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Results for T in English, page 183
to get the push
to get the right qualifications for
to get the sack
to get the shock of one's life
to get the sniffles
to get the stick
to get the truth
to get there
to get through
to get through the customs
to get through the winter
to get ticked off
to get tired
to get to
to get to divorced
to get to grips with sb.
to get to grips with sth.
to get to know
to get to know something
to get to know sth.
to get to the bottom of things
to get to the heart of sth.
to get to the point
to get to work on sth.
to get together
to get too big for one's boots
to get too big for one's britches
to get tough
to get turned down (by sb.)
to get under
to get up
to get up (early) with the chickens
to get up close and personal with celebrities
to get up on the wrong side of bed
to get up on the wrong side of the bed
to get up sb.'s nose
to get up to nonsense
to get up to one's ears in debt
to get used to
to get used to each other
to get used to one's new surroundings
to get used to the work
to get weaving
to get what one deserves
to get wind of
to get wise on sth.
to get worked up about sth.
to get worse
to getaway
to ghost
to gib
to gibber
to gibbet
to gibe
to gift-wrap
to giggle
to gild {gilded, gilt
to gild the lily
to ginger sb. up
to gird {girded, girt
to girdle
to girt
to girth
to give
to give (sb.) an identity
to give {gave
to give {gave, given}
to give a baby the breast
to give a broad hint
to give a charming smile
to give a competitive edge
to give a concert a miss
to give a discount
to give a false colour
to give a false colour /color to the incidents
to give a fillip to the economy
to give a good account of oneself
to give a gratuity
to give a guarantee
to give a hand to sb.
to give a hand to someone
to give a high five
to give a jerk
to give a lecture
to give a lippy answer
to give a party
to give a penalty
to give a professional opinion on sth.
to give a quick thanks
to give a reason
to give a reception
to give a report
to give a ruling
to give a score
to give a short woof
to give a shrug
to give a slight jolt
to give a speech
to give a square deal
to give a start of
to give a strong impetus
to give a suspended sentence
to give a talk
to give a twitch
to give a wash
to give a yelp
to give advice (on)
to give an account of
to give an advantage
to give an idea of
to give an information
to give an insight into sth.
to give authorization
to give away
to give back
to give back as you were given
to give battle
to give beans
to give birth
to give blood
to give cause for sth.
to give credit
to give credit (to)
to give currency to a rumour
to give details of
to give documentary evidence
to give each other sth.
to give emeritus status
to give evidence (for
to give evidence in court
to give extra lessons
to give for charity
to give full particulars
to give further treatment
to give good returns
to give great pleasure
to give head
to give hope
to give in
to give it a whirl
to give later
to give leave
to give lessons
to give no answer
to give notice
to give notice (of departure
to give notice (to quit)
to give notice of depature
to give notice of opposition
to give occasion to
to give off a smell
to give off smoke
to give off sooty smoke
to give on tick (to)
to give one the go-by
to give one's blessing (to)
to give one's opinion
to give one's sanction to sth.
to give one's view (on)
to give oneself
to give oneself airs
to give oneself Dutch courage
to give oneself no peace
to give oneself up
to give oneself up to sb.
to give oneself up to sth.
to give oneself up to the police
to give onesome airs
to give out
to give out private gossip
to give over
to give pain
to give permission to do sth.
to give pleasure
to give power of attorney
to give precedence to
To give quickly is to give double.
to give reasons for
to give sb. a (big) cheer
to give sb. a (hard) smack
to give sb. a blow-job
to give sb. a buzz
to give sb. a chance to get even
to give sb. a chewing out
to give sb. a complete makeover
to give sb. a credit of trust
to give sb. a dressing-down
to give sb. a good hiding
to give sb. a hard time
to give sb. a head start
to give sb. a helping hand
to give sb. a level look
to give sb. a lift
to give sb. a medical certificate
to give sb. a new lease of life
to give sb. a pep talk
to give sb. a piece of your mind
to give sb. a rap on the knuckles
to give sb. a raw deal
to give sb. a reality check
to give sb. a ring
to give sb. a roasting
to give sb. a scowl
to give sb. a slug
to give sb. a smile
to give sb. a square deal
to give sb. a tip
to give sb. a tongue-lashing
to give sb. a warm reception
to give sb. a whack
to give sb. a whipping
to give sb. a wigging
to give sb. a wink
to give sb. an advance warning
to give sb. an appetite
to give sb. an edge
to give sb. an enema
to give sb. an ovation
to give sb. an understanding of sth.
to give sb. as good as one gets
to give sb. biased information
to give sb. cover
to give sb. credit for sth.
to give sb. delight
to give sb. drugs
to give sb. extra time to pay a sum
to give sb. hell
to give sb. his cue
to give sb. information about sth.
to give sb. money
to give sb. moral support
to give sb. plenty of rope
to give sb. power of attorney
to give sb. short shrift
to give sb. sth.
to give sb. sth. as a present/gift (for sth.)
