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to bisect
to bisque fire
to bitch
to bitch (about)
to bitch and moan
to bitch up
to bite
to bite {bit
to bite back sth.
to bite into
to bite off
to bite off sb.
to bite one´s tongue
to bite one's nails to the quick
to bite one's tongue
to bite the bait
to bite the bullet
to bite the dust
to bite through
to bivouac
to blab
to blabber (on)
to black
to black out
to blackball
to blacken
to blacken with soot
to blacker
to blackguard sb.
to blackmail
to blade
to blag
to blame
to blame one another
to blame sb. for
to blame sb. for sth.
to blame somebody for
to blanch
to blandish
to blank after
to blanket
to blare
to blaspheme
to blast
to blast (mine)
to blast clean
to blast the contacts
to blather
to blaze
to blaze the trail
to blaze up
to blazon
to bleach
to bleach out
to bleat
to bleed
to bleed {bled
to bleed {bled, bled}
to bleed off
to bleed the veins
to bleed to death
to bleed white sb.
to blemish
to blench
to blend
to blend (with)
to blend {blended, blent
to blend a sauce
to blend wine
to bless
to bless {blessed, blest
to blether
to blight
to blind
to blind out
to blindfold
to blindside
to blink
to blink at
to blister
to bloat
to blob
to block
to block (off)
to block up
to blockade
to blog
to bloom
to blossom
to blossom out
to blot
to blot out
to blotch
to bloviate
to blow
to blow (money)
to blow (something) off
to blow (tyre/tire)
to blow {blew
to blow a child's nose
to blow a fuse
to blow a fuse (fig. et lit.)
to blow a whistle
to blow an egg
to blow at
to blow away
to blow gently
to blow in one breath
to blow in to
to blow off
to blow one's cool
to blow one's nose
to blow one's own trumpet
to blow out
to blow out (a well)
to blow over
to blow sb.
to blow sb. a kiss
to blow sb.'s cover
to blow smoke
to blow sth.
to blow sth. up
to blow the cover of
to blow the gaff
to blow the whistle on sb.
to blow up
to blow up (a problem)
to blow up (with powder)
to blow-dry
to blubber
to blubber out
to bludgeon
to blue
to blue-pencil
to bluff
to blunder
to blunder in/into
to blunder into a trap
to blunge
to blunt (to)
to blur
to blurt
to blurt out
to blush
to blush with shame
to bluster
to board
to board (a ship)
to board out
to board up
to boast
to boast (about)
to boast (of
to boast (of, about)
to boast (of)
to bob
to bob up
to bobbin lace
to bobsled
to bode
to bodge
to bog
to bog down
to bogart sth.
to boggle
to boil
to boil away
to boil down
to boil down to sth.
to boil over
to boil up
to boil with rage
to bollix
to bollix up
to bollix up sth.
to bolster
to bolster sb. up
to bolster up
to bolster up so.
to bolt
to bolt down (one's food)
to bolt sb. in
to bolt sb. out
to bolt together
to bomb
to bomb along
to bomb out
to bomb out with sb.
to bomb the game
to bombard
to bombard sb. with questions
to bond
to bond (to)
to bone
to bone up (on sth.)
to bone up on maths
to boo
to boob
to booby-trap
to book
to book an order
to book exhibition space
to book into
to boom
to boomerange
to boondoggle
to boost
to boot
to boot a computer
to boot out
to bootleg
to bootlick
to bootstrap
to booze
to border
to border (on)
to border on each other (countries)
to bore
to bore (into
to bore out
to bore sound
to bore stiff
to bore through
to bore to death
to bore to tears
to borrow (from)
to borrow for ... weeks
to borrow form
to borrow up to ... books
to boss
to boss around
to botch
to botch up
to bother
to bottle
to bottle up
to bottom out
to bottom up
to boulder
to bounce
to bounce (cheque/check)
to bounce back
to bounce off (waves)
to bounce up
to bound
to bow
to bow and scrape
to bow one's thanks
to bow out
to bow to
to bow to necessity
to bow to the inevitable
to bow up
to bowdlerize
to bowl
to bowl along
to bowl over
to box
to box the ears
to boycot
to brace
to brace for sth.
