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Results for T in English, page 175
to come to business
to come to heel
to come to know sth.
to come to life again
to come to light
to come to maturity
to come to meet
to come to nothing
to come to one's senses
to come to our house
to come to pass
to come to power
to come to sb.'s defence
to come to see
to come to someone's defence
to come to terms
to come to terrm with the fact that ...
to come to the conclusion that
to come to the point
to come to the rescue of so.
to come to the top
to come to the vote
to come to us
to come to value sth./sb.
to come towards
to come true
to come under an authority
to come under fire
to come under the statute of limitations
to come undone
to come up
to come up to one's expectations
to come up to sb.
to come up to sb.'s expectations
to come up to the daylight
to come up to the grass
to come up to the waist
to come up with
to come up with sth.
to come within the scope of a law
to cometh
to comfort
to comfort sb.
to command
to commandeer
to commemorate
to commence
to commend
to comment
to comment on sth.
to comment out
to commercialize
to commingle
to commiserate
to commiserate with sb. (on)
to commission
to commission a project
to commission an offence
to commission sth.
to commit
to commit a blunder
to commit a crime
to commit a cynical foul (on sb.)
to commit a defensive error
to commit a foul (on sb.)
to commit a murder attempt
to commit a professional foul
to commit a serious crime
to commit a sin
to commit adultery
to commit an outrage
to commit offences out of conviction
to commit oneself (to)
to commit sb.
to commit sb. for trial
to commit sb. to sb.'s care
to commit suicide
to commit to sb.
to commit to sth.
to commune
to commune with sb.
to communicate
to communicate (with)
to communicate an idea
to communicate with sb.
to commutate
to commute
to compact
to compare (an adjective)
to compare (with
to compare (with)
to compare apples and oranges
to compare notes
to compel
to compel (from)
to compel to do sth.
to compensate
to compere
to compete
to compete for
to compilate
to compile
to compile a list by hand
to compile statistics
to complain
to complain (of
to complain (of)
to complain about
to complain about sth.
to complement
to complete
to complete a call
to complete a form
to complete one's term of service
to complete successfully
to complete tasks
to complicate
to compliment (on)
to comply
to comply (with)
to comply with
to comply with a term
to comply with all formalities
to comply with any formalities
to comply with conditions
to comply with sth./sb.
to comply with the instructions
to comply with the requirements
to comport
to compose
to compose a poem
to compose oneself
to compound
to compound (dispute)
to compound (with)
to compound for sth.
to comprehend
to compress
to comprise
to compromise
to compromise (on)
to compromise oneself
to compute
to Computer, Attitude
to computerize
to Computers, Attitude
to con
to con sb. into sth.
to concatenate
to conceal
to conceal (from)
to conceal in the false bottom of a suitcase
to concede
to concede (to)
to concede a penalty
to concede a right to sb.
to concede victory to sb.
to conceive
to conceive an idea
to conceive of
to concentrate
to concentrate (on)
to concentrate by freezing
to concentrate on sth.
to concentrate one's thoughts on sth.
to conceptualize
to concern
to concern oneself with sth.
to conciliate
to conclude
to conclude (a contract)
to conclude (from)
to conclude (with)
to conclude a contract
to conclude that...
to concoct
to concondense
to concrete
to concur
to condemn
to condemn sth. wholesale
to condense
to condescend to do sth.
to condition
to condole
to condone
to conduce
to conduct
to conduct a building search
to conduct a conversation
to conduct a forensic examination of the car
to conduct a parachute assault
to conduct an airborne operation
to conduct an airdrop
to conduct mystery shopping
to conduct targeted checks
to confederate
to confer
to confer (power)
to confer emeritus status
to confer with sb.
to confess
to confess sb.
to confide
to confide (in)
to confide in sb.
to configurate
to configure
to confine (in
to confine (to)
to confirm
to confirm a contract
to confirm a diagnosis
to confirm a popular cliché/stereotype
to confirm an order
to confirm by documents
to confirm the news
to confirm the receipt
to confiscate
to confiscate sth. from sb.
to conflate
to conflict
to conflict (with)
to conform (to)
to conform to sth.
to confound
to confound (with)
to confront
to confront (with)
to confront a danger
to confront a problem
to confront sb.
to confuse
to confuse (with)
to confuse sb.
