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infection related neoplasm/cancer
Infection Risk
Infection risk | Immune System
Infection risk CCC
Infection risk:Find:Pt:Immune system:Ord:Observed.CCC
Infection risk:Finding:Point in time:Immune system:Ordinal:Observed.CCC
Infection Transmission
Infection Transmission, Dentist Patient
Infection Transmission, Dentist-Patient
Infection Transmission, Fetomaternal
Infection Transmission, Horizontal
Infection Transmission, Maternal Fetal
Infection Transmission, Maternal-Fetal
Infection Transmission, Patient Professional
Infection Transmission, Patient-Professional
Infection Transmission, Physician Patient
Infection Transmission, Physician-Patient
Infection Transmission, Professional to Patient
Infection Transmission, Professional-to-Patient
Infection Transmission, Vertical
Infection Transmissions, Professional-to-Patient
Infection Unspecified
Infection unspecified | Immune System
Infection unspecified CCC
Infection unspecified:Find:Pt:Immune system:Ord:Observed.CCC
Infection unspecified:Finding:Point in time:Immune system:Ordinal:Observed.CCC
Infection with clostridium difficile
Infection with clostridium difficile | patient
Infection with clostridium difficile | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Infection with drug-resistant microorganisms
Infection with drug-resistant microorganisms, unspecified
Infection with drug-resistant microorganisms, unspecified, with multiple drug resistance
Infection with drug-resistant microorganisms, unspecified, without mention of multiple drug resistance
Infection with microorganisms resistant to aminoglycosides
Infection with microorganisms resistant to cephalosporins and other B-lactam antibiotics
Infection with microorganisms resistant to macrolides
Infection with microorganisms resistant to other specified antimycobacterial agents
Infection with microorganisms resistant to other specified antimycobacterial agents, with resistance to multiple antimycobacterial agents
Infection with microorganisms resistant to other specified antimycobacterial agents, without mention of resistance to multiple antimycobacterial agents
Infection with microorganisms resistant to other specified drugs
Infection with microorganisms resistant to other specified drugs, with resistance to multiple drugs
Infection with microorganisms resistant to other specified drugs, without mention of resistance to multiple drugs
Infection with microorganisms resistant to penicillins
Infection with microorganisms resistant to quinolones and fluoroquinolones
Infection with microorganisms resistant to quinolones and fluoroquinolones, with resistance to multiple quinolones and fluoroquinoles
Infection with microorganisms resistant to quinolones and fluoroquinolones, without mention of resistance to multiple quinolones and fluoroquinoles
Infection with microorganisms resistant to sulfonamides
Infection with microorganisms resistant to tetracyclines
Infection with normal ANC or Grade 1 or 2 neutrophils
Infection with unknown ANC
Infection-Associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome
Infection-Related Cancer
Infection-Related Malignancy
Infection-Related Malignant Neoplasm
Infection-Related Neoplasm
Infection, Acinetobacter
Infection, Actinobacillus
Infection, Actinomyces
Infection, Actinomycetales
Infection, Actinomycete
Infection, Adenophorea
Infection, Adenoviridae
Infection, Adenovirus
Infection, Alphavirus
Infection, Anaplasmataceae
Infection, Animal Protozoan
Infection, Animal Salmonella
Infection, Aphasmidia
Infection, Arbovirus
Infection, Arenaviridae
Infection, Arenavirus
Infection, Arterivirus
Infection, Ascaridida
Infection, Astroviridae
Infection, Atypical Mycobacterium
