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Physaraia sp.
Physaraia sp. indet. 2
Physarella sp. BX-2002
Physaria (Nutt. ex Torr. & A.Gray) A.Gray
Physaria (Nutt. ex Torr. et A.Gray) A.Gray
Physaria acutifolia
Physaria acutifolia Rydb.
Physaria didymocarpa
Physaria didymocarpa (Hook.) A.Gray
Physaria fendleri
Physaria fendleri (A. Gray) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz
Physaria fendleri (A.Gray) O'Kane et Al-Shehbaz
Physaria floribunda
Physaria floribunda Rydb.
Physaria gracilis
Physaria gracilis (Hook.) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz
Physaria lindheimeri
Physaria lindheimeri (A.Gray) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz
Physaria pruinosa
Physaria pruinosa (Greene) O'Kane et Al-Shehbaz
Physarum albescens
Physarum album
Physarum bivalve
Physarum bogoriense
Physarum cinereum
Physarum confertum
Physarum conglomeratum
Physarum crateriforme
Physarum didermoides
Physarum digitatum
Physarum flavicomum
Physarum florigerum
Physarum globuliferum
Physarum gyrosum
Physarum hongkongense
Physarum lakhanpalii
Physarum lateritium
Physarum loratum
Physarum luteolum
Physarum melleum
Physarum mortonii
Physarum mutabile
Physarum nigripodum
Physarum nucleatum
Physarum nutans
Physarum p66
Physarum plicatum
Physarum polycephalum
Physarum polycephalums
Physarum psittacinum
Physarum pulcherrimum
Physarum pusillum
Physarum reniforme
Physarum rigidum
Physarum roseum
Physarum sp.
Physarum stellatum
Physarum sulphureum
Physarum superbum
Physarum tenerum
Physarum viride
Physastra nasuta
Physcia adiastola Essl.
Physcia adscendens
Physcia aipolia
Physcia aipolia var. alnophila
Physcia alba
Physcia albinea
Physcia alnophila
Physcia atrostriata
Physcia austrostellaris
Physcia biziana
Physcia caesia
Physcia cf. nubila THL-2009a
Physcia cf. phaea KL-2008
Physcia dimidiata
Physcia dubia
Physcia erumpens
Physcia hirtuosa Kremp.
Physcia hispidula subsp. primaria Poelt
Physcia integrata
Physcia jackii
Physcia krogiae
Physcia leptalea
Physcia magnussonii
Physcia melanchra Hue
Physcia millegrana
Physcia nubila
Physcia orientalis
Physcia phaea
Physcia pyrrhophora Poelt
Physcia semipinnata
Physcia setosa var. exornatula Zahlbr.
Physcia sorediosa
Physcia sp. 1 KL-2008
Physcia sp. 2 KL-2008
Physcia sp. KoLRI Udo-10
Physcia stellaris
Physcia subalbinea
Physcia tenella
Physcia tribacia
Physcia tropica
Physcia undulata
Physciella chloantha
physcion diglucoside
Physcomitrella patens
Physcomitrium lorentzii
Physcomitrium pyriforme
Physconelloides anolaimae
Physconelloides ceratoceps
Physconelloides cubanus
Physconelloides eurysema
Physconelloides galapagensis
Physconelloides robbinsi
Physconelloides sp. KPJ-2001
Physconelloides spenceri
Physconelloides wisemani
Physconelloides zenaidurae
Physconia americana
Physconia americana Essl.
