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planitibia group
planitibia subgroup
Planitis, Pars
plank bed
Planktoluna difficilis
Planktolyngbya Anagnostidis et Komarek 1988
Planktolyngbya limnetica
Planktolyngbya limnetica (Lemmermann) Komrakova-Legnerova et Cronberg 1992
Planktoniella sol
Planktophila limnetica
Planktosphaeria gelatinosa
Planktothricoides raciborskii
Planktothricoides raciborskii Suda et al. 2002
Planktothricoides Suda and Watanabe 2002
Planktothrix agardhii
Planktothrix agardhii (Gomont) Anagnostidis and Komarek 1988
Planktothrix Anagnostidis and Komarek 1988
Planktothrix mougeotii
Planktothrix mougeotii Suda et al. 2002
Planktothrix prolifica
Planktothrix pseudagardhii
Planktothrix pseudagardhii Suda and Watanabe 2002
Planktothrix raciborskii
Planktothrix raciborskii (Woloszynska) Anagnostidis and Komarek 1988
Planktothrix rubescens
Planktothrix rubescens (D.C. ex Gomont) Anagnostidis and Komarek 1988
Planktothrix sp. 1LT27S08
Planktothrix sp. 226
Planktothrix sp. 28
Planktothrix sp. 97
Planktothrix sp. cya137
Planktothrix sp. FP1
Planktothrix sp. HUB 076
Planktothrix sp. K136
Planktothrix sp. T10
Planktothrix sp. T12
Planktothrix sp. UVFP1
Planned &or next follow-up
Planned &or next follow-up | patient
Planned &or next follow-up | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Planned &or next follow-up:Type:Point in time:^Patient:Nominal
Planned &or next follow-up:Type:Pt:^Patient:Nom
Planned Accrual
planned ahead
planned and impulsive behavior
planned behavior
Planned Change of Dose
Planned Change of Dose Made
planned child
planned children
Planned Clinical Study
Planned Clinical Study Activity
Planned Clinical Trial
planned drug adulteration
Planned Duration of Study Subject Participation
Planned Duration of Study Subject's Participation
planned economy
planned finish date
Planned Intervention Duration for Study Subject
planned language
Planned Length of Time of Study Subject Participation
Planned Length of Time of Study Subject's Participation
Planned Maximum Age of Subjects
Planned Minimum Age of Subjects
Planned Number of Subjects
planned obsolescence
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Pregnancies
Planned Pregnancy
planned production target
Planned Protocol Activity
planned start date
Planned stop date
Planned stop date | Medication Current
Planned stop date Current medication
Planned stop date:Time Stamp -- Date and Time:Point in time:Medication.current:Quantitative
Planned stop date:TmStp:Pt:Medication.current:Qn
Planned Study Activity
Planned Study Subject Intervention Duration
Planned Subject Number
planned target
planned to do sth.
Planned tracheostomy
Planned/next follow-up
Planned/next follow-up | patient
Planned/next follow-up | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Planning & preparing light meals
Planning & preparing light meals | patient
Planning & preparing light meals | patient | Bld-Ser-Plas
Planning & preparing light meals:-:Point in time:^Patient:-
planning ahead
planning application
planning applications
planning control law
Planning Council, Health
Planning Councils, Health
planning department
planning departments
planning directives
planning effort
planning expenditure
planning for permission to build
planning guide
Planning Guideline, Health
Planning Guidelines, Health
planning guides
Planning is the kingpin of management.
planning manual
planning method
Planning Methodologies
Planning Methodology
planning of action
Planning Organization, Health
Planning Organizations, Health
planning permission
planning permissions
Planning Personnel, Family
planning process
planning processes
Planning Service, Family
Planning Services, Family
planning stage
planning stages
planning steps of a constructional project
Planning Subsidies, Health
Planning Subsidy, Health
Planning Support, Health
Planning Supports, Health
planning team
planning teams
Planning Technic
Planning Technics
Planning Technique
Planning Techniques
planning the construction phase
Planning Theories
Planning Theory
planning to do sth.
