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to indulge one's passion
to indurate
to industrialize
to industrialize an area
to indwell
to inebriate
to infantilize
to infatuate
to infect
to infer (from)
to infest
to infiltrate
to infiltrate (a spy)
to infiltrate spies (agents)
to infix
to inflame
to inflate
to inflect
to inflict
to influence
to influence sb.
to infold
to inform
to inform (against sb.
to inform (of
to inform (of, about, on)
to inform in advance
to inform sb. knowledgeably
to infringe
to infringe a patent
to infringe a rule
to infringe a trade mark
to infringe upon so.'s rights
to infuriate
to infuse
to infuse sth. into sb.
to ingest
to ingrain
to ingratiate
to ingratiate oneself (with)
to ingress
to inhabit
to inhale
to inhere
to inhere in sth.
to inherit (from)
to inherit sb.'s estate
to inhibit
to inhume
to initial
to initialise
to initialize
to initiate
to initiate legal proceedings against sb.
to initiate sb. into sth.
to inject
to injure
to ink
to ink (a contract)
to inlay {inlaid
to inlay {inlaid, inlaid}
to innervate
to innovate
to inoculate
to input {input
to inquire
to inquire into the merits of sth.
to inscribe
to inscribe (on)
to inscribe one's name in the visitors' book
to inscribe sth. to sb.
to inseminate
to inseminate artificially
to insert
to insert a CD
to insert contacts
to inset {inset
to insinuate
to insist (on)
to insist on doing sth.
to insist on one's right of way
to insist on one's rights
to inspect
to inspect a boiler
to inspect and approve
to inspect sth. for sth.
to inspire
to inspire sb.
to inspire someone
to inspirit
to inspissate
to instal
to install
to install (remove) a stand
to install a ceiling
to install a stand
to install a telephone connection
to install a trap and trace device on sb.'s phone/line
to instance
to instantiate
to instate
to instigate
to instil
to instil into
to instill
to instill into
to institute
to institute bankruptcy proceedings
to institutionalize
to institutionalize sb.
to instruct
to insulate
to insult
to insure (against)
to insure against fire
to insure one's life
to integrate
to intend
to intend (for)
to intend sb. to be
to intend to do sth.
to intensify
to intensify (competition)
to inter
to interact
to interbreed {interbred
to intercalate
to intercede
to intercept
to interchange
to intercommunicate
to interconnect
to intercut {intercut
to interdict
to interest (in)
to interest oneself in sth.
to interfere
to interfere (in)
to interfere (with sth.)
to interfuse
to interject
to interlace
to interlaminate
to interlay
to interleave
to interline
to interlink
to interlock
to interlope
to intermesh
to intermingle
to intermit
to intermix
to intern
to internalize sth.
to internationalize
to internationalizing
to interpenetrate
to interpolate
to interpose
to interpret
to interpret sth. wrongly
to interrogate
to interrupt
to interrupt sb.
to intersect
to intersect (lodes)
to intersperse
to interstratify
to intertwine
to intervene
to intervene in the play
to interview (on
to interweave {interwove
to intimate
to intimidate
to intone
to intoxicate
to intrigue
to intrigue (against)
to introduce
to introduce (to)
to introduce a bill
to introduce a subject
to introduce oneself
to introduce oneself (to)
to introduce sb. into society
to introduce sb. to sb.
to introduce sth. onto the market
to introduce to the firm
to introspect
to introvert
to intrude
to intrust
to intuit
to inundate
to inure
to inure (to)
to invade
to invalid
to invalidate
to inveigh
to inveigle
to invent
to invent an explanation
to invent stories
to inventory
to invert
to invest
to invest (in)
to investigate
to investigate a case
to invigilate
to invigorate
to invite
to invite (to)
to invite criticism
to invite offers
to invite sb. in
to invite sb. to a meeting
to invite sb. to do sth.
to invite someone in
to invoice
to invoice at cost
to invoke
to invoke (sth.)
to involve
to involve (in
to involve in
to involve sb. (with)
to involve those affected (by sth.) in the process
to ionize
to iridesce
to iridize
to irk
to iron
to iron out
to irradiate
to irrigate
to irritate
to irrupt
to isolate
to issue
to issue a communique
to issue a decree
to issue a disclaimer
to issue a temporary injunction
to issue an invoice (for)
to issue from
to it
to italicize
to itch
to itemize
to iterate
to itinerate
to jab
to jabber
to jack
to jack up
to jack up (a car)
to jacket
to jade
to jail
to jam
to jam on the brakes
to jam together
to jangle
to jape
to jar
to jar (against
to jar (on sb.)
