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Neoplasms, Pituitary
Neoplasms, Plasma Cell
Neoplasms, Pleural
Neoplasms, PNS
Neoplasms, Pontine
Neoplasms, Post Traumatic
Neoplasms, Post-Traumatic
Neoplasms, Post-Traumatic [Disease/Finding]
Neoplasms, Posterior Fossa
Neoplasms, Primary Brainstem
Neoplasms, Primary Supratentorial
Neoplasms, Primitive Neuroepithelial
Neoplasms, Prostate
Neoplasms, Prostatic
Neoplasms, Prostatic Intraepithelial
Neoplasms, Pulmonary
Neoplasms, Radiation Induced
Neoplasms, Radiation-Induced
Neoplasms, Radiation-Induced [Disease/Finding]
Neoplasms, Rectal
Neoplasms, Rectum
Neoplasms, Renal
Neoplasms, Residual
Neoplasms, Respiratory Tract
Neoplasms, Retinal
Neoplasms, Retroperitoneal
Neoplasms, Salivary Gland
Neoplasms, Sebaceous Gland
Neoplasms, Second
Neoplasms, Second Cranial Nerve
Neoplasms, Second Primary
Neoplasms, Second Primary [Disease/Finding]
Neoplasms, Sigmoid
Neoplasms, Sigmoid Colon
Neoplasms, Skin
Neoplasms, Skull
Neoplasms, Skull Base
Neoplasms, Soft Tissue
Neoplasms, Spinal
Neoplasms, Spinal Cord
Neoplasms, Spinal Meningeal
Neoplasms, Spleen
Neoplasms, Splenic
Neoplasms, Squamous Cell
Neoplasms, Squamous Cell [Disease/Finding]
Neoplasms, Stomach
Neoplasms, Sublingual Gland
Neoplasms, Submandibular Gland
Neoplasms, Supratentorial
Neoplasms, Sweat Gland
Neoplasms, Synchronous
Neoplasms, Synchronous Multiple Primary
Neoplasms, Testicular
Neoplasms, Testis
Neoplasms, Therapy Associated
Neoplasms, Therapy Related
Neoplasms, Therapy-Associated
Neoplasms, Therapy-Related
Neoplasms, Thoracic
Neoplasms, Thymic
Neoplasms, Thymus
Neoplasms, Thyroid
Neoplasms, Tongue
Neoplasms, Tonsil
Neoplasms, Tonsillar
Neoplasms, Tracheal
Neoplasms, Treatment Associated
Neoplasms, Treatment Related
Neoplasms, Treatment-Associated
Neoplasms, Treatment-Related
Neoplasms, Trophoblast
Neoplasms, Trophoblastic
Neoplasms, UADT
Neoplasms, Unknown Primary
Neoplasms, Unknown Primary [Disease/Finding]
Neoplasms, Upper Aerodigestive Tract
Neoplasms, Ureter
Neoplasms, Ureteral
Neoplasms, Urethra
Neoplasms, Urethral
Neoplasms, Urinary Tract
Neoplasms, Urogenital
Neoplasms, Urologic
Neoplasms, Urological
Neoplasms, Uterine
Neoplasms, Uterine Cervical
Neoplasms, Uterus
Neoplasms, Uveal
Neoplasms, Vagina
Neoplasms, Vaginal
Neoplasms, Vascular
Neoplasms, Vascular Tissue
Neoplasms, Vascular Tissue [Disease/Finding]
Neoplasms, Ventricular, Brain
Neoplasms, Vulva
Neoplasms, Vulvar
Neoplasms. Urethra
Neoplasta sp. NCSU-99071977
Neoplastic Acidophilic Stem Cell
Neoplastic Acinar Cell
Neoplastic Adenohypophysial Cell
Neoplastic Adrenal Clear Cell
Neoplastic Adrenal Compact Cell
Neoplastic Adrenal Cortex Oncocyte
Neoplastic Adrenal Cortical Cell
Neoplastic Adrenal Cortical Clear Cell
Neoplastic Adrenal Cortical Compact Cell
Neoplastic Adrenal Cortical Oncocyte
Neoplastic Apocrine Cell
Neoplastic Apocrine Cell with Eosinophilic Granular Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Arachnoidal Cell
Neoplastic Astrocyte
Neoplastic Astrocyte with Few Flaccid Processes
Neoplastic B-Immunoblast
Neoplastic B-Lymphoblast
Neoplastic B-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic B-Prolymphocyte
Neoplastic Basal Cell
Neoplastic Basaloid Cell
Neoplastic Bipolar Astrocyte
Neoplastic Blast
Neoplastic Blast Co-expressing Myeloid and Lymphoid Lineage Antigens
Neoplastic Blast Coexpressing Myeloid and Lymphoid Lineage Antigens
Neoplastic Blastemal Cell
Neoplastic Bone Formation
Neoplastic C-Cell
Neoplastic C-Cell Hyperplasia
Neoplastic Cartilage Cell
Neoplastic Cell
neoplastic cell culture for noncancer research
neoplastic cell transformation
Neoplastic Cell Transformations
