I/he/she contradicted
I/he/she contributed
I/he/she convalesced
I/he/she cooked
I/he/she copied
I/he/she counted
I/he/she counterfeited
I/he/she cowered
I/he/she crawled
I/he/she created
I/he/she crept
I/he/she crested
I/he/she cried
I/he/she crocheted
I/he/she crossed through
I/he/she cut
I/he/she cycled
I/he/she damaged
I/he/she danced
I/he/she deactivated
I/he/she debated
I/he/she decalcified
I/he/she decided
I/he/she deleted
I/he/she depilated
I/he/she derided
I/he/she described
I/he/she developed
I/he/she diagnosed
I/he/she diced
I/he/she did
I/he/she did damage
I/he/she did gymnastics
I/he/she did handicrafts
I/he/she didn't
I/he/she died
I/he/she dined
I/he/she disappeared
I/he/she disavowed
I/he/she discerned
I/he/she discharged
I/he/she discommoded
I/he/she discouraged
I/he/she disinfected
I/he/she dispelled
I/he/she dissuaded
I/he/she disturbed
I/he/she doubted
I/he/she drank
I/he/she dreamed
I/he/she dreamt
I/he/she dredged
I/he/she drew
I/he/she dropped out
I/he/she drove
I/he/she drudged
I/he/she dug
I/he/she elected
I/he/she embalmed
I/he/she embroidered
I/he/she emigrated
I/he/she endeared
I/he/she enforced
I/he/she enjoyed
I/he/she entered
I/he/she entitled
I/he/she entrenched
I/he/she envisaged
I/he/she envisioned
I/he/she exceeded
I/he/she fantasized
I/he/she fed
I/he/she fell
I/he/she fell asleep
I/he/she fell ill
I/he/she felt
I/he/she fenced
I/he/she fetched
I/he/she fettered
I/he/she fiddled
I/he/she flailed
I/he/she fled
I/he/she flew
I/he/she flew over
I/he/she flew there
I/he/she flew towards
I/he/she forbade
I/he/she forced
I/he/she foresaw
I/he/she forgave
I/he/she forged
I/he/she forgot
I/he/she formalized
I/he/she formatted
I/he/she formed
I/he/she forsook
I/he/she forswore
I/he/she fought
I/he/she found
I/he/she found out
I/he/she fried
I/he/she frightened
I/he/she galvanized
I/he/she gave
I/he/she gave away
I/he/she gave up
I/he/she gave way
I/he/she glided
I/he/she glowed
I/he/she glued
I/he/she goggled
I/he/she got
I/he/she got a cold
I/he/she got a day off
I/he/she got caught
I/he/she got drunk
I/he/she got further
I/he/she got on
I/he/she got to
I/he/she got up
I/he/she grasped
I/he/she greeted
I/he/she grew
I/he/she grew up
I/he/she ground
I/he/she guessed
I/he/she hacked
I/he/she had breakfast
I/he/she had gone
I/he/she had to
I/he/she handed over
I/he/she hanged
I/he/she harassed
I/he/she harvested
I/he/she hashed
I/he/she hated
I/he/she heard
I/he/she heated
I/he/she held
I/he/she helped
I/he/she hid
I/he/she hiked
I/he/she hired
I/he/she hit
I/he/she hitchhiked
I/he/she hobbled
I/he/she hoed
I/he/she hoped
I/he/she hopped
I/he/she horrified
I/he/she hung
I/he/she hurried
I/he/she hurt
I/he/she hypnotized
I/he/she imitated
I/he/she immigrated
I/he/she immolated
I/he/she incommoded
I/he/she incurred
I/he/she induced
I/he/she inherited
I/he/she intended
I/he/she interviewed
I/he/she invented
I/he/she journeyed on
I/he/she jumped
I/he/she kept
I/he/she kept silent
I/he/she kicked
I/he/she killed
I/he/she kissed
I/he/she knew
I/he/she laid
I/he/she landed
I/he/she laughed
I/he/she lay
I/he/she learned
I/he/she learnt
I/he/she led
I/he/she left
I/he/she left out
I/he/she legitimized
I/he/she lent
I/he/she let
I/he/she lied
I/he/she lifted
I/he/she liked
I/he/she limped
I/he/she listened
I/he/she lived
I/he/she loaded
I/he/she locked up
I/he/she looked
I/he/she looked up
I/he/she loosed
I/he/she lost
I/he/she lost weight
I/he/she loved
I/he/she made
I/he/she made a diagnosis
I/he/she made a pretext of
I/he/she made stupid
I/he/she maltreated
I/he/she marked
I/he/she meant
I/he/she measured
I/he/she memorized
I/he/she mercerized
I/he/she mesmerized
I/he/she met
I/he/she migrated
I/he/she milked
I/he/she misbehaved
I/he/she misconceived
I/he/she mislaid
I/he/she mismanaged
I/he/she misnamed
I/he/she misplaced
I/he/she misunderstood
I/he/she mixed up
I/he/she moderated
I/he/she moistened
I/he/she molested
I/he/she monitored
I/he/she moved
I/he/she moved up
I/he/she murmured
I/he/she mused
I/he/she named
I/he/she needed
I/he/she normalized
