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to drool
to drool over sth.
to droop
to drop
to drop (below)
to drop a brick
to drop a hint
to drop a line
to drop a subject
to drop below zero
to drop by
to drop down
to drop down dead
to drop everything
to drop from the program
to drop in
to drop off
to drop off sth.
to drop off to sleep
to drop out
to drop out of the competition
to drop sb.
to drop sth.
to drop sth. off at
to drown
to drown in paperwork
to drown one's sorrow in drink
to drown one's sorrow with alcohol
to drown out
to drowse
to drub
to drudge
to drug sb.
to drum
to drum up
to dry
to dry clean
to dry out
to dry up
to dub
to dubbin
to duck
to duck (from)
to duck away (from sb./sth.)
to duck from sth.
to duck one's head (to)
to duck out of sth.
to duck sb. (in water)
to duck under
to duel
to dulcify
to dull
to dull (eyes)
to dull sb.'s mind
to dumb down
to dumb sth. down
to dumbfound
to dumbsize
to dump
to dump (waste)
to dump down
to dump memory
to dump on sb.
to dump sb.
to dump sth.
to dun
to dun sb. for sth.
to dung
to dungeon
to dunk
to dupe
to duplicate
to dust
to dust down
to dust off
to dust out
to dwarf
to dwell {dwelt
to dwell on a subject
to dwindle
to dwindle away
to dye
to dye one's hair
to dyke
To each (man) his own.
to each other
To each saint his candle.
to earmark
to earmark funds
to earmark sth.
to earn
to earn a crust
to earn interest
to earn one's keep
to earn one's living
to earth
to ease
to ease off
to ease up
to eat
to eat {ate
to eat {ate, eaten}
to eat a substantial breakfast
to eat an ice-cream
to eat an unhealthy diet
to eat crow
to eat dirt
to eat healthy
to eat humble pie
to eat into
to eat kosher
to eat like a horse
to eat like a pig
to eat low-fat food
to eat noisily
to eat one's fill
to eat one's heart out
to eat one's words
to eat sb. alive
to eat sb. out of house and home
to eat somebody alive
to eat sth. off
to eat sweet things
to eat up
to eat up savings
to eat with a knife and fork
to eavesdrop
to ebb away
to echo
to echo sb.
to eclipse
to eclose
to economize
to ecstasize
to edge
to edge (on)
to edge away
to edge away (from)
to edge off
to edge one's way towards sth.
to edge out
to edge up
to edge up to sb.
to edify
to edit
to edit out
to educate
to educe
to efface
to effect
to effect a radical cure
to effectuate
to effervesce
to effloresce
to effuse
to egest
to egg (on)
to egosurf
to ejaculate
to eject
to eke out a living
to eke out a miserable existence
to elaborate
to elaborate (on
to elaborate on
to elaborate on sth.
to elapse
to elate
to elbow
to elect
to elect (as
to electioneer
to electrify
to electrize
to electrocute
to electrodeposit
to electroplate
to electroweld
to elevate
to elicit
to elide
to eliminate
to elongate
to elope
to elucidate
to elude
to elute
to elutriate
to emaciate
to emanate
to emancipate
to emancipate oneself from sb.
to emasculate
to embalm
to embank
to embargo
to embargo sth.
to embark
to embark on a strategy
to embarrass
to embattle
to embed
to embellish
to embezzle
to embitter
to emblazon
to embody
to embolden
to embosom
to embosom (poetically
to emboss
to embrace
to embroider
to embroil
to embrown
to emcee
to emend
to emerge
to emerge (from behind)
to emerge as
to emerge as sth.
to emerge from
to emerge victorious
to emery
to emigrate
to emigrate (to)
to emit
to emote
to empathize
to empathize with a part
to empathize with sb.
to emphasise
to emphasise sth.
to emphasize
to emphasize sth.
to emphasize sth. particularly
to emphasize the features
to employ
to employ a stylistic device
to employ sb. on probation (on trial)
to empower
to empty
to empty out
to emulate
to emulsify
to enable
to enable sb. to do sth.
to enact
to enact a law
to enamel
to enamor
to enamour
to encamp
to encapsulate
to encapsulate (oneself)
to encase
to encase in concrete
to encash
to enchain
to enchant
to enchase
to encipher
to encircle
to enclose
to encode
to encompass
to encompass (by)
to encompass sth.