planning tutorials
planning year
planning years
planning-programming-budgeting system
Planning, Advance Medical
Planning, Areawide
Planning, City
Planning, Community Health
Planning, Comprehensive Health
Planning, Computer Assisted Radiotherapy
Planning, Computer-Assisted Radiotherapy
Planning, Development
Planning, Disaster
Planning, Disaster Relief
Planning, Discharge
Planning, Evaluation and Analysis
Planning, Health
Planning, Health and Welfare
Planning, Health Facility
Planning, Hospital
Planning, Menu
Planning, Patient Care
Planning, Population-Based
Planning, Regional Health
Planning, Regional Hospital
Planning, Social
Planning, Town
Planning, Urban
Plannings, City
Plannings, Community Health
Plannings, Development
Plannings, Disaster Relief
Plannings, Discharge
Plannings, Health Facility
Plannings, Hospital
Plannings, Menu
Plannings, Population-Based
Plannings, Social
Plannings, Town
Plannings, Urban
Planobispora longispora
Planobispora longispora Thiemann and Beretta 1968
Planobispora longispora Thiemann and Beretta 1968 (Approved Lists 1980)
Planobispora rosea
Planobispora rosea Thiemann 1967
Planobispora rosea Thiemann 1970 (sic)
Planocarpa nitida
Planocarpa nitida (Jarman) C.M.Weiller
Planocarpa petiolaris
Planocarpa petiolaris (DC.) C.M.Weiller
Planocellular Carcinoma
Planocellular Carcinomas
Planocera multitentaculata
Planocera reticulata
Planociampa antipala
Planociampa antipala Prout, 1930
Planococcaceae bacterium 109-1
Planococcaceae bacterium 15-38
Planococcaceae bacterium 215-68
Planococcaceae bacterium 293-12
Planococcaceae bacterium 2J11
Planococcaceae bacterium Fresh_NPK(19)
Planococcaceae bacterium fug-2-50-01
Planococcaceae bacterium fug-2-50-02
Planococcaceae bacterium fug-2-50-10
Planococcaceae bacterium GP-13
Planococcaceae bacterium GP-14
Planococcaceae bacterium HLB
Planococcaceae bacterium JC16
Planococcaceae bacterium MSSRF.20
Planococcaceae bacterium NR115
Planococcaceae bacterium NR201
Planococcaceae bacterium NR93
Planococcaceae bacterium S14
Planococcaceae Krasil'nikov 1949
Planococcoides robustus
Planococcus alkanoclasticus
Planococcus alkanoclasticus Engelhardt et al. 2001
Planococcus antarcticus
Planococcus antarcticus Reddy et al. 2002
Planococcus bacterium
Planococcus bengal
Planococcus citreus
Planococcus citreus Migula 1894
Planococcus citri
Planococcus citri beta-proteobacterial endosymbiont
Planococcus citri densovirus
Planococcus citri gamma-proteobacterial endosymbiont
Planococcus columbae
Planococcus columbae Suresh et al. 2007
Planococcus donghaensis
Planococcus europaeus
Planococcus ficus
Planococcus halli
Planococcus halli Ezzat & McConnell, 1956
Planococcus halophilus
Planococcus halophilus Novitsky and Kushner 1976 (Approved Lists 1980)
Planococcus insect
Planococcus kazaiensis
Planococcus kocurii
Planococcus kocurii Hao and Komagata 1986
Planococcus kraunhiae