Physconia detersa
Physconia distorta
Physconia elegantula
Physconia enteroxantha
Physconia grisea
Physconia grumosa
Physconia grumosa Kashiw. et Poelt
Physconia isidiigera
Physconia kurokawae
Physconia leucoleiptes
Physconia muscigena
Physconia perisidiosa
Physconia servitii
Physconia sp. Ahti & Timofeev 64412
Physconia sp. KL-2007a
Physconia sp. KL-2007b
Physconia subpulverulenta
Physconia thorstenii
Physconia venusta
Physea latipes
Physea latipes Schaum, 1864
Physella acuta
Physella anatina
Physella aurea
Physella cupreonitens
Physella gyrina
Physella hendersoni
Physella heterostropha
Physella johnsoni
Physella parkeri
Physella sp. EAR-2003
Physella spelunca
Physella virgata
Physella wolfiana
Physella wrighti
Physemacris variolosa
Physena sp. Schatz 2350
Physeptone 5 MG Oral Tablet
Physeter catodon
Physeter macrocephalus
Physiatric manipulation of wrist
Physiatric Procedure
Physic, Nuclear
physical (mental) elements of the offence (offense )
Physical abuse
Physical Abuse of Adult
Physical Abuse of Child
physical abuse prevention
physical access control
physical accessibility
Physical Activities
Physical activity
Physical activity - other
Physical Activity | patient
Physical Activity | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Behavior | Community
Physical Activity Behavior | Community | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Behavior | Family
Physical Activity Behavior | Family | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Behavior | patient
Physical Activity Behavior | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Behavior Community OMAHA
Physical Activity Behavior Family OMAHA
Physical Activity Behavior OMAHA
Physical Activity Braden Scale
Physical activity decreased
Physical Activity Knowledge | Community
Physical Activity Knowledge | Community | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Knowledge | Family
Physical Activity Knowledge | Family | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Knowledge | patient
Physical Activity Knowledge | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Knowledge Community OMAHA
Physical Activity Knowledge Family OMAHA
Physical Activity Knowledge OMAHA
Physical Activity Monitors
Physical Activity Recorders
Physical Activity Status | Community
Physical Activity Status | Community | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Status | Family
Physical Activity Status | Family | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Status | patient
Physical Activity Status | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical Activity Status Community OMAHA
Physical Activity Status Family OMAHA
Physical Activity Status OMAHA
Physical Activity:behavior
Physical activity:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:Observed.Braden scale
Physical Activity:knowledge
Physical Activity:status
Physical activity.behavior
Physical activity.behavior:Find:Pt:^Community:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.behavior:Find:Pt:^Family:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.behavior:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.behavior:Finding:Point in time:^Community:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.behavior:Finding:Point in time:^Family:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.behavior:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.knowledge
Physical activity.knowledge:Find:Pt:^Community:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.knowledge:Find:Pt:^Family:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.knowledge:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.knowledge:Finding:Point in time:^Community:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.knowledge:Finding:Point in time:^Family:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.knowledge:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.status
Physical activity.status:Find:Pt:^Community:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.status:Find:Pt:^Family:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.status:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.status:Finding:Point in time:^Community:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.status:Finding:Point in time:^Family:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
Physical activity.status:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:Observed.OMAHA
physical address
Physical Agents, Electromagnetic Flux
Physical Agility
Physical aging status
physical Alcohol or Other Drug Disorder identification/diagnosis
physical Alcohol or Other Drugs accessibility
physical Alcohol or Other Drugs dependence
physical Alcohol or Other Drugs tolerance
Physical altercation
Physical Anatomic Entity
Physical anatomical entity
physical and chemical analysis and measurement
physical and emotional abuse
Physical and emotional exhaustion state
physical and motor problems
physical anthropology
physical AOD accessibility
physical AOD dependence
physical AOD tolerance
physical AODC
physical AODD identification/diagnosis
physical appearance
Physical Array Design
Physical Array Design Object
physical aspect of context
Physical assault on exposed person involving blood or semen
Physical assault on exposed person involving blood or semen | patient
Physical assault on exposed person involving blood or semen | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical assault on exposed person involving blood or semen:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord
Physical assault on exposed person involving blood or semen:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal
Physical Assessment
Physical assessment findings
Physical attribute relationship
physical barrier
physical barriers
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others during 2 days assessment period | patient
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others during 2 days assessment period | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others during 2 days assessment period CARE
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others during 2D assessment period
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others during 2D assessment period:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:CARE
