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Left foramen lacerum
Left foramen ovale
Left foramen rotundum
Left foramen spinosum
Left foramen transversarium of atlas
Left foramen transversarium of axis
Left foramen transversarium of cervical vertebra
Left foramen transversarium of fifth cervical vertebra
Left foramen transversarium of fourth cervical vertebra
Left foramen transversarium of seventh cervical vertebra
Left foramen transversarium of sixth cervical vertebra
Left foramen transversarium of third cervical vertebra
Left forearm
Left forearm hair
Left forearm musculature
Left forearm skeleton
Left forearm skin
Left forearm surface
Left forearm vasculature
Left forelimb
Left fornix body
Left fornix of forebrain
Left fourth anterior cervical intertransversarius
Left fourth anterior intercostal artery
Left fourth anterior intercostal vein
Left fourth anterior intercostal venous trunk
Left fourth anterior sacral foramen
Left fourth anterior thoracic radicular vein
Left fourth carpometacarpal joint
Left fourth cervical anterior ramus
Left fourth cervical dorsal root ganglion
Left fourth cervical nerve
Left fourth cervical neural root
Left fourth cervical neural rootlet
Left fourth cervical neural trunk
Left fourth cervical posterior ramus
Left fourth cervical spinal ganglion
Left fourth cervical spinal nerve
Left fourth cervical spinal nerve trunk
Left fourth common palmar digital artery
Left fourth common palmar digital vein
Left fourth common plantar digital nerve
Left fourth common plantar digital neural trunk
Left fourth costal cartilage
Left fourth costal cartilage body
Left fourth costal facet of sternum
Left fourth costal head joint
Left fourth costal notch of sternum
Left fourth costochondral joint
Left fourth costotransverse foramen
Left fourth costotransverse joint
Left fourth costotransverse joint capsule
Left fourth costotransverse joint cavity
Left fourth costovertebral joint
Left fourth deep transverse metatarsal ligament
Left fourth distal perforating artery
Left fourth distal phalanx of foot
Left fourth distal phalanx of hand
Left fourth dorsal intermetatarsal ligament
Left fourth dorsal metatarsal arterial trunk
Left fourth dorsal metatarsal artery
Left fourth dorsal metatarsal vein
Left fourth dorsal sacral foramen
Left fourth dorsal tarsometatarsal ligament
Left fourth external intercostal membrane
Left fourth external intercostal muscle
Left fourth innermost intercostal muscle
Left fourth intercostal lymph node
Left fourth intercostal lymphatic chain
Left fourth intercostal lymphatic vessel
Left fourth intercostal nerve
Left fourth intercostal neural trunk
Left fourth intermetatarsal joint
Left fourth internal intercostal muscle
Left fourth interosseous intermetatarsal ligament
Left fourth interspinalis cervicis
Left fourth interspinalis lumborum
Left fourth lateral lumbar intertransversarius
Left fourth levator costae
Left fourth lumbar anterior ramus
Left fourth lumbar arterial trunk
Left fourth lumbar artery
Left fourth lumbar ganglion
Left fourth lumbar nerve
Left fourth lumbar neural root
Left fourth lumbar neural rootlet
Left fourth lumbar neural trunk
Left fourth lumbar posterior ramus
Left fourth lumbar spinal ganglion
Left fourth lumbar spinal nerve
Left fourth lumbar spinal nerve root
Left fourth lumbar spinal nerve rootlet
Left fourth lumbar spinal nerve trunk
Left fourth lumbar splanchnic nerve
Left fourth lumbar sympathetic ganglion
Left fourth lumbar vein
Left fourth lumbar vertebral lamina
Left fourth medial lumbar intertransversarius
Left fourth metacarpal bone
Left fourth metacarpal bone base
Left fourth metacarpal bone diaphysis
Left fourth metacarpal bone fibrocartilage
