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to keep secret
to keep secrets from sb.
to keep separate
to keep shut
to keep silent
to keep so. in the loop
to keep step with
to keep sth. at bay
to keep sth. going
to keep sth. handy
to keep sth. in mind
to keep sth. in stock
to keep sth. in store
to keep sth. running
to keep sth. safe
to keep still
to keep straight on
to keep tab on
to keep tabs on
to keep the ball
to keep the ball moving
to keep the flag flying
to keep the minutes
to keep the peace at night
to keep the proper distance
to keep the score
to keep the show rolling
to keep the wolf from the door
to keep things to oneself
to keep time
to keep to the right
to keep track (of)
to keep track of
to keep track of costs
to keep track of sth.
to keep under control
to keep up
to keep up (with)
to keep up appearances
to keep up with the time
to keep up with the times
to keep up-to-date
to keep vigil (over sb.)
to keep waiting
to keep warm
to keep watch
to keep watch over (cattle)
to keep well and fit
to keep within (reasonable) limits
to kennel
to key
to kibble
to kibosh
to kick
to kick (horse)
to kick at an open door
to kick in (door)
to kick off
to kick one's heels
to kick out
to kick over the traces
to kick sb.
to kick sb. in the shin
to kick sb. out
to kick the ball around
to kick the bucket
to kick up a fuss
to kick up a row
to kid
to kidnap
to kidnap sb.
to kill
to kill game
to kill off
to kill off (jobs)
to kill off (weeds)
to kill oneself laughing
to kill time
to kill two birds with one stone
to kindle
to kink
to kip
to kipper
to kiss
to kiss ass
to kiss sb.'s ass
to kiss the cup
to kite
to knead
to knead (into)
to kneel {knelt, kneeled
to knight
to knight sb.
to knit {knitted, knit
to knit one's brows
to knit two plain, two purl
to knock
to knock (at)
to knock at
to knock at the door
to knock back
to knock back sth.
to knock down
to knock flying
to knock off
to knock off (work)
to knock off sb.
to knock on wood
to knock over
to knock sb. out
to knock sb. up
to knock sb.'s socks off
to knock together
to knock up
to knock up a woman
to knockabout
to knockdown
to knot
to know
to know {knew
to know a lot (about)
to know about life
to know all tricks
to know for certain that ...
to know from (one's own) (personal) experience
to know from experience
to know from hearsay
to know in advance
to know inside out
to know more precise/exact details
to know no pity
to know one's own mind
to know one's stuff
to know one's way around
to know sb. by sight
to know sb. personally
to know sb. slightly
to know sth. by heart
to know sth. like the back of one's hand
to know the place
to know the precise/exact details
to know the right people
to know the ropes
to know the way around the place
to know what one is doing
to knuckle down
to knuckle down (to it)
to knuckle down to it
to knuckle under (to sb.)
to knurl
to kock off
to kock up
to kowtow (to sb.)
to label
to label sb. as
to labor
to labor (at)
to labor along
to labour
to labour along
to lace
to lace a drink
to lace oneself up
to lace up
to lacerate
to lack
to lack (of)
to lack space
to lack sth.
to lacquer
to lactate
to ladder
to lade {laded
to ladle (from)
to ladle off
to ladle out (of)
to lag
to lag behind
to lag behind in development
to lager-lout
to lair
to lam
to lamb
to lambast
to lambaste
to lame
to lament
to laminate
to lampoon
to land
to land casing
to land on one's feet
to land oneself in the soup
to land sb. one
to landscape sth.
to languish
to languish (for)
to lap
to lap up
to lapse
to lard
to lark about
to larrup
to lash
to lash (against
to lash (on)
to lash down
to lash into sb.
to lash oneself
to lash up
to last
to last (for)
to last forever
to last out
to latch
to latch on
to latch on to
to latch on to sb.
to lather
to lattice
to laud
to laugh (at sb.)
to laugh (at)
to laugh at
to laugh one's ass off
to laugh oneself to tears
to laugh out
to launch
to launch a charm offensive (on sb.)
to launder
to launder money
to lave
to lavish
to lavish sth. on sb.
to lay {laid
to lay about one
to lay an embargo on sth.
to lay aside
to lay bare
to lay bricks
to lay cable
to lay claim to
to lay claim to something
to lay claim to sth.
to lay down
to lay down a ship
to lay down one's arms
to lay down one's life
to lay great stress
to lay hands upon oneself
to lay in
to lay in a stock
to lay into sb.
