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to change
to change (for)
to change (shift ) into third gear
to change between sickness funds
to change clothes
to change color
to change colour
to change diapers
to change down
to change for
to change for the better/worse
to change gears
to change hands
to change lanes
to change nappies
to change one's arrangements
to change one's clothes
to change one's dress
to change one's job
to change one's mind
to change one's residence
to change one's tune
to change one's view
to change one's views
to change over to sth.
to change places
to change round
to change sb.'s ways
to change seats
to change sides
to change society
to change suddenly
to change the oil
to change the subject
to change tune
to change up (down)
to change-over
to channel
to channel the flood of tourists
to channel-surf
to chant
to chap
to chaperon
to chaperone
to char
to characterise
to characterize
to charbroil
to charge
to charge (with)
to charge a fee
to charge off
to charge sb.
to charge sb. of an offence/crime
to charge with
to charge with a crime
to charm
to chart
to charter
to chase
to chase (gold
to chase away
to chase out
to chasten
to chasten (by)
to chasten oneself
to chastise
to chat
to chat away
to chat sb. up
to chatter
to chatter (teeth)
to chauffeur
to chaw
to cheapen
to cheat
to check
to check (for)
to check back
to check books against readers' requests
to check in
to check off
to check out
to check up
to check-in luggage
to checker
to checkmate
to checkoff
to cheep
to cheer
to cheer on
to cheer sb. on
to cheer sb. up
to cheer up
to cheer up from earlier
to cheer up from sth.
to chequer
to cherish
to cherish an illusion
to cherish hopes
to cherish sth. like life itself
to chevy
to chew (e.g. fingernails)
to chew (on
to chew (on)
to chew for
to chew on sth.
to chew one's fingernails
to chew over sth.
to chew the fat
to chew up
to chicken out (of sth.)
to chide {chid, chided
to chill
to chill out
to chill through
to chime
to chime in
to chime the bell
to chin-wag
to chink
to chip
to chipper
to chirp
to chirr
to chirrup
to chisel
to chisel off
to chlorinate
to chock
to choke
to chomp
to choose
to choose (between
to choose {chose
to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea
to choose/select from the cold buffet
to chop
to chop down
to chop off
to chop up
to chop up (into)
to choreograph
to chortle
to chorus
to christen
to chrome
to chrome-plate
to chromium-plate
to chronicle
to chuck
to chuck a job
to chuck in (studies)
to chuck sb. out
to chuck sth. at sb.
to chuckle
to chuckle (at
to chug
to chug something
to chug-a-lug something
to chuggle
to chum up
to chum up to sb.
to chummed up
to chumming up
to chunder
to churn
to churn butter
to churn out
to churn up
to chuse
to cinch
to cincture
to cipher
to circle
to circle in a thermal
to circuit
to circularize
to circulate
to circulate a person as wanted
to circulate a vehicle/an id-document etc. as stolen
to circumambulate sth.
to circumcise
to circumnavigate
to circumnavigate a cape
to circumscribe
to circumstantiate
to circumvent
to cite
to cite an example
to civilize
to clack
to claim
to claim a priority
to claim back
to claim damages
to claim kindred with sb.
to claim kindred with someone
to claim sth. for oneself
to claim to
to clam
to clamber
to clamber (up the tree / over the rocks / onto the bus / into bed)
to clamor
to clamour
to clamp
to clamp down (on sb.)
to clang
to clank
to clap
to clap one's hands
to clap so.
