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to defy sb.
to defy translation
to degas
to degasify
to degauss
to degenerate
to degrade
to degrade oneself
to degrease
to degust
to dehumanize
to dehumidify
to dehydrate
to deice
to deify
to deign
to deign to do sth.
to dejam
to deject
to delay
to delay the proceedings
to delegate
to delete
to delete (in)
to deliberate
to deliberate (about)
to delight
to delight (in)
to delight (with)
to delight in so.'s misfortune
to delight sb.
to delime
to delimit
to delimit (to)
to delineate
to deliquesce
to deliver
to deliver (from)
to deliver a message
to deliver a speech
to deliver a warning
to deliver also
to deliver an expert opinion
to deliver an opinion (on)
to deliver in addition
to deliver in trust
to deliver letters
to deliver up
to deliver within the specified time
to delouse
to delude
to deluge
to delustre
to delve
to delve (into)
to delve into a book
to delve into the past
to demagnetise
to demagnetize
to demand
to demand an explanation (of)
to demand back
to demand compensation
to demand from
to demand too little from sb.
to demarcate
to demean
to demean oneself
to demerge
to demilitarize
to demobilise
to demobilize
to democratize
to demodulate
to demold
to demolish
to demonise
to demonize
to demonstrate
to demonstrate against sth.
to demonstrate in support of sth.
to demonstrate one's achievements
to demonstrate/show a fact / the facts of a case (to sb.)
to demoralise
to demoralize
to demote
to demotivate
to demould
to demount
to demultiplex
to demur
to demystify
to demythologise
to demythologize
to denacify
to denationalize
to denaturalise
to denaturalize
to denature
to denigrate
to denominate
to denote
to denounce
to denounce (to)
to dent
to denucleate
to denude
to denunciate
to deny
to deny access
to deny oneself a thing
to deny oneself of ...
to deny sb.'s talent
to deny someone's talent
to deny sth. categorically
to deny sth. flatly
to deodorize
to depacketize
to depart
to depart (from
to depart from the straight and narrow
to depart this life
to depend (on)
to depend on
to depend on sb.
to depend on whether/how much ...
to depersonalize
to depict
to depicture
to depilate
to deplete
to deplore
to deploy
to deploy a missile system
to deploy all one's skill
to deploy the parachute
to depolarize
to depoliticize
to depopulate
to deport
to depose
to deposit
to deposit sth.
to deposit sth. with sb.
to deposite
to deprave
to deprecate
to depreciate
to depreciate (exchange rate)
to depreciate a property
to depress
to depressurize
to deprive
to deprive of power
to deprive oneself of the opportunity of doing sth.
to deprive oneself of the right to do sth.
to deprive sb. of a right
to deprive sb. of sth.
to deprive someone of a right
to deproteinize
to depute
to deputize
to deputize (for sb.)
to dequeue
to derail
to derange
to derate
to dereference
to deregulate
to deride
to derivate
to derive benefit from
to derive from
to derogate
to derust
to desalinate
to desalt
to desaturate
to descale
to descend
to descend from
to descend into a mine
to describe
to describe in detail
to descry
to desecrate
to desegregate
to deselect
to desensitize
to desert
to desert (from
to desert from the army
to desert to the enemy
to deserve
to deserves
to desiccate
to design
to design sth. to fit the needs of the disabled
to designate
to designate (for a specific purpose)
to desire
to desire sth.
to desist
to desist from
to deskew
to deskill
to deslag
to desludge
to desolate
to desolder
to desorb
to despair (of)
to despatch
to despise
to despise oneself (for)
to despoil
to despond
to destabilise
to destabilize
to destine (for)
to destine sb. for sth.
to destroy
to destruct
to desulphurate
to desulphurize
to detach
to detach sth. from its context
to detail (for)
to detain
to detect
to deter
to deteriorate
to determine
to determine the price structure
to determine/calculate sth. for sb. according to sth.
to detest
to dethrone
to detonate
to detour
to detox
to detoxicate
to detoxify
to detract
to detrend (the data)
to devaluate
to devalue
to devastate
to develop
to develop (into)
to develop a product into a marketable commodity
to develop a source
to develop an alternative model
to develop from
to develop further
to deviate
to deviate (from)
to deviate from the truth
to devil
to devise
to devitalize
to devitrify
to devolatilize
to devolve
to devote
to devote a lot of care to sth.
