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Streptomyces hydrogenans
Streptomyces hygroscopicus
Streptomyces hypolithicus
Streptomyces iakyrus
Streptomyces iakyrus de Querioz and Albert 1962
Streptomyces inaequalis
Streptomyces indiaensis
Streptomyces indiaensis (Gupta 1965) Kudo and Seino 1987
Streptomyces indiensis
Streptomyces indigocolor
Streptomyces indigoferus
Streptomyces indigoferus Shinobu and Kawato 1960
Streptomyces indonesiensis
Streptomyces indonesiensis Sembiring et al. 2001
Streptomyces intermedius
Streptomyces intermedius (Kruger 1904) Waksman 1953
Streptomyces inusitatus
Streptomyces inusitatus Hasegawa et al. 1978
Streptomyces ipomoea
Streptomyces ipomoeae
Streptomyces ipomoeae (Person and Martin 1940) Waksman and Henrici 1948
Streptomyces janthinus
Streptomyces janthinus (Artamonova and Krasil'nikov 1960) Pridham 1970
Streptomyces javensis
Streptomyces javensis Sembiring et al. 2001
Streptomyces jietaisiensis
Streptomyces jietaisiensis He et al. 2005
Streptomyces jumonjinensis
Streptomyces K15
Streptomyces kagawaensis
Streptomyces kagoshimanus
Streptomyces kanamyceticus
Streptomyces kanamyceticus Okami and Umezawa 1957
Streptomyces kanamycinicus
Streptomyces kaniharaensis
Streptomyces karnatakensis
Streptomyces kashimirensis
Streptomyces kashimirensis (sic) (Gupta and Chopra 1963) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces kashmirensis
Streptomyces kasugaensis
Streptomyces kasugaensis Hamada et al. 1995
Streptomyces kasugaspinus
Streptomyces kasugensis
Streptomyces kathirae
Streptomyces katrae
Streptomyces katrae Gupta and Chopra 1963
Streptomyces katrensis
Streptomyces katsurahamenas
Streptomyces kentuchensis
Streptomyces kentuckensis
Streptomyces kentuckensis (Barr and Carman 1956) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces kentuckyensis
Streptomyces kifunensis
Streptomyces kifunensis Nakagaito et al. 1993
Streptomyces kishiwadensis
Streptomyces kishiwadensis (Shinobu and Kayamura 1964) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces kitasatoensis
Streptomyces koyangensis
Streptomyces koyangensis Lee et al. 2005
Streptomyces krainskii
Streptomyces krestomyceticus
Streptomyces kunmingensis
Streptomyces kunmingensis (Ruan et al. 1985) Goodfellow et al. 1986
Streptomyces kurssanovii
Streptomyces kurssanovii (Preobrazhenskaya et al. 1957) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces labedae
Streptomyces laceyi
Streptomyces laceyi Manfio et al. 2003
Streptomyces lactamdurans
Streptomyces ladakanum
Streptomyces ladakanum (Hanka et al. 1966) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces ladhankaeanus
Streptomyces laeteviolaceus
Streptomyces lanatus
Streptomyces lanatus Frommer 1959
Streptomyces lasaliensis
Streptomyces lateritius
Streptomyces lateritius (Sveshnikova 1957) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces laurentii
Streptomyces laurentii Trejo et al. 1979
Streptomyces lavendofoliae
Streptomyces lavendofoliae (Kuchaeva et al. 1961) Pridham 1970
Streptomyces lavendulae
Streptomyces lavendulae (Waksman and Curtis 1916) Waksman and Henrici 1948
Streptomyces lavendularectus
Streptomyces lavendulicolor
Streptomyces lavendulifolii
Streptomyces lavenduligriseus
Streptomyces lavenduligriseus (Locci et al. 1969) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces lavendulocolor
Streptomyces lavendulocolor (Kuchaeva et al. 1961) Pridham 1970
Streptomyces lazureus
Streptomyces levis
Streptomyces levoris
Streptomyces libani
Streptomyces libani Baldacci and Grein 1966
Streptomyces libanus
Streptomyces lienomycini
Streptomyces lienomycini Gause and Maximova 1986
