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to dishonour
to disillusion
to disincline (for
to disinfect
to disinherit
to disintegrate
to disinter
to disinvite
to disjoin
to disjoint
to dislike
to dislocate
to dislocate one's arm
to dislocate one's shoulder
to dislodge
to dismantle
to dismantle a clandestine drug laboratory
to dismantle the myth around sb./sth.
to dismay
to dismember
to dismiss
to dismiss (sth.)
to dismiss a case
to dismiss sth. out of hand
to dismount
to disobey
to disoblige sb.
to disorder
to disorganise
to disorganize
to disorient
to disorientate
to disown
to disparage
to dispatch
to dispatch (eat)
to dispatch sb.
to dispel
to dispense
to dispense (from)
to dispense justice
to dispense with
to disperse
to dispirit
to dispise
to displace
to displace (air
to display
to display courage
to display sth.
to displease
to displease sb.
to displeasure sb.
to disport oneself
to dispose
to dispose (of waste)
to dispose in its favor
to dispose of
to dispose of once and for all
to dispose of sth.
to dispose of sth./so.
to dispose of waste paper
to dispose sb. to do sth.
to dispose sb. to sth.
to dispossess
to dispraise
to disprove
to dispute
to disqualify
to disquiet
to disregard
to disregard sth.
to disrobe
to disroot
to disrupt
to diss so.
to dissatisfy
to dissect
to dissemble
to disseminate
to dissent
to dissimulate
to dissipate
to dissipate in luxury
to dissociate
to dissociate from
to dissociate oneself from
to dissolve
to dissolve (chemically)
to dissolve out
to dissolve with pity
to dissuade
to dissuade (from)
to distance (dissociate) oneself from
to distance oneself from
to distemper
to distend
to distil
to distil off
to distill
to distinguish
to distinguish (between)
to distinguish (from)
to distinguish oneself (by)
to distort
to distract
to distrain
to distress
to distribute
to distribute (among)
to distribute a dividend
to distrust
to disturb
to disturb sb.'s sleep
to disturb the peace
to disunite
to disuse
to ditch
to ditch sb.
to dither
to dither (between)
to dither over sth.
to dive
to dive {dived, dove
to dive under
to diverge
to diversify
to divert
to divert from
to divert suspicion from oneself
to divert suspicion from onesome
to divest
to divest oneself of sth.
to divide
to divide (into)
to divide by four
to divide by three
to divide in
to divide into
to divide into four
to divide into four parts
to divide into three
to divine
to divorce
to divulge
to divvy up
to dizzy
to do
to do (the following instructions)
to do {did
to do a bunk
to do a cartwheel
to do a deal with sb. for sth.
to do a disappearing act
to do a good deed
to do a good job
to do a great deal (for)
to do a hard course of training
to do a lot (for)
to do a lot of sport
to do a lot of sports
to do a poo
to do a right/left mouse click on sth.
to do a roll
to do a self-test
to do a service
to do a small jump
to do a somersault
to do a stocktaking
to do a strip
to do a test
to do a vanishing trick
to do again
to do all in one's power
to do all that is humanly possible
to do an oil change
to do as you are done by
to do batik work
to do bird
to do business
to do completely the contrary
to do conjuring tricks
to do damage
to do everything within one's power
to do good
to do gymnastics
to do handicrafts
to do harm
to do harm (to)
to do homage
to do homage to sb.
to do illicit work
to do in Rome as the Romans do
to do in snatches
to do intellectual acrobatics
to do it in the conviction that ...
to do joiner's work
to do justice to sb.
to do justice to the wine
to do magic
to do many things together
to do mirror writing
to do mischief
to do missionary work
to do not have to
to do nothing
to do nothing wrong
to do number two (baby talk)
to do OK
to do okay
to do one's best
to do one's clinical training
to do one's daily dozen
to do one's daily stint
to do one's duty
to do one's duty (by so.)
to do one's homework
to do one's military service
to do one's part
to do one's shopping
to do one's stint
to do oneself an injury
to do overtime
to do paperwork
to do penance
to do penance in sack-cloth and ashes
to do piecework
to do press-ups
to do research
to do sb. the compliment (of)
to do sb. wrong
to do sb.'s groundwork
to do so. a good turn
to do so. an unintentional disservice
to do some touching-up on
to do something stupid
to do something wrong
to do sports
to do sth. about the bad state of affairs
to do sth. at one's peril
to do sth. by the book
to do sth. for a dare
to do sth. in play
to do sth. off the top of one's head
to do sth. on one's own
to do sth. out of spite
to do sth. stupid
to do sth. with great relish
to do sth. within the limits of one's resources
to do sth. wrong
to do sums
to do the bed
to do the chores
to do the crawl
to do the dishes
to do the double
to do the groundwork for sth.
