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Results for T in English, page 184
to go into details
to go into effect
to go into extra time
to go into hysterics
to go into it
to go into production
to go into raptures (about
to go into raptures (about, at over)
to go into raptures over
to go into reverse
to go into school
to go into the ditch
to go into the matter
to go into the ministry
to go into town
to go like a bull at a gate
to go limp
to go loopy
to go mad
to go mouldy
to go mushrooming
to go non-stop
to go nuts
to go off
to go off (food)
to go off a drug
to go off on a tangent
to go off on the wrong track
to go off the rails
to go off to play
to go off without a hitch
to go on
to go on a beach vacation
to go on a bust
to go on a course
to go on a date
to go on a diet
to go on a journey
to go on a pilgrimage
to go on a pub crawl
to go on a shopping spree
to go on a splurge
to go on a spree
to go on a treasure hunt
to go on a trip
to go on about
to go on and on
to go on foot
to go on holiday
to go on living
to go on one's way
to go on patrol
to go on stage
to go on strike
to go on talking
to go on the defensive
to go on the pull
to go on the rampage
to go on the warpath
to go on to the next point
to go on tour
to go on vacation
to go on with
to go out
to go out (fire)
to go out in a twosome
to go out of business
to go out of fashion
to go out of shape
to go out of vogue
to go out on a limb
to go out with sb.
to go outside
to go over
to go over (again)
to go over into sth.
to go over sth.
to go over to sb./sth.
to go past one another
to go past sb.
to go past someone
to go phut
to go postal
to go right
to go round
to go sailing
to go shooting
to go shopping
to go smoothly
to go sour
to go south
to go south for the winter
to go stag (to a party)
to go stale
to go steady with
to go straight forward
to go supersonic
to go the long way round
to go the pace
to go there
to go through
to go through a bad patch
to go through a crisis
to go through a difficult patch
to go through life with one's eyes open
to go through the roof
to go through thick and thin with sb.
to go to
to go to (great) expense
to go to (into) splinters
to go to a concert
to go to a higher authority
to go to a lecture
to go to a museum
to go to a spa
to go to bed
to go to bed (early) with the chickens
to go to church
to go to college
to go to confession
to go to heaven
to go to law
to go to Mass
to go to meet
to go to one's doom
to go to pieces
to go to rack
to go to rack and ruin
to go to ruin
to go to sb. with a problem
to go to sb.'s head
to go to school
to go to see
to go to seed
to go to sleep
to go to the doctor
to go to the doctor's
to go to the dogs
to go to the end of the line
to go to the happy hunting grounds
to go to the movies (pictures)
to go to the other extreme
to go to the polls
to go to the post office
to go to the seaside for one's holiday
to go to the theater
to go to the theatre
to go to the window
to go to town
to go to vespers
to go to war
to go to waste
to go to windward
to go to work
to go to/use the toilet / restroom
to go together
to go too far
to go undercover
to go underground
to go unheard
to go up
to go up country
to go up in flames
to go up in smoke
to go up the hill
to go up the wall
to go uphill
to go upstairs
to go upwards
to go walkies
to go waltzing mathilda
to go well
to go west
to go wild
to go window-shopping
to go with
to go with the flow
to go wrong
to go yellow
to goad
to goad each other
to gobble
to goggle
to goggle at sth.
to golf
to goof
to goof around
to goof off
to goof off sth./sb.
to goof up
to google
to gopher
to gore
to gorge
to gormandize
to gossip
to gossip (about)
to got over
to gouge
to gourmandize
to govern
to gown
to grab
to grab (at)
to grab sb. by the hair
to grace
to grace (with)
to grace against
to gradate
to grade
to grade shoes
to gradually reduce one's training schedule
to graduate
to graduate from
to graft
to grain
to grain coarsely
to grant
to grant a claim
to grant a licence
to grant a license
to grant a loan
to grant a patent
to grant a price deduction
to grant a request
to grant allowance
to grant oneself
to grant permission
to grant sb. a loan
to grant sb. a patent for sth.
to grant sb. power of attorney
to grant sb. sth.
to grant sb. the right to do sth.
to grant someone a loan
to grant to
to granulate
to grapple
to grapple for sth.
to grapple with
to grapple with a problem
to grapple with sb.
