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to be under age
to be under arms
to be under consideration
to be under continual pressure
to be under deadline pressure
to be under general anaesthetic
to be under medical treatment
to be under oath
to be under police surveillance
to be under pressure
to be under review
to be under sb.'s control
to be under sb.'s spell
to be under someone's spell
to be under stress
to be under suspicion
to be under the delusion
to be under the impression that ...
to be under time pressure
to be under way
to be undersexed
to be understaffed
to be uneasy
to be unfaithful
to be unfaithful to
to be unfriendly to sb.
to be ungrudging in
to be ungrudgingly in
to be uninhibited by sth.
to be uninhibited in doing sth.
to be unique
to be unkind to animals
to be unlucky (with)
to be unnecessary
to be unoccupied
to be unrecoverable
to be unresolved
to be unshaken
to be unsound on
to be unsparing in one's efforts
to be unsteady on one's feet
to be unsuccessful
to be unsuccessful because of sth.
to be unsure whether ...
to be unswerving in sth.
to be unwilling
to be up
to be up a creek
to be up a creek without a paddle
to be up a gum tree
to be up in arms against
to be up on the bulletin board
to be up on the noticebord
to be up the pole
to be up to date
to be up to mischief
to be up to no good
to be up to one's neck in work
to be up to something
to be up to sth.
to be up to the mark
to be up-to-date
to be upside down
to be used to
to be used to (using) computers
to be used to sth.
to be used up
to be vacant
to be vain about sth.
to be valid
to be valid for three month
to be very conscious about sth.
to be very exacting
to be very involved (active) in
to be very involved (with
to be very learned in art history
to be very popular
to be very proud of sth.
to be very sensitive
to be very well received
to be vexed (about
to be victorious
to be vigilant about sth.
to be vigilant against sth.
to be visible
to be voiced
to be vulnerable
to be wanted on the phone
to be wasted
to be wasteful with sth.
to be wavy
to be welcome
to be well disposed to sb.
to be well informed
to be well versed
to be well-placed
to be well-placed (to meet a challenge)
to be well-spoken
to be wet through
to be whacked
to be wide awake
to be widely read
to be willing (to)
to be willing to do sth.
to be wise afterwards
to be with it
to be with sb.
to be within 30 minutes of ...
to be without any foundation
to be witty
to be wont to do sth.
to be working
to be working on sth.
to be working-class
to be worn out
to be worried
to be worried (about)
to be worried that ...
to be worse off
to be worth
to be worth a mint
to be worth considering
to be worth it
to be worth one's while
to be worth sth.
to be worth while
to be worthwhile
to be wounded
to be wrong
to be wrong in the garret
to be yellow
to be yellow carded
to be yellow carded by the referee (for)
to be)
to beach
to bead
to beam
to beam at
to beam at sb.
to beam towards
to beam with joy
to bear
to bear (on)
to bear {bore
to bear {bore, borne}
to bear a grudge against sb.
to bear a title
to bear all customs duties and taxes
to bear all risks
to bear all taxes
to bear any additional costs
to bear any customs duties
to bear arms
to bear away
to bear company
to bear comparison with
to bear down
to bear eloquent witness to sth.
to bear fruit
to bear grudges
to bear in mind
to bear off
to bear out
to bear sb. a grudge
to bear so. a grudge for sth.
to bear sth. in mind
to bear testimony (for)
to bear the blame
to bear the brunt of the household chores
to bear the consequences
to bear the cost
to bear the costs
to bear the expense
to bear the guilt of sth.
to bear up
to bear up (against
to bear up (against, under)
to bear witness to sth.
to bear/take/suffer the brunt of sth.
to beard
to beard the lion in his den
to beat
to beat (metall)
to beat {beat
to beat {beat, beaten}
to beat a retreat
to beat about the bush
to beat around the bush
to beat down
to beat it
to beat its wings
to beat prices
to beat sb. to a pulp
to beat sb. to it
to beat sb. to the punch
to beat sth. to a thick consistency
to beat the big drum (for something)
to beat the big drum (for sth.)
to beat the drum
to beat the heat
to beat time
to beat to death
to beat up
to beat up/thrash sb.
to beatback
to beatify sb.
to beautify
to beaver away
to becalm
to beckon
to beckon back
to beckon in
to beckon over
to becloud
to become {became
to become a burden
to become a crowd-pleaser
to become a doctor
to become a habit
to become a household name
to become a member
to become a process with its own dynamic
to become a slave
to become a slave to sb.
to become a specialist
to become abusive
to become abusive towards sb.
to become accessible
to become addicted
to become addicted (to sth.)
