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to heave a sigh (of relief)
to heave to
to heckle
to hector
to heddle
to hedge
to hedge against sth.
to hedgehop
to hee-haw
to heed
to heel
to heft
to heighten
to heist
to held on remand
to help
to help on
to help oneself
to help out
to help sb. (along)
to help sb. out
to help through
to help to get away
to help to solve a crime
to help up
to help with words and deeds
to hem
to hem and haw
to hempen
to henpeck
to herald
to herald in
to herd
to hesitate
to hesitate (about)
to heterodyne
to hew
to hew {hewed
to hex
to hibernate
to hiccup
to hide
to hide {hid
to hide and seek
to hide one's light under a bushel
to hide oneself away
to hide/bury one's head in the sand
to hie
to highlight
to highlite
to hijack
to hijack an aircraft
to hike
to hike up
to hinder
to hinder (from)
to hinder so. in sth.
to hinge (on)
to hint (at)
to hire
to hire out
to hire sb.
to his right
to hiss
to historicize
to hit
to hit {hit
to hit each other
to hit hard
to hit home
to hit on sb.
to hit rock bottom
to hit so.
to hit the ball out
to hit the bottle
to hit the bullseye
to hit the ceiling
to hit the hay
to hit the headlines
to hit the jack-pot
to hit the jackpot
to hit the jackpot (with)
to hit the mark
to hit the nail on the head
to hit the roof
to hit the sack
to hit the target
to hit upon
to hitch
to hitch one's wagon to a star
to hitchhike
to hive (bees)
to hive off
to hoard
to hoax
to hobble
to hobnob (with)
to hock
to hoe (in the garden)
to hog
to hog the limelight
to hogtie
to hoist
to hoist out
to hold
to hold (keep) sth. in suspense
to hold (point) sth. out to sb.
to hold {held
to hold {held, held}
to hold a ballot
to hold a knife to sb.'s throat
to hold a licence
to hold a license
to hold a meeting
to hold a mirror up to sb.
to hold a pistol on someone's head
to hold a pistol on/to sb.'s head
to hold a pose
to hold a reception
to hold a sales event
to hold a share in a business
to hold a trial (against)
to hold a view
to hold all the aces
to hold an appointment
to hold back
to hold before sb.
to hold classes
to hold down
to hold each other
to hold elections
to hold enthralled
to hold hands
to hold in one's hand
to hold in pledge
to hold in readiness
to hold in the hand
to hold in trust
to hold office
to hold on
to hold one another
to hold one's breath
to hold one's own
to hold one's peace
to hold one's tongue
to hold oneself apart
to hold oneself in readiness
to hold oneself onto sth.
to hold onto sth.
to hold out
to hold out the prospect of sth.
to hold over (till)
to hold proceedings
to hold ready
to hold sb. at bay
to hold sb. captive
to hold sb. hostage (to sth.)
to hold sb. responsible for
to hold shares
to hold so. at gunpoint
to hold so. in esteem
to hold so. in great respect
to hold so. in high esteem
to hold so. in high regard
to hold so. in respect
to hold steady
to hold sth.
to hold sth. against sb.
to hold sth. at bay
to hold sth. in a tenacious grip
to hold sth. in high regard
to hold sth. in readiness
to hold sth. in trust
to hold sth. out to sb.
to hold the balance
to hold the fort
to hold the record
to hold the reins
to hold tight
to hold together
to hold up
to hold up to ridicule
to hole
to hole up
to holler
to holler out
to hollow
to hollow out
to home in on a target
to home in on sth.
to homogenize
to homologate
to hone
to honeymoon
to honk
to honor
to honour
to honour/honor one's commitment/promise
to hoodwink
to hoof
to hook
to hook (into)
to hook into
to hook sb.
to hook up
to hook up sb.
to hoot
to hoot (owl)
to hoot down
to hoot with delight
to hoover
to hop
to hop it
to hope
to hope for
to hope for goodness
to hope for the best
to hope secretly
to horrify
to horripilate
to horse around
to horsetrade
to hose down
to hose out
to hospitalize
to host
to hot-swap
to hound
to hound sb. out of the house
to house
to house-sit {house-sat
to house-train
to housebrak {housebroke
to housekeep {housekept
to hover
to hover between life and death
to howk
to howl
to huddle
to huddle against
to huddle together
to huddle up
to huff
to hug
to hug each other
to hug fond hopes
to hug the fire
to hull
to hum
to humanize
to humble
to humble oneself
to humbug
to humidify
to humiliate
to hump
to hump one's back
to hump up
to hunch
to hunch one's shoulders
to hunch up
to hunger
to hunker
to hunker down
to hunt
to hunt down
to hunt out
to hunt sb.
