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Specimen Containers
Specimen Containers, Sputum
Specimen Containers, Urine
specimen copies
specimen copy
Specimen creatinine acceptable
Specimen creatinine acceptable [Presence] in Urine
Specimen creatinine acceptable | urine
Specimen creatinine acceptable:Arb:Pt:Urine:Ord
Specimen creatinine acceptable:Arbitrary:Point in time:Urine:Ordinal
Specimen Cups
Specimen Cutters
Specimen Disposal
Specimen drawn
Specimen drawn [Date and time] of Cerebral spinal fluid
Specimen drawn [Date and time] of Serum or Plasma
Specimen drawn [Date and time] of Serum or Plasma--1st specimen
Specimen drawn [Date and time] of Serum or Plasma--2nd specimen
Specimen drawn | bld-ser-plas
Specimen drawn | Cerebral spinal fluid
Specimen drawn CSF
Specimen drawn from
Specimen drawn from | patient
Specimen drawn from | patient | bld-ser-plas
Specimen drawn from Patient
Specimen drawn from:Type:Point in time:^Patient:Nominal
Specimen drawn from:Type:Pt:^Patient:Nom
Specimen drawn SerPl
Specimen drawn sp1 SerPl
Specimen drawn sp2 SerPl
Specimen drawn^1st specimen:Time Stamp -- Date and Time:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Quantitative
Specimen drawn^1st specimen:TmStp:Pt:Ser/Plas:Qn
Specimen drawn^2nd specimen:Time Stamp -- Date and Time:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Quantitative
Specimen drawn^2nd specimen:TmStp:Pt:Ser/Plas:Qn
Specimen drawn:Time Stamp -- Date and Time:Point in time:Cerebral spinal fluid:Quantitative
Specimen drawn:Time Stamp -- Date and Time:Point in time:Serum/Plasma:Quantitative
Specimen drawn:TmStp:Pt:CSF:Qn
Specimen drawn:TmStp:Pt:Ser/Plas:Qn
Specimen dry weight | stool
Specimen Exp Date Bld
Specimen expiration date
Specimen expiration date | bld-ser-plas
Specimen expiration date of Blood
Specimen expiration date:Time Stamp -- Date and Time:Point in time:Whole blood:Quantitative
Specimen expiration date:TmStp:Pt:Bld:Qn
Specimen for Aerobe/Anaerobe Culture
Specimen for Colony Count Test
Specimen for Culture Test
Specimen for Organism Test
Specimen from gastrointestinal tract
Specimen Handling
Specimen Handlings
specimen holder
Specimen in lab; results pending
Specimen length
Specimen length | Specimen
Specimen length Spec CAP protocol
Specimen length Specimen CAP cancer protocols
Specimen length:Len:Pt:Specimen:Qn:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen length:Length:Point in time:Specimen:Quantitative:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen mass
Specimen mass measurement
Specimen mass:Mass:Point in time:To be specified in another part of the message:Quantitative
Specimen mass:Mass:Pt:XXX:Qn
specimen number
specimen numbers
specimen observation
Specimen obtained
Specimen obtained [Anatomy] Gastrointestine upper EGD
Specimen obtained | Gastrointestine Upper
Specimen obtained by service other than Lab
Specimen obtained Gastrointestine upper EGD
Specimen obtained UGI EGD
Specimen obtained:Anat:Stdy:Gastrointestine.upper:Nom:EGD
Specimen obtained:Anatomy:Duration of the study:Gastrointestine.upper:Nominal:EGD
Specimen obtained:Type:Duration of the study:Gastrointestine.upper:Nominal:EGD
Specimen obtained:Type:Stdy:Gastrointestine.upper:Nom:EGD
specimen of a handwriting
specimen page
specimen pages
Specimen preparation
Specimen preparation [Type] of Unspecified specimen
Specimen preparation | XXX
Specimen preparation XXX
Specimen preparation:Type:Point in time:To be specified in another part of the message:Nominal:*
Specimen preparation:Type:Pt:XXX:Nom:*
Specimen Processing
Specimen processing (procedure)
Specimen Quality
Specimen Quality - Good
Specimen Quality - Poor
Specimen Radiographic Units
Specimen receipt date/time, receipt of specimen in filling ancillary (Lab)
Specimen Reject Reason
Specimen Reject Reason - Clotting
Specimen Reject Reason - Contamination
Specimen Reject Reason - Expired
Specimen Reject Reason - Hemolysis
Specimen Reject Reason - Labeling
Specimen Role
Specimen Shields
specimen signature
specimen signatures
Specimen site
Specimen site | *
Specimen site:Type:Duration of the study:*:Narrative
Specimen site:Type:Stdy:*:Nar