to become addicted to alcohol
to become airborne
to become an (army) officer
to become an addict
to become an orphan
to become angry
to become attuned to sth.
to become awake
to become aware of
to become aware of sb.
to become aware of sth.
to become batty
to become better and better
to become blinkered in one's work
to become blurred
to become boggy
to become burgeois
to become caked
to become clear
to become clear of ice
to become common currency
to become completely caught up in a role
to become contractual
to become convinced
to become countrified
to become covered (with)
to become depopulated
to become deposited (in)
to become desolate
to become dilapidated
to become discoloured
to become discouraged (by)
to become diseased
to become effective
to become encrusted
to become engaged
to become extinct
to become famous through television
to become fat
to become felted
to become fond of
to become fond of sb.
to become fond of sth.
to become footsore
to become friends
to become furious about sth.
to become habitual
to become hardened
to become impoverished
to become incrusted
to become independent
to become indistinct
to become infatuated with
to become infested with lice
to become inflamed
to become inflamed with passion
to become intertwined
to become inured to
to become known
to become lonely
to become marshy
to become matted
to become more complicated
to become mutinous
to become naturalized
to become no longer necessary
to become obsessed (with)
to become obsolete
to become obvious
to become operative
to become ossified
to become outdated
to become overcast
to become overgrown
to become passionate about
to become personal
to become pregnant
to become public knowledge
to become really angry
to become second nature to sb.
to become self-employed
to become senile
to become set on sth.
to become short of breath
to become silent
to become spoiled
to become stale
to become stretched
to become stultified
to become stunted
to become stupid
to become suspicious
to become swollen
to become the mouthpiece of ...
to become tired
to become undecided
to become untidy
to become upset
to become violent
to become visible
to bed
to bedabble
to bedaub
to bedazzle (by light)
to bedeck
to bedevil
to bedraggle
to beef (about)
to beef up
to beep
to befall
to befall {befell
to befit
to befit {befit
to befog
to befoul
to befriend
to befuddle
to beg
to beg (for)
to beg (of sb.)
to beg leave
to beg off
to beg sb.
to beg so.'s pardon for sth.
to beg the question
to beget {begot, begat
to beggar
to beggar sb.
to begin
to begin {began
to begin learning
to begin to go bad
to begin to sparkle
to begin to waver
to begin to wonder
to begin with
to begin with he's too old
To begin with he's too old.
to begin/start to go a bit gaga
to begird
to begrime
to begrudge
to beguile
to beguile sb. into doing sth.
to behave
to behave (oneself)
to behave (oneself) well
to behave in a strange fashion
to behave like vandals
to behave with integrity
to behead
to behead sb.
to behold
to behold {beheld
to behoove
to behove
to belabor
to belabour
to belay
to belch
to beleaguer
to belie
to belief
to believe (in)
to believe (wrong)
to believe in God
to believe oneself to
to believe oneself to be lost
to believe sb.
to belittle
to belittle oneself
to bellow
to bellyache (about)
to belong
to belong (to)
to belong to
to belong to it
to belong together
to belt
to belt along
to belt up
to belt up even on short journeys
to bemoan
to bemuse
to bench
to bend
to bend {bent
to bend {bent, bent}
to bend down
to bend down low
to bend forward
to bend off
to bend one's steps towards home
to bend out of shape
to bend the knee
to bend up
to beneficiate
to benefit
to benefit (by
to benefit (by, from)
to benefit (from, by)
to benumb
to bequeath
to bequeath sth. (to)
to bequeath sth. to sb.
to berate
to bereave {bereaved, bereft
to berth
to beseech
to beseech {besought, beseeched
to beseem
to beset
to beset {beset
to besiege
to besmear
to besmirch
to besot
to bespeak {bespoke
to best
to bestir
to bestow
to bestow a glance on sb.
to bestow sth. on so.
to bestow sth. upon so.
to bestrew {bestrewed
to bestride {bestrode
to bestride {bestrode, bestrid
to bet {bet, betted
to bet on the wrong horse
to bet the ranch
to betake {betook
to bethink {bethought
to betray
to betray (into
to betray (to)
to betray sb.
to betray sb.'s trust
to betroth
to better
to better oneself
to bevel
to bewail
to beware
to beware (of)
to beware of sth.
to bewilder
to bewilder sb.
to bewitch
to bias
to bias (towards sth.)
to bib
to bicker
to bid {bade, bid
to bid farewell
to bide {bided, bode
to bide awhile
to bide one's time
to bifurcate
to bike
to bilk
to bill
to bill and coo
to billet (on)
to billow
to bin
to bind
to bind {bound
to bind in boards
to bind together
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