Neoplastic Cell with Eosinophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Cell, Circulating
Neoplastic Cell, Cultured
Neoplastic cells
Neoplastic cells | Cerebral spinal fluid
Neoplastic cells Fr CSF Manual
Neoplastic Cells, Circulating
Neoplastic Cells, Cultured
Neoplastic cells/100 leukocytes
Neoplastic cells/100 leukocytes in Cerebral spinal fluid by Manual count
Neoplastic cells/100 leukocytes:NFr:Pt:CSF:Qn:Manual count
Neoplastic cells/100 leukocytes:Number Fraction:Point in time:Cerebral spinal fluid:Quantitative:Manual count
Neoplastic Centroblast
Neoplastic Centrocyte
Neoplastic Cerebriform T-Prolymphocyte
Neoplastic Chondroblast
Neoplastic Chondroblast-Like Cell
Neoplastic Chondrocyte
Neoplastic Chromaffin Cell
Neoplastic Clear Cell
Neoplastic Clear Cell Oncocyte
Neoplastic Colony Forming Units
Neoplastic Colony-Forming Unit
Neoplastic Colony-Forming Units
Neoplastic Columnar Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Connective and Soft Tissue Cell
Neoplastic Connective and Soft Tissue Epithelioid Cell
Neoplastic Connective and Soft Tissue Spindle Cell
Neoplastic Corticotroph Cell
Neoplastic Cuboidal Cell
Neoplastic Cutaneous Basal Cell
Neoplastic Cutaneous Basaloid Cell
Neoplastic Cytotrophoblastic Cell
Neoplastic Dendritic Cell
neoplastic disease
Neoplastic Disease and Pregnancy
Neoplastic Ductal Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Eccrine Cell
Neoplastic Elongated Glial Cell
Neoplastic Elongated Mononuclear Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Endocrine Cell
Neoplastic Endocrine Chief Cell
Neoplastic Endocrine Clear Cell
Neoplastic Endocrine Compact Cell
Neoplastic Endocrine Null Cell
Neoplastic endocrine-like syndromes
Neoplastic Endothelial Cell
Neoplastic Eosinophilic Cell Oncocyte
Neoplastic Eosinophilic Precursor
Neoplastic Ependymal Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Cell with Eosinophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Epithelial Cell with Granular Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Epithelial Cell with Intracytoplasmic Mucin
Neoplastic Epithelial Clear Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Large Polygonal Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Oval Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Polygonal Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Small Oval Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Small Polygonal Cell
Neoplastic Epithelial Spindle Cell
Neoplastic Epithelioid Cell
Neoplastic Epithelioid Fibrohistiocytic Cell
Neoplastic Epithelioid Neuroendocrine Cell
Neoplastic Epithelioid Smooth Muscle Cell
Neoplastic Epithelioid Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Erythroblast
Neoplastic Fasciculata Cell
Neoplastic Fetal Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Fibroblast
Neoplastic Fibroblast-Like Cell
Neoplastic Fibrohistiocytic Cell
Neoplastic Follicle Center B-Cell
Neoplastic Follicular Dendritic Cell
Neoplastic Fusiform Cell
Neoplastic Ganglion Cell
Neoplastic Gene Expression Regulation
Neoplastic Germ Cell
Neoplastic Germ Cell with Clear to Lightly Eosinophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Ghost Cell
Neoplastic Glandular Cell
Neoplastic Glandular Cell with Clear Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Glandular Cell with Enlarged Nucleus
Neoplastic Glandular Cell with Enlarged Nucleus and Prominent Nucleolus
Neoplastic Glandular Cell with Eosinophilic Granular Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Glandular Epithelium Resembling the Normal Endometrium Present
Neoplastic Glial Cell
Neoplastic Glomerulosa Cell
Neoplastic Gonadotroph Cell
Neoplastic Granulocyte
