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to estimate roughly
to estimate sth. by rule of thumb
to estimate the cost at EUR 100
to estivate (animals)
to estrange
to etch
to eternalize
to etiolate
to euchre
to eulogize
to Europeanize
to euthanise
to euthanize
to evacuate
to evade
to evade taxes
to evade the issue
to evaluate
to evaluate (a patient)
to evaluate (at)
to evaluate (the pros and cons)
to evaluate performance
to evangelize
to evaporate
to even
to even out
to eventuate
to evert
to evict
to evict a cluster node
to evidence
to evince
to eviscerate
to evoke
to evolve
to exacerbate
to exact
to exact (from
to exaggerate
to exalt
to examine
to examine carefully
to examine for
to examine studiously
to examine whether the appeal is admissible
to exasperate
to excavate
to exceed
to exceed a term
to exceed demand
to exceed one's authority
to exceed one's powers
to exceed the assessment basis
to exceed the time limit
to excel
to excel (in
to excel oneself
to except
to excerpt
to exchange
to exchange (for)
to exchange civilities with sb.
to exchange presents
to exchange the goods
to excise
to excite
to exclaim
to exclude
to exclude (from)
to exclude by convention
to exclude patentability
to excommunicate
to excoriate
to excrete
to excruciate
to exculpate
to excuse
to execrate
to execute
to execute a judgement
to execute an order
to execute delivery
to execute the order by the end of next week
to exemplify
to exempt
to exercise
to exercise on the bars
to exercise violence
to exert
to exert (pressure on)
to exert force
to exert influence
to exert oneself
to exfoliate
to exhale
to exhaust
to exhaust one's credit of trust
to exhaust the air from
to exhibit
to exhilarate
to exhort
to exhume
to exist
to exit
to exonerate
to exorcize
to expand
to expand on
to expatiate
to expatriate
to expect
to expect (of
to expect of sb.
to expect of somebody
to expect something of
to expect sth. from so.
to expect sth. of
to expect too much
to expectorate
to expedite
to expel
to expel (from)
to expel sb. from the school
to expend
to experience
to experience a loss
to experience difficulties
to experience vicariously with so.
to experiment
to experiment on oneself
to expiate
to expire
to explain
to explode
to exploit
to exploit (commercially)
to exploit a source
to explore
to explore (for)
to exponentiate
to export
to expose
to expose for sale
to expose oneself
to expose oneself to danger
to expose oneself to ridicule
to expose sb./sth.
to expose the problems of sth.
to expostulate
to expostulate with sb. about/on sth.
to expound
to express
to express exactly what sb. feels
to express one's gratitude to sb.
to express oneself
to expropriate
to expunge (from)
to expurgate
to exsiccate
to exsolve
to extemporise
to extemporize
to extend
to extend (in
to extend (landing gear)
to extend a contract
to extend an invitation to sb.
to extend an invitation to someone
to extend the validity
to extenuate
to exterminate
to externalize
to extinguish
to extinguish (fire)
to extirpate
to extol
to extort
to extort sth. from sb.
to extract
to extract (from)
to extract (text)
to extract honey
to extract timber
to extradite
to extrapolate (from)
to extrapolate data to the overall population
to extravasate
to extricate
to extricate (from)
to extricate oneself (from)
to extricate oneself from a situation
to extrude
to exudate
to exude
to exude resin
to exult
to eye
to eye sth.
to eye sth. up and down
to eye up
to eyeball
to fable
to fabricate
to face
to face a crucial decision
to face away
to face it out
to face sb.
to face sth. out
to face the enemy
to face the music
to face up to
to face-lift
to facilitate
to factor in
to factor into sth.
to factor out
to factorize
to fade
to fade (to)
to fade away
to fade in
to fade out
to faff
to fag
to fail
to fail an examination
to fail because of sth.
to fail briefly
to fail in one's duty
to fail miserably
to fail sb.
to fail to ...
to fail to find a buyer for the loot
to fail to propagate completely (blasting)
to faint
to fake
to fall
to fall {fell
to fall apart
to fall asleep
to fall awkwardly
to fall back
to fall back on (upon)
to fall behind
to fall below
to fall down
to fall due
to fall flat (joke)
to fall for
to fall for sb. hook, line and sinker
to fall for sb./sth.
to fall for sth. hook, line and sinker
to fall from grace
to fall head over heels in love with sb.
