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to admit sb. to hospital
to admit sth. to sb.
to admit to
to admit to having made an error
to admix
to admonish
to adopt
to adopt a law
to adopt a rule
to adopt a soft line (approach)
to adopt a strident tone
to adopt as German
to adopt out
to adopt sth. wholesale
to adore
to adore sb.
to adorn
to adorn oneself
to adsorb
to adulate
to adulterate
to adumbrate
to advance
to advance (a theory)
to advance money
to advance sth. (argument etc.)
to advance strongly
to advance to the next round
to advance/bring forth an artificial argument/an argument of last resort
to advantage
to advantage the rich
to advert
to advertise
to advertise a vacancy
to advertise for
to advertise for bids
to advise
to advise on
to advocate
to aerate
to aestivate
to affect
to affiance
to affiliate
to affiliate (to)
to affiliate (with
to affiliate (with, to)
to affiliate to
to affirm
to affix
to affix one's seal to
to afflict
to afford
to afforest
to affreight
to affright
to affront
to age
to agglomerate
to agglutinate
to aggrade
to aggrandise
to aggrandize
to aggravate
to aggregate
to aggress
to aggrieve
to agitate
to agonize
to agree
to agree (on)
to agree (to
to agree (with
to agree (with)
to agree a matter (price, plan, strategy etc.)
to agree by contract
to agree in principle
to agree on
to agree on a time
to agree on sth.
to agree to
to agree to do sth.
to agree upon
to agree with
to agree with a diagnosis
to agree with sb.
to aid
to ail
to aim
to aim (at)
to aim at
to aim at sth.
to aim high
to aim to achieve
to air
to air dry
to airdrop
to airlift
to alarm
to alert
to alert (to)
to algorithmise
to algorithmize
to alienate
to alienate oneself from sth.
to alight
to alight (from ship)
to alight from a vehicle
to align
to align laterally
to align oneself to
to align oneself with sth.
to align tax rates
to align with
to alkalify
to alkalise
to alkalize
to alkylate
to all appearances
to allay
to allay (fears)
to allege
to allege criminal negligence
to allege that ...
to allegorate
to allegorise
to allegorize
to alleviate
to allocate
to allocate (to)
to allocate a sample
to allocate overhead expense
to allot
to allot shares
to allow
to allow a claim
to allow an option to lapse
to allow for
to allow full bent
to allow of
to allow oneself
to allow oneself to ...
to allow oneself to be told sth.
to allow sb. to defer a payment
to allow sb. to go on believing that ...
to allow to lapse
to allow to mature
to allowance
to alloy
to allude
to allude (to)
to allure
to ally
to ally (to
to ally oneself with
to alphabetise
to alphabetize
to alter
to alter (to)
to alter a document
to alter the booking
to altercate
to alternate
to alumetize
to amalgamate
to amass
to amaze
to amble
to ambulate
to ambuscade
to ambush
to ameliorate
to amend
to amend the contract
to Americanise
to Americanize
to amnesty
to amortise
to amortize
to amount
to amount to
to amount to sth.
to amplify
to amputate
to amuse
to amuse oneself
to amuse oneself with sth.
to an
to an extent
to anaesthetise
to analyse
to analyze
to anathematise
to anathematize
to anatomize
to anchor
to and fro
to and from
to anesthetize
to anger
to angle
to anguish
to animadvert
to animate
to anneal
to annex
to annihilate
to annotate
to announce
to announce (officially)
to announce by poster
to announce one's arrival
to announce oneself
to announce over the radio
to annoy
to annoy sb.
to annul
to annul sth.
to annunciate
to anodize
to anoint
to another place
to answer
to answer (a prayer
to answer (to)
to answer back
to answer for
to answer for sth.
to answer in the affirmative
to answer in the negative
to answer the bell
to answer the door
to answer the phone
to answer the purposes
to answer the telephone
to antagonize
to ante up (amount of money)
to ante up 100 dollars
to antecede
to antedate
to anthropomorphize
to anticipate
to anticipate demand
to anticipate disaster
to anticipate sth.
to antiquate
to ape
to apologise
to apologise to sb. (for sth.)
to apologize
to apologize (apologise ) to sb. (for sth.)
to apologize to sb. (for sth.)