to lay low
to lay mines
to lay off
to lay off (work)
to lay off workers
to lay on
to lay oneself open to attack
to lay oneself under a tree
to lay open
to lay out
to lay out a library
to lay out an area for cultivation
to lay out ready (for)
to lay out sb.'s body
to lay siege to
to lay someone low
to lay the blame on sb. for sth.
to lay the cloth
to lay the keel of a ship
to lay tiles
to lay track
to lay turf
to lay up
to lay waste
to layer
to laze
to laze around
to leach
to leach out
to lead {led
to lead a dog's life
to lead a hand-to-mouth existence
to lead a modest life
to lead a Spartan life
to lead a withdrawn life
to lead astray
to lead away
to lead back
to lead into temptation
to lead nowhere
to lead off in the round dance
to lead out (of)
to lead over
to lead sb. astray
to lead sb. by the nose
to lead sb. on to ...
to lead sb. to believe in sth.
to lead sb. to do sth.
to lead sb. up the garden path
to lead someone up the garden path
to lead the way
to lead to
to lead to sth.
to lead to trouble
to lead towards
to lead up
to leaf through
to league
to leak
to leak downward
to leak out
to lean (against)
to lean (on)
to lean {leaned, leant
to lean against
to lean against the wall
to lean back
to lean forward
to lean on sb.
to lean out
to lean out of the window
to lean towards
to leap {leaped, leapt
to leap for joy
to leap up
to leapfrog
to leapfrog one's way to success
to learn {learned, learnt
to learn a lesson
to learn a trade
to learn by heart
to learn by studying on one's own
to learn from
to learn from one's mistakes
to learn German
to learn how to swim
to learn more precise details
to learn one's tables
to learn sth.
to learn sth. by rote
to learn the hard way
to learn the ropes
to learn the strings
to learn to live (with)
to learn to love sb./sth.
to learn vocabulary
to lease (from)
to lease out (to)
to leave
to leave (as security)
to leave (the country) {left
to leave {left
to leave {left, left}
to leave a bad taste in one's mouth
to leave a firm
to leave a lasting impression on sb.
to leave a margin
to leave a message
to leave a problem (on one side)
to leave a scar
to leave a stain
to leave a wound unattended
to leave ajar
to leave alone
to leave behind
to leave blank
to leave for good
to leave home
to leave in the lurch
to leave it at that
to leave land fallow
to leave little to be desired
to leave much (little) to be desired
to leave much to be desired
to leave no doubt
to leave nothing undone
to leave on
to leave one's job
to leave open
to leave out
to leave sb. a legacy of sth.
to leave sb. alone
to leave sb. in the lurch
to leave sb. to his fate
to leave sb. unattended
to leave sb. untouched
to leave slightly open
to leave someone in the lurch
to leave sth.
to leave sth. alone
to leave sth. behind
to leave sth. out of consideration
to leave sth. to chance
to leave sth. unattended
to leave the country
to leave the peas to soak overnight
to leave the pit
to leave the ship
to leave the straight and narrow
to leave to sb.'s discretion
to leave undone
to leaven
to lecture
to lecture on
to leech
to leer (at)
to legalise
to legalize
to legislate
to legitimate
to legitimize
to lend
to lend {lent
to lend {lent, lent}
to lend a hand
to lend and borrow
to lend on pawn
to lend out
to lengthen
to lessen
to let {let
to let a business deal go
to let a machine idle
to let a matter rest
to let alone
to let an opportunity pass by
to let away
to let bygones be bygones
to let down
to let down one's hair
to let drop
to let fall a perpendicular
to let fly
to let go
to let in
to let know
to let off
to let off flares
to let oneself ...
to let oneself go
to let out
to let out a guffaw
to let out a yell
to let pass
to let repair (by)
to let repair one's hernia
to let rest
to let rooms
to let sb. do as they like
to let sb. down
to let sb. go ahead
to let sb. go first
to let sb. know
to let sb. know sth.
to let sb. out on parole
to let some air in
to let someone know
to let sth. alone
to let sth. be known
to let sth. go
to let sth. on a lease
to let sth. out of one's hands
to let sth. show
to let sth. slide
to let sth. work in
to let the body go limp
to let the fox guard the hen house
to let the genie out of the bottle
to let things drift
to let things slide
to let through
to let you know
to letter a book
to level
to level (at
to level down
to level off
to level off (at)
to level out
to level to the ground
to level up
to lever
to leverage
to leverage sth.
to levitate
to levy
to levy (an army)
to levy (tax)
to levy a duty
to levy tax on sth.
to liaise
to liaise (with)
to lib (from)
to libel
to liberalise
to liberalize
to liberate
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