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in conjunction with
in connection with
in consideration of
in consternation
in contrast
in contrast to
in contrast to#en|in contrast to
in convoy
in coordination with
in crop
in cross section
in danger of relegation
in days of yore
in dead earnest
in deep forests
in deep water
in deep woods
in deepest sympathy
in default
in default of
In default of a soul the devil puts up with a fly.
in deference to
in defiance of
in defiance of sb.
in deficit
in demand
in Dente, Dens
in Dentes, Dens
in desperation
in detail
in dialect
in dialogue form
in dire poverty
in direct relationship to
in direction
in disarray#Anglais|in disarray
in disguise
in disgust
in dismay
in diverse ways
in doing so
in double shear
in dribs and drabs
in drops
in droves
in due consideration of general public interest
in due course
in due form
in due time
in duplicate
in duplicate in the German and English languages, both texts being equally authentic
in duty bound
In Dwelling Catheters
In ear bicros hearing aid
In ear binaural hearing aid
in earnest
in easy circumstances
in effect
In element
In ended up there.
in English
in English it means ...
in equal parts
in error
in establishing our objectives
In every crisis there is an opportunity.
in every detail
in every respect
In every rumor there is a little bit of truth.
in every sense
in every sense of the word
in every way
in evidence
in exasperation
in excerpts
in excess of
in excess of demand
in exchange (for)
in exchange for
in execution of your order
in existence
in explicit detail
in explicit terms
in extra time
in extracts
in fact
in fact#Anglais|in fact
in fashion
in fashion#Anglais|in fashion
in favor of
in favour
in favour of
in female company
in figures
in flagrante delicto
in flesh and bones
in fog
in for a penny, in for a pound
In for a penny, in for a pound.
in force
in form and content
in four languages
in frame for
in free fall
in front
in front of
in front of the line
in full
in full blast
in full bloom
in full feather
in full feathers
in full progress
in full sail
in full swing
in full view of
in furtherance of an agreement
in future
in general
In general, men have more severe disease than women
in German
in German law
in good company
in good condition
in good condition for (its) age
in good conditions
in good faith
in good hands
in good health
in good order
in good repair
in good season
in good time
in good trim
in grand style
in gratitude for
in great measure
in great poverty
in great quantities
in greater depth
in greatest numbers
in groups
in half
in hand
in handcuffs
in heaps
in heat
in hell
in her day
in high spirits
In higher education (finding)
in hindsight
in his day
in his declining days
in his heyday
in his sight
in homeward direction
In Hospital Mortalities
In Hospital Mortality
in hushed tones
in hushed whispers
In inbred Old Order Mennonite population of Lancaster County, MSUD prevalence is 1/176 newborns
in ink
in instalments
in inverse proportion
in inverse ratio
in inverse ratio (to)
in it
in its original state
in its present form
in its rough state
in itself
in jest
In joint (qualifier value)
in joke
in joyful anticipation
in kind
in large part
in late January
in Latin
in layers
in league (with)
in lieu of
in lieu of an oath
in life
in light of
in line with demand
in line with exact demand
in line with market requirements
in line with the budget
in Literature, Medicine
in Literature, Science
in lockstep
in love
in love with life
in many cases
in many instances
in many places
in many respects
in marked contrast (to)
in masterly fashion
in masterly manner
in memory of
in metres
in mid afternoon
in mid flight
in mid morning
in mid ocean
in mid-air
in mid-August
in midair
in midfield
In Migration
in military fashion
in military style
in miniature
in mint condition
in minute detail
in moderation
in most instances
in mufti
in my behalf
in my estimation
in my evaluation
in my experience
in my humble opinion
in my judgement (judgment)
in my mind's eye
in my opinion
in my opinion (imo)
in my opinion /IMO/
in my poor opinion
in my position
in my presence
in my view
in my younger days
in need of an explanation
in need of care
in need of protection
in need of rehabilitation
in need of repair
in neither case
in no case
in no respect
in no time
in no way
in no ways
in office
in olden days
in olden times
in on it
in on it#en|in on it
in one day
in one go
in one gulp
in one piece
in one swoop
in one volume
in one word
in one's mind's eye
in one's prime
in one's will
in operation
in order
in order of battle
in order to
in order to ...