to apologize to someone (for something)
to apostatise
to apostatize
to apostrophise
to apostrophize
to apotheosize
to appal
to appall
to apparel
to appeal
to appeal (against)
to appeal (against) (to)
to appeal (to)
to appeal to (for)
to appeal to sb. (for)
to appear
to appear (sun, light)
to appear as a witness
to appear in outlines
to appear respectable
to appear strange
to appease
to append
to append (to)
to appertain
to applaud
to applique
to apply
to apply (for)
to apply (to)
to apply a dressing
to apply a rule
to apply a zero rate
to apply double standards
to apply for (to sb.)
to apply for (to someone)
to apply for a job
to apply for bankruptcy proceedings
to apply for half year's leave of absence
to apply for leave
to apply Occam's razor
to apply oneself to
to apply pressure to
to apply pressure to sb.
to apply sth. by analogy
to apply the brakes
to apply the emergency brake
to apply to
to appoint
to appoint a guardian
to appoint sb. judge
to apportion
to appraise
to appreciate
to appreciate a currency
to appreciate in value
to appreciate sth.
to apprehend
to apprentice (to)
to apprise
to approach
to approach (for
to approach a girl
to approach a task
to approach sb.
to appropriate
to appropriate (for)
to appropriate reserves
to approve
to approve an application
to approve of something
to approve sth.
to approximate
to April fool sb.
to arbitrate
to arch
to arch one's back
to arch up
to archive
to argue
to argue (with
to argue conclusively (correctly)
to argue so. out of sth.
to argue sth. away
to argue the converse
to argue with sb. about (over) sth.
to arise
to arise (problem)
to arise {arose
to arise from
to arm (a bomb)
to arm (with)
to armour plate
to arouse
to arraign
to arrange
to arrange (about)
to arrange (by)
to arrange a deadline
to arrange a demonstration
to arrange a loan
to arrange a meeting
to arrange a time
to arrange alphabetically
to arrange for sth.
to arrange in alphabetical order
to arrange the conditions
to arrange the shaft bearings
to arrange to meet sb.
to arrange with sb. (about)
to arrange with someone (about)
to array
to arrest
to arrest attention
to arrest bleeding
to arrest sb.
to arrive
to arrive at
to arrive at a decision
to arrive home
to arrive in dribs and drabs
to arrive out of the blue
to arrogante
to arrogate
to arrogate sth. for oneself
to articulate
to ascend
to ascertain
to ascertain position by dead reckoning
to ascribe
to ascribe sth. to sb.
to ascribing
to ask
to ask (for)
to ask a blessing
to ask a favour
to ask a question
to ask back
to ask for
to ask for a vote of confidence
to ask for advice
to ask for an injunction
to ask for permission
to ask for permission to speak
to ask for so.'s help
to ask for sth.
to ask pardon for
to ask permission of so.
to ask sb. for sth.
to ask sb. to pay
to ask sb.'s advice
to ask sb.'s pardon
to ask specifically about sth.
to ask the time
to ask the way
to ask through
to ask to come
to ask to dinner
to ask too much
to asperse
to asphalt
to asphyxiate
to aspirate
to aspire
to aspire to
to assail
to assail sb.
to assassinate
to assassinate sb.
to assault
to assay
to assemble
to assemble (with)
to assent
to assent (to)
to assent to an opinion
to assert
to assert a claim
to assert a right
to assess
to assess (at)
to assess sth. at its true worth
to asseverate
to assign
to assign (to a post)
to assign (to)
to assign a claim
to assign a job
to assign a patent
to assign resources
to assign to
to assign transfer
to assimilate
to assimilate food
to assimilate immigrants into the community
to assimilate information
to assimilate into sth.
to assist
to assist sb.
to associate
to associate oneself with sb.
to associate oneself with sth.
to associate with sb.
to assort
to assort (by water)
to assuage
to assuage pain
to assume
to assume a risk
to assume alarming proportions
to assume an office
to assume del credere liability
to assume horrifying proportions
to assume that ...
to assume that everyone knows sth.
to assure
to asterisk
to astonish
to astound
to astray
to at least
to atomise
to atomize
to atone (for)
to atrophy
to attach
to attach (by plugging on)
to attach (to)
to attach conditions to
to attach great importance to sth.
to attach importance
to attach importance to sth.
to attach itself (to)
to attach value (to)
to attack
to attack down the wings
to attain
to attain a great age
to attain full age
to attain maturity
to attempt
to attend
to attend a lecture
to attend a school
to attend church
to attend evening classes
to attend on sb.
to attend on someone
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