to confute
to congeal
to congest
to conglomerate
to congratulate
to congratulate (on)
to congregate
to conjecture
to conjoin
to conjugate
to conjure
to conjure up
to conk out
to conn
to connect
to connect (to)
to connect by cable
to connect in parallel
to connect through
to connive
to connive (at)
to connive at sth.
to connote
to conquer
to conscript
to conscript (into)
to consecrate
to consent
to conserve
to consider
to consider a problem from all sides
to consider it an honour to do sth.
to consider necessary
to consider oneself
to consider oneself fortunate
to consider oneself to
to consider sth. (to be) indispensable
to consider sth. carefully
to consider sth. in all its bearings
to consider sth. unreasonable
to consider the results (of)
to consider, that ...
to consign
to consist (of
to consist (of)
to console
to console (with)
to consolidate
to consort
to conspire
to conspire (against)
to conspire against sb.
to constipate
to constitute
to constitute a formal legal condition (for sth.)
to constitute a forum
to constitute a precedent
to constrain
to constrict
to construct
to construct sth. badly
to construe
to construe sth. extensively
to consult
to consult (about)
to consult a manual
to consult one's pillow
to consult sb. about sth.
to consult sb. with sth.
to consult with sb. about
to consult with sb. about sth.
to consume
to consummate
to consummate the marriage
to contact
to contact sb.
to contact sb. by phone
to contact the information desk
to contain
to contain defects
to contain oneself
to containerise
to containerize
to contaminate
to contemplate
to contemplate sth.
to contemplate suicide
to contend
to contend for
to content
to content (with)
to content oneself with
to content with
to contest
to contest (with
to contest (with, against)
to contest a decision
to contextualize
to continue
to continue a business
to continue searching
to continue to exist
to continue to live
to continue to work
to contort
to contour
to contract
to contract (into)
to contract a disease
to contract an illness
to contract in
to contract out
to contract out (to)
to contract sth. from
to contract sth. from sb.
to contradict
to contradict oneself
to contrast (with)
to contrast pleasantly with sth.
to contrast with
to contravene
to contribute
to contribute (money)
to contrive
to control
to control one's feelings
to control oneself
to control remote
to control the skis using the edges
to controvert
to contuse
to convalesce
to convene
to conventionalize
to converge
to converge (at)
to converse (with
to convert
to convert (into)
to convert (to)
to convert by missionary work
to convert sth., at its/their face value, into sth. else
to convert to
to convey
to convey (to)
to convict
to convict (sb. of a crime)
to convict of murder
to convict on a criminal charge
to convince (of)
to convince oneself
to convoke
to convolute
to convolve
to convoy
to convulse
to coo
to cooee
to cook
to cook (slowly)
to cook a lie
to cook by gas
to cook for oneself
to cook for sb.
to cook on a low heat
to cook slowly
to cook sth. through
to cook the accounts
to cook the books
to cook to rags
to cook up a story
to cool
to cool down
to cool off
to coop up
to cooperate
to cooperate with so.
to coopt
to coordinate
to cop
to cop it
to cop ores
to cope
to cope with
to cope with one's fate
to cope with sth.
to copper-plate
to copulate
to copy
to copy everything sb. does
to copy out
to copy sth. from sb.
to copyedit
to copyread {copyread
to copyright
to coquet
to cord up
to cordon off
to core
to core (pomes)
to cork
to cork up
to corner
to corral
to correct
to correlate
to correlate (with)
to correspond
to correspond (to/with sth.)
to correspond to the sample enclosed
to correspond with the description
to corroborate
to corrode
to corrugate
to corrupt
to corrupt morally
to coruscate
to cosher
to cosign
to cosset
to cost {cost
to cost a fortune
to cost an arm and a leg
to cost on the black market
to cost so-and-so much
to cost such-and-such
to costume
to cotter
to cotton on
to cotton on to sth.
to cotton to sb.
to couch
to cough
to cough slightly
to cough up
to counsel
to count
to count (as)
to count (on)
to count back
to count backwards
to count every penny
to count for lost
to count in
to count in favor of ...
to count on favour of ...
to count on sb.
to count on so./sth.
to count over
to count the cost
to count travelling time as working time
to count up
to count with
to countenance
to counter
to counter a thing
to counter an argument with sth.
to counteract
to counterbalance
to counterbid {counterbid
to counterfeit
to counterfeit a document
to countermand
to countermine
to counterpoise
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