Planococcus kraunhiae (Kuwana, 1902)
Planococcus lilacinus
Planococcus maitriensis
Planococcus maitriensis Alam et al. 2004
Planococcus maitrii
Planococcus maritimus
Planococcus maritimus Yoon et al. 2003
Planococcus mcmeekinii
Planococcus mcmeekinii Junge et al. 1998
Planococcus Migula 1894 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Nakagawa et al. 1996
Planococcus minor
Planococcus minor (Maskell, 1897)
Planococcus okeanokoites
Planococcus okeanokoites (ZoBell and Upham 1944) Nakagawa et al. 1996
Planococcus okeanokoites Nakagawa et al. 1996 (sic)
Planococcus pelagicus
Planococcus psychrophilus
Planococcus psychrophilus Reddy et al. 2002
Planococcus psychrotoleratus
Planococcus rifietensis
Planococcus rifietoensis
Planococcus rifietoensis corrig. Romano et al. 2003
Planococcus rifitiensis
Planococcus southpolaris
Planococcus sp. 1-1
Planococcus sp. 1-15
Planococcus sp. 10109
Planococcus sp. 11W3
Planococcus sp. 12C
Planococcus sp. 13IX/A01/167
Planococcus sp. 26
Planococcus sp. 3059
Planococcus sp. 45-18
Planococcus sp. 8024
Planococcus sp. A08
Planococcus sp. B-2
Planococcus sp. B-NPyG6
Planococcus sp. B-NPyG7
Planococcus sp. B-Npys2
Planococcus sp. B-QPkG4
Planococcus sp. B-QPkG7
Planococcus sp. B-QPkG8
Planococcus sp. B-WPhSw1
Planococcus sp. B10
Planococcus sp. B13
Planococcus sp. b17
Planococcus sp. B25
Planococcus sp. BJ-1
Planococcus sp. BRMA
Planococcus sp. CC-PCB15-3
Planococcus sp. CJJK53
Planococcus sp. CL4
Planococcus sp. CU6
Planococcus sp. D3
Planococcus sp. D36
Planococcus sp. D3p0
Planococcus sp. D46
Planococcus sp. D4829
Planococcus sp. D49-C04
Planococcus sp. D49-D03
Planococcus sp. D49-PB-D06
Planococcus sp. D49-PB-E05
Planococcus sp. D49-PB-F06
Planococcus sp. D58-C08
Planococcus sp. D58-E07
Planococcus sp. D58-F08
Planococcus sp. DSAO10
Planococcus sp. DSAO2
Planococcus sp. E18
Planococcus sp. E47
Planococcus sp. E53
Planococcus sp. EP09
Planococcus sp. EP36
Planococcus sp. F1
Planococcus sp. FB3
Planococcus sp. G6
Planococcus sp. G7
Planococcus sp. h28
Planococcus sp. HZBN122
Planococcus sp. HZBN16
Planococcus sp. HZBN55
Planococcus sp. HZBN9
Planococcus sp. HZDC55
Planococcus sp. I15
Planococcus sp. I50
Planococcus sp. IC024
Planococcus sp. IE3-4
Planococcus sp. ISL-16
Planococcus sp. JL-69
Planococcus sp. joya-2006-09
Planococcus sp. JSM 074036
Planococcus sp. JSM 076045-1
Planococcus sp. JSM 076050
Planococcus sp. JSM 077041
Planococcus sp. JZHS34
Planococcus sp. K4-28-026
Planococcus sp. K4-28L-016
Planococcus sp. Ka-3
Planococcus sp. KALAICIBA7
Planococcus sp. KB104
Planococcus sp. KB134
Planococcus sp. KB80
Planococcus sp. KMM 3738
Planococcus sp. KRPC10y
Planococcus sp. l12
Planococcus sp. L4
Planococcus sp. LL38
Planococcus sp. M184
Planococcus sp. M2-26
Planococcus sp. MB34
Planococcus sp. MB44
Planococcus sp. MB49
Planococcus sp. MB58
Planococcus sp. MB59