Streptomyces lilaceus
Streptomyces lilacinofulvus
Streptomyces lilacinus
Streptomyces lilacinus (Nakazawa et al. 1956) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces limosus
Streptomyces limosus Lindenbein 1952
Streptomyces lincolnensis
Streptomyces lincolnensis Mason et al. 1963
Streptomyces lipmanii
Streptomyces lipmanii (Waksman and Curtis 1916) Waksman and Henrici 1948
Streptomyces litmocidini
Streptomyces litmocidini (Ryabova and Preobrazhenskaya 1957) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces lividans
Streptomyces lividoclavatus
Streptomyces lividus
Streptomyces lohii
Streptomyces lomondensis
Streptomyces lomondensis Johnson and Dietz 1969
Streptomyces longisporoflavus
Streptomyces longisporoflavus Waksman 1953
Streptomyces longispororuber
Streptomyces longispororuber Waksman 1953
Streptomyces longisporus
Streptomyces longisporus (Krasil'nikov 1941) Waksman 1953
Streptomyces longisporus ruber
Streptomyces longissimus
Streptomyces longwoodensis
Streptomyces longwoodensis Prosser and Palleroni 1981
Streptomyces lucensis
Streptomyces lucensis Arcamone et al. 1957
Streptomyces lunalinharesii
Streptomyces lunalinharesii de Souza et al. 2008
Streptomyces luridiscabiei
Streptomyces luridiscabiei Park et al. 2003
Streptomyces luridus
Streptomyces luridus (Krasil'nikov et al. 1957) Waksman 1961
Streptomyces lusitanus
Streptomyces lusitanus Villax 1963
Streptomyces luteigriseus
Streptomyces luteireticuli
Streptomyces luteireticuli corrig. (ex Katoh and Arai 1957) Hatano et al. 2003
Streptomyces luteiverticillatus
Streptomyces luteocolor
Streptomyces luteofluorescens
Streptomyces luteogriseus
Streptomyces luteogriseus Schmitz et al. 1964
Streptomyces luteolutescens
Streptomyces luteosporeus
Streptomyces luteosporeus Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces luteoverticillatus
Streptomyces luteoverticillatus (Shinobu 1956) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces lydicus
Streptomyces lydicus De Boer et al. 1956
Streptomyces lydius
Streptomyces macromomyceticus
Streptomyces macrosporeus
Streptomyces macrosporus
Streptomyces macrosporus (ex Krasil'nikov et al. 1968) Goodfellow et al. 1988
Streptomyces malachiticus
Streptomyces malachitofuscus
Streptomyces malachitorectus
Streptomyces malachitospinus
Streptomyces malachitospinus (ex Preobrazhenskaya et al. 1957) Preobrazhenskaya and Terekhova 1986
Streptomyces malayensis
Streptomyces malaysiensis
Streptomyces malaysiensis Al-Tai et al. 1999
Streptomyces maritimus
Streptomyces marokkonensis
Streptomyces mashuensis
Streptomyces mashuensis (Sawazaki et al. 1955) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces massasporeus
Streptomyces massasporeus Shinobu and Kawato 1959
Streptomyces massisporeus
Streptomyces matensis
Streptomyces matensis Margalith et al. 1959
Streptomyces mauvecolor
Streptomyces mauvecolor Okami and Umezawa 1960
Streptomyces mayteni
Streptomyces mediocidicus
Streptomyces mediocidicus (Labeda 1988) Wellington et al. 1992
Streptomyces mediocidinicus
Streptomyces mediolanensis
Streptomyces mediolani
Streptomyces mediolani Arcamone et al. 1969
Streptomyces mediterranei
Streptomyces megalosporus
Streptomyces megasporus
Streptomyces megasporus (ex Krasil'nikov et al. 1968) Agre 1986
Streptomyces melanogenes
Streptomyces melanogenes Sugawara and Onuma 1957
Streptomyces melanosporofaciens
Streptomyces melanosporofaciens Arcamone et al. 1959
Streptomyces metabolite 2880 II
Streptomyces mexicanus
Streptomyces mexicanus Petrosyan et al. 2003
Streptomyces michiganensis
Streptomyces michiganensis Corbaz et al. 1957
Streptomyces microflavus