Left fourth metacarpal bone metaphysis
Left fourth metacarpal bone periosteum
Left fourth metacarpal bone surface
Left fourth metatarsal bone
Left fourth metatarsal bone diaphysis
Left fourth metatarsal bone fibrocartilage
Left fourth metatarsal bone metaphysis
Left fourth metatarsal bone periosteum
Left fourth metatarsal bone surface
Left fourth middle phalanx of foot
Left fourth middle phalanx of hand
Left fourth pelvic sacral foramen
Left fourth plantar metatarsal arterial trunk
Left fourth plantar metatarsal artery
Left fourth plantar metatarsal vein
Left fourth plantar tarsometatarsal ligament
Left fourth posterior cervical intertransversarius
Left fourth posterior intercostal arterial trunk
Left fourth posterior intercostal artery
Left fourth posterior intercostal vein
Left fourth posterior sacral foramen
Left fourth posterior thoracic radicular vein
Left fourth proper palmar digital artery
Left fourth proximal phalanx of foot
Left fourth rib
Left fourth rib angle
Left fourth rib body
Left fourth rib head
Left fourth rib neck
Left fourth rib tubercle
Left fourth sacral anterior ramus
Left fourth sacral ganglion
Left fourth sacral nerve
Left fourth sacral neural root
Left fourth sacral neural rootlet
Left fourth sacral neural trunk
Left fourth sacral posterior ramus
Left fourth sacral spinal ganglion
Left fourth sacral spinal nerve
Left fourth sacral spinal nerve trunk
Left fourth sacral sympathetic ganglion
Left fourth spinal nerve rootlet
Left fourth sternocostal joint
Left fourth sternocostal joint capsule
Left fourth sternocostal joint cavity
Left fourth superficial transverse metatarsophalangeal ligament
Left fourth tarsometatarsal joint
Left fourth thoracic dorsal root ganglion
Left fourth thoracic ganglion
Left fourth thoracic intervertebral vein
Left fourth thoracic nerve
Left fourth thoracic neural root
Left fourth thoracic neural rootlet
Left fourth thoracic neural trunk
Left fourth thoracic posterior ramus
Left fourth thoracic radicular vein
Left fourth thoracic rotator
Left fourth thoracic spinal ganglion
Left fourth thoracic spinal nerve
Left fourth thoracic spinal nerve trunk
Left fourth thoracic spinal vein
Left fourth thoracic sympathetic ganglion
Left fourth toe
Left fourth toe eponychium
Left fourth toe hyponychium
Left fourth toe nail
Left fourth toe skin
Left fourth toe surface
Left fovea centralis
Left fovea centralis clivus
Left fovea centralis foveola
Left free lower limb
Left free lower limb integument
Left free lower limb musculature
Left free lower limb skeleton
Left free lower limb skin
Left free lower limb vasculature
Left free upper limb
Left free upper limb integument
Left free upper limb musculature
Left free upper limb skeleton
Left free upper limb skin
Left free upper limb surface
Left free upper limb vasculature
Left frenulum of ileocecal valve
Left frontal diploic vein
Left frontal foramen
Left frontal lobe
Left frontal lobe cortex
Left frontal lobe proper
Left frontal lobe structure
Left frontal nerve
Left frontal sinus
Left frontal sinus mucosa
Left frontal sinus structure
Left frontal tuber
Left frontal vein
Left frontalis
Left fronto-ethmoidal articular part of frontal bone
Left fronto-ethmoidal suture
Left frontolacrimal articular part of frontal bone
Left frontolacrimal suture
Left frontomalare orbitale
Left frontomalare temporale
Left frontomaxillary articular part of frontal bone
Left frontomaxillary suture
Left frontotemporale
Left frontozygomatic articular part of frontal bone
Left frontozygomatic suture
Left fusiform gyrus
Left gastric arterial subdivision
Left gastric arterial trunk
Left gastric artery
Left gastric artery proper
Left gastric lymph node
Left gastric lymph nodes