Specimen size additional dimension 1 | Breast tumor
Specimen size additional dimension 1 Breast tumor CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size additional dimension 2 | Breast tumor
Specimen size additional dimension 2 Breast tumor CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.additional dimension 1
Specimen size.additional dimension 1 | Breast Tumor
Specimen size.additional dimension 1:Area:Point in time:Breast tumor:Quantitative:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.additional dimension 1:Area:Pt:Breast tumor:Qn:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.additional dimension 2
Specimen size.additional dimension 2 | Breast Tumor
Specimen size.additional dimension 2:Area:Point in time:Breast tumor:Quantitative:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.additional dimension 2:Area:Pt:Breast tumor:Qn:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.cannot be determined
Specimen size.cannot be determined | Breast Tumor
Specimen size.cannot be determined Breast tumor CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.cannot be determined:Arb:Pt:Breast tumor:Nar:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.cannot be determined:Arbitrary:Point in time:Breast tumor:Narrative:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.max dimension
Specimen size.max dimension | Breast Tumor
Specimen size.max dimension:Len:Pt:Breast tumor:Qn:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.max dimension:Length:Point in time:Breast tumor:Quantitative:CAP cancer protocols
Specimen size.maximum dimension Breast tumor CAP cancer protocols
Specimen source [Identifier] in Cervical or vaginal smear or scraping by Cyto stain
Specimen source [Identifier] of Body fluid
Specimen source [Identifier] of Unspecified specimen
Specimen source | Body Fluid
Specimen source | Cervix or Vagina
Specimen source | XXX
Specimen Source Code - Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fld)
Specimen Source Codes
Specimen Source Codes - Abscess
Specimen Source Codes - Abscess, Perianal
Specimen Source Codes - Abscess, Rectal
Specimen Source Codes - Antrum, Gastric
Specimen Source Codes - Autopsy
Specimen Source Codes - Biopsy
Specimen Source Codes - Biopsy, Skin
Specimen Source Codes - Bite
Specimen Source Codes - Bleb
Specimen Source Codes - Blister
Specimen Source Codes - Blood arterial
Specimen Source Codes - Blood venous
Specimen Source Codes - Blood, Fetal
Specimen Source Codes - Boil
Specimen Source Codes - Bone
Specimen Source Codes - Breast milk
Specimen Source Codes - Brushing
Specimen Source Codes - Bubo
Specimen Source Codes - Cannula
Specimen Source Codes - Carbuncle
Specimen Source Codes - Cardiac muscle
Specimen Source Codes - Catheter
Specimen Source Codes - Conjunctiva
Specimen Source Codes - Contact Lens
Specimen Source Codes - Cord blood
Specimen Source Codes - Curettage
Specimen Source Codes - Cyst
Specimen Source Codes - Cyst, Pilonidal
Specimen Source Codes - Cyst, Renal
Specimen Source Codes - Discharge
Specimen Source Codes - Diverticulum
Specimen Source Codes - Duodenal fluid
Specimen Source Codes - Ear
Specimen Source Codes - Effusion
Specimen Source Codes - Electrode
Specimen Source Codes - Eosinophils
Specimen Source Codes - Erythrocytes
Specimen Source Codes - Exhaled gas (=breath)
Specimen Source Codes - Exudate
Specimen Source Codes - Fibroblasts
Specimen Source Codes - Filter
Specimen Source Codes - Fistula
Specimen Source Codes - Fluid, Cyst
Specimen Source Codes - Furuncle
Specimen Source Codes - Gastric fluid / contents
Specimen Source Codes - Genital
Specimen Source Codes - Genital cervix
Specimen Source Codes - Genital lochia
Specimen Source Codes - Genital vaginal
Specimen Source Codes - Granuloma
Specimen Source Codes - Implant
Specimen Source Codes - Infiltrate
Specimen Source Codes - Intrauterine Device
Specimen Source Codes - Lavage
Specimen Source Codes - Lavage, Gastric
Specimen Source Codes - Lavage, Peritoneal
Specimen Source Codes - Lesion
Specimen Source Codes - Lesion, Penile
Specimen Source Codes - Leukocytes
Specimen Source Codes - Lymphocytes
