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Results for T in English, page 167
to attend to
to attend to a customer
to attend to interest
to attention
to attenuate
to attest
to attire
to attitudinize
to attract
to attract attention
to attract new business
to attract new readers
to attract sb.'s attention
to attribute
to attribute sth. to sb.
to attune
to attune (a musical instrument)
to attune (to)
to attune to sth.
to auction
to auction off
to audit
to audit the cash
to audition
to augment
to augur
to augur ill
to augur well
to auscultate
to authenticate
to author
to authorise
to authorize
To autoantigen
to autograph
to automate
to automatise
to automatize
to avail
to avail oneself
to avail oneself of government assistance
to avail oneself of sth.
to avenge
to avenge oneself on sb.
to aventurize
to aver
to average
to average (over)
to average out
to avert
to avert ...
to avert (a danger)
to avert bankruptcy
to avert one's gaze from
to aviate
to avoid
to avoid a duplication of effort
to avoid any possibility of confusion
to avoid bankruptcy
to avoid confusion
to avoid customs duty
to avoid danger
to avoid distortion of the results (produced) by ...
to avoid doing sth.
to avoid the issue
to avouch
to avow
to await
to await eagerly
to await one's chance
to await sth.
to awake
to awake {awoke, awaked
to awake from a deep sleep
to awaken
to award
to award (a prize)
to award a contract
to award a free-kick or penalty (football)
to award a penalty
to award damages
to awarding
to aware
to awe
to ax
to axe
to axe a project
to axe sb.
to babble
to babble out
to baby-sit
to babysit {babysat
to back
to back a car out of the garage
to back a decision
to back away (from)
to back down
to back off
to back off (from)
to back off from danger
to back out (of)
to back out of
to back out of sth.
to back out of the nuclear energy program
to back post
to back sb.
to back sth.
to back the wrong horse
to back tiles with a layer of insulating material
to back up
to back-pedal
to back-space
to backbite {backbit
to backcomb
to backdate
to backfill
to backfire
to backout
to backpedal
to backslide {backslid
to backslide {backslid, backslid}
to backtrack
to backup
to bad-mouth
to bad-mouth the referee
to badger
to badmouth
to baffle
to baffle (sound)
to baffle sb.
to bag
to bail
to bail (for)
to bail on
to bail on sb.
to bail on sth.
to bail out
to bail out a boat
to bail sb. out
to bail someone out
to bait
to bake
to bake (right) through
to bake long enough
to bake out
to balance
to balance on a knife edge
to balance out
to balance the wheels
to bale
to bale out
to bale out a boat
to balk
to balk (at)
to balkanize
to ball
to ballast
to balloon
to ballot (for)
to bamboozle
to ban
to ban from flying
to ban sb. from a profession
to band
to band together
to band together against sb.
to bandage
to bandage sb. up
to bandy
to bandy (the ball)
to bang
to bang on the door
to bang sb. up
to bang together
to bang your head against a brick wall
to banish
to bank
to bank on
to bank up
to bank upon
to bankroll
to bankrupt
to banter
to baptize
to bar
to bar one's way (to)
to bar sb. from a competition
to bar sb.'s way
to bar sb.'s way (to)
to bar someone's way (to)
to bar the way to progress
to barbarize
to barbecue
to bare
to bare one's teeth
to barf
to bargain away
to bargain for
to barge
to barge in
to barge in (on)
to barhop
to bark
to bark at
to bark up the wrong tree
to barley/narrowly escape sth.
to barnstorm
to barrack
to barrel
to barricade
to barter
to barter away
to base (on)
to base on
to base oneself on
to bash
to bash sb. up
to bash sb.'s head in
to bash sth. in
to basify
to bask
to bask in sth.
to bask in the sun
to basset
to bastardise
to bastardize
to baste
to baste a roast
to bat
to bat (one's eyelashes)
to batch
to bate
to bath
to bathe
to bathe nude
to batten
to batten (on)
to batten onto
to batter
to batter down
to battle
to battle one's way (through sth.)
to bawl
to bawl out
to bawl sb. out
to bay
to bayonet
to be
to be (far) ahead of sb.
to be (in a state of ) shock
to be (left) stranded
to be (on a) level with
to be {was, were
to be 5 mm too long
to be a (bit of a) handful
to be a 110/200 percenter
to be a babe in the woods (when it comes to ...)
to be a bad terms
to be a bar to sth.
to be a bird brain
to be a bit crackers
to be a bit hard up
to be a bit of a bully
to be a black market operator
to be a blaze
to be a blockhead
to be a burden to sb.
to be a candidate against
to be a candidate for
to be a cheat
to be a chicken
to be a crowd-pleaser
to be a dead-ringer
to be a disgraced (to)
to be a fair-weather friend/partnership
to be a female preserve
to be a global player (institution)
to be a global player (phenomenon)
to be a goner
to be a good influence
to be a good match
to be a good team player
to be a haven/centre /center of tranquility
to be a horrific sight
to be a humdinger
to be a livewire
to be a long shot
to be a lucky devil
to be a male preserve
to be a match for sb.