to devote a lot of effort to sth.
to devote attention to sb.
to devote love to sb.
to devote love to someone
to devote one's energy to sth.
to devote one's life to something
to devote one's life to sth.
to devote oneself fully to
to devote oneself fully to sth.
to devote oneself to so./sth.
to devote oneself to sth.
to devour
to devour sb. with one's eyes
to dew
to dewater
to diagnose
to diagram
to dial
to dial in (into)
to dial the wrong number
to dial up
to dial-in
to dice
to dice onions
to dicker
to dictate
to dictate the rhythm
to diddle
to die
to die {died
to die {died, died} (of, from)
to die a horrible death
to die a martyrs' death
to die a natural death
to die a thousand deaths
to die a violent death
to die a wretched death
to die away
to die back
to die down
to die from a wound
to die from an illness
to die from an injury
to die hard
to die laughing
to die like a dog
to die of a broken heart
to die of an illness
to die of hunger
to die of hunger (thirst)
to die of laughter
to die of old age
to die of thirst
to die off
to die out
to die out (fire
to die with dignity
to die with thirst
to die without issue
to die young
to diet
to differ (from)
to difference
to differentiate
to differentiate (to
to differentiate the function f(x) w.r.t. x
to differentiate the function f(x) with respect to x
to diffract
to diffuse
to dig
to dig {dug
to dig in
to dig off
to dig off {dug
to dig one's own grave
to dig out
to dig out {dug
to dig up
to dig up {dug
to dig/sink one's nails/finger/claws (into sth.)
to digest
to digitalise
to digitalize
to digitize
to dignify
to digress
to dike
to dilapidate
to dilate
to dilly-dally
to dilute
to dim
to dim out
to dimension
to dimerize
to diminish
to diminish in thickness
to diminish in value
to dimple
to din
to dine
to dip
to dip (in
to dip (in, into)
to dip deep into the past
to dip in
to dip into
to dip into one's purse (pocket)
to dip-harden
to direct
to direct (something)
to direct (sth.)
to direct (to
to direct (to, at)
to direct a business
to direct fire
to direct one's attention
to direct traffic through
to dirty
to disable
to disabuse
to disaccord
to disaffect
to disaggregate
to disagree
to disagree (with)
to disagree with sb.
to disallow
to disallow a goal
to disambiguate
to disappear
to disappear (from)
to disappear below
to disappear in time
to disappear into the lower depths
to disappoint
to disapprove
to disarm
to disarrange
to disarray
to disassemble
to disassociate
to disavow
to disband
to disbelieve
to disburden
to disburse
to discard
to discern
to discerp
to discharge
to discharge (ground water)
to discharge a duty
to discharge a liquid
to discharge into
to discharge oil
to discharge oily mixture
to discharge sewage
to discipline
to disclaim
to disclose
to disclose a secret
to discolor
to discolour
to discombobulate
to discomfit
to discomfit sb.
to discomfort
to discommode
to discompose
to disconcert
to disconnect
to discontinue
to discontinue a product
to discord
to discount
to discount sth. as exaggeration
to discountenance
to discourage
to discourage (from)
to discourage sb. from doing
to discourage sb. from doing sth.
to discourage so. from sth.
to discourse
to discover
to discredit
to discredit (name
to discretise
to discretize
to discriminate
to discriminate (against)
to discriminate (from)
to discriminate against so.
to discriminate between
to discriminate in favour of so.
to discuss
to discuss (with)
to discuss briefly
to disdain
to disembarass (from)
to disembark
to disembark (from ship)
to disembody
to disembogue
to disembowel
to disenchant
to disencumber
to disenfranchise
to disengage
to disengage (the clutch)
to disengage the clutch
to disentangle
to disentangle (from)
to disentangle wool
to disestablish
to disestablish the Church
to disesteem
to disfavor
to disfavour
to disfigure
to disgorge
to disgrace
to disgrace oneself
to disgruntle
to disguise
to disguise one's feelings
to disgust
to dish
to dish about sth.
to dish sb.'s chances of sth.
to dish the dirt on sb.
to dish up
to dishearten
to dishevel
to dishonor
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