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to file a petition for divorce
to file a return
to file an appeal against sb.
to file an application
to file an objection
to file away
to file in
to file off
to file out
to file sth. away
to filet
to fill
to fill a bathtub
to fill a vacancy
to fill in
to fill in (cracks)
to fill in a form
to fill in for sb.
to fill out
to fill sb. in on sth.
to fill sb. with consternation
to fill sth. up
to fill up
to fill up the tank
to fill up unleaded (petrol
to fill with bitterness
to fill with enthusiasm
to fill with indignation
to fill with smoke
to fillet
to film
to filter
to filtrate
to finagle
to finalise
to finalize
to finance
to finance in advance
to finance with one's own resources
to find {found
to find a market for one's goods
to find a new lease on life
to find a place to park
to find a ready market
to find a solution
to find a way {found
to find acceptance
to find accommodation
to find accommodation {found
to find again
to find back
to find common ground (with sb.)
to find complete expression
to find expression in sth.
to find fault (with)
to find fault with
to find fault with sb.
to find fault with someone
to find fault with sth.
to find it hard to make a decision
to find its expression (in)
to find one's bearings
to find one's tongue
to find one's voice
to find one's way
to find one's way back
to find oneself constrained
to find out
to find out (about) {found
to find out {found
to find out a secret
to find out sth.
to find out sth. new from sb.
to find sanctuary
to find sb. lacking in sth.
to find some common ground on which to base
to find sth. a trial
to find sth. disgusting
to find sth. easy
to find sth. heavy going
to find sth. repulsive
to find the decision a hard one
to find the strength (for sth.)
to find the way back
to find understanding from sb.
to fine
to finger
to finger-wrestle
to finish
to finish (off)
to finish (work)
to finish one's degree
to finish reading
to finish reading a book
to finish smoking
to finish the ball into the net
to finish the day/evening (in a relaxed manner)
to finite
to fink (on sb.)
to fire
to fire at
to fire at sth.
to fire blanks
to fire off
to fire off flares
to fire sb.
to fireproof
to firm
to fish
to fish dry
to fish out
to fish sth. out of sth.
to fish up
to fissle
to fissure
to fist
to fist-fight
to fit
to fit (sth.)
to fit a dress on sb.
to fit at the waist
to fit closely
to fit in
to fit in (into)
to fit in with sb.'s wishes
to fit into sth.
to fit like a glove
to fit out
to fit so.'s needs
to fit to a T
to fittingly describe sth. (as)
to fix
to fix (up) an error
to fix a date
to fix a time limit
to fix in a wall
to fix one's hair
to fix sb. up with sb.
to fix up
to fixate
to fixate (on
to fizz
to fizzle
to fizzle out
to flabbergast
to flacker
to flag
to flag down
to flag up
to flagellate
to flail
to flake
to flake off
to flake out
to flambé
to flame
to flame up
to flange
to flange-mount
to flank
to flank sb./sth.
to flannel
to flap
to flap its wings
to flare
to flare off
to flare out
to flare up
to flash
to flash back
to flash by
to flash sth.
to flash through
to flash-freeze {flash-froze
to flatten
to flatten out
to flatten sth.
to flatter
to flatter so.
to flatulate
to flaunt
to flavor
to flavor of
to flavour
to flavour of
to flaw
to flay
to flay sb.
to fleck
to fledge
to flee
to flee {fled
to flee {fled, fled}
to flee for one's life
to fleece (sheep)
to fleece sb.
to fleet
to flesh out
to fletch
to flex
to flick
to flick (the ball)
to flick a knife open
to flick one's fingers
to flick through
to flicker
to flinch
to flinch (from)
to fling {flung
to fling {flung, flung}
to fling down
to fling into prison
to fling open (door
to fling out
to fling the gauntlet
to fling the window open
to flip
to flip (one's lid)
to flip (over)
to flip a coin
to flip horizontal
to flip off
to flip open
to flip out
to flip so. the bird
to flip through
to flip vertical
to flirt
to flirt (with)
to flit
to flitter
to float
to float downriver
to float with the current
to float with the tide
to flocculate
to flock to sb.
to flock together
to flog
to flog sth.