Streptomyces microflavus (Krainsky 1914) Waksman and Henrici 1948 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Lanoot et al. 2005
Streptomyces microsporus
Streptomyces microstreptospora
Streptomyces miharaensis
Streptomyces minoensis
Streptomyces minutiscleroticus
Streptomyces minutiscleroticus (Thirumalachar 1965) Pridham 1970 emend. Lanoot et al. 2005
Streptomyces mirabilis
Streptomyces mirabilis Ruschmann 1952
Streptomyces misakichoensis
Streptomyces misakiensis
Streptomyces misakiensis Nakamura 1961
Streptomyces misawanensis
Streptomyces misionensis
Streptomyces misionensis Cercos et al. 1962
Streptomyces misionesensis
Streptomyces mobaraense
Streptomyces mobaraensis
Streptomyces mobaraensis (Nagatsu and Suzuki 1963) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces mobarensis
Streptomyces moderatus
Streptomyces monomycini
Streptomyces monomycini Gause and Terekhova 1986
Streptomyces moro-okaensis
Streptomyces morookaense (Locci and Schofield 1989) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces morookaensis
Streptomyces morookensis
Streptomyces mucoflavus
Streptomyces multispiralis
Streptomyces murayamaensis
Streptomyces murinus
Streptomyces murinus Frommer 1959
Streptomyces mutabilis
Streptomyces mutabilis (Preobrazhenskaya and Ryabova 1957) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces mutomycini
Streptomyces mutomycini Gause and Maximova 1986
Streptomyces mycarofaciens
Streptomyces myxogenes
Streptomyces naganishii
Streptomyces naganishii Yamaguchi and Saburi 1955
Streptomyces nanchangensis
Streptomyces nanningensis
Streptomyces nanshensis
Streptomyces nanshensis Tian et al. 2009
Streptomyces naraensis
Streptomyces narboensis
Streptomyces narbonensis
Streptomyces narbonensis Corbaz et al. 1955
Streptomyces narbonesis
Streptomyces narbonnensis
Streptomyces nashvillensis
Streptomyces nashvillensis McVeigh and Reyes 1961
Streptomyces natalensis
Streptomyces netropsis
Streptomyces netropsis (Finlay et al. 1951) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces neyagawaensis
Streptomyces neyagawaensis Yamamoto et al. 1960
Streptomyces neyagawensis
Streptomyces nigellus
Streptomyces niger
Streptomyces niger (Thirumalachar 1955) Goodfellow et al. 1986
Streptomyces nigrescens
Streptomyces nigrescens (Sveshnikova 1957) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces nigrifaciens
Streptomyces nigrifaciens Waksman 1961 (Approved Lists 1980)
Streptomyces nigrogriseolus
Streptomyces nitrificans
Streptomyces nitrosporeus
Streptomyces nitrosporeus Okami 1952
Streptomyces niveiruber
Streptomyces niveiscabiei
Streptomyces niveiscabiei Park et al. 2003
Streptomyces niveoruber
Streptomyces niveoruber Ettlinger et al. 1958
Streptomyces niveus
Streptomyces niveus Smith et al. 1956 (Approved Lists 1980)
Streptomyces nobilis
Streptomyces noboritoensis
Streptomyces noboritoensis Isono et al. 1957
Streptomyces nodosus
Streptomyces nodosus Trejo 1961
Streptomyces nogalater
Streptomyces nogalater Bhuyan and Dietz 1966
Streptomyces nojiriensis
Streptomyces nojiriensis Ishida et al. 1967
Streptomyces noordhoekensis
Streptomyces noursei
Streptomyces noursei Brown et al. 1953
Streptomyces novaecaesareae
Streptomyces novaecaesareae Waksman and Henrici 1948
Streptomyces ochraceiscleroticus
Streptomyces ochraceiscleroticus Pridham 1970
Streptomyces odorifer
Streptomyces odorifer (Rullmann 1895) Waksman 1953
Streptomyces ogaensis
Streptomyces olindensis
Streptomyces olivaceiscleroticus
Streptomyces olivaceiscleroticus Pridham 1970
Streptomyces olivaceiviridis
Streptomyces olivaceoviridis
Streptomyces olivaceoviridis (Preobrazhenskaya and Ryabova 1957) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces olivaceus