to brace oneself
to brace up
to bracket
to brag
to brag (about)
to braid
to brain
to brain up sth.
to brainwash sb.
to braise
to brake
to brake hard
to branch
to branch backward
to branch off
to brand
to brand as a heretic
to brandish
to brattice off
to brave
to brawl
to bray
to braze
to braze on
to breach
to breach (a contract)
to bread
to break
to break (off) an engagement
to break (up) with sb.
to break (up) with someone
to break {broke
to break a complex task into simpler ones
to break a habit
to break a rule
to break a stereotype
to break an engagement
to break away
to break away (from)
to break away from the parental home
to break camp
to break dance
to break down
to break even
to break faith to sb.
to break forth
to break free (from)
to break fresh ground
to break ground
to break in
to break in on sb.
to break in on someone
to break in two
to break into
to break into a gallop
to break into a run
to break into a smile
to break into tears
to break loose
to break off
to break off a conversation
to break off contact with sb.
to break off diplomatic relations
to break off from work
to break off in mid-sentence
to break off relations with sb.
to break on the wheel
to break one's leg
to break one's oath
to break one's silence
to break one's word
to break open
to break out
to break out (from
to break out in a sweat
to break out in spots
to break somebody's back
to break step
to break surface (submarine)
to break the ice
to break the news to sb.
to break the news to someone
to break the reform log-jam
to break the rules
to break through
to break through sb.'s reserve
to break to pieces
to break up
to break up class routine
to break up with sb.
to break with conventions
to breakfast
to breaking point
to breast (out)
to breast the waves
to breast-feed {breast-fed
to breathe
to breathe again
to breathe fire and brimstone
to breathe in
to breathe on
to breathe out
to breathe stertorously
to breed
to breed {bred
to breeze
to breeze along
to breeze through
to brew
to bribe
to brick up
to bridge
to bridge a gulf
to bridge over
to bridge the gap between ... and ...
to bridle
to bridle (at)
to brief
to brief so.
to brighten
to brim
to brim over
to bring
to bring (to)
to bring {brought
to bring {brought, brought}
to bring a charge (against)
to bring a charge against sb.
to bring a return
to bring about
to bring along
to bring back
to bring back memories
to bring behind bars
to bring claims or legal proceedings against sb. (for sth.)
to bring down
to bring down to a common denominator
to bring forth
to bring forward
to bring forward a motion
to bring in
to bring in an accusation
to bring in line
to bring into accordance
to bring into service
to bring it down
to bring oneself to do sth.
to bring out
to bring out the main points
to bring over
to bring round
to bring sb. before
to bring sb. down a peg or two
to bring sb. into disrepute
to bring sb. to his senses
to bring sb. to the gallows
to bring sb. up to scratch
to bring shame upon sb.
to bring so. up to scratch
to bring someone before
to bring something up to date
to bring st. under control
to bring sth. alive
to bring sth. to a standstill
to bring sth. to bear
to bring sth. to sb.'s notice
to bring sth. up to date
to bring the house down
to bring to
to bring to a stop
to bring to an issue
to bring to heel
to bring to light
to bring to mind
to bring together
to bring traffic to a standstill
to bring up
to bring up a child
to bring up a subject
to bring up sth.
to bring up-to-date
to briste (with)
to bristle
to bristle with anger
to broach
to broach (topic
to broach the issue of sth.
to broach the subject again
to broadcast {broadcast, broadcasted
to broaden
to broaden one's horizon
to broider
to broil
to broken down
to broker
to brood
to brook
to browbeat
to browbeat {browbeat
to brown
to brownnose
to browse
to browse through
to bruise
to bruit
to brush
to brush (one's teeth)
to brush aside
to brush away
to brush off
to brush one's teeth
to brush someone off
to brush up on something
to brush up on sth.
to brutalize
to bubble
to bubble over
to buck
to buck (against)
to buck off (rider)
to buck the trend
to buck up
to buckle
to buckle down
to buckle down to a task
to buckle on
to buckle up
to bud
to bud (trees)
to budge
to budget
to budget (for sth.)
to budget for sth.
to buff
to buffer
to buffet
to bug
to bugger
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