Infection, Avulavirus
Infection, Bacillaceae
Infection, Bacterial
Infection, Bacterial Eye
Infection, Bacterial Ocular
Infection, Bacteroidaceae
Infection, Bacteroides
Infection, Bartonella
Infection, Bartonellaceae
Infection, Bifidobacteriales
Infection, Bilophila
Infection, Birnaviridae
Infection, Blastocystis
Infection, Bordetella
Infection, Borrelia
Infection, Burkholderia
Infection, Caliciviridae
Infection, Calicivirus
Infection, Campylobacter
Infection, Cardiovascular
Infection, Cardiovirus
Infection, Catheter-Related
Infection, Central Nervous System, Protozoal
Infection, Cerebral Protozoal
Infection, Cestode
Infection, Chlamydia
Infection, Chlamydiaceae
Infection, Chlamydophila
Infection, chronic
Infection, Ciliophora
Infection, Circoviridae
Infection, Circovirus
Infection, Clostridium
Infection, Community-Acquired
Infection, Congenital Toxoplasma
Infection, Congo Virus
Infection, Coronaviridae
Infection, Coronavirus
Infection, Corynebacterium
Infection, Cross
Infection, Cytomegalovirus
Infection, Delta
Infection, Deltaretrovirus
Infection, Dental Focal
Infection, Desulfovibrio
Infection, Desulfovibrionaceae
Infection, Dictyocaulus
Infection, Dioctophyma renale
Infection, Dipetalonema
Infection, Direct
Infection, DNA Virus
Infection, E coli
Infection, Echo Virus
Infection, Echovirus
Infection, Enoplida
Infection, Enterobacteriaceae
Infection, Enterobacterial
Infection, Enterobius vermicularis
Infection, Enterovirus
Infection, Equine Strongyle
Infection, Erysipelothrix
Infection, Escherichia coli
Infection, Euglenozoa
Infection, Eye
Infection, Filarioidea
Infection, Filoviridae
Infection, Flaviviridae
Infection, Flavivirus
Infection, Flavobacteriaceae
Infection, Flexibacteraceae
Infection, Focal
Infection, Fungal
Infection, Fungal Eye
Infection, Fungal Ocular
Infection, Fusobacteriaceae
Infection, Fusobacterium
Infection, Gram-Negative Bacterial
Infection, Gram-Positive Bacterial
Infection, Guinea Worm
Infection, Haemophilus
Infection, Helicobacter
Infection, Hemophilus
Infection, Henipavirus
Infection, Hepadnaviridae
Infection, Herpesviridae
Infection, Herpesvirus
Infection, HIV
Infection, HIV-Related Opportunistic
Infection, Hookworm
Infection, Hospital
Infection, HTLV-I
Infection, HTLV-II
Infection, HTLV-III
Infection, HTLV-III-LAV
Infection, Human Adenovirus
Infection, Indirect
Infection, Intraocular
Infection, Klebsiella
Infection, Laboratory
Infection, Latent Tuberculosis
Infection, Lawsonia
Infection, Legionella pneumophila
Infection, Lentivirus
Infection, Listeria
Infection, Mastigophora
Infection, Meningococcal
Infection, Mesomycetozoea
Infection, Microspora
Infection, Mimae
Infection, Mononegavirales
Infection, Moraxella
Infection, Moraxellaceae
Infection, Morbillivirus
Infection, Mycobacterium
Infection, Mycobacterium avium intracellulare
Infection, Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare
Infection, Mycobacterium intracellulare
Infection, Mycobacterium ulcerans
Infection, Mycoplasma
Infection, Mycoplasmatales
Infection, Neisseriaceae
Infection, Nematode
Infection, Nematomorpha
Infection, Nocardia
Infection, Nosocomial
Infection, Ocular
Infection, Ocular Mycotic
Infection, Opportunistic
Infection, Orthomyxoviridae
Infection, Orthomyxovirus
Infection, Oxyurida
Infection, Oxyuris vermicularis
Infection, Papovaviridae
Infection, Parainfluenza Virus
Infection, Parameningeal
Infection, Paramyxoviridae
Infection, Parasitic Eye
Infection, Parasitic Ocular
Infection, Parvoviridae
Infection, Parvovirus
Infection, Pasteurella
Infection, Pasteurellaceae
Infection, Pelvic
Infection, Perimeningeal
Infection, Pestivirus
Infection, Phasmidia
Infection, Picornaviridae
Infection, Picornavirus
Infection, Plasmodium