Planococcus sp. MB6-16
Planococcus sp. MED216
Planococcus sp. MSSRF.21
Planococcus sp. Muzt-E05
Planococcus sp. Nj-55
Planococcus sp. Nj-73
Planococcus sp. Nj-74
Planococcus sp. Nj-86
Planococcus sp. NJ41
Planococcus sp. NP19
Planococcus sp. NPO-JL-69
Planococcus sp. o34
Planococcus sp. p16X
Planococcus sp. P24b
Planococcus sp. PB28
Planococcus sp. PIC-C16
Planococcus sp. PS4-1
Planococcus sp. RM9P
Planococcus sp. S5
Planococcus sp. SA-11
Planococcus sp. Smarlab 3302355
Planococcus sp. SVUB12
Planococcus sp. Tianshan47-3
Planococcus sp. Tibet-IIVa1
Planococcus sp. Tibet-IIVa2
Planococcus sp. Tibet-IX21
Planococcus sp. TSBY-25
Planococcus sp. UST020129-031
Planococcus sp. UST050418-893
Planococcus sp. VB56
Planococcus sp. YACS17
Planococcus sp. YACS21
Planococcus sp. YACS6
Planococcus sp. YIM C703
Planococcus sp. YIM C738
Planococcus sp. YIM C739
Planococcus sp. YIM C823
Planococcus sp. YIM C827
Planococcus sp. YIM C832
Planococcus sp. Zao-A
Planococcus sp. ZD22
Planococcus sp. ZOYM
Planococcus sp. ZY002
Planococcus stackebrandtii
Planococcus stackebrandtii Mayilraj et al. 2005
Planodes Greene
Planodes virginica
Planodes virginica (L.) Greene
Planodes virginicum
Planoglabratella nakamurai
Planoglabratella opercularis
Planolinus borealis
Planomicrobium alkanoclasticum
Planomicrobium alkanoclasticum (Engelhardt et al. 2001) Dai et al. 2005
Planomicrobium chinense
Planomicrobium chinense Dai et al. 2005
Planomicrobium flavidum
Planomicrobium koreense
Planomicrobium koreense Yoon et al. 2001
Planomicrobium mcmeekinii
Planomicrobium mcmeekinii (Junge et al.) Yoon et al. 2001
Planomicrobium novatatis
Planomicrobium okeanokoites
Planomicrobium okeanokoites (Nakagawa et al. 1996) Yoon et al. 2001 (sic)
Planomicrobium okeanokoites (ZoBell and Upham 1944) Yoon et al. 2001
Planomicrobium psychrophilum
Planomicrobium psychrophilum (Reddy et al. 2002) Dai et al. 2005
Planomicrobium sp. 0423
Planomicrobium sp. 3057
Planomicrobium sp. 4-2
Planomicrobium sp. AP8H9
Planomicrobium sp. B-1051
Planomicrobium sp. CSS-3
Planomicrobium sp. D58-E08
Planomicrobium sp. DJLY52-1
Planomicrobium sp. EGU782
Planomicrobium sp. EP19
Planomicrobium sp. EP20
Planomicrobium sp. EP21
Planomicrobium sp. EP22
Planomicrobium sp. ES-2
Planomicrobium sp. G78
Planomicrobium sp. G87
Planomicrobium sp. HZBN112
Planomicrobium sp. HZBN120
Planomicrobium sp. HZBN125
Planomicrobium sp. HZBN133
Planomicrobium sp. HZBN154
Planomicrobium sp. HZBN157
Planomicrobium sp. HZBN161
Planomicrobium sp. I-S2-53
Planomicrobium sp. I46
Planomicrobium sp. ISL-41
Planomicrobium sp. MHS028
Planomicrobium sp. QD9
Planomicrobium sp. QJHH12
Planomicrobium sp. RCML-41
Planomicrobium sp. T32602BY0
Planomicrobium sp. T32602BY1
Planomicrobium sp. WP02-2-5
Planomicrobium sp. Y7
Planomicrobium sp. YAAJ14
Planomicrobium Yoon et al. 2001
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