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most artful
most artificial
most artistic
most astonishing
most asymmetrical
most athletic
most atmospheric
most attentive
most attractive
most auspicious
most authoritarian
most avaricious
most awake
most awkward
most balanced
most beastly
most beautiful
Most become wheelchair-bound late in life
most becoming
most belated
most blameless
most blatant
most blended
most blurred
most bonelazy
most boring
most bottomless
most breakneck
most brillant
most brilliant
most bruised
most bulky
most burdensome
most canting
most capable
most capable of development
most capricious
most captious
most captivating
most careful
most careless
most carping
Most carrier females have mild mental retardation and subtle facial changes
Most case are sporadic
Most cases (98%) caused by expanded trinucleotide repeat (CGG)n in the FMR1 gene ({309550.0004})
Most cases are caused by the factor V Leiden mutation (R506Q
Most cases are isolated
Most cases are sporadic
Most cases do not have mutations in the MAPT gene, but map to chromosome 17q
Most cases of familial meningioma secondary to NF2 gene mutation ({101000})
Most cases sporadic
most casual
most categorical
most catholic
most caustic
most cautious
most central
most centralized
most ceremonious
most certain
most changeable
most changed
most chaotic
most charitable
most charming
most charmless
most chaste
most cheerful
most cheerless
most childish
most childlike
Most children become wheelchair-bound
most civilized
most clammy
most cleanly
most clear sighted
most cleft
most clever
most cloudless
most coddled
most cold blooded
most cold-blooded
most colored
most coloured
most colourless
most comfortable
most comforting
most commercial
most committed
Most commmon age of clinical onset ranges from 16 to 33 years
most common
Most common cancer in men aged 15-40 years
Most common disorder of fatty acid oxidation (1/13,000 births)
Most common form of autosomal dominant hereditary spastic paraplegia (accounts for 40% of SPG cases)
Most common form of bowel obstruction in infancy
Most common form of childhood idiopathic epilepsy
Most common form of congenital methemoglobinemia
Most common form of inherited, congenital hydrocephalus
Most common form of OCA in the world
Most common form of porphyria
Most common genetic abnormality is an (GAA)n trinucleotide repeat expansion in intron 1 of the FXN gene ({606829.0001})
Most common inherited ataxia
Most common inherited giant platelet disorder
Most common muscle disease of older persons
Most common mutation is LEU276ILE ({606596.0004})
Most common subtype of frontotemporal dementia ({600274})
Most common terminal deletion syndrome
Most commonly affected site
most commonly used
most compact
most companionable
most competent
most competitive
most complete
most complex
most complicated
most comprehensive
most concealed
most condemned
most conducive
most conductive
most confident
most confidential
most conflicting
most confused
most congested
most conscientious
most conservative
most considerable
most consistent
most conspicuous
most constant
most constrained
most constructive
most contemplative
most contemptible
most contradictory
most contrite
most controversial
most convenient
most coquettish
most cordial
most corpulent
most correct
most corrupt
most courageous
most cowardly
most cracked
most credible
most credulous
most criminal
most crisp
most critical
most crooked
most crumpled
most crushed
most crushing
most culpable
most cultural
most cunning
most curative
most curious
most curly
most cursed
most cylindrical
most cynical
most damnable
most dangerous
most darned
most deaf
most decayed
most decent
most decisive
most decorated
most defective
most defiant
most defying
most degrading
most delicate
most delicious
most delightful
most dependent
most deplorable
most desert
most deserted
most desirable
most desired
most desirous
most despised
most despising
most despotic
most destructible
most destructive
most detailed
most determined
most deterred
most detestable
most devilish
most devious
most devote
most devoted
most different
most difficult
most diffuse
most dignified
most diluted
most disadvantageous
most disastrous
most discoloured
most disconsolate
most discontent
most discontented
most discouraged
most discreet
most disgraceful
most disgusting
most dishonest
most dishonourable
most disintegrating