Infection, Pneumococcal
Infection, Pneumocystis
Infection, Pneumovirus
Infection, post-operative wound
Infection, post-traumatic wound
Infection, Postoperative Wound
Infection, Poxviridae
Infection, Poxvirus
Infection, Proteus
Infection, Protozoan
Infection, Pseudomonas
Infection, Psychobacter
Infection, Puerperal
Infection, Pyrogenic
Infection, Reoviridae
Infection, Reovirus
Infection, Reproductive Tract
Infection, Respiratory
Infection, Respiratory Tract
Infection, Retroviridae
Infection, Retrovirus
Infection, Rhabditida
Infection, Rhabdoviridae
Infection, Rickettsia
Infection, Rickettsiaceae
Infection, RNA Virus
Infection, Rochalimaea
Infection, Roseolovirus
Infection, Rotavirus
Infection, Rubivirus
Infection, Rubulavirus
Infection, Salmonella
Infection, Sarcodina
Infection, Sarcomastigophora
Infection, Screw Worm
Infection, Secernentea
Infection, Serratia
Infection, Soft Tissue
Infection, Sphaerophorus
Infection, Spirochaetales
Infection, Spirochete
Infection, Spirurida
Infection, Staphylococcal
Infection, Staphylococcal Skin
Infection, Stephanurus dentatus
Infection, Streptococcal
Infection, Streptococcus pneumoniae
Infection, Strongylida
Infection, Subclinical
Infection, Surgical Wound
Infection, Taenia
Infection, Tapeworm
Infection, Tick-Borne
Infection, Togaviridae
Infection, Togavirus
Infection, Torovirus
Infection, Toxoplasma gondii
Infection, Trematode
Infection, Treponemal
Infection, Trichomonas
Infection, Tuberculoid
Infection, Tumor Virus
Infection, Upper Respiratory
Infection, Upper Respiratory Tract
Infection, Ureaplasma
Infection, Urinary Tract
Infection, Vibrio
Infection, Vincent
Infection, Vincent's
Infection, Viral
Infection, Viral CNS
Infection, Viral Eye
Infection, Viral Ocular
Infection, Wound
Infection, Yersinia
Infections - none of above
Infections - none of above | patient
Infections - none of above | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Infections (quarterly)
Infections (quarterly) | patient
Infections (quarterly) | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Infections | patient
Infections | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Infections and Pregnancy
Infections by Allescheria boydii
Infections by Blastomyces loboi
Infections by Loboa loboi
Infections by Monosporium apiospermum
Infections by Petriellidium boydii
Infections may precipitate ketotic episodes
Infections of genitourinary tract antepartum
Infections of genitourinary tract during pregnancy
Infections of genitourinary tract in pregnancy
Infections of genitourinary tract in pregnancy, unspecified as to episode of care
Infections of genitourinary tract in pregnancy, with delivery
Infections of genitourinary tract in pregnancy, with delivery, with mention of postpartum complication
Infections of genitourinary tract postpartum
Infections of kidney
Infections of musculoskeletal system
Infections of nipple associated with childbirth
Infections of nipple associated with childbirth, delivered with mention of postpartum complication
Infections of nipple associated with childbirth, delivered, with or without mention of antepartum condition
Infections of nipple associated with childbirth, unspecified as to episode of care
Infections of nipple, antepartum
Infections of the breast and nipple associated with childbirth
Infections of the central nervous system
Infections specific to the perinatal period
Infections, Acinetobacter
Infections, Actinobacillus
Infections, Actinomyces
Infections, Actinomycetales
Infections, Actinomycete
Infections, Adenophorea
Infections, Adenoviridae
Infections, Adenovirus
Infections, Alphavirus
Infections, Anaplasmataceae
Infections, Animal Protozoan
Infections, Animal Salmonella
Infections, Aphasmidia