to fall ill
to fall in
to fall in love
to fall in love (with)
to fall into a coma
to fall into a light slumber
to fall into a trap
to fall into bad ways
to fall into decline
to fall into desuetude
to fall into disrepair
to fall into oblivion
to fall into ruins
to fall into sb.'s clutches
to fall off
to fall out
to fall out with
to fall out with sb.
to fall over
to fall senseless
to fall short
to fall short of
to fall short of one's expectations
to fall sick
to fall through
to fall to
to fall to pieces
to fall victim to
to fall victim to an assassination
to fall victim to the censors
to falsify
to falsify a document
to falter
to familiarize
to familiarize oneself with one's work
to familiarize oneself with sth.
to familiarize sb. with his/her work
to famish
to fan
to fan oneself
to fan out
to fancy
to fancy sth.
to fantasise
to fantasize
to fare
to farm
to farm sth. out
to farrow
to fart
to fascinate
to fashion
to fast
to fast rope
to fast-track
to fasten
to fasten (to)
to fasten [to]
to fasten one's seat belt
to fasten with knots
to fat
to father
to father child
to fathom
to fathom out
to fatigue
to fatten
to fault
to favor
to favor sb. with sth.
to favour
to favour sb. with sth.
to fawn
to fawn (on)
to fawn (upon)
to fawn on sb.
to faze
to fear
to fear (for)
to fear for one's life
to fear redundancy
to feast
to feast (on)
to feather one's own nest
to featherbed
to feature
to fecundate
to federalize
to federate
to feed
to feed {fed
to feed {fed, fed}
to feed an animal on
to feed back
to feed fish
to feed so. false hopes
to feed sth. into the digester
to feed the fishes
to feed with hopes (of)
to feed-out
to feel
to feel (full of) guilt
to feel {felt
to feel {felt, felt}
to feel a vocation to tech
to feel absolutely whacked
to feel ashamed
to feel at home in
to feel attracted by sb.
to feel blue
to feel bored
to feel certain
to feel chagrined (at
to feel chilly
to feel compelled
to feel conflicted
to feel constrained to sth.
to feel defensive
to feel disgusted
to feel drained
to feel embarrassed (about)
to feel faint
to feel fit
to feel glum
to feel good
to feel grim
to feel happy
to feel happy about sth.
to feel humbled
to feel hurt
to feel ill
to feel in the pink
to feel inferior
to feel like
to feel like (doing) sth.
to feel like a fish out of water
to feel like doing
to feel like home
to feel like nothing on earth
to feel low
to feel obliged
to feel obliged to do sth.
to feel off-color
to feel pain
to feel panicky
to feel pity for sth.
to feel relieved
to feel repentant
to feel resentment towards/against sb.
to feel riled
to feel rough
to feel sad
to feel sb.'s pulse
to feel secure
to feel shy
to feel sickened
to feel sorry
to feel sorry for sb.
to feel stiff and aching
to feel stung
to feel sympathetic to sb.
to feel sympathy for
to feel sympathy for (with)
to feel the shape of sth. (with one's fingers)
to feel tremmelled by sth.
to feel up to sth.
to feel used up
to feel vindicated
to feel well
to feel with
to feign
to feign death
to feign illness
to feign sth. to sb.
to feint
to felicitate
to fell
to felt
to feminise
to feminize
to fence
to fence in
to fence off
to fend
to fend for oneself
to ferment
to ferret
to ferret out
to ferry
to ferry (across)
to fertilise
to fertilize
to ferule
to fester
to festoon
to fetch
to fetch and carry
to fetch away
to fetch back
to fetch down
to fetch later
to fete
to fetter
to fib
to fiddle
to fiddle (with)
to fiddle about
to fiddle about with
to fiddle around
to fiddle around (with)
to fiddle away
to fiddle with
to fidget
to fidget with
to field
to fight
to fight (against)
to fight (battle) one's way through
to fight {fought
to fight {fought, fought}
to fight a duel (with)
to fight each other/one another
to fight for peace
to fight one's way
to fight out
to fight out {fought
to fight out in the open
to fight shy of doing sth.
to fight shy of sth.
to fight so.
to fight something
to fight sth.
to fight windmills
to fight with the gloves off
to figure
to figure in the list
to figure on sth.
to figure out
to figure out sth.
to figure that ...
to filch
to file
to file a complaint
to file a patent application
to file a petition
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