Neoplastic Granulocytes and Precursors 20 Percent or More of Bone Marrow Cells
Neoplastic Granulosa Cell
neoplastic growth
Neoplastic Growth Hormone Cell
Neoplastic Growth or Spread
Neoplastic Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Cell
Neoplastic Histiocyte
Neoplastic Histiocyte-Like Cell
Neoplastic Histiocytic and Dendritic Cell
Neoplastic Hobnail Cell
Neoplastic Hurthle Cell
Neoplastic Immunoblast
Neoplastic Immunoblast-Like B-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Immunoblast-Like T-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Interdigitating Dendritic Cell
Neoplastic Intermediate Type Trophoblastic Cell
Neoplastic Keratinocyte
Neoplastic Lactotroph Cell
Neoplastic Lactotroph Cell with Large Secretory Granules
Neoplastic Lactotroph Cell with Small Secretory Granules
Neoplastic Langerhans Cell
Neoplastic Large B-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Large B-Lymphocyte with Pale Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Large Cell
Neoplastic Large Cell with Abundant Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Large Cell with Abundant Eosinophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Large Cell with Abundant Pale Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Large Centrocyte
Neoplastic Large Cleaved Follicle Center Cell
Neoplastic Large Erythroblast
Neoplastic Large Ganglioid Astrocyte
Neoplastic Large Germ Cell
Neoplastic Large Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Large Non-Cleaved Follicle Center Cell
Neoplastic Large Pleomorphic Germ Cell
Neoplastic Large Polygonal Sertoli Cell
Neoplastic Large Striated Muscle Cell with Clear Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Large T-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Leutein Cell
Neoplastic Leydig Cell
Neoplastic Lipoblast
Neoplastic Lipocyte
Neoplastic Lobular Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Lymphoblast
Neoplastic Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Mast Cell
Neoplastic Mature Adipocyte
Neoplastic Mature Ganglion Cell
Neoplastic Mature-Appearing Adipocyte
Neoplastic Maturing Ganglion Cell
Neoplastic Medium to Large Size Erythroblast
Neoplastic Medium-Sized B-Lymphocyte with Basophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Medium-Sized B-Lymphocyte with Eccentric Basophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Medium-Sized Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Medium-Sized Lymphocyte with Pale Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Medium-Sized Myeloblast with Basophilic Agranular Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Medium-Sized T-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Medium-Sized to Large Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Medium-Sized to Large T-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Megakaryoblast
Neoplastic Melanocyte
neoplastic meningitis
Neoplastic Meningothelial Cell
Neoplastic Merkel Cell
Neoplastic Mesothelial Cell
Neoplastic Monoblast
Neoplastic Monocyte
Neoplastic Monocytes and Precursors 20 Percent or More of Bone Marrow Cells
Neoplastic Monocytes and Precursors 20% or More of Bone Marrow Cells
Neoplastic Monocytoid B-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Mononuclear Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Mucinous Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Multinucleated Giant Cell
Neoplastic Multinucleated Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Multipolar Astrocyte
Neoplastic Muscle Cell
Neoplastic Myeloblast
Neoplastic Myeloblast with Abundant Basophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Myeloblast with Azurophilic Granules