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others during 2D assessment period:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:CARE
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others in last 7 days | patient
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others in last 7 days | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others in last 7 days MDSv3
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others in last 7D
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others in last 7D:Find:Pt:^Patient:Ord:MDSv3
Physical behavioral symptoms directed toward others in last 7D:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Ordinal:MDSv3
Physical Bioassay
Physical Bioassay Object
Physical Carcinogenesis
Physical Carcinogens
physical Cause of Alcohol or Other Drug Use, Abuse and Dependence
physical chemical interaction
Physical Chemical Technique
Physical Chemiluminescence
Physical Chemistries
Physical Chemistry
physical chemistry (field)
Physical Chemistry Concept
Physical Chemistry Concepts
Physical Chemistry Phenomena
Physical Chemistry Process
Physical Chemistry Processes
Physical Chromosome Mapping
Physical Chromosome Mappings
Physical Comfort
Physical comfort of caregiver
Physical Composition
Physical Concept
Physical Concepts
Physical condensation
physical condition
physical conditioning
physical conditioning (finding)
Physical Conditioning, Animal
Physical Conditioning, Human
Physical Conditionings, Animal
Physical Conditionings, Human
physical connection
Physical contact
Physical contact as Circumstances Related to Injury or Death
Physical Containment
physical context
physical context or place
physical crystallography
physical defect
physical density
Physical Dependence
physical development
physical device
physical dexterity
Physical Dialysis
Physical disability
physical disability (history)
physical disease cause
physical disorders
Physical Education
physical education /PE/
Physical Education and Training
Physical Education, Training
Physical Effort
Physical Efforts
Physical Endurance
Physical Endurances
Physical Entrapment
physical environment
physical environment as AODC
physical environment as Cause of Alcohol or Other Drug Use, Abuse and Dependence
physical environment as disease cause
physical environment of the earth
physical evidence
Physical Exam
Physical exam by body areas
Physical exam by systems
Physical Exam Domain
Physical exam methods
physical exam user finding: (physical finding)
Physical exam.total
Physical exam.total | patient
Physical exam.total | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical exam.total:Find:Pt:^Patient:Nar
Physical exam.total:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Narrative
Physical Examination
Physical examination by body areas
Physical examination by body areas | patient
Physical examination by body areas | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical examination by body areas:-:Point in time:^Patient:Set
Physical examination by body areas:-:Pt:^Patient:Set
Physical examination by organ systems
Physical examination by organ systems | patient
Physical examination by organ systems | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Physical examination by organ systems:Find:Pt:^Patient:Nom:Observed
Physical examination by organ systems:Finding:Point in time:^Patient:Nominal:Observed
Physical Examination Codes for Performance Measurement
Physical examination, complete
Physical Examination, Preadmission
Physical Examinations
Physical Examinations and Diagnoses
Physical Examinations, Preadmission
physical exercise
Physical Exercises
Physical Exertion
Physical Exertions
physical exhaustion
physical exit control
physical extenuation
physical feature of the earth
Physical findings
Physical findings | Abdomen
Physical findings | Adnexa
Physical findings | Ankle
Physical findings | Anterior Chamber Left
Physical findings | Anterior Chamber Right
Physical findings | Auditory canal
Physical findings | Axilla
Physical findings | Back
Physical findings | Brain stem reflexes
Physical findings | Breast
Physical findings | Breasts
Physical findings | Buttocks
Physical findings | Calf
Physical findings | Cardiovascular System
Physical findings | Cervix
Physical findings | Chest
Physical findings | Chest Wall
Physical findings | Choroidea Left
Physical findings | Choroidea Right
Physical findings | Ciliary Body Left
Physical findings | Ciliary Body Right
Physical findings | Conjunctiva
Physical findings | Conjunctiva Left
Physical findings | Conjunctiva Right
Physical findings | Cornea
Physical findings | Cornea Left
Physical findings | Cornea Right
Physical findings | Digits
Physical findings | Ear
Physical findings | Ears & Nose & Mouth & Throat
Physical findings | Elbow
Physical findings | Endocrine System
Physical findings | External Ear
Physical findings | Extraocular muscles
Physical findings | Extremities
Physical findings | Extremity
Physical findings | Eye
Physical findings | Eye lid
Physical findings | Eye Lid Left
Physical findings | Eye Lid Right
Physical findings | Eyelid
Physical findings | Face
Physical findings | Female Genitalia
Physical findings | Foot
Physical findings | Forearm
Physical findings | Gait
Physical findings | Gastrointestinal System
Physical findings | General appearance
Physical findings | General Status
Physical findings | Genitalia
Physical findings | Genitourinary Tract
Physical findings | Groin
Physical findings | Hair
Physical findings | Hand
Physical findings | Head
Physical findings | Head & Ears & Eyes & Nose & Throat
Physical findings | Hearing
Physical findings | Heart
Physical findings | Hematologic & Lymphatic & Immunologic System
Physical findings | Hemorrhoid
Physical findings | Hip
Physical findings | Integumentary System
Physical findings | Intraoral
Physical findings | Iris
Physical findings | Iris Left
Physical findings | Iris Right
Physical findings | Knee
Physical findings | Lacrimal apparatus
Physical findings | Lacrimal Gland Left
Physical findings | Lacrimal Gland Right
Physical findings | Larynx
Physical findings | Lip
Physical findings | Liver
Physical findings | Lower Extremity
Physical findings | Lower Leg
Physical findings | Lung
Physical findings | Lymph Node
Physical findings | Macula
Physical findings | Male Genitalia
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