to clarify
to clarify a position
to clarify the procedure
to clash
to clash (with)
to clasp
to clasp one's hands
to clasp sb.'s hand
to class
to classify
to classifying
to clatter
to clause
to claw
to claw out
to clean
to clean out
to clean out the stable
to clean up
to clean up (river)
to cleanse
to clear
to clear a backlog
to clear away
to clear from mud
to clear itself up
to clear of soot
to clear off
to clear one's throat
to clear out
to clear stocks
to clear the ball to the corner
to clear the bar
to clear the road
to clear the table
to clear the way
to clear up
to clear up an undetected offence/crime
to cleat
to cleave (crystals)
to cleave {cleaved, clave
to cleave {clove, cleft, cleaved
to cleave a way
to cleave in two
to clem
to clench
to clench (teeth)
to clench one's teeth
to clench sth. between one's teeth
to clepe {clept, ycleped, yclept
to click
to click on
to climax
to climb
to climb a ladder
to climb a tree
to climb down
to climb on the bandwagon
to climb the rigging
to climb up
to climb up a mountain
to climb up the social ladder
to clinch
to clinch (a nail)
to cling (on) {clung
to cling {clung
to cling on
to cling to each other
to cling to life
to cling together
to clink
to clink glasses
to clip
to clip (for)
to clip (on)
to clip off
to clip sb.'s wings
to clip someone's wings
to cloak
to clobber
to clog
to clog up
to cloister
to cloister oneself away
to clone
to close
to close an account
to close holes airtight
to close in
to close in on sb.
to close one's doors
to close ranks
to close smoothly
to close sth. down
to close the festival
to close the proceedings
to close up
to close with a snap
to close with masonry
to closure
to clot
to clothe {clothed, clad
to cloud over
to clout
to clown
to clown about
to cloy
to club
to club together
to cluck
to clue in
to clue sb. up
to clump
to cluster
to clutch
to clutter
to clutter up
to co-author
to co-design
to co-insure
to co-operate
to co-opt
to co-sign
to coach
To coag etc.
to coagulate
to coagulate (into lumps)
to coalesce
to coalify
to coarsen
to coast
to coastdown
to coat
to coat (with)
to coat with breadcrumbs
to coat with silver
to coauthor
to coax
to coax (to do
to cobble
to cock
to cock (ears)
to cock a snook
to cock one's ears
to cock one's head
to cock one's nose
to cocker
to cocoon
to coddle
to code
to codify
to coerce
to coexist
to coffer
to cogitate
to cohabit
to cohere
to coil
to coil itself round sth.
to coin
to coincide
to coincide (with)
to coincidently
to coke
to cold draw
to cold hammer
to cold-form
to cold-hammer
to collaborate (in a work)
to collaborate (on)
to collapse
to collapse unconscious
to collar sb.
to collate
to collateralize
to collect
to collect evidence
to collect one's thoughts
to collect sb./sth.
to collect stamps
to collect the proceeds
to collect together
to collide
to collide (with)
to collimate
to collocate
to collude
to colonise
to colonize
to color
to colour
to comb
to comb one's hair
to comb out
to comb through
to combat
to combinate
to combine
to combust
to come
to come (in this direction)
to come (of)
to come {came
to come a cropper
to come about
to come across
to come across sth.
to come alive
to come along
to come amiss
to come and meet
to come apart
to come as a disappointment to sb.
to come as a relief
to come as a stunner
to come away empty-handed
to come back
to come by
to come closer
to come down
to come down (to)
to come down in the world
to come down to earth
to come down with
to come down with influenza
to come for sb.
to come for someone
to come forward
to come from
to come from a good home
to come here
to come home
to come in
to come in a rush
to come in by this door
to come in flocks
to come in handy
to come inside
to come into
to come into being
to come into bloom
to come into collision (with)
to come into conflict
to come into conflict with so.
to come into contact with sb./sth.
to come into effect
to come into existence
to come into fashion
to come into force
to come into one's own
to come into operation
to come into power
to come into view
to come into vogue
to come loose
to come near
to come of age
to come off
to come off badly
to come on to sb.
to come onto the market
to come out
to come out (from behind)
to come out of one's shell
to come out of the closet
to come out to the day
to come over
to come round
to come running
to come sailing along
to come sailing up
to come straight to the point
to come through
to come to a close
to come to a conclusion
to come to a crisis
to come to a decision
to come to a standstill
to come to a/the boil
to come to an agreement
to come to an agreement (with)
to come to an amicable agreement
to come to an arrangement
to come to an end
to come to an understanding (arrangement) with sb. on (about) sth.
to come to appreciate
to come to attention
to come to be known
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