Left gastric lymph nodes set
Left gastric lymphatic chain
Left gastric lymphatic vessel
Left gastric nerve plexus
Left gastric node
Left gastric vein
Left gastric venous trunk
Left gastro-epiploic arterial branch
Left gastro-epiploic arterial trunk
Left gastro-epiploic artery
Left gastro-epiploic vein
Left gastro-omental artery
Left gastro-omental vein
Left gastrocnemius
Left gastrocnemius aponeurosis
Left gastrocnemius belly
Left gastrocnemius epimysium
Left gastrocnemius head
Left gastrocnemius perimysium
Left gastrocnemius tendon
Left gastroepiploic lymph nodes
Left gastroepiploic lymph nodes set
Left gastroepiploic vein
Left gastroepiploic venous trunk
Left gastroomental artery
Left gastropancreatic fold
Left gemellus inferior
Left gemellus inferior epimysium
Left gemellus inferior perimysium
Left gemellus inferior tendon
Left gemellus superior
Left gemellus superior epimysium
Left gemellus superior perimysium
Left gemellus superior tendon
Left genicular ganglion
Left genicular vein
Left geniculate ganglion
Left genioglossus
Left genioglossus epimysium
Left genioglossus perimysium
Left genioglossus tendon
Left geniohyoid
Left geniohyoid epimysium
Left geniohyoid perimysium
Left genitofemoral nerve
Left genitofemoral neural trunk
Left gigantocellular nucleus
Left glenohumeral joint
Left glenohumeral joint branch of left anterior circumflex humeral artery
Left glenohumeral joint ligament
Left glenohumeral ligament
Left glenoid cavity
Left glenoid fossa
Left glenoid labrum
Left globose nucleus
Left globus pallidus
Left glossopharyngeal nerve
Left glossopharyngeal nerve fibers
Left glossopharyngeal nerve tract
Left glossopharyngeal nerve tree
Left gluteal fold
Left gluteal muscle group
Left gluteal region
Left gluteus maximus
Left gluteus maximus epimysium
Left gluteus maximus perimysium
Left gluteus maximus tendon
Left gluteus medius
Left gluteus medius epimysium
Left gluteus medius perimysium
Left gluteus medius tendon
Left gluteus minimus
Left gluteus minimus aponeurosis
Left gluteus minimus epimysium
Left gluteus minimus perimysium
Left gluteus minimus tendon
Left gonion
Left gracile fascicle
Left gracile fasciculus
Left gracile fasciculus of medulla
Left gracile fasciculus of spinal cord
Left gracile lobule
Left gracile nucleus
Left gracile nucleus of spinal cord
Left gracilis
Left gracilis aponeurosis
Left gracilis epimysium
Left gracilis perimysium
Left gracilis tendon
Left great auricular nerve
Left great auricular neural trunk
Left great cerebral vein
Left great saphenous vein
Left great toe surface
Left greater alar cartilage
Left greater horn
Left greater occipital nerve
Left greater palatine arterial trunk
Left greater palatine artery
Left greater palatine groove
Left greater palatine nerve
Left greater petrosal nerve
Left greater petrosal neural trunk
Left greater sciatic foramen
Left greater sciatic notch
Left greater splanchnic nerve
Left greater supraclavicular compartment
Left greater supraclavicular fossa
Left greater thoracic splanchnic nerve
Left greater trochanter
Left greater vestibular gland
Left greater vestibular gland duct
Left greater vestibular gland orifice
Left greater vestibular gland proper
Left greater vestibular gland surface
Left greater wing of sphenoid
Left habenulo-interpeduncular tract
Left half of anterior cervical region
Left half of cerebral white matter
Left half of corpus callosum
Left half of female perineal membrane
Left half of front of neck
Left half of inferior part of back of neck
Left half of nasal cavity
Left half of perineal membrane
Left half of thoracic cavity
Left hamate
Left hamate bone
Left hamate hook
Left hamate periosteum
Left hamate proper
Left hamate surface
