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to counterrotate
to countersign
to countersink
to countersink {countersank
to countervail
to couple
to couple up (to)
to course
to court
to court controversy
to court sb.
to covenant
to covenant to do sth.
to cover
to cover (with)
to cover a distance
to cover a song
to cover a subject
to cover a wide field
to cover by a smoke screen
to cover quite a distance
to cover sb.
to cover sth.
to cover up
to cover up one's track
to cover with curtains
to covet
to covibrate
to cower
to cower away (from)
to cower down
to crab
to crack
to crack jokes
to crack nuts
to crack open the kiln door
to crack up
to crackle
to cradle
to craft
to cram
to cram (into)
to cramp
to crank
to crank a car
to crank up
to crap
to crash
to crash (airplane)
to crash about
to crash into
to crash-land
to crate
to crave
to crave (for
to crave (for, after)
to crave (for) sth.
to crawl
to crawl on all fours
to craze
to creak
to cream
to cream off
to crease
to create
to create a CD from a playlist
to create a disturbance
to create a goal-scoring chance
to create a scandal
to create a scare
to create a sensation
to create curiosity
to create demand
to create havoc
to create legal certainty
to create sth. out of nothing
to create unrest
to credit
to credit a sum to sb.
to creep {crept
to creep away
to creep in
to creep into
to creep up (to)
to cremate
to crest
to crew out
to crib (off
to crick
to crick one's back
to crick one's neck
to cricket
to criminalise
to criminalize
to crimp
to cringe
to crinkle
to cripple
to crisscross
to criticise
to criticize
to critique
to croak
to crochet
to crock up
to crook
to croon
to crop
to crop (ears)
to crop out
to crop up
to cross
to cross off
to cross one's fingers
to cross one's hands
to cross one's legs
to cross one's mind
to cross oneself
to cross out
to cross over
to cross over (to)
to cross the finishing line
to cross the goal line
to cross the road
to cross through
to cross under
to cross-examine
to crossbreed {crossbred
to crosscut
to crosscut {crosscut
to crosshatch
to crouch
to crouch (to)
to crouch down
to crow
to crowd
to crowd round
to crowd sb.
to crowd together
to crown
to crucify
to cruise
to cruise the Internet
to cruise the streets
to crumb
to crumble
to crumble away
to crumple
to crunch
to crusade
to crush
to crush coarsely
to crust
to crust over
to cry (for)
to cry for the moon
to cry off
to cry one's eyes out
to cry out
to cry wolf
to crystallize
to crystallize (out of)
to crystallize out
to cube
to cuckold
to cuckoo
to cuddle
to cuddle up
to cuddle up together
to cudgel
to cue
to cuff sb.
to cull
to cull (from)
to cull (ore)
to cull flowers
to culminate
to cultivate
to cultivate a piece of land
to cultivate land
to cum
to cumber
to cumulate
to cup
to curb
to curb sb.
to curdle
to cure
to curl
to curl up
to curl up tight
to curry
to curry favour with
to curse
to curtail
to curtsey
to curtsy
to curve
to cushion
to customise
to customize
to cut
to cut {cut
to cut a child's cord
to cut a core
to cut a dash
to cut a figure
to cut a long story short
To cut a long story short ...
to cut a piece to size
to cut across
to cut across country
to cut along
to cut asparagus
to cut away
to cut back
to cut back (on)
to cut capors
to cut classes
to cut clay in a pit
to cut corners
to cut down
to cut down on manpower
to cut grass
to cut in
to cut in two
to cut into
to cut into halves
to cut into pieces
to cut no ice
to cut off
to cut one's losses
to cut oneself off
to cut out
to cut out with a pastry wheel
to cut peat
to cut prices
to cut sb. short
to cut sb. some slack
to cut short
to cut the Gordian knot
to cut the mustard
to cut through
to cut to length
to cut to shape
to cut to size
to cut to the chase
to cut up
to cut using an oxyacetylene flame
to cycle
to cycle power
to dab
to dabble
to dabble in sth.
to dabble in stocks and shares
to daddle at sth.