Streptomyces olivaceus (Waksman 1923) Waksman and Henrici 1948
Streptomyces olivichromogenes
Streptomyces olivireticuli
Streptomyces oliviverticillatus
Streptomyces oliviviridis
Streptomyces olivochromogenes
Streptomyces olivochromogenes (Waksman 1923) Waksman and Henrici 1948
Streptomyces olivochromogenus
Streptomyces olivogriseus
Streptomyces olivoreticuli
Streptomyces olivoreticuli (Arai et al. 1957) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces olivoverticillatus
Streptomyces olivoverticillatus (Shinobu 1956) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces olivoviridis
Streptomyces olivoviridis (Kuchaeva et al. 1960) Pridham 1970
Streptomyces omiyaensis
Streptomyces omiyaensis Umezawa and Okami 1950
Streptomyces omiyensis
Streptomyces orientalis
Streptomyces orinoci
Streptomyces orinoci (Cassinelli et al. 1967) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces orinocoensis
Streptomyces ornatus
Streptomyces ostreogriseus
Streptomyces owasiensis
Streptomyces pactum
Streptomyces pactum Bhuyan et al. 1962
Streptomyces pactum var. pactum
Streptomyces pactus
Streptomyces padanus
Streptomyces pallidus
Streptomyces panacagri
Streptomyces panaciterrae
Streptomyces panayensis
Streptomyces paracochleatus
Streptomyces paracochleatus Nakagaito et al. 1993
Streptomyces paradoxus
Streptomyces paradoxus Goodfellow et al. 1986
Streptomyces paraguayensis
Streptomyces paresii
Streptomyces parvisporogenes
Streptomyces parvisporogenes (Locci et al. 1969) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces parvisporogenes ignotus
Streptomyces parvullus
Streptomyces parvullus (sic) Waksman and Gregory 1954
Streptomyces parvulus
Streptomyces parvulus corrig. Waksman and Gregory 1954
Streptomyces parvus
Streptomyces parvus (Krainsky 1914) Waksman and Henrici 1948
Streptomyces paucisporeus
Streptomyces paucisporeus Xu et al. 2006
Streptomyces paucisporogenes
Streptomyces paulus
Streptomyces pentaticus
Streptomyces pepsin inhibitor
Streptomyces peruviensis
Streptomyces peucetius
Streptomyces peucetius Grein et al. 1963
Streptomyces phaeochromatogenes
Streptomyces phaeochromogenes
Streptomyces phaeochromogenes (Conn 1917) Waksman 1957
Streptomyces phaeochromogenus
Streptomyces phaeofaciens
Streptomyces phaeofaciens Maeda et al. 1952
Streptomyces phaeopurpureus
Streptomyces phaeopurpureus Shinobu 1957 (Approved Lists 1980) emend. Lanoot et al. 2004
Streptomyces phaeoverticillatus
Streptomyces phaeoviridis
Streptomyces phaeoviridis Shinobu 1957 (Approved Lists 1980)
Streptomyces phage mu1/6
Streptomyces phage phiBT1
Streptomyces phage phiC31
Streptomyces phage phiK38-1
Streptomyces phage R4
Streptomyces phage TG1
Streptomyces phage VWB
Streptomyces pharetrae
Streptomyces pharetrae le Roes and Meyers 2005
Streptomyces pheochromogenus
Streptomyces philanthi
Streptomyces phosalacineus
Streptomyces phosalacineus (Takahashi et al. 1985) Wellington et al. 1992
Streptomyces pilosus
Streptomyces pilosus Ettlinger et al. 1958
Streptomyces piloviolofuscus
Streptomyces piomogenus
Streptomyces platensis
Streptomyces platensis Tresner and Backus 1956
Streptomyces plemorphus
Streptomyces plicatus
Streptomyces plicatus Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces plumbeus
Streptomyces pluricolorescens
Streptomyces pluricolorescens Okami and Umezawa 1961
Streptomyces polychromogenes
Streptomyces polychromogenes Hagemann et al. 1964
Streptomyces poonensis
Streptomyces poonensis (Thirumalachar 1960) Pridham 1970
Streptomyces praecox
Streptomyces praecox (Millard and Burr 1926) Waksman 1953
Streptomyces prasinopilosus
