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Methanocalculus taiwanense
Methanocalculus taiwanensis
Methanocalculus taiwanensis Lai et al. 2002
Methanocaldococcaceae Whitman et al. 2002
Methanocaldococcus fervens
Methanocaldococcus fervens (Jeanthon et al. 1999) Whitman 2002
Methanocaldococcus indicus
Methanocaldococcus indicus L'Haridon et al. 2003
Methanocaldococcus infernus
Methanocaldococcus infernus (Jeanthon et al. 1998) Whitman 2002
Methanocaldococcus jannaschii
Methanocaldococcus jannaschii (Jones et al. 1984) Whitman 2002
Methanocaldococcus sp. 70-8-3
Methanocaldococcus sp. E1885-M
Methanocaldococcus sp. Mc-1-85
Methanocaldococcus sp. Mc-2-70
Methanocaldococcus sp. Mc-2-85
Methanocaldococcus sp. Mc-365-70
Methanocaldococcus sp. Mc-365-85
Methanocaldococcus sp. Mc-I-85
Methanocaldococcus sp. Mc-S-85
Methanocaldococcus vulcanius
Methanocaldococcus vulcanius (Jeanthon et al. 1999) Whitman 2002
Methanocaldococcus Whitman 2002
Methanocella paludicola
Methanocella paludicola Sakai et al. 2008
Methanocella Sakai et al. 2008
Methanocellaceae Sakai et al. 2008
Methanocellales Sakai et al. 2008
Methanococcaceae Balch and Wolfe 1981
Methanococcales Balch and Wolfe 1981
Methanococci Boone 2002
Methanococcoides alaskense
Methanococcoides alaskense Singh et al. 2005
Methanococcoides burtonii
Methanococcoides burtonii Franzmann et al. 1993
Methanococcoides euhalobius
Methanococcoides methylutens
Methanococcoides methylutens Sowers and Ferry 1985
Methanococcoides Sowers and Ferry 1985
Methanococcoides sp. NaT1
Methanococcoides sp. SBAK-TMA-1
Methanococcus aeolicus
Methanococcus aeolicus Kendall et al. 2006
Methanococcus deltae
Methanococcus deltae Corder et al. 1988
Methanococcus fervens
Methanococcus fervens Jeanthon et al. 1999
Methanococcus frisius
Methanococcus frisius Blotevogel et al. 1986
Methanococcus halophilus
Methanococcus halophilus Zhilina 1984
Methanococcus igneus
Methanococcus igneus Burggraf et al. 1990
Methanococcus infernus
Methanococcus infernus Jeanthon et al. 1998
Methanococcus jannaschii
Methanococcus jannaschii Jones et al. 1984
Methanococcus jannaschii splicing endonuclease
Methanococcus Kluyver and van Niel 1936 emend. Barker 1936 (Approved Lists 1980), nom. cons., emend. Mah and Kuhn 1984
Methanococcus maripaludis
Methanococcus maripaludis Jones et al. 1984
Methanococcus mazei
Methanococcus sp. Dex60a43
Methanococcus sp. P2F9701a
Methanococcus thermolithotrophicus
Methanococcus thermolithotrophicus Huber et al. 1984
Methanococcus vannielii
Methanococcus vannielii Stadtman and Barker 1951
Methanococcus voltae
Methanococcus voltae Balch et al. 1981 emend. Ward et al. 1989
Methanococcus voltaei
Methanococcus vulcanius
Methanococcus vulcanius Jeanthon et al. 1999
Methanocorpusculaceae Zellner et al. 1989
Methanocorpusculum aggregans
Methanocorpusculum aggregans (Ollivier et al. 1985) Xun et al. 1989
Methanocorpusculum bavaricum