Specimen Source Codes - Macrophages
Specimen Source Codes - Mass
Specimen Source Codes - Mass, Sub-Mandibular
Specimen Source Codes - Meconium
Specimen Source Codes - Menstrual blood
Specimen Source Codes - Mucosa
Specimen Source Codes - Mucus
Specimen Source Codes - Needle
Specimen Source Codes - Pacemaker
Specimen Source Codes - Patient
Specimen Source Codes - Peritoneal fluid /ascites
Specimen Source Codes - Plant Material
Specimen Source Codes - Plasma
Specimen Source Codes - Plasma bag
Specimen Source Codes - Platelet poor plasma
Specimen Source Codes - Platelet rich plasma
Specimen Source Codes - Polymorphonuclear neutrophils
Specimen Source Codes - Polyps
Specimen Source Codes - Pseudocyst
Specimen Source Codes - Pustule
Specimen Source Codes - Quality Control
Specimen Source Codes - Respiratory
Specimen Source Codes - Saliva
Specimen Source Codes - Serum
Specimen Source Codes - Shunt
Specimen Source Codes - Site
Specimen Source Codes - Skeletal muscle
Specimen Source Codes - Spermatozoa
Specimen Source Codes - Sputum
Specimen Source Codes - Sputum - coughed
Specimen Source Codes - Sputum - tracheal aspirate
Specimen Source Codes - Stone (use CALC)
Specimen Source Codes - Stone, Kidney
Specimen Source Codes - Stool = Fecal
Specimen Source Codes - Suture
Specimen Source Codes - Sweat
Specimen Source Codes - Synovial fluid (Joint fluid)
Specimen Source Codes - Tears
Specimen Source Codes - Throat
Specimen Source Codes - Thrombocyte (platelet)
Specimen Source Codes - Tissue gall bladder
Specimen Source Codes - Tissue large intestine
Specimen Source Codes - Tissue lung
Specimen Source Codes - Tissue placenta
Specimen Source Codes - Tissue small intestine
Specimen Source Codes - Tissue ulcer
Specimen Source Codes - To be specified in another part of the message
Specimen Source Codes - Transudate
Specimen Source Codes - Tube
Specimen Source Codes - tumor
Specimen Source Codes - Ulcer
Specimen Source Codes - Ulcer, Decubitus
Specimen Source Codes - Urine
Specimen Source Codes - Urine sediment
Specimen Source Codes - Vitreous Fluid
Specimen Source Codes - Vomitus
Specimen Source Codes - Wart
Specimen Source Codes - Wen
Specimen Source Codes - Whole blood
Specimen Source Codes - Whole body
Specimen Source Codes - Worm
Specimen Source Codes - Wound
Specimen Source Codes - Wound abscess
Specimen Source Codes - Wound drainage
Specimen Source Codes - Wound exudate
Specimen Source Codes - Wound, Puncture
Specimen Source Codes -Aspirate
Specimen Source Codes = Calculus (=Stone)
Specimen Source Codes-Prosthetic Device
Specimen source Cvx/Vag Cyto
Specimen source Fld
Specimen Source Type Modifier
Specimen source XXX
Specimen source:Presence or Identity:Point in time:Body fluid, unsp:Nominal
Specimen source:Presence or Identity:Point in time:Cervix/Vagina:Nominal:CYTOLOGY STAIN
Specimen source:Presence or Identity:Point in time:To be specified in another part of the message:Nominal
Specimen source:Prid:Pt:Body fld:Nom
Specimen source:Prid:Pt:Cvx/Vag:Nom:Cyto stain
Specimen source:Prid:Pt:XXX:Nom
Specimen specific gravity acceptable
Specimen specific gravity acceptable [Presence] in Urine
Specimen specific gravity acceptable | urine
Specimen specific gravity acceptable:Arb:Pt:Urine:Ord
Specimen specific gravity acceptable:Arbitrary:Point in time:Urine:Ordinal
Specimen status request message
Specimen status update message
specimen treatment
Specimen type
Specimen Type - Abscess
Specimen Type - Bile fluid
Specimen Type - Blood arterial
Specimen Type - Blood venous
Specimen Type - Body fluid, unsp
Specimen Type - Bone
Specimen Type - Breast milk
Specimen Type - Cannula
Specimen Type - Cardiac muscle
Specimen Type - Conjunctiva
Specimen Type - Duodenal fluid
Specimen Type - Electrode
Specimen Type - Eosinophils
Specimen Type - Erythrocytes
Specimen Type - Exhaled gas (=breath)
Specimen Type - Fibroblasts
Specimen Type - Filter
Specimen Type - Fistula
Specimen Type - Gastric fluid / contents
Specimen Type - Genital
Specimen Type - Genital cervix
Specimen Type - Genital lochia
Specimen Type - Genital vaginal
Specimen Type - Leukocytes
Specimen Type - Lymphocytes
Specimen Type - Macrophages