in order to balance our account
in order to impede
In order to kill time I'll read a book.
in order to prevent
in other respects
in other ways
in other words
in our own self-interest
in our place
in our position
in our school
in our shoes
in our stead
in outline
in outlines
in pairs
in paragraphs
in parallel with
in parenthesis
in part
in particular
in parts
in payment of a debt
in percentages
in perpetuity
In Person
in phase (with)
in phases
in Phenylketonuria, Pregnancy
in Phenylketonurias, Pregnancy
in piles
in place
in place (of)
in place of
in places
in plain language
in play
in point of fact
In Position
In Position - ActCode
in pouring rain
in practice
in preparation /in prep./
in preparation for
in pretence
in principle
in pristine condition
in private
In Process
In Process - ActCode
In Process (Container Status)
in process of time
In process, scheduled
In process, unspecified
in professional circles
in profile
in progress
in progress#Anglais|in progress
in proper style
in proportion (to)
in prospect
in protein, Bombyx
in protein, Drosophila
in protest against
in proximity to
in public
in public matters
in pursuance (of)
in pursuance of his vocation
in pursuit of
in quadruplicate
in question
in quick succession
in quires
in rapt contemplation
in raptures
in reality
in recent times
in recent years
in reference to
in regard to
in relation
in relation to
in relationship
in rem
in remembrance of
in repair
in reply to my question he said
In reply to my question he said ...
in reply to your letter
in reply to your letter of
in representational form
in respect of
in respect of content
in response to
in retrospect
in retrospect I think ...
in revenge (for)
in reverse order
in reversed order
in rhyme
in ringlets
in round terms
in rows
in rut (male)
in safe custody
in sb.'s place
in search of
in secret
in sections
in sequence
in series
In severe attacks, hemiplegia or coma may last days to weeks
in shifts
in short
in short supply
in short#Anglais|in short
in sight
in sight of the public
in silence
in silico
in similar vein
in simple terms
in single file
in single shear
in sips
in situ
in situ accretionary limestone
in situ breast cancer
in situ cancer
in situ ductal breast carcinoma
In Situ Hybridization
In Situ Hybridization Shared Resource
in situ Hybridization Staining Method
In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescence
In Situ Hybridization, Fluorescent
In Situ Hybridizations
In Situ Labeling, Primed
In Situ Lesion
in situ lobular breast carcinoma
in situ nick end labeling
In Situ Nick End Labelling
In Situ Nick End-Labeling
In Situ Nick End-Labelling
In Situ Nick-End Labeling
In Situ Nick-End Labelling
In Situ Photoimmunotherapy
in slow-motion
in so far
in so far as
in so.'s care
in some degree
in some respect
in some respects
in sooth
in spite of
in spite of every effort
in spite of everything
in spite of the fact that she
in Sport, Doping
in Sports, Doping
in stages
in step
in stock
in store
in style
in style#Anglais|in style
in substance
in such a case
in such a way
in sudden attacks
in sum
in summary
in summer
in summertime
In sup (b) Ab SerPl Ql
In sup (b) Ag RBC Ql
in support of
in suspense
in swarms
in sync
in synch
in tabular form
in tandem with
In Ten-S
In Ten-S composite resin
in terms of
in terms of context
in terms of figures
in terms of money
in terms of price
in terms of time
in terraces
in that case
in the (very) act
in the (very) last moment
in the absence of
in the absence of an answer
In the absence of hydrops, death occurs within 3 months
in the abstract
in the act
in the act of doing sth.
in the afternoon
in the afternoon /p.m.
in the aggregate
in the air
in the attic
in the ballpark
in the beginning
in the beginning#Anglais|in the beginning
in the beginning#en|in the beginning
in the best circles
in the best of health
in the body
in the boondocks
in the bows
in the can
in the case concerning
in the case in question
in the case of
in the Chemnitz area
in the closing minutes
in the closing seconds
in the closing stages
in the country
In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king.
in the countryside
in the course of
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