to encounter
to encourage
to encourage sb. to carry on
to encourage sb. to do sth.
to encroach
to encrust
to encrypt
to encumber
to encumber with debts
to encyst
to end
to end brightly
to end in
to end in a catastrophe
to end in a draw
to end in smoke
to end in talk
to end off
to end the season
to end up
to end up doing sth.
to endanger
to endear (to)
to endear oneself to sb.
to endeavor
to endeavor to do sth.
to endeavour
to endeavour (after)
to endogenize
to endorse
to endorse (on sb.)
to endorse (on)
to endow
to endow a prize
to endue
to endure
to endure sth.
to energize
to enervate
to enfeeble
to enfold
to enforce
to enforce (on
to enforce a contract
to enforce a judgement
to enforce a law
to enforce a rule
to enforce an argument
to enfranchise
to enfranchise sb
to engage
to engage a gear
to engage a target
to engage hostile forces
to engage in a project
to engage in a really intricate manoeuvring
to engage in violent conflicts (with each other)
to engage oneself
to engage oneself (in
to engage oneself to do sth.
to engage sb. to do sth.
to engender
to engineer
to engineer a scheme
to engorge
to engrave
to engrave (on)
to engross
to engulf
to enhance
to enhance the value
to enhance the visibility of an institution/a product (make it more visible)
to enjoin
to enjoin sb. from doing sth.
to enjoy
to enjoy doing sth.
to enjoy life
to enjoy life to the full
to enjoy oneself
to enjoy popularity
to enjoy sth. to the full
to enkindle
to enlarge
to enlarge a bore hole
to enlarge on
to enlarge proportionally
to enlarge upon
to enlarge with a drift
to enlighten
to enlighten (on
to enlist
to enlist (for)
to enlist (in)
to enlist in the navy
to enlist sb.'s service
to enliven
to enmesh
to ennoble
to enqueue
to enquire
to enquire (about
to enrage
to enrapture
to enrich
to enrol
to enrol for a course
to enrol oneself for a course
to enrol sb.
to enrol sb. at a school
to enroll
to ensconce
to ensconce oneself in sth.
to enshrine
to enshroud
to enslave
to ensnare
to ensorcell
to ensue
to ensure
to entail
to entail (on)
to entail on sb.
to entangle
to enter
to enter a caveat
to enter a contest
to enter a convent
to enter a password
to enter a room
to enter a state of crisis
to enter an order
to enter in the list
to enter into
to enter into a contract
to enter into an agreement
to enter into marriage
to enter names on a list
to enter negotiations
to enter on the debit side
to enter service with sb.
to enter the ministry
to entertain
to entertain an illusion
to entertain hopes
to enthral
to enthrall
to enthrone
to enthuse (about
to enthuse (about, over)
to entice
to entice away (from)
to entice sb. into soing sth.
to entice sb. to do sth.
to entitle
to entitle sb. to sth.
to entomb
to entrain
to entrap
to entreat
to entrench
to entrench (behind)
to entrench oneself
to entrust
to entrust sb. with a task
to entrust sth. to his bank
to entrust sth. to so.
to entwine
to enumerate
to enunciate
to envelop
to envelope
to environ
to envisage
to envisage sth.
to envision
to envision sth.
to envy
to envy sb. sth.
to epidotize
to epitomise
to epitomising
to epitomize
to equal
to equalise
to equalize
to equate
to equate (with)
to equilibrate
to equip
to equip (with)
to equivocate
to eradicate
to erase
to eraserd
to erect
to erect a scaffolding around sth.
to erect formwork
to erode
to err
to err is human
To err is human.
to eructate
to erupt
to erupt (volcano)
to escalate
to escalate (into)
to escape
to escape (from)
to escape an assassination attempt
to escape detection
to escape from sb's clutches
to escape from the clutches of sb.
to escape sb.'s notice
to escape scot-free
to escape sth.
to eschew
to escort
to espouse
to espy
to establish
to establish a business
to establish a record
to establish a rule
to establish diplomatic relations
to establish oneself
to establish order
to establish relations
to establish sb.'s identity
to establish the basis
to esteem
to estimate
to estimate (at)
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