Methanocorpusculum bavaricum Zellner et al. 1989
Methanocorpusculum labreanum
Methanocorpusculum labreanum Zhao et al. 1989
Methanocorpusculum labreense
Methanocorpusculum parvum
Methanocorpusculum parvum Zellner et al. 1988
Methanocorpusculum sinense
Methanocorpusculum sinense Zellner et al. 1989
Methanocorpusculum sp. MSP
Methanocorpusculum sp. T07
Methanocorpusculum sp. T08
Methanocorpusculum Zellner et al. 1988 emend. Xun et al. 1989
Methanoculleus bourgense
Methanoculleus bourgensis
Methanoculleus bourgensis corrig. (Ollivier et al. 1986) Maestrojun et al. 1990 emend. Asakawa and Nagaoka 2003
Methanoculleus chikugoensis
Methanoculleus chikugoensis Dianou et al. 2001
Methanoculleus Maestrojun et al. 1990
Methanoculleus marisnigri
Methanoculleus marisnigri (Romesser et al. 1981) Maestrojun et al. 1990
Methanoculleus oldenburgensis
Methanoculleus oldenburgensis Blotevogel et al. 1998
Methanoculleus olentangyensis
Methanoculleus olentangyi
Methanoculleus olentangyi (Corder et al. 1988) Maestrojun et al. 1990
Methanoculleus palmaeoli
Methanoculleus palmolei
Methanoculleus palmolei Zellner et al. 1998
Methanoculleus receptaculi
Methanoculleus receptaculi Cheng et al. 2008
Methanoculleus sp.
Methanoculleus sp. 10
Methanoculleus sp. 20
Methanoculleus sp. 22
Methanoculleus sp. BA1
Methanoculleus sp. dm2
Methanoculleus sp. HC-1
Methanoculleus sp. IIE1
Methanoculleus sp. LH2
Methanoculleus sp. M06
Methanoculleus sp. M07
Methanoculleus sp. M11
Methanoculleus sp. MAB1
Methanoculleus sp. MAB2
Methanoculleus sp. MAB3
Methanoculleus sp. MQ-4
Methanoculleus sp. RPS4
Methanoculleus sp. T02
Methanoculleus sp. T03
Methanoculleus sp. T05
Methanoculleus sp. T10
Methanoculleus sp. T14
Methanoculleus submarinus
Methanoculleus submarinus Mikucki et al. 2003
Methanoculleus thermophilicum
Methanoculleus thermophilicus
Methanoculleus thermophilus
Methanoculleus thermophilus corrig. (Rivard and Smith 1982) Maestrojuan et al. 1990
Methanofollis aquaemaris
Methanofollis aquaemaris Lai and Chen 2001
Methanofollis ethanolicus
Methanofollis ethanolicus Imachi et al. 2009
Methanofollis formosanus
Methanofollis formosanus Wu et al. 2005
Methanofollis liminatans
Methanofollis liminatans (Zellner et al. 1990) Zellner et al. 1999
Methanofollis sp. YCM2
Methanofollis sp. YCM3
Methanofollis sp. YCM4
Methanofollis tationis
Methanofollis tationis (Zabel et al. 1986) Zellner et al. 1999
Methanofollis Zellner et al. 1999
methanogen 5c
methanogen MEm1 associated with Eudiplodinium maggii
methanogen MEm2 associated with Eudiplodinium maggii
methanogen MEm3 associated with Eudiplodinium maggii
methanogen MIp1 associated with Isotricha prostoma
methanogen MIp2 associated with Isotricha prostoma
methanogen MPm1 associated with Polyplastron multivesiculatum
methanogen MPm2 associated with Polyplastron multivesiculatum
methanogen MPm3 associated with Polyplastron multivesiculatum
methanogen sp.