to hunt the thimble
to hurl
to hurl defiance
to hurl sth. at sb.
to hurl violently
to hurry
to hurry ahead
to hurry away
to hurry downstairs
to hurt
to hurt {hurt
to hurt sb.
to hurt sb.'s feelings
to hurt someone's feelings
to hurtle
to hurtle down
to hurtle past
to husband
to hush
to hush (up)
to husk
to hustle
to hustle things along
to hustle things on
to hybridize
to hydrate
to hydrogenate
to hydrogenize
to hydrolyse
to hydrolyze
to hype
to hype up
to hyperventilate
to hyperventilate over sth.
to hypnotize
to hypothecate
to hypothesise
to hypothesize
to ice
to ice-skate
to idealize
to identify
to identify Islam with terrorism
To identify measures at a point in time. This is a synonym for "spot" or "random" as applied to urine measurements.
to identify oneself
to identify sth. with sth. else
to identify with sth.
to idle
to idle away
to idolise
to idolize
to ignite
to ignore
to ignore (completely)
to ignore a remark
to ignore evidence
to ignore sb.
to ignore sb.'s right of way
to ignore so.'s objections
to ignore the right of way
to ignore the smoking ban
to ill-treat
to ill-use
to illume
to illuminate
to illumine
to illustrate
to IM
to image
to imagine
to imagine sb. to be sth.
to imagine sth.
to imagine sth. isn't there
to imbed
to imbibe
to imbricate
to imbrue
to imbue
to imitate
to immerse
to immigrate
to immiserate
to immobilise
to immobilize
to immobilize a limb
to immobilize/immobilise capital
to immolate
to immortalize
to immunise
to immunize
to immure
to impact
to impact negatively
to impact on
to impact on sth.
to impair
to impale
to impart
to impart (to)
to impart knowledge to sb.
to impeach
to impede
to impel
to impel into action
to impel sb. to do sth.
to impend
to imperil
to impersonate
to impersonate sb.
to impinge
to impinge (on
to impinge (on, upon)
to impinge (on)
to implant
to implant sth. in sb.
to implement
to implement a strategy
to implicate
to implicate sb. in sth.
to implode
to implore
to imply
to imply that sb.'s intentions are bad
to import
to importune
to impose
to impose (on sb.)
to impose a curfew
to impose a measure terminating residence
to impose a penalty
to impose a restriction
to impose a tax (on)
to impose a tax on sth.
to impose an alcohol ban
to impose law and order
to impose on sb.
to impose on sb.'s kindness
to impose sth. on sb.
to impound
to impound a document
to impoverish
to imprecate
to impregnate
to impress
to impress (sb.)
to impress sb.
to impress sb. deeply
to imprint
to imprison
to improve
to improve one's image
to improve one's mind
to improvise
to improvise on a theme
to improvise sth.
to impugn
to impute
to inactivate
to inaugurate
to inbreed {inbred
to incapacitate
to incarcerate
to incarnate
to incease alarmingly
to incense
to inch
to incinerate
to incise
to incite
to incite (to)
to incline
to incline toward each other
to incline toward one another
to inclose
to include
to include an amount
to include in the insurance
to include sth.
to incommode
to inconvenience
to incorporate
to incorporate (into)
to increase
to increase (in)
to increase (to
to increase a counter
to increase by 2%
to increase by 20%
to increase her knowledge of foreign languages
to increase in strength
to increase in value
to increase tenfold
to increase the price
to increment
to incriminate
to incubate
to inculcate
to inculpate
to incur
to incur a fine (a penalty)
to incur a loss
to incur a risk
to incur censure
to incur debts
to incur displeasure
to incur liabilities
to incur losses
to incur sb.'s displeasure
to incur sth.
to indemnify (against
to indemnify (for)
to indemnify and hold sb. harmless
to indent
to indent (text)
to indent on sb. for sth.
to indenture
to index
to indicate
to indict (for)
to indispose
to indite
to individualize
to indoctrinate
to indorse
to induce
to induce labour
to induce sb. to do sth.
to induct
to indulge
to indulge in
to indulge in reminiscences
to indulge in sth.
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