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to bugger off
to bugger up
to bugger up sth.
to bugle
to build
to build (up)
to build {built
to build a house
to build castles in the air
to build houses on to each other
to build in
to build of wood
to build relationships
to build sth. out of prefabricated components
to build up
to build up pressure
to build with a cellar
to bulge
to bull
to bull the market
to bulldoze
to bulletproof
to bullshit sb.
to bully
to bully a colleague
to bully around
to bully off
to bully sb.
to bully sb. (into doing sth.)
to bum
to bum (off sb.)
to bum around
to bumble about
to bumble around
to bump
to bump off
to bump sb.
to bump someone off
to bunch
to bundle
to bundle away
to bundle out
to bundle up
to bung
to bung so.
to bung up
to bungle
to bunk
to bunk off
to bunker
to bunt
to buoy
to burble
to burden
to burgeon
to burglarise
to burglarize
to burgle
to burlesque
to burn
to burn {burnt, burned
to burn coal
to burn down
to burn incense
to burn like tinder
to burn off
to burn one's candle at both ends
to burn oneself out
to burn out
to burn the midnight oil
to burn through
to burn to ashes
to burn up
to burn up {burnt, burned
to burn-in
to burn-out
to burnish
to burp
to burp a baby
to burp up
to burr
to burrow
to burst
to burst {burst
to burst {burst, burst}
to burst asunder
to burst at the seams
to burst in
to burst into bloom
to burst into tears
to burst its banks
to burst open {burst
to burst out crying
to burst out laughing
to burst with curiosity
to bury
to bury one's head in the sand
to bury sb.
to bury the hatchet
to bushwhack
to buss
to bust
to bustle
to bustle about
to bustle in
to bustle out
to busy
to busy oneself with sth.
to butcher
to butt
to butt in
to butt out
to butter
to butter sb. up
to butter someone up
to butter up
to button up
to buttress
to buy
to buy {bought
to buy {bought, bought} (from)
to buy a beer
to buy a pig in a poke
to buy a ticket
to buy at an auction
to buy at cheapest
to buy at normal prices
to buy at the sales
to buy back
to buy by subscription
to buy cheap
to buy en route
to buy from
to buy in addition
to buy in the sales
to buy off the peg
to buy on account
to buy on hire purchase
to buy on the black market
to buy on the installment plan
to buy on the instalment plan
to buy on tick
to buy secondhand
to buy sth.
to buy sth. at an overvalue
to buy sth. for 20 Euro
to buy sth. off the shelf
to buy sth. on the never-never
to buy sth. with one's pocket money
to buy up
to buzz
to buzz off
to bypass
to cabal
to cabbage
to cabin
to cable
to cach a check
to cache
to cackle
to cadge
to cadge money from sb.
to caffeinate
to cage
to cage up
to cajole
to cajole sb into doing sth.
to cajole sb.
to cajole sth. out of so.
to cake
to calcify
to calcine
to calculate
to calender
to calibrate
to calk
to calk by welding
to call
to call "du"
to call a general election
to call a waiter
to call at
to call attention
to call attention (to)
to call attention to
to call back
to call each other "du"
to call for
to call for (at)
to call for help
to call for martial law
to call forth
to call in
to call in (at
to call in close air support
to call in money
to call in sick
to call it a day
to call off
to call on
to call on sb.
to call on someone
to call out
to call out (names)
to call over
to call over the Internet
to call sb.
to call sb. "Sie"
to call sb. in evidence
to call sb. names
to call sb. to account
to call sb.'s attention to sth.
to call sth. to mind
to call the mediation committee
to call the police
to call the roll
to call the shots
to call the tune
to call to account
to call to arms
to call to heel
to call together
to call up
to call upon nature
to callback
to callous
to calm
to calm down
to calm oneself
to calumniate
to calumny
to calve
to camber
to camcord
to camouflage
to camp
to campaign
to campaign (for
to can
to canalize
to cancel
to cancel a contract
to cancel a newspaper subscription
to cancel a subscription
to cancel an appointment
to cancel an invitation
to cancel because of problems with one's schedule
to cancel sb.'s name
to cancel stamps
to cancel sth.
to candy
to candy (sugar)
to candy-coat
to cane
to cane sb.
to cannibalize
to cannon
to cannon into sth.