to flog to death
to flood
to floodlight
to flop
to floss
to floss one's teeth
to flounce
to flounder
to flourish
to flout
to flout (conventions)
to flow
to flow (into)
to flow by heads
to flow in
to flow into
to flow into in
to flow off
to flow out
to flow round
to flow through
to flow to
to flow together
to flower
to fluctuate
to fluff
to fluidify
to flummox
to flunk
to flunk a test
to fluoresce
to fluoridate
to flurry
to flush
to flush (out)
to flush down
to flush out
to flush the toilet
to flush the toilett
to fluster
to fluster sb.
to flute (bird)
to flutter
to flutter a kiss
to fly
to fly {flew
to fly a glider
to fly a kite
to fly a mission
to fly away
to fly back
to fly into a passion
to fly off at a tangent
to fly off the handle
to fly out
to fly over
to fly round
to fly the flag
to fly there
to fly through
to fly to
to fly to Germany
to fly towards
to flyblow {flyblew
to foal
to foam
to foam (up)
to foam at the mouth
to foam over
to fob
to fob off sb. with sth.
to fob sth. off on sb.
to focalise
to focalize
to focus
to focus (one's) attention on
to focus mainly on sth.
to focus on
to fog
to fog over
to fog the issue
to fog up
to foil
to foist
to foist sth. on sb.
to fold
to fold (near the edge)
to fold a blanket
to fold back
to fold over
to fold together
to fold up
to foliate
to follow
to follow (by)
to follow a train of thoughts
to follow a trend
to follow after sth.
to follow an unswerving course
to follow certain models
to follow hard on sth.
to follow in rapid succession
to follow in sb.'s footsteps
to follow in sb.'s wake
to follow one's bent
to follow sb.
to follow sb. like a shadow
to follow sb.'s drift
to follow sb.'s footprints
to follow up
to foment
to fondle
to fool
to fool about
to fool around
to fool sb. out of sth.
to foot it
to foot the bill
to footnote
to foozle
to forage
to foray
to forbear {forbore
to forbid {forbade, forbad
to forbore
to force
to force an issue
to force apart
to force away
to force feed
to force on
to force one's way into sth.
to force oneself
to force oneself on sb.
to force oneself to smile
to force oneself to take a decision
to force open
to force sb. onto the defensive
to force sb. to turn back
to force sth. apart
to force sth. through
to force the pace
to force through
to force up
to force up prices
to ford
to fordo {fordid
to forearm
to forebode
to forecast {forecast, forecasted
to foreclose
to foredoom
to forefeel {forefelt
to foregather
to forego {forewent
to forejudge
to foreknow {foreknew
to foreordain
to forerun {foreran
to foresee {foresaw
to foreshadow
to foreshorten
to foreshow {foreshowed
to forespeak {forespoke
to forestall
to forestall sb.
to forestall sth.
to foreswear {foreswore
to foretell
to foretell {foretold
to foretoken
to forewarn
to forfeit
to forfeit sth.
to forfend
to forgather
to forge
to forge a check
to forge a cheque
to forge ahead
to forget {forgot
to forget oneself
to forgive {forgave
to forgo
to forgo {forwent
to forgo a pleasure
to forjudge
to fork
to fork (hay)
to fork (to the) left
to fork out
to fork over
to fork up
to form
to form a coalition
to form a cordon around the building
to form a group round sb./sth.
to form a line
to form a mob
to form a symbiotic relationship
to form a tableau
to form a united front
to form a view on
to form an integrated work of art
to form an opinion
to form an opinion (about)
to form back
to form into
to form into arch (back
to form into crystals
to form up
to form verdigris
to formalise
to formalize
to format
to formate
to formulate
to fornicate
to forsake {forsook
to forswear {forswore
to forthcome
to fortify
to fortify (wine)
to forward
to forward space
to forward-bias
to fossick
to fossilize
to foster
to foster a child
to foul
to foul up
to found
to founder
to fox
to fractionate
to fractionize
to fracture
to fracture one's leg
to frag
to fragment
to frame
to frame a rule
to frame an answer
to frame sb.
to franchise
to frap
to fraternise
to fraternize
to fray
to frazzle
to freak out (for
to freak out (for, over)
to free
to free (from)
to free from bureaucracy
to free of dust
to free oneself (from)
to free-fall {free-fell
to freelance
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