methanogen sp. TM20-1
methanogenesis, from acetate
methanogenesis, from carbon dioxide
methanogenesis, from methanol
methanogenic archaeon 3543-10
methanogenic archaeon 3544-9
methanogenic archaeon 6132-1
methanogenic archaeon CA107
methanogenic archaeon CA41
methanogenic archaeon CA52
methanogenic archaeon CH1270
methanogenic archaeon CH13
methanogenic archaeon CH2
methanogenic archaeon CH42
methanogenic archaeon CH50
methanogenic archaeon CH71
methanogenic archaeon CH84
methanogenic archaeon CH9
methanogenic archaeon CH95
methanogenic archaeon CT3
methanogenic archaeon F1/B-1
methanogenic archaeon F1/B-2
methanogenic archaeon F1/B-3
methanogenic archaeon F1/P-1
methanogenic archaeon F1/P-2
methanogenic archaeon F1/P-3
methanogenic archaeon F4/B-1
methanogenic archaeon F4/B-2
methanogenic archaeon F4/B-3
methanogenic archaeon F4/P-1
methanogenic archaeon F4/P-2
methanogenic archaeon F4/P-3
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM01
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM02
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM03
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM04
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM05
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM06
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM07
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM08
methanogenic archaeon LGM-AFM09
methanogenic archaeon U3/B-1
methanogenic archaeon U3/P-1
methanogenic archaeon UI-MCTS-1-G
methanogenic endosymbiont of Brachonella sp.
methanogenic endosymbiont of Caenomorpha sp.
methanogenic endosymbiont of Caenomorpha sp. 10
methanogenic endosymbiont of Caenomorpha sp. 2
methanogenic endosymbiont of Caenomorpha-like sp. 1
methanogenic endosymbiont of Caenomorpha-like sp. 4
methanogenic endosymbiont of Caenomorpha-like sp. 8
methanogenic endosymbiont of Nyctotherus cordiformis
methanogenic endosymbiont of Nyctotherus ovalis
methanogenic endosymbiont of Nyctotherus velox
methanogenic symbiont RS104
methanogenic symbiont RS105
methanogenic symbiont RS208
methanogenic symbiont RS301
methanogenic symbiont RS404
methanogenic symbiont RS406
methanogenic symbiont RS801
methanogenic symbiont RS802
Methanogenium aggregans
Methanogenium aggregans Ollivier et al. 1985
Methanogenium boonei
Methanogenium bourgense
Methanogenium bourgense Ollivier et al. 1986
Methanogenium cariaci
Methanogenium cariaci Romesser et al. 1981 emend. Maestrojun et al. 1990
Methanogenium frigidum
Methanogenium frigidum Franzmann et al. 1997
Methanogenium frittonii
Methanogenium frittonii Harris et al. 1996
Methanogenium liminatans
Methanogenium liminatans Zellner et al. 1990
Methanogenium marinum
Methanogenium marinum Chong et al. 2003
Methanogenium marisnigri
Methanogenium marisnigri Romesser et al. 1981
Methanogenium olentangyi
Methanogenium olentangyi corrig. Corder et al. 1988
Methanogenium organophilum
Methanogenium organophilum Widdel et al. 1989
Methanogenium Romesser et al. 1981 emend. Maestrojun et al. 1990
Methanogenium Romesser et al. 1981 emend. Spring et al. 2005
Methanogenium sp. AK-8
Methanogenium tatii
Methanogenium tationis
Methanogenium tationis corrig. Zabel et al. 1986
Methanogenium thermophilicum
Methanogenium thermophilicum Rivard and Smith 1982 emend. Zabel et al. 1985
Methanogenium thermophilum
Methanohalobium evestigatum
Methanohalobium evestigatum corrig. Zhilina and Zavarzin 1988
Methanohalobium evestigatus
Methanohalobium sp. (strain SD-1)
Methanohalobium sp. strain SD-1
Methanohalobium Zhilina and Zavarzin 1988
Methanohalophilus euhalobius
Methanohalophilus halophilus
Methanohalophilus halophilus (Zhilina 1984) Wilharm et al. 1991