to canoe
to canonicalize
to canonize
to canoodle
to canopy
to cant
to cant off
to canter
to canvass
to canvass for customers
to cap
to cap everything
to cap sb.
to cap the day/evening/event off
to capacitate
to caper
to capitalise
to capitalize
to capitalize on
to capitulate
to capsize
to captain
to caption
to captivate
to capture
to capture (town)
to capture a pawn en passant
to carbonate
to carbonize
to carburet
to card
to care
to care (about)
to care for
to care lovingly for sb.
to careen
to caress
to caricature
to carny
to carouse
to carp (at)
to carpenter
to carpet
to carpool
to carry
to carry a child to full term
to carry a hallmark (medal, order)
to carry a motion
to carry a torch for
to carry a torch for sb.
to carry along
to carry away
to carry coals to Newcastle
to carry conviction
to carry down
to carry interest
to carry no weight
to carry off
to carry on
to carry on (out) a trade
to carry on a controversy
to carry on a vendetta against sb.
to carry on doing sth.
to carry on talking
to carry on with
to carry out
to carry out a building search
to carry out a commission
to carry out a plan
to carry out a postmortem examination
to carry out coring
to carry out the examination
to carry over
to carry sb. far away (from)
to carry sth.
to carry sth. along
to carry sth. too far
to carry the responsibility for themselves
to carry through
to carry to an extreme
to carry together
to carry weight
to cart
to cart away
to cart off
to cart sth. along
to cartoon
to carve
to carve (into)
to carve a figure in wood
to carve out
to carve out a niche for oneself
to carve out a tunnel in a rock
to carve sth. out
to cascade
to case
to case-harden
to cash
to cash a cheque
to cast
to cast {cast
to cast {cast, cast}
to cast a ballot
to cast a damp over sth.
to cast a shadow over sth.
to cast a slur on sb.
to cast a spell on sb.
to cast a spell over someone
to cast its leaves
to cast lots
to cast off
to cast off sth./sb.
to cast one's feathers
to cast one's skin
to cast out {cast
to cast seed
to castigate
to castigate oneself
to castle (chess)
to castrate
to catalogue
to catalogue a book
to catalyse
to catalyze
to catapult
to catch (at)
to catch (on)
to catch (the) flu
to catch {caught
to catch a bad cold
to catch a cold
to catch a glimpse
to catch a serious cold
to catch alight
to catch attention
to catch cold
to catch fire
to catch hold of
to catch in the act
to catch one's breath
to catch oneself doing sth.
to catch oneself thinking that
to catch red-handed
to catch sb. copying
to catch sb. on the wrong foot
to catch sb.'s fancy
to catch sight (of)
to catch sight of sb.
to catch sight of something
to catch sight of sth.
to catch the speaker's eye
to catch the train
to catch up
to catch up on
to catch up on some paperwork
to catch up on sth.
to catch up with sb.
to catch with one's pants down
to catch/pick up the odd word
to catechize
to categorise
to categorize
to catenate
to cater
to cater (a party)
to cater (for)
to cater for
to caterwaul
to catheterize
to catnap
to caulk
to caulk in
to cause
to cause (by)
to cause a road accident resulting in death
to cause a sensation
to cause a stir
to cause anguish
to cause damage while/when parking
to cause sb. anxiety
to cause sb. embarrassment
to cause sb. to be buried
to cause sb.'s death
to cause surprise
to cause the downfall
to cause to give
to cause trouble
to cauterise
to cauterize
to caution
to cave
to cave in
to cavil
to cavil (at)
to cavort
to caw
to cease
to cease (from)
to cease (to apply)
to cease fire
to cease glowing
to cease payment
to cease to be in force
to cease work
to cede
to ceil
to celebrate
to celebrate her birthday
to celebrate one's birthday
to celebrate taking first and second place
to celebrate the start of a new job
to celebrate with a few good friends
to celebrate within the family circle
to cell phone
to cement
to censore
to censure
to center
to center-punch
to centralize
to centre
to centrifugate
to certificate
to certify
to certify insane
to certify the contract
to chad
to chafe
to chagrin
to chain
to chain up
to chain up (to)
to chair
to chair a meeting
to chalk up
to challenge
to challenge sb. to a return game (match)
to chamfer
to champ
to champ at the bit
to chance
to chance it
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