Neoplastic Myeloblast with Basophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Myeloblast without Azurophilic Granules
Neoplastic Myeloid Blast
Neoplastic Myeloid Cell
Neoplastic Myoepithelial Cell
Neoplastic Myoid Cell
Neoplastic Natural Killer Cell
Neoplastic Neural Crest Cell
Neoplastic Neuroblast
Neoplastic Neuroendocrine Cell
Neoplastic Neuroendocrine Polygonal Cell
Neoplastic Neuroendocrine Polygonal Cell with Cytoplasmic Eosinophilic Globules
Neoplastic Neuroendocrine Small Cell
Neoplastic Neuroendocrine Spindle Cell
Neoplastic Neuroepithelial Cell
Neoplastic Neuroepithelial Cell and Neoplastic Perineural Cell
Neoplastic Neutrophilic Precursor
Neoplastic NK-Cell
Neoplastic Nodule
Neoplastic Non-Cutaneous Basal Cell
Neoplastic Non-Cutaneous Basaloid Cell
Neoplastic Oligodendrocyte
Neoplastic Oligodendrocyte-Like Cell
Neoplastic Oligodendroglia Cell
Neoplastic Oncocyte
Neoplastic Osteoblast
Neoplastic Osteoclast-Like Giant Cell
Neoplastic Ovoid Mononuclear Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Parafollicular Cell
Neoplastic Parathyroid Gland Cell
Neoplastic Parathyroid Gland Chief Cell
Neoplastic Parathyroid Gland Clear Cell
Neoplastic Parathyroid Gland Oncocyte
Neoplastic Parathyroid Gland Water-Clear Cell
Neoplastic Perineural Cell
Neoplastic Perineurial Cell
Neoplastic Perineurial-Like Cell
Neoplastic Perivascular Epithelioid Cell
Neoplastic Piloid Astrocyte
Neoplastic Plasma Cell
Neoplastic Plasma Cells 10 Percent or More of Bone Marrow Nucleated Cells
Neoplastic Plasma Cells Between 10 and 30 Percent of Bone Marrow Nucleated Cells
Neoplastic Plasma Cells Between 20 and 50 Percent of Bone Marrow Nucleated Cells
Neoplastic Plasma Cells More than 30 Percent of Bone Marrow Nucleated Cells
Neoplastic Plasma Cells More than 50 Percent of Bone Marrow Nucleated Cells
Neoplastic Plasma Cells Present in Bone Marrow
Neoplastic Plasma Cells Under 10 Percent of Bone Marrow Nucleated Cells
Neoplastic Plasma Cells Under 20 Percent of Bone Marrow Nucleated Cells
Neoplastic Plump Endothelial Cell
Neoplastic Plump Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Polygonal Cell
Neoplastic Polygonal Cell with Abundant Granular Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Polygonal Cell with Eosinophilic Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Polyp
Neoplastic Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder
Neoplastic Pregnancy Complication
Neoplastic Pregnancy Complications
neoplastic process
Neoplastic Processes
Neoplastic Processes [Disease/Finding]
neoplastic procoagulant
neoplastic progression
Neoplastic Prolactin Cell
Neoplastic Prolymphocyte
Neoplastic Promonocyte
Neoplastic Promonocytes in Bone Marrow Markedly Increased
Neoplastic Promyelocyte
Neoplastic Promyelocytes in Bone Marrow Markedly Increased
Neoplastic Protoplasmic Astrocyte
Neoplastic PTLD
Neoplastic Retinal Cell
Neoplastic Round Cell
Neoplastic Round Cell with Lipomatous Differentiation
Neoplastic Round Cell with Neuronal Differentiation
Neoplastic Round Neuroepithelial Cell
Neoplastic Schwann Cell
Neoplastic Schwann-Like Cell
Neoplastic Sebocyte
Neoplastic Serous Epithelial Cell
Neoplastic Sertoli Cell
Neoplastic Sertoli Cell with Clear Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Sex Cord-Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Sex Cord-Stromal Cell Resembling Steroid Hormone-Secreting Cell
Neoplastic Sezary Cell-like Prolymphocyte
Neoplastic Skeletal Muscle Cell
Neoplastic Small B-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Small Cell
Neoplastic Small Centrocyte
Neoplastic Small Cleaved Follicle Center Cell