Methanohalophilus mahii
Methanohalophilus mahii Paterek and Smith 1988
Methanohalophilus oregonense
Methanohalophilus oregonensis
Methanohalophilus oregonensis corrig. Liu et al. 1990
Methanohalophilus Paterek and Smith 1988
Methanohalophilus portucalensis
Methanohalophilus portucalensis Boone et al. 1993
Methanohalophilus sp. (strain Cas-1)
Methanohalophilus sp. (strain HCM6)
Methanohalophilus sp. (strain Ref-1)
Methanohalophilus sp. (strain SF-1)
Methanohalophilus sp. strain Cas-1
Methanohalophilus sp. strain HCM6
Methanohalophilus sp. strain Ref-1
Methanohalophilus sp. strain SF-1
Methanohalophilus zhilinae
Methanohalophilus zhilinae Mathrani et al. 1988
methanohexohydroisoindoline ethylguanidine hemisulfate
methanoic acid
methanol - NDMA oxidoreductase
Methanol [Chemical/Ingredient]
Methanol [Mass/mass] in Tissue
Methanol [Mass/volume] in Air
Methanol [Mass/volume] in Blood
Methanol [Mass/volume] in Gastric fluid
Methanol [Mass/volume] in Serum or Plasma
Methanol [Mass/volume] in Unknown substance
Methanol [Mass/volume] in Urine
Methanol [Moles/volume] in Serum or Plasma
Methanol [Moles/volume] in Unspecified specimen
Methanol [Moles/volume] in Urine
Methanol [Presence] in Blood
Methanol [Presence] in Exhaled gas
Methanol [Presence] in Gastric fluid
Methanol [Presence] in Meconium
Methanol [Presence] in Serum or Plasma
Methanol [Presence] in Serum or Plasma by Screen method
Methanol [Presence] in Urine
Methanol [Presence] in Urine by Confirm method
Methanol | air
Methanol | bld-ser-plas
Methanol | exhaled gas
Methanol | gastric fluid
Methanol | meconium
Methanol | tissue & smears
Methanol | unknown substance
Methanol | urine
Methanol | XXX
Methanol Air-mCnc
methanol anabolism
Methanol Anhydrous
methanol biosynthesis
methanol biosynthetic process
Methanol Bld Ql
Methanol Bld-mCnc
methanol breakdown
methanol catabolic process
methanol catabolism
methanol cobalamin methyltransferase activity
methanol degradation
methanol dehydrogenase
methanol dehydrogenase activity
Methanol Determination Reagents
Methanol ExG Ql
methanol extraction residue (MER) tubercle bacillus fraction
methanol extraction residue of bacillus Calmette-Guerin
methanol extraction residue of BCG
methanol formation
Methanol Gast Ql
Methanol Gast-mCnc
Methanol Mec Ql
methanol metabolic process
methanol metabolism
methanol operation
methanol oxidase
methanol oxidase activity
methanol oxidation
methanol poisoning
Methanol SerPl Ql
Methanol SerPl Ql Scn
Methanol SerPl-mCnc
Methanol SerPl-sCnc
methanol synthesis
Methanol Tiss-mCnt
Methanol Ur Ql
Methanol Ur Ql Cfm
Methanol Ur-mCnc
Methanol Ur-sCnc
Methanol Usub-mCnc
Methanol XXX-sCnc
methanol-2-mercaptoethanesulfonic acid methyltransferase
methanol-5-hydroxybenzimidazolylcobamide Co-methyltransferase activity
methanol-5-hydroxybenzimidazolylcobamide methyltransferase
methanol-coenzyme M methyltransferase
methanol-coenzyme M methyltransferase complex
methanol-coenzyme M methyltransferase complex location
methanol-CoM methyltransferase
methanol-CoM methyltransferase complex
methanol-CoM methyltransferase complex location
methanol-specific methylcobalamin: coenzyme M methyltransferase activity
methanol-specific methylcobalamin:coenzyme M methyltransferase activity
methanol-specific methylcobalamin:CoM methyltransferase activity
Methanol, ((s-triazine-2,4,6-triyl)trimethyltrinitrilo)tri-
Methanol, (1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6-triyltris(methylimino))tris-
Methanol, (2,6-bis(1-methylethyl)phenoxy)-, Dihydrogen Phosphate, Disodium Salt
Methanol, (methyl-ONN-azoxy)-, acetate (ester)
Methanol, (methylnitrosoamino)-, (11beta,16alpha)-
methanol, (methylnitrosoamino)-, acetate (ester)