to be a member at the bar
to be a member of the nobility
to be a member of the party
to be a missionary
to be a moneymaker (for a project)
to be a mouthful
to be a native Berliner
to be a no-show
to be a no-show at an appointment
to be a notch above
to be a nuisance to sb.
to be a passing acquaintance (of sb.)
to be a pervert
to be a pipe smoker
to be a Pollyanna
to be a portent of
to be a prelude (to)
to be a protected animal
to be a racist
to be a real cutie
to be a real vision
to be a reproach to sb.
to be a right-winger
to be a sellout
to be a slave of
to be a slog
to be a smart-ass
to be a smooth talker
to be a sound sleeper
to be a sporty dresser
to be a stickler for red tape
to be a strain on
to be a stunner
to be a success
to be a swindler
to be a thing of the past
to be a trial to sb.
to be a tribute to sb.
to be a trouble to sb.
to be abeyant
to be ablaze
to be ablaze with light
to be able
to be able to
to be able to cope with a heavy workload
to be able to cope with sth.
to be able to deal {dealt
to be able to go out
to be able to look after oneself
to be able to see the full extent of sth.
to be able to work under pressure
to be about
to be about to
to be about to do sth.
to be above (doing) sth.
to be above reproach
to be above such things
to be above the clouds
to be absent
to be absent for a while
to be absolutely determined
to be acceptable to sb.
to be accepted as legally binding
to be accustomed to sth.
to be achieved
to be acquainted with
to be active (in)
to be active in politics
to be active in public health
to be adamant that ...
to be added
to be added to clear soups
to be addicted (to)
to be addicted to
to be addicted to alcohol
to be addicted to drugs
to be addicted to smoking
to be addictive
to be adequate
to be adequate to the task
to be admitted to the bar
to be adrift
to be advancing
to be afflicted with
to be afflicted with a disease
to be afraid
to be afraid (of)
to be afraid of
to be afraid of one's own shadow
to be afraid of sth.
to be after sth./sb.
to be against sth.
to be aglitter with lights
to be ahead of sb.
to be air-sick
to be ajar
to be alarmed
to be alert
to be alert for trouble
to be alert to sth.
to be alight
to be alive
to be alive with
to be alive with (midges)
to be all by oneself
to be all churned up inside
to be all ears
to be all eyes
to be all gone
to be all in a fluster
to be all in a sweat
to be all knocked out
to be all of a dither
to be all self
to be all set
to be all thumbs
to be allowed
to be allusive
to be alone in the world
to be always interfering
to be amazed
to be amenable to the law
to be an achiever
to be an anathema to sb.
to be an argument against
to be an eager beaver
to be an everyday occurence
to be an everyday occurrence
to be an expert on the subject
to be an extrovert
to be an island/oasis of tranquility (location)
to be an outrage against decency
to be an outrage against good taste
to be an outrage upon dignity
to be angry
to be angry at something
to be angry at sth.
to be angry with
to be angry with sb.
to be angry with someone
to be announced /TBA/
to be annoyed
to be annoyed about sth.
to be annoyed at sb.
to be annoyed with sth.
to be anticyclical
to be antipathetic to sb.
to be antipathetic to sth.
to be anxious
to be anxious about so.
to be anxious for sth.
to be anxious to
to be anxious to do sth
to be anxious to do sth./that sth. should be done
to be appalled (at sth.
to be apparent
to be appreciative of sth.
to be apprehensive
to be apprehensive of sth.
to be Argus-eyed
to be around
to be aroused
to be arrived
to be as bright as a button
to be as fresh as a daisy
to be as mad as a hatter
to be as poor as a church mouse
to be as safe as houses
to be as thick as thieves
to be ashamed (of
to be ashamed of sth.
to be asked to present oneself for interview
to be asleep
to be assailed with doubts
to be assassinated
to be associated with sb.
to be associated with sth.
to be astonished
to be at
to be at a crossroads
to be at a dead loss
to be at a disadvantage
to be at a loose end
to be at a loss for
to be at a loss for an answer
to be at a point where ...
to be at cross purpose
to be at daggers drawn with sb.
to be at feud
to be at full stretch
to be at large
to be at loggerheads (with sb.)
to be at loggerheads with so.
to be at loose ends
to be at one's height
to be at one's last gasp
to be at one's wits end
to be at one's wits' end
to be at prayer
to be at rest
to be at rock-bottom
to be at sb.'s discretion
to be at sb.'s disposal
to be at sb.'s mercy
to be at school
to be at sixes and sevens
to be at stake
to be at table
to be at the bottom of the table
to be at the helm
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