Streptomyces prasinopilosus Ettlinger et al. 1958
Streptomyces prasinosporus
Streptomyces prasinosporus Tresner et al. 1966
Streptomyces prasinus
Streptomyces prasinus Ettlinger et al. 1958
Streptomyces pristinaespiralis
Streptomyces propurpuratus
Streptomyces proteinase
Streptomyces proteinase [Presence] in Serum
Streptomyces proteinase | bld-ser-plas
Streptomyces Proteinase Ser Ql
Streptomyces proteinase:ACnc:Pt:Ser:Ord
Streptomyces proteinase:Arbitrary Concentration:Point in time:Serum:Ordinal
Streptomyces prunicolor
Streptomyces prunicolor (Ryabova and Preobrazhenskaya 1957) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces psammoticus
Streptomyces psammoticus Virgilio and Hengeller 1960
Streptomyces pseudoechinosporeus
Streptomyces pseudoechinosporeus Goodfellow et al. 1986
Streptomyces pseudogriseolus
Streptomyces pseudogriseolus Okami and Umezawa 1955
Streptomyces pseudovenezuelae
Streptomyces pseudovenezuelae (Kuchaeva et al. 1961) Pridham 1970
Streptomyces pseudovenezuelensis
Streptomyces pulcher
Streptomyces pulveraceus
Streptomyces pulvereus
Streptomyces puniceus
Streptomyces puniceus Finlay and Sobin (ATCC)
Streptomyces puniceus Patelski 1951
Streptomyces puniciscabiei
Streptomyces puniciscabiei Park et al. 2003
Streptomyces purpeochromogenus
Streptomyces purpeofuscus
Streptomyces purpeofuscus Yamaguchi and Saburi 1955
Streptomyces purpurascens
Streptomyces purpurascens Lindenbein 1952
Streptomyces purpureifuscus
Streptomyces purpureigenoscleroticus
Streptomyces purpureochromogenes
Streptomyces purpureofuscus
Streptomyces purpureus
Streptomyces purpureus (Matsumae and Hata 1968) Goodfellow et al. 1986
Streptomyces purpurogeneiscleroticus
Streptomyces purpurogeneiscleroticus Pridham 1970
Streptomyces pyridomyceticus
Streptomyces qingfengmyceticus
Streptomyces qinlingensis
Streptomyces R61
Streptomyces racemichromogenes
Streptomyces racemochromogenes
Streptomyces racemochromogenes Sugai 1956
Streptomyces radiopugnans
Streptomyces rameus
Streptomyces rameus Shibata 1959
Streptomyces ramocissimus
Streptomyces ramulosus
Streptomyces ramulosus Ettlinger et al. 1958
Streptomyces rangoon
Streptomyces rangoonensis
Streptomyces rangoonensis corrig. (Erikson 1935) Pridham et al. 1958
Streptomyces recifensis
Streptomyces recifensis (Goncalves de Lima et al. 1955) Falcao de Morais et al. 1957
Streptomyces rectiverticillatus
Streptomyces rectiverticillatus (Krasil'nikov and Yuan 1965) Witt and Stackebrandt 1991
Streptomyces rectiviolaceus
Streptomyces rectiviolaceus (ex Artamonova) Sveshnikova 1986
Streptomyces rectus
Streptomyces refuineus
Streptomyces regalis
Streptomyces regensis
Streptomyces regensis Gupta et al. 1963
Streptomyces resistomycificus
Streptomyces resistomycificus Lindenbein 1952
Streptomyces reticuli
Streptomyces reticuliscabiei
Streptomyces reticuliscabiei Bouchek-Mechiche et al. 2000
Streptomyces rhizosphaericus
Streptomyces rhizosphaericus corrig. Sembiring et al. 2001
Streptomyces rhizosphaerius
Streptomyces ribosidificus
Streptomyces rimofaciens
Streptomyces rimosus
Streptomyces rimosus Sobin et al. 1953
Streptomyces rishiriensis
Streptomyces rishiriensis Kawaguchi et al. 1965
Streptomyces rochei
Streptomyces rochei Berger et al. 1953
Streptomyces rosa
Streptomyces rosa subspecies rosa Reusser
Streptomyces roseichromogenes
Streptomyces roseidiastaticus
Streptomyces roseiflavus
Streptomyces roseifulvus
Streptomyces roseililacinus
Streptomyces roseiscleroticus
Streptomyces roseiscleroticus Pridham 1970
Streptomyces roseisporus
Streptomyces roseiverticillatus
Streptomyces roseiviolaceus
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