Methanol, (nitrosophenylamino)-, acetate (ester)
methanol: coenzyme M methyltransferase complex
methanol: coenzyme M methyltransferase complex location
methanol: CoM methyltransferase complex
methanol: CoM methyltransferase complex location
methanol:5-hydroxybenzimidazolylcobamide Co-methyltransferase activity
methanol:5-hydroxybenzimidazolylcobamide methyltransferase activity
Methanol:ACnc:Pt:Exhl gas:Ord
Methanol:ACnc:Pt:Gast fld:Ord
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Exhaled gas (=breath):Ordinal
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Gastric fluid/contents:Ordinal
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Meconium:Ordinal
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Ordinal
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Ordinal:Screen
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Urine:Ordinal
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Urine:Ordinal:Confirm
Methanol:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Whole blood:Ordinal
methanol:coenzyme M methyltransferase complex
methanol:coenzyme M methyltransferase complex location
methanol:CoM methyltransferase complex
methanol:CoM methyltransferase complex location
methanol:corrinoid methyltransferase activity
Methanol:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Air:Quantitative
Methanol:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Gastric fluid/contents:Quantitative
Methanol:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Quantitative
Methanol:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Unknown substance:Quantitative
Methanol:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Urine:Quantitative
Methanol:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Whole blood:Quantitative
Methanol:Mass Content:Point in time:Tissue, unspecified:Quantitative
Methanol:MCnc:Pt:Gast fld:Qn
Methanol:MCnc:Pt:Unk sub:Qn
methanol:NAD+ oxidoreductase activity
Methanol:Substance Concentration:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Quantitative
Methanol:Substance Concentration:Point in time:To be specified in another part of the message:Quantitative
Methanol:Substance Concentration:Point in time:Urine:Quantitative
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[email protected]@[email protected], NON-ORAL
METHANOL/[email protected]@[email protected]
Methanolacinia paynteri
Methanolacinia paynteri (Rivard et al. 1984) Zellner et al. 1990
Methanolacinia Zellner et al. 1990
Methanolinea Imachi et al. 2008
Methanolinea sp. TNR
Methanolinea tarda
Methanolinea tarda Imachi et al. 2008
Methanolobus bombayensis
Methanolobus bombayensis Kadam et al. 1994
Methanolobus Konig and Stetter 1983
Methanolobus oregonensis
Methanolobus oregonensis (Liu et al. 1990) Boone 2002
Methanolobus profundi
Methanolobus profundi Mochimaru et al. 2009
Methanolobus psychrophilus
Methanolobus siciliae
Methanolobus siciliae Stetter and Konig 1989
Methanolobus sp. HigM
Methanolobus sp. SD1
Methanolobus taylorii
Methanolobus taylorii Oremland and Boone 1994
Methanolobus tindarius
Methanolobus tindarius Konig and Stetter 1983
Methanolobus vulcani
Methanolobus vulcani Stetter et al. 1989 emend. Kadam and Boone 1995
Methanolone [Mass/volume] in Urine
Methanolone Ur-mCnc
Methanolone:Mass Concentration:Point in time:Urine:Quantitative
Methanomethylovorans hollandica
Methanomethylovorans hollandica Lomans et al. 2004
Methanomethylovorans Lomans et al. 2004
Methanomethylovorans sp. mMPA
Methanomethylovorans sp. Z1
Methanomethylovorans thermophila
Methanomethylovorans thermophila Jiang et al. 2005
Methanomethylovorans victoriae
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