Infections, Arbovirus
Infections, Arenaviridae
Infections, Arenavirus
Infections, Arterivirus
Infections, Ascaridida
Infections, Astroviridae
Infections, Atypical Mycobacterium
Infections, Avulavirus
Infections, Bacillaceae
Infections, Bacterial
Infections, Bacterial Eye
Infections, Bacterial Ocular
Infections, Bacterial, Central Nervous System
Infections, Bacteroidaceae
Infections, Bacteroides
Infections, Bartonella
Infections, Bartonellaceae
Infections, Bifidobacteriales
Infections, Bilophila
Infections, Birnaviridae
Infections, Bladder
Infections, Blastocystis
Infections, Bordetella
Infections, Borrelia
Infections, Bunyaviridae
Infections, Bunyavirus
Infections, Burkholderia
Infections, Caliciviridae
Infections, Calicivirus
Infections, Campylobacter
Infections, Cardiovascular
Infections, Cardiovirus
Infections, Catheter-Related
Infections, Central Nervous System
Infections, Central Nervous System, Parasitic
Infections, Cerebral Protozoal
Infections, Cestode
Infections, Chlamydia
Infections, Chlamydiaceae
Infections, Chlamydophila
Infections, Ciliophora
Infections, Circoviridae
Infections, Circovirus
Infections, Clostridium
Infections, CNS, Viral
Infections, Community Acquired
Infections, Community-Acquired
Infections, Congenital Toxoplasma
Infections, Congo Virus
Infections, Coronaviridae
Infections, Coronavirus
Infections, Corynebacterium
Infections, Coxsackie Virus
Infections, Coxsackievirus
Infections, Cross
Infections, Cytomegalovirus
Infections, Delta
Infections, Deltaretrovirus
Infections, Dental Focal
Infections, Desulfovibrio
Infections, Desulfovibrionaceae
Infections, Dictyocaulus
Infections, Dioctophyma renale
Infections, Dipetalonema
Infections, DNA Virus
Infections, E coli
Infections, EBV
Infections, Echo Virus
Infections, Echovirus
Infections, Enoplida
Infections, Enterobacteriaceae
Infections, Enterobacterial
Infections, Enterobius vermicularis
Infections, Enterovirus
Infections, Epstein-Barr Virus
Infections, Equine Encephalomyelitis Virus
Infections, Equine Strongyle
Infections, Erysipelothrix
Infections, Escherichia coli
Infections, Euglenozoa
Infections, Eye
Infections, Filarioidea
Infections, Filoviridae
Infections, Flaviviridae
Infections, Flavivirus
Infections, Flavobacteriaceae
Infections, Flexibacteraceae
Infections, Focal
Infections, Fungal
Infections, Fungal Eye
Infections, Fungal Ocular
Infections, Fungal, Central Nervous System
Infections, Fusobacteriaceae
Infections, Fusobacterium
Infections, Gram Negative Bacterial
Infections, Gram Positive Bacterial
Infections, Gram-Negative Bacterial
Infections, Gram-Positive Bacterial
Infections, Haemophilus
Infections, Hantavirus
Infections, Helicobacter
Infections, Hemophilus
Infections, Henipavirus
Infections, Hepadnaviridae
Infections, Herpesviridae
Infections, Herpesvirus
Infections, HIV
Infections, HIV-Related Opportunistic
Infections, Hookworm
Infections, Hospital
Infections, HTLV I
Infections, HTLV II
Infections, HTLV-I
Infections, HTLV-II
Infections, HTLV-III
Infections, HTLV-III-LAV
Infections, Human Adenovirus
Infections, Klebsiella
Infections, Laboratory
Infections, Latent Tuberculosis
Infections, Lawsonia
Infections, Legionella pneumophila
Infections, Lentivirus
Infections, Listeria
Infections, Mastigophora
Infections, Meningococcal
Infections, Mesomycetozoea
Infections, Microspora
Infections, Mimae
Infections, Mononegavirales
Infections, Moraxella
Infections, Moraxellaceae
Infections, Morbillivirus
Infections, Mycobacterium
Infections, Mycobacterium avium-intracellulare
Infections, Mycobacterium intracellulare
Infections, Mycobacterium ulcerans
Infections, Mycoplasma
Infections, Mycoplasmatales
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