Neoplastic Small Cleaved Follicle Center Cells Absent
Neoplastic Small Cleaved Follicle Center Cells not Present
Neoplastic Small Epithelial Cell with Scant Amount of Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Small Immature Neuroepithelial Cell
Neoplastic Small Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Small Lymphocyte with Clumped Chromatin
Neoplastic Small Mature Neuroepithelial Cell
Neoplastic Small Neuroepithelial Cell
Neoplastic Small Round Cell
Neoplastic Small Sex Cord-Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Small T-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Small T-Prolymphocyte
Neoplastic Small to Medium-Sized B-Lymphocyte Resembling a Centrocyte
Neoplastic Small to Medium-Sized B-Lymphocyte with Pale Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Small to Medium-Sized Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Small to Medium-Sized T-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic Small to Medium-Sized T-Lymphocyte with Irregular Nucleus
Neoplastic Smooth Muscle Cell
Neoplastic Somatotroph Cell
Neoplastic Somatotroph Cell with Abundant Secretory Granules
Neoplastic Somatotroph Cell with Scarce Secretory Granules
Neoplastic Spindle Cell
Neoplastic Spindle Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Spindle-Shaped Adipocyte
Neoplastic Spindle-Shaped Chondrocyte
Neoplastic Spindle-Shaped Fibroblast
Neoplastic Spindle-Shaped Fibrohistiocytic Cell
Neoplastic Spindle-Shaped Myofibroblast
Neoplastic Spindle-Shaped Smooth Muscle Cell
Neoplastic Spindle-Shaped to Round Cell
Neoplastic Squamous Cell
Neoplastic Stellate Cell
Neoplastic Stellate Chondrocyte
Neoplastic Stem Cell
Neoplastic Stem Cells
Neoplastic Striated Muscle Cell
Neoplastic Striated Muscle Cell with Eosinophilic Granular Cytoplasm
Neoplastic Stromal Cell
Neoplastic Subependymal Glial Cell
Neoplastic Syncytiotrophoblastic Cell
Neoplastic syndrome
Neoplastic Syndrome, Hereditary
Neoplastic Syndromes, Hereditary
Neoplastic Syndromes, Hereditary [Disease/Finding]
Neoplastic T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocyte
Neoplastic T-Immunoblast
Neoplastic T-Lymphoblast
Neoplastic T-Lymphocyte
Neoplastic T-Lymphocyte and Neoplastic Natural Killer Cell
Neoplastic T-Lymphocyte with Clear Cytoplasm
Neoplastic T-Prolymphocyte
Neoplastic Thyroid Follicular Cell
Neoplastic Thyroid Gland Follicular Cell
Neoplastic Thyroid Gland Follicular Cell with Large and Hyperchromatic Nucleus
Neoplastic Thyroid Gland Follicular Clear Cell
Neoplastic Thyroid Gland Follicular Signet Ring Cell
Neoplastic Thyroid Gland Oncocyte
Neoplastic Thyroid Gland Oxyphil Cell
Neoplastic Thyrotroph Cell
neoplastic transformation
Neoplastic Transformation, Cell
Neoplastic Transformations, Cell
Neoplastic Transitional Cell
Neoplastic Trophoblastic Cell
Neoplastic Vacuolated Stromal Cell
Neoplatin 1 MG/ML Injectable Solution
Neoplatycephalus aurimaculatus
Neoplatycephalus aurimaculatus (Knapp, 1987)
Neoplatycephalus richardsoni
Neoplatycephalus richardsoni (Castelnau, 1872)
Neoplatycephalus speculator
Neoplatycephalus speculator (Klunzinger, 1872)
Neoplea striola
Neoplecostomus microps
Neoplecostomus microps (Steindachner, 1877)
Neoplecostomus paranensis
Neoplecostomus paranensis Langeani, 1990
Neoplecostomus sp. CAC-2008
Neoplesius draco
Neoplesius sichuanicola
Neoplesius tatsienlui
Neopocadius nitiduloides
Neopocadius nitiduloides Grouvelle
Neopodarke woodsholea
Neopolydex Ophthalmic Ointment
neopolyoxin A
neopolyoxin B
neopolyoxin C
Neopolyptychus Carcasson, 1968
Neopolyptychus compar
Neopolyptychus compar (Rothschild & Jordan, 1903)
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