to grasp
to grasp at
to grasp at an opportunity
to grasp at nothing
to grasp at straws
to grasp sb. in one's arms
to grasp the nettle
to grasp the nettle of sth.
to grass
to grass on sb.
to grate
to grate (on sb.)
to grate (on someone)
to gratify
to gratify oneself
to gratinate
to grave {graved
to gravel
to gravitate
to gravitate (to
to gravitate to sth.
to graze
to graze one's knee
to graze one's skin
to graze oneself
to grease
to grease sb.'s palm
to green
to greet
to greet sb.
to greet with smiles
to grey out
to grieve
to grieve (over)
to grill
to grill sb.
to grill sb. about
to grill someone about
to grimace
to grime
to grimp
to grin
to grin and bear it
to grin at
to grin like a Cheshire cat
to grin like a demon
to grin with pleasure
to grind {ground
to grind {ground, ground}
to grind down
to grind off
to grind one's teeth (in anger)
to grind teeth
to grind to a halt
to grind up
to grind/learn by rote
to grip
to grip sb. by the throat
to gripe
to gripe at sb.
to grit
to grit one's teeth
to grizzle
to groan
to groan (with
to grog
to grok
to groom
to groom (a horse)
to groom oneself
to groom sb. for a career
to groove
to grope
to grope (for)
to grope one's way
to gross sb. out
to grouch
to ground
to ground (on)
to group
to group together
to grouse
to grout
to grout under pressure
to grovel
to grow
to grow {grew
to grow {grew, grown}
to grow a beard
to grow again
to grow exuberantly
to grow fat
to grow flowers
to grow fond of
to grow fond of sb.
to grow in popularity
to grow into
to grow into a habit
to grow like sb.
to grow lonely
to grow old
to grow on (onto)
to grow out
to grow out of sth.
to grow pale
to grow quickly
to grow rampant
to grow stiff
to grow through
to grow together
to grow up
to grow up bilingual
to grow up on
to grow weary
to growl
to grub
to grub about
to grub out
to grub sth .out
to grub sth. up
to grub up
to grudge
to grudge doing sth.
to grudge sb. sth.
to grumble
to grumble (about
to grump
to grunt
to guarantee
to guarantee sth.
to guard
to guard (against
to guard (against, from)
to guard something like gold
to guard sth. like gold
to guess
to guest
to guffaw
to guide
to guide through
to guillotine
to gull
to gull (into)
to gulp
to gulp down
to gurgle
to gush
to gush (from)
to gush (with)
to gut
to guy
to guzzle
to gybe
to gyp
to gypsy
to gyrate
to habit
to habituate
to hack
to hack to pieces
to hack up
to hackle
to hade
to hae a strong desire
to haggle
to haggle (about
to haggle over
to hagride {hagrode
to hail
to hail a taxi
to hail down
to hail from
to half-adjust
to hallmark
to hallmark metal items
to hallow
to hallucinate
to halt
to halter
to halve
to ham it up
to ham up
to hammer
to hamper
to hamstring {hamstrung
to hand
to hand back
to hand down
to hand in
to hand in one's notice for
to hand in one's resignation
to hand out
to hand over
to hand over a case to a higher court
to hand over for safekeeping
to hand over to sb.
to hand round
to hand sb. over to the police
to hand sth. to sb. on a silver platter
to handcuff
to handicap
to handle
to handle sb. with kid gloves
to handle sth.
to handle with care
to handwrite {handwrote
to hang
to hang {hung, hanged
to hang about
to hang around
to hang by a thread
to hang in the balance
to hang limp
to hang on to
to hang oneself
to hang out
to hang over (from)
to hang over {hung
to hang resplendent
to hang sb.
to hang sb. from the gallows
to hang sth. round one's neck
to hang sth. somewhere else
to hang together
to hang up
to hang up on sb.
to hanker
to happen
to happen on
to happen to
to happen to be ...
to happen to do sth.
to happen to meet so.
to happen upon
to harangue
to harass
to harbor
to harbour
to harden
to harden a sail
to hare
to hark
to harken
to harm
to harm sb.
to harmonise
to harmonize
to harness
to harness (horse)
to harness a horse to a carriage
to harp
to harp on about sth.
to harpoon
to harrow
to harrumph
to harry
to harshen
to harvest
to harvest (fish)
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