I/he/she numbered
I/he/she obviated
I/he/she occupied
I/he/she offered
I/he/she oiled
I/he/she omitted
I/he/she opened
I/he/she ordered
I/he/she ought to
I/he/she overcame
I/he/she overdrew
I/he/she overflew
I/he/she overmastered
I/he/she oversold
I/he/she overstocked
I/he/she overtook
I/he/she owed
I/he/she owned
I/he/she paid
I/he/she painted
I/he/she paled
I/he/she parted
I/he/she passed
I/he/she perceived
I/he/she permitted
I/he/she phoned
I/he/she picked
I/he/she picked up
I/he/she pinched
I/he/she planed
I/he/she planned
I/he/she played
I/he/she plead/pleaded as an excuse
I/he/she ploughed
I/he/she plowed
I/he/she plucked
I/he/she polished
I/he/she pondered
I/he/she possessed
I/he/she postulated
I/he/she poured
I/he/she praised
I/he/she precooked
I/he/she preluded
I/he/she pricked
I/he/she proceeded
I/he/she promised
I/he/she propped up
I/he/she proved
I/he/she provided
I/he/she pulled
I/he/she pulled together
I/he/she punished
I/he/she pushed off
I/he/she pushes
I/he/she put
I/he/she put on
I/he/she raised
I/he/she ran
I/he/she ran on
I/he/she rang
I/he/she ransomed
I/he/she ravaged
I/he/she razed
I/he/she read
I/he/she read to
I/he/she reaped
I/he/she received
I/he/she recited
I/he/she reckoned
I/he/she recognized
I/he/she recommended
I/he/she recovered
I/he/she rehearsed
I/he/she remained silent
I/he/she repelled
I/he/she reported
I/he/she reproached
I/he/she requested
I/he/she resembled
I/he/she resigned
I/he/she resisted
I/he/she resold
I/he/she resowed
I/he/she retrenches
I/he/she rhymed
I/he/she rode
I/he/she romped
I/he/she rowed
I/he/she ruled
I/he/she rules
I/he/she sacrificed
I/he/she said
I/he/she salted
I/he/she salvaged
I/he/she sanded off
I/he/she sang
I/he/she sank
I/he/she sat
I/he/she saved
I/he/she saw
I/he/she scalded
I/he/she scampered
I/he/she scared
I/he/she scolded
I/he/she screamed
I/he/she scrubbed
I/he/she searched
I/he/she seized
I/he/she sent
I/he/she sent out
I/he/she served a sentence
I/he/she set
I/he/she settled
I/he/she sewed up
I/he/she shackled
I/he/she shat
I/he/she sheared
I/he/she shocked
I/he/she shook
I/he/she shot
I/he/she should
I/he/she showed
I/he/she showed off
I/he/she shut
I/he/she sized
I/he/she skied
I/he/she skipped
I/he/she skulked
I/he/she slammed
I/he/she slept
I/he/she slipped
I/he/she smattered
I/he/she smuggled
I/he/she sneezed
I/he/she snored
I/he/she snubbed
I/he/she soaked
I/he/she sold
I/he/she sorted
I/he/she sought
I/he/she sowed
I/he/she spaded
I/he/she spared
I/he/she spat
I/he/she specified
I/he/she spent
I/he/she spliced
I/he/she spoke
I/he/she spoke broken ...
I/he/she spoke up
I/he/she sprang
I/he/she sprinkled
I/he/she spun
I/he/she squatted
I/he/she squealed
I/he/she stammered
I/he/she started
I/he/she startled
I/he/she stayed
I/he/she steered
I/he/she stemmed
I/he/she stepped
I/he/she stepped out
I/he/she stipulated
I/he/she stitched
I/he/she stole
I/he/she stood
I/he/she stood about
I/he/she stood up
I/he/she strangled
I/he/she stressed
I/he/she strewed
I/he/she stripped
I/he/she strode
I/he/she strove
I/he/she struck
I/he/she struggled
I/he/she stuck on
I/he/she studied
I/he/she stuttered
I/he/she subsidized
I/he/she sucked
I/he/she suffered
I/he/she suffocated
I/he/she sunbathed
I/he/she sunned myself/himself/herself
I/he/she supposed
I/he/she surfed
I/he/she surprised
I/he/she swabbed
I/he/she swam
I/he/she swept
I/he/she swindled
I/he/she swore
I/he/she swung
I/he/she synchronized
I/he/she tabulated
I/he/she tagged
I/he/she taught
I/he/she tented
I/he/she terrified
I/he/she tested
I/he/she testified
I/he/she thought
I/he/she threatened
I/he/she threshed
I/he/she threw
I/he/she thrust
I/he/she told
I/he/she told all
I/he/she took
I/he/she took fright
I/he/she took ill
I/he/she took off
I/he/she took over
I/he/she tore
I/he/she tore apart
I/he/she touched
I/he/she tousled
I/he/she transferred
I/he/she transfixed
I/he/she travelled
I/he/she treated
I/he/she tried
I/he/she trod
I/he/she trod down
I/he/she tuned up
I/he/she turned
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