to jar on sb.'s nerves
to jar upon the ear
to jaunt
to jawbone
to jaywalk
to jazz up
to jellify
to jelly
to jeopardise
to jeopardize
to jerk
to jerk off
to jerry-build {jerry-built
to jest
to jet
to jet (off to)
to jettison
to jettison (from ship)
to jib
to jib in
to jibe
to jig
to jiggle
to jilt
to jingle
to jink
to jinx
to jitter
to jitterbug
to jive
to jockey
to jockey (for)
to jog
to jog on
to jog sb.'s memory
to joggle
to join
to join (a club)
to join (in)
to join (take) issue with sb.
to join (to
to join a concert
to join a different sickness fund
to join a party
to join an alliance
to join company with so.
to join forces
to join forces wth sb.
to join in
to join in singing
to join in the game
to join the army
to join the end of the queue
to join the navy
to join together
to join up (formation)
to join with a lock seam
to joint
to joke
to joke (about)
to joke around
to jol [Südafr.]
to jolly (along) sb.
to jolly up
to jolt
to jolt sb. into action
to josh
to jostle
to jostle (against each other)
to jostle sb. aside
to jostle sb.'s arm
to jot
to jot down
to jot down a few notes
to jounce
to journalize
to journey
to journey on
to joust
to joyride {joyrode
to jubilate
to judder
to judge
to judge (by)
to judge by appearances
to juggle
to jumble
to jump
to jump a course
to jump a red light
to jump at the chance
to jump for joy
to jump forward
to jump off
to jump on (to) the bandwagon
to jump out
to jump over
to jump round
to jump the gun
to jump the queue
to jump the rails
to jump to conclusions
to jump up
to jump-start
to junk
to justify
to jut
to jut out
to juxtapose
to kayak
to kayo sb.
to keel over
to keelhaul
to keep
to keep (prevent
to keep (prevent, stop) someone from doing something
to keep {kept
to keep {kept, kept}
to keep a berth
to keep a clear head
to keep a contact going {kept
to keep a diary
to keep a family
to keep a good understanding
to keep a lookout
to keep a low profile
to keep a person waiting
to keep a register
to keep a secret
to keep a stiff upper lip
to keep a straight face
to keep a tally of
to keep a term
to keep a watch on
to keep a wife and family
to keep abreast of the times
to keep alive
to keep aloof
to keep aloof from
to keep an appointment
to keep an eye on
to keep an eye on {kept
to keep an eye on sb. {kept
to keep an eye on someone
to keep an eye on sth.
to keep an offer open
to keep apart {kept
to keep at it
to keep away
to keep back
to keep bad company
to keep books
to keep bright and healthy
to keep calm
to keep clean
to keep clear
to keep company with sb.
to keep company with someone
to keep cool
to keep discipline
to keep early hours
to keep faith with sb.
to keep fit
to keep free
to keep from
to keep goal
to keep going in the same direction
to keep hens
to keep house
to keep imprisoned
to keep in a cool place
to keep in check
to keep in contact with sb.
to keep in good condition
to keep in good memory
to keep in good repair
to keep in leading-strings
to keep in line
to keep in practice
to keep in the dark
to keep in touch
to keep in with sb.
to keep it private
to keep late hours
to keep lookout
to keep money in the bank
to keep mum
to keep off {kept
to keep on {kept
to keep on running
to keep on talking
to keep on with
to keep on's balance
to keep one's balance
to keep one's chin up
to keep one's countenance
to keep one's eyes open
to keep one's feet on the ground
to keep one's figure
to keep one's fingers crossed
to keep one's head
to keep one's mind alive
to keep one's mouth shut
to keep one's nerve
to keep one's promise
to keep one's shirt on {kept
to keep one's word
to keep open
to keep open {kept
to keep order
to keep out (of)
to keep out of debt
to keep out of sb.'s way
to keep ready
to keep safe
to keep sb. alive
to keep sb. at bay
to keep sb. clued up
to keep sb. in ignorance of sth.
to keep sb. in leading strings
to keep sb. informed
to keep sb. on the backburner
to keep sb. tight
to keep sb. under observation
to keep sb. waiting
to keep sb.'s company
to keep sb./sth. in mind
to keep sb./sth. in sight
to keep score
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