to do the job properly
to do the laundry
to do the lottery
to do the pools
to do the splits
to do the washing up
to do time
to do up
to do violence to so.
to do wee-wees
to do well
to do what one wants
to do without
to do wonders
to do woodwork
to do wrong
to do-nothing
to dock
to dock (tails)
to dock (with)
to dock at
to doctor
to document
to dodder
to dodge
to dodge (a blow)
to dodge (behind)
to dodge around
to dodge sth.
to doff
to dog
to dole out
to dolomitize
to dome up
to domesticate
to domicile
to dominate
to dominate (over)
to domineer
to domineer over
to don
to donate
to donate blood
to doodle
to doom
to doorstep
to dope
to dope (horses etc.)
to dose
to doss
to dot
to dot (with)
to dot an i
to dot one's i's and cross one's t's
to dot your i's and cross your t's
to dote
to dote on sb.
to double
to double over
to double over in pain
to double up
to double-check
to double-check sb.'s statements
to double-click
to double-declutch
to double-park
to double-space
to doubt
to doubt (of
to doubt (of, about)
to douche
to douse
to douse (light)
to dousing
to dovetail
to dovetail (plans)
to dovetail (with)
to dowel
to down
to down tools
to downgrade
to download
to downplay
to downsize
to downsize staff
to dowse
to doze
to doze off
to draft
to draft a contract
to drag
to drag (the anchor)
to drag along
to drag in
to drag off
to drag on
to drag sb. through the mire
to drag so. under
to drag sth. along
to drag sth. behind one
to drag sth./sb. along
to draggle
to dragoon
to drain
to drain away
to drain off
to drain the cup
to drain the cup of sorrow (to the last)
to dramatise
to dramatize
to drape
to drape around
to draw
to draw (a) breath
to draw {drew
to draw {drew, drawn}
to draw a beer
to draw a blank
to draw a line
to draw a line under
to draw a pension
to draw a red herring across the track
to draw a salary
to draw by eye
to draw cash from an account
to draw comparisons
to draw conclusions
to draw conclusions (from)
to draw confidence
to draw in
to draw in one's horns
to draw level
to draw level with
to draw lines
to draw lots (for)
to draw lots for
to draw near
to draw off
to draw on
to draw on one's resources
to draw one's own conclusions (from)
to draw out
to draw sth. out of one's account
to draw the conclusion that..
to draw the conclusions (from)
to draw the curtains
to draw the line at sth.
to draw the long bow
to draw the side/front elevation
to draw through
to draw tight
to draw to scale
to draw up
to draw up (knees)
to draw up a crime map
to draw up a document
to draw up a list
to draw up an interim balance
to drawl
to dread
to dream {dreamt, dreamed
to dream away
to dream of
to dream sth. up
to dream up
to dredge
to drench
to dress
to dress a wound
to dress in one's best bib and tucker
to dress the hair
to dress up
to dribble
to drift
to drift apart
to drift off course
to drill
to drill (out)
to drill a hole
to drill a pilot hole
to drill for oil
to drill hard
to drill him English
to drill out
to drill through
to drink
to drink (to)
to drink {drank
to drink a toast to
to drink from the bottle
to drink in one go
to drink out of the bottle
to drink the cup of hemlock
to drink the waters
to drink to sb.
to drink up
to drink up {drank
to drip
to drip off
to drive
to drive (sink) into the ground
to drive {drove
to drive a well
to drive a zigzag course
to drive against
to drive along
to drive apart
to drive at low revs
to drive at walking speed
to drive away
to drive back
to drive flat out
to drive home
to drive in
to drive in convoy
to drive in front
to drive in the left-hand lane
to drive into
to drive off
to drive on
to drive on dimmed headlights
to drive on dipped headlights
to drive on sidelights
to drive out
to drive past
to drive round
to drive sb. crazy
to drive sb. mad
to drive sb. up the wall
to drive so. frantic
to drive someone crazy
to drive someone mad
to drive someone up the wall
to drive sth. before so.
to drive the porcelain bus
to drive to despair
to drive to zero
to drive up (to)
to drive with low res
to drive with one's foot down to the floor
to drivel
to drizzle
to drone
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