to give sb. sth. for his/her birthday
to give sb. sth.as a birthday present
to give sb. the bill
to give sb. the bird
to give sb. the cold shoulder
to give sb. the low-down
to give sb. the shirt off one's back
to give sb. the slip
to give sb. the strap
to give sb. the third degree
to give sb. their marching orders
to give sb. time
to give sb. tit for tat
to give sb. up
to give sb. up for dead
to give sb. up for lost
to give sb./sth. a try
to give shade
to give shelter
to give short shrift
to give so. a lesson
to give so. a nod
to give so. a prompt
to give so. a scare
to give so. a sermon
to give so. a telling-off
to give so. a treat
to give so. as good as one gets
to give so. the benefit of the doubt
to give so. the bird
to give so. the come-on
to give so. the double
to give so. the finger
to give so. the sack
to give so. up for adoption
to give someone a level look
to give someone a ring
to give someone an edge
to give someone hell
to give someone money
to give someone plenty of rope
to give someone the cold shoulder
to give someone the green light
to give someone time
to give something a trial
to give sth. (top) priority
to give sth. a careful perusal
to give sth. a close inspection
to give sth. a general overhaul
to give sth. a new lease of life
to give sth. a plug
to give sth. a trial
to give sth. a twitch
to give sth. individuality and charm
to give sth. into custody (in charge)
to give sth. one's consideration
to give sth. to sb.
to give sth. up
to give summary of
to give thanks
to give the alarm
to give the alert
to give the ball away
to give the cards a shuffle
to give the finishing touches
to give the first performance
to give the floor to
to give the game away
to give the gist of sth.
to give the go-ahead
to give the impression
to give the main points
to give the okay
to give the stick
to give three cheers for sb.
to give tongue
to give trouble
to give up
to give up doing sth.
to give up hope
to give up one's life
to give utterance to sth.
to give vent to one's feelings
to give vent to one's fury
to give voice (to)
to give way
to give way to sb. (on a matter)
to give/offer sb. a tangible experience of history etc.
to givers and the takers
to giving notice of depature
to gladden
to glamorise
to glamorize
to glamourise
to glamourize
to glance
to glance through
to glare
to glare (at)
to glass bead blast
to glaze
to glaze over
to gleam
to glean
to glide
to glide away
to glimmer
to glimpse
to glimpse (at)
to glint
to glisten
to glister
to glitter
to glitter brightly
to gloat
to gloat (on, over)
to globalize
to glom
to glorify
to glory
to glory (in)
to glory in one's ability
to gloss over
to glow
to glow (with)
to glower
to glue
to glue (together)
to glue on
to glue on (to)
to glut
to glut oneself (with food)
to gnash
to gnaw
to gnaw away
to gnaw off
to go
to go (deer-) stalking
to go (the) whole hog
to go (to) seed
to go {went
to go a long way round
to go about it carefully
to go about it skilfully
to go abroad
to go across the road
to go against one's will
to go ahead
to go ahead of sb.
to go all out
to go all the way
to go all-out
to go along
to go along on one's knees
to go along with
to go and lose
to go astray
to go at a crawl
to go away
to go away (off) on business
to go away for Easter
to go away in a foursome
to go away on a business trip
to go away on a trip
to go awry
to go back
to go back to
to go backpacking
to go backwards
to go bad
to go badly
to go bail for
to go bald
to go ballistic
to go bananas
to go bang
to go bankrupt
to go batty
to go begging
to go behind the house
to go belly up
to go berserk
to go beyond the scope of
to go blind
to go bonkers
to go brown
to go bust
to go by
to go by bus
to go by car
to go by plane
to go by taxi
to go by train
to go by tram
to go camping
to go climbing
to go clip-clop (hoofs)
to go commando
to go crackers
to go crazy
to go cuckoo
to go dancing
to go down
to go down (well)
to go down fighting
to go down for a count
to go down in history
to go down the drain (money)
to go down the tubes
to go down well with sb.
to go down with all hands
to go downhill
to go downmarket
to go downstairs
to go easy on
to go easy on resources
to go first
to go fishing
to go for a 5-km run
to go for a blow
to go for a burton
to go for a drive
to go for a meal
to go for a pee
to go for a picnic
to go for a ramble
to go for a ride
to go for a run in the car
to go for a sail
to go for a song
to go for a spin
to go for a stroll
to go for a test drive in a car
to go for a walk
to go for a walk lasting an hour
to go for the jugular
to go frantic
to go from Dresden
to go from one extreme to the other
to go gaga
to go hay
to go haywire
to go home
to go home for the weekend
to go hungry
to go hunting
to go in
to go in for sports
to go in front of the house
to go in Indian file
to go in single file
to go insane
to go inside
to go into
to go into (the) hospital
to go into a coma
to go into a decline
to go into a huddle
to go into a risk with one's eyes open
to go into a state of euphoria
to go into a trance
to go into action
to go into administration
to go into business for oneself
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