Left hamular apex
Left hamular base
Left hand
Left hand back
Left hand fascia
Left hand ligament
Left hand musculature
Left hand proper
Left hand proper musculature
Left hand proper skeleton
Left hand proper skin
left hand rule
Left hand skeleton
Left hand skin
Left hand surface
Left hand vasculature
left hand weakness
Left hand, fifth digit
Left hand, fourth digit
Left hand, second digit
Left hand, third digit
Left hand, thumb
Left handed (finding)
Left Handed DNA
Left head of mandible
left heart
Left Heart Bypass
Left Heart Bypasses
Left heart cardiac cath
Left heart cardiac catheterization
Left heart catheterization, retrograde, from the brachial artery, axillary artery or femoral artery; by cutdown
Left heart catheterization, retrograde, from the brachial artery, axillary artery or femoral artery; percutaneous
Left heart failure
Left Heart Hypoplasia Syndrome
Left Heart Syndrome, Hypoplastic
Left heel
Left heel surface
Left helicine artery of uterus
Left helicis major
Left helicis major epimysium
Left helicis major perimysium
Left helicis minor
Left helicis minor epimysium
Left helicis minor perimysium
Left helix
Left hemicolectomy
Left hemidiaphragm
Left Hemihepatectomy
Left hemiliver
Left hemiliver (viewed surgically)
Left hemiliver serosa
Left hemiliver viewed surgically
Left hemiscrotum
Left hemiscrotum dartos
Left hemiscrotum hair
Left hemiscrotum skin
Left hemiscrotum surface
Left hemisphere of anterior lobe of cerebellum
Left hemisphere of cerebellum
Left hemisphere of posterior lobe of cerebellum
Left Hemisphere, Cerebral Infarction
Left Hemisphere, Infarction, Cerebral
Left hemithorax
Left hemithorax cavity
Left hemithorax compartment
Left hepatic arterial subdivision
Left hepatic arterial trunk
Left hepatic artery
Left hepatic bile tree
Left hepatic biliary tree
Left hepatic biliary tree wall
Left hepatic duct
Left hepatic ductal adventitia
Left hepatic ductal lumen
Left hepatic ductal mucosa
Left hepatic ductal ostium
Left hepatic ductal submucosa
Left hepatic ductal wall
Left hepatic lymphatic chain
Left hepatic portal vein
Left hepatic portal venous subdivision
Left hepatic vein
Left hepatic venous tributary
Left hepatic venous trunk
Left Hernia
Left Hesselbach's triangle
Left highest nuchal ridge of occipital bone
Left hilar lymph node
Left hilum
Left hindlimb
Left hip
Left hip bone
Left hip hair
Left hip joint
Left hip musculature
Left hip region
Left hip region structure
Left hip skin
Left hip surface
Left hip vasculature
Left hippocampal formation
Left hippocampus
Left horn of sinus venosus
Left horn of uterus
Left humeral border
Left humeral capitulum
Left humeral cartilage
Left humeral condyle
Left humeral diaphysis
Left humeral epiphysis
Left humeral fibrocartilage
Left humeral head
Left humeral joint
Left humeral periosteum
Left humeral surface
Left humeral trochlea
Left humeroradial joint
Left humeroulnar joint
Left humerus
Left hunterian perforator
Left hyaloid canal
Left hyaloid fossa
Left hyo-epiglottic ligament
Left hyoglossus
Left hyoglossus epimysium
Left hyoglossus perimysium
Left hyoglossus proper
Left hypochondriac part of abdomen
Left hypochondriac region
Left hypochondrium
Left hypochondrium surface
Left hypoglossal canal
Left hypoglossal nerve
Left hypoglossal nerve fibers
Left hypoglossal nerve nucleus
Left hypoglossal nerve tract
Left hypoglossal nerve tree
Left hypoglossal neural trunk
Left hypothenar compartment
Left hypothenar eminence skin
Left hypothenar fascia
Left hypothenar muscle group
Left hypothenar muscles set
Left hypothenar septum
Left hypothenar space
Left hypotympanic recess
Left iliac crest
Left iliac crest tubercle
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