most disloyal
most disobedient
most dispensable
most disrespectful
most dissembling
most dissimilar
most distinguished
most distrustful
most diversified
most divisible
most docile
most dogged
most domestic
most doubtful
most doubting
most doubtless
most downcast
most drafty
most draughty
most dreadful
most drunken
most durable
most dutiful
most dwarfish
most dymanic
most dynamic
most eager
most eastern
most eccentric
most economic
most educated
most effective
most efficient
most effortless
most elastic
most elective
most elegant
most eligible
most eloquent
most embarrassing
most emotional
most endless
most energetic
most enormous
most enraged
most entangled
most enviable
most envious
most erotic
most erratic
most essential
most estimable
most eventful
most evident
Most evident on lower legs
most exact
most excellent
most exceptional
most excessive
most excited
most exciting
most exclusive
most exemplary
most exhausted
most exorbitant
most exotic
most expedient
most expensive
most expert
most expertly
most explicit
most explosive
most expressionless
most expressive
most exquisite
most extensible
most extensive
most exuberance
most fabulous
most fairylike
most faithful
most faithless
most falsified
most familiar
most famous
most fantastic
most fascinating
most fashionable
most fatal
most fateful
most favourable
most fearful
most fearless
most feeble
most female
most festival
most festive
most feudal
most feverish
most fibrous
most fickle
most fidgety
most fiery
most final
most fire proof
most fireproof
most flexible
most flighty
most floury
most foaming
most foamy
most foolhardy
most foolish
most forgetful
most formal
most formless
most fragile
most frequent
Most frequently affected joints - hands (98%) and feet (88%)
most frightened
most frolicsome
most frugal
most frustrating
most fugitive
most furious
most gallant
most general
most generous
most gentle
most gentlemanly
most ghostly
most gifted
most girlish
most glaring
most gloomy
most glorious
most gossipy
most gracious
most granular
most grateful
most greedy
most groomed
most grotesque
most gruelling
most gushing
most hard hearted
most hard-hearted
most harmful
most harmless
most harmonious
most hated
most headless
most heartless
most heat-resistant
most heavenly
most hectic
most helpful
most helpless
most heretical
most heroic
most hidden
most high grade
most high-grade
most hindering
most homelike
most honest
most honourable
most hopeful
most hopeless
most horizontal
most horrible
most horrid
most hostile
most hot tempered
most human
most humane
most humble
most hurting
most hydrogenous
most hygienic
most hysterical
most ideal
most idealistic
most idiotic
most idyllic
most illegal
most imaginary
most imaginative
most imbecile
most immense
most immoderate
most immodest
most immoral
most impalpable
most impartial
most impassable
most impatient
most impecunious
most impenetrable
most impenitent
most imperious
most impermeable
most impersonal
most important
most important thing
most importunate
most impotent
most impressive
most improbable
most improper
most imprudent
most impudent
most impulsive
most impure
most in demand
most in raptures
most inaccessible
most inactive
most inanimate
most inattentive
most incalculable
most incautious
most incoherent
most incomplete
most incomprehensible
most inconceivable
most inconsiderate
most inconsistent
most inconsolable
most inconstant
most incontestable
most incontinent
most inconvenient
most incorrect
most incorruptible
most indecent
most indefatigable
most indelicate
most independent
most indeterminate
most indifferent
most indigestible
most indignant
most indiscreet
most indiscriminate
most indispensable
most indisputable
most individual
Most individuals accumulate pigment in hair and eyes with age
Most individuals are wheelchair-bound or bedridden by adolescence
most indocile
most indomitable
most industrious
most ineffective
most inefficient
most inevitable
most inexact
most inexhaustible
most inexperienced
most inexplicable
most infallible
most infamous
most inferior
most inflammable
most inflexible
most influential
most informal
most informative
most ingenious
most inglorious
most inhospitable
most innocent
most insane
most insatiable
most insensitive
most insignificant
most insolvent
most instinctive
most insufficient
most intelligent
most intense
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