to dado
to dally
to dam
to dam up
to damage
to dammage
to damn
to damp
to dampen
to dampen (enthusiasm)
to dampen expectations
to dance
to dance eurythmically
to dance in step
to dance the twist
to dance to sb.'s tune
to dandify
to dandle
to dangle
to dangle (one's arms)
to dangle from the gallows
to dangle one's legs
to dapple
to dare
to dare {dared
to dare to do sth.
to darken
to darn
to darn socks
to dart
to dart a glance at sb.
to dart off
to dash
to dash a hope
to dash around the country
to dash down
to dash forward
to dash hopes
to dash off
to dash to pieces
to dashdown
to date
to date ahead
to date back (to)
to date back to
to date from
to date in advance
to date stamp
to date-cancel
to daub
to daunt
to dawdle
to dawdle around
to dawdle away
to dawn
to daydream
to daze
to dazzle
to de-allocate
to de-emotionalize
to de-emphasise
to de-energise
to de-energize
to de-escalate
to de-ice
to deacidify
to deactivate
to deaden
to deadpan
to deafen
to deal {dealt
to deal {dealt, dealt}
to deal badly by sb.
to deal in drugs
to deal out (card game)
to deal sb. a blow
to deal well by sb.
to deal with
to deallocate
to debar
to debark
to debase
to debase oneself
to debate
to debauch
to debilitate
to debit (against)
to debit an account
to deblock
to debounce
to debrief
to debug
to debunk
to debunk sb.
to deburr
to debut
to decalcify
to decamp
to decant
to decapitate
to decay
to decease
to deceive
to deceive oneself
to decelerate
to decentralize
to decide
to decide (on)
to decide a controversy
to decide on a motion
to decide sth. according to instinct
to decide to do something
to decide to do sth.
to decimalize
to decimate
to decipher
to deck
to declaim
to declare
to declare a marriage invalid/null and void
to declare a registration invalid/null and void
to declare a state of emergency
to declare goods
to declare incapable
to declare on oath
to declare one's solidarity
to declare oneself bankrupt
to declare oneself in favour of sth.
to declare oneself to sb.
to declare sb. blessed
to declare sb. dead
to declare sth. before witnesses
to declare sth. in the presence of witnesses
to declare sth. invalid
to declare sth. well-founded
to declare unfit for work
to declassify
to decline
to decline (fame)
to decline politely
to decline steeply
to decline the responsibility
to decline with thanks
to declutch
to declutter
to decode
to decollate
to decolorize
to decolourize
to decommission
to decommission weapons
to decompile
to decompose
to decompress
to deconsecrate
to deconstruct
to decontaminate
to decontrol
to decorate
to decorate sb. for sth.
to decorate with batik work
to decorticate
to decouple
to decoy
to decrease
to decrease in intensity
to decrease in length
to decree
to decrement
to decruit
to decry
to decrypt
to decuple
to dedicate
to dedicate oneself to sth.
to dedicate sth. to sb.
to deduce
to deduce (from)
to deduct
to deduct (from)
to deduct 5 Euros
to deduct income tax at source
to deduct sth. for expenses
to deduct sth. from the price
to dedust
to deem
to deem necessary
to deem sb. to have done sth.
to deem sb. worthy of sth.
to deem worthy
to deemphasize
to deenergize
to deep-freeze {deep-froze
to deep-fry
to deep-six
to deepen
to deeply wrong sb.
to deface
to defame
to defang
to default
to default in payments
to defeat
to defeat sb.
to defeat sb. with his own arguments
to defecate
to defect
to defect to the enemy
to defend (against)
to defend (from)
to defend against
to defend aggressively
to defend from
to defend oneself
to defend oneself tooth and nail
to defenestrate
to defer
to defer (to)
to defile
to define
to define down
to define one's position
to define oneself in terms of ...
to deflagrate
to deflate
to deflea
to deflect
to deflower
to defocus
to defog
to defoliate
to deforest
to deform
to defragment
to defraud
to defraud (of)
to defray
to defrock
to defrost
to defrost the fridge
to defuse
to defy
to defy description
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