Specimen Type - Meconium
Specimen Type - Menstrual blood
Specimen Type - Patient
Specimen type - Peritoneal fluid /ascites
Specimen Type - Polymorphonuclear neutrophils
Specimen Type - Serum
Specimen Type - Skeletal muscle
Specimen Type - Sputum
Specimen Type - Sputum - coughed
Specimen Type - Sputum - tracheal aspirate
Specimen Type - Stool = Fecal
Specimen Type - Sweat
Specimen Type - Synovial fluid (Joint fluid)
Specimen Type - Throat
Specimen Type - Thrombocyte (platelet)
Specimen Type - Tissue gall bladder
Specimen Type - Tissue large intestine
Specimen Type - Tissue placenta
Specimen Type - Tissue ulcer
Specimen type - Transudate
Specimen Type - Ulcer
Specimen Type - Whole blood
Specimen Type - Whole body
Specimen Type - Wound
Specimen Type - Wound abscess
Specimen Type - Wound exudate
Specimen Type Modifier
Specimen type obtained UGI EGD
Specimen Type- Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fld)
Specimen used for testing Operator Proficiency
Specimen used for testing proficiency of the organization performing the testing (Filler)
Specimen vol ?Tm Ur
Specimen vol 10H Ur
Specimen vol 12H Ur
Specimen vol 12H Ur-vRate
Specimen vol 24H DiafP
Specimen vol 24H Dial fld
Specimen vol 24H Fld-mRate
Specimen vol 24H Spt
Specimen vol 24H Spt-vRate
Specimen vol 24H Stl
Specimen vol 24H Stl-mRate
Specimen vol 24H Stl-vRate
Specimen vol 24H Sweat
Specimen vol 24H Sweat-vRate
Specimen vol 24H Ur
Specimen vol 24H Ur-vRate
Specimen vol 24H XXX
Specimen vol 24H XXX-vRate
Specimen vol 2H Ur
Specimen vol 4H Dial fld
Specimen vol 4H Ur
Specimen vol 5H Ur
Specimen vol 6H Ur
Specimen vol 72H Stl
Specimen vol 72H Stl-vRate
Specimen vol 72H Ur
Specimen vol 8H Ur
Specimen vol Amn
Specimen vol Bld
Specimen vol Bronch
Specimen vol CSF
Specimen vol Dial fld
Specimen vol Fld
Specimen vol p conc Smn
Specimen vol p Wash Smn
Specimen vol Pcar
Specimen vol Plas
Specimen vol Plr
Specimen vol Pre Wash Smn
Specimen vol Prt
Specimen vol Semin plas
Specimen vol Smn
Specimen vol Snv
Specimen vol Spt
Specimen vol Stl
Specimen vol Sweat
Specimen vol Ur
Specimen vol XXX
Specimen volume
Specimen volume | Semen
Specimen volume^post concentration:Vol:Pt:Semen:Qn
Specimen volume^post concentration:Volume:Point in time:Seminal fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume^post washing:Vol:Pt:Semen:Qn
Specimen volume^post washing:Volume:Point in time:Seminal fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume^pre washing:Vol:Pt:Semen:Qn
Specimen volume^pre washing:Volume:Point in time:Seminal fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Mass Rate:24 hours:Body fluid, unsp:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Mass Rate:24 hours:Stool = Fecal:Quantitative
Specimen volume:MRat:24H:Body fld:Qn
Specimen volume:MRat:24H:Stool:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:10H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:12H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:24H:Dial fld prt:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:24H:Dial fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:24H:Sputum:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:24H:Stool:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:24H:Sweat:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:24H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:24H:XXX:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:2H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:4H:Dial fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:4H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:5H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:6H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:72H:Stool:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:72H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:8H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Amnio fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Bld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Body fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Bronchial:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:CSF:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Dial fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Pericard fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Periton fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Plas:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Plr fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Semen:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Semin plas:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Sputum:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Stool:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Sweat:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Synv fld:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:Pt:XXX:Qn
Specimen volume:Vol:XXX:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:Volume Rate:12 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume Rate:24 hours:Sputum:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume Rate:24 hours:Stool = Fecal:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume Rate:24 hours:Sweat:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume Rate:24 hours:To be specified in another part of the message:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume Rate:24 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume Rate:72H:Stool = Fecal:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:10 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:12 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:2 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:24 hours:Dialysis fluid prt:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:24 hours:Dialysis fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:24 hours:Sputum:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:24 hours:Stool = Fecal:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:24 hours:Sweat:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:24 hours:To be specified in another part of the message:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:24 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:4 hours:Dialysis fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:4 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:5 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:6 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:72H:Stool = Fecal:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:72H:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:8 hours:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Amniotic fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Body fluid, unsp:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Bronchial:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Cerebral spinal fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Dialysis fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Pericardial fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Peritoneal fluid /ascites:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Plasma:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Pleural fluid (thoracentesis fld):Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Semin plas:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Seminal fluid:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Sputum:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Stool = Fecal:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Sweat:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Synovial fluid (Joint fluid):Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:To be specified in another part of the message:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:Point in time:Whole blood:Quantitative
Specimen volume:Volume:time reported elsewhere:Urine:Quantitative
Specimen volume:VRat:12H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:VRat:24H:Sputum:Qn
Specimen volume:VRat:24H:Stool:Qn
Specimen volume:VRat:24H:Sweat:Qn
Specimen volume:VRat:24H:Urine:Qn
Specimen volume:VRat:24H:XXX:Qn
Specimen volume:VRat:72H:Stool:Qn
Specimen weight
Specimen weight | stool
Specimen weight | sweat
Specimen weight | tissue & smears
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