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to licence
to license
to lick
to lick clean
to lick off
to lick out (of)
to lick sb. into shape
to lie {lay
to lie {lay, lain}
to lie {lied
to lie about
to lie ahead
to lie at anchor
to lie awake
to lie dormant
to lie fallow
to lie flat (against)
to lie in ambush
to lie in state
to lie in storehouse
to lie in wait (for)
to lie in warehouse
to lie inbetween
to lie like mad
to lie motionless
to lie next to each other
to lie on one's deathbed
to lie on top of each other
to lie prone
to lie quiet
to lie spread-eagled
to lie through one's teeth
to lie to
to lie to beat the band
to lie to so.
to lie uncomfortably
to lie unconscious
to lie under a tree
to lie underneath
to lie waste
to lift
to lift (mist)
to lift (up)
to lift a load
to lift a secret
to lift down
to lift off
to lift out
to lift the alcohol ban
to lift the receiver
to lift up
to ligate
to light
to light {lit, lighted
to light a cigarette
to light a fire
to light a match
to light up
to lighten
to like
to like sb./sth.
to like to do something
to like to do sth.
to like to munch on pizza
to liken
to lilt
to limber up
to lime
to limit (to)
to limit the duration of sth.
to limp
to line
to line a brake
to line dance
to line one's pocket
to line one's pockets
to line up
to linearize
to linger
to linger on a subject
to link
to link arms with
to link up
to lionise sb.
to lionize
to lionize sb.
to lip-read
to lip-sync
to lipread {lipread
to liquefy
to liquidate
to lisp
to list
to list a book
to listen
to listen (to so.)
to listen (to)
to listen attentively
to listen in
to listen in to
to listen to
to listen to reason
to listen to sb./sth.
to listen to the radio
to listen up
to lithograph
to litigate
to litter
to live
to live (in)
to live (on)
to live a long way from home
to live apart
to live at ease
to live away from home
to live by bread
to live down under
to live extravagantly
to live far from home
to live fast
to live for the moment
to live in a carefree manner
to live in bigamy
to live in close companionship (with)
to live in close touch with nature
to live in clover
to live in comfort
to live in herds
to live in perfect harmony
to live in reduced circumstances
to live in style
to live in the lap of luxury
to live in town
to live like a king
to live like a like a bee in clover
to live like a lord
to live modestly
to live off
to live off the fat of the land
to live on
to live on charity
to live on credit
to live on others
to live on the edge
to live on the fat of the land
to live on tick
to live one's own life
to live out
to live out of town
to live outside Leipzig
to live surrounded by greenery
to live the life of Riley
to live the life to the full
to live through
to live to see
to live together
to live under the roof
to live up
to live up to something
to live up to sth.
to liven
to liven up
to lixiviate
to lmaonaise
to load
to load up
to loaf
to loan
to loathe
to lob
to lobby
to localise
to localize
to locate
to lock
to lock away
to lock in place
to lock nuts
to lock oneself out
to lock out
to lock up
to lodge
to lodge (with)
to lodge a complaint against persons unknown
to lodge a deed
to lodge an appeal
to log
to log (measuring data)
to log in
to log off
to log on
to log onto
to log out
to log-in
to log-off
to login
to loiter
to loiter away
to loll
to long (for)
to long for
to long for the return (of sb.)
to long to do sth.
to long to return (to)
to look
to look (at
to look (at, on)
to look (for)
to look (like)
to look (there)
to look after
to look after sb.'s interests
to look ahead
to look around
to look at
to look at (a file)
to look at oneself in the mirror
to look at sb.
to look at sb. askance
to look at the black side
to look away
to look away in disgust
to look back
to look behind (on)
to look blue
to look bright
to look down (at)
to look for
to look for a flat
to look for a job
to look for a place to stay
to look for an excuse
to look for employment
to look for sb. to take over the flat
to look for trouble
to look for work
to look forward (to)
to look forward excitedly
to look forward to
to look good
to look happy/sad
to look here
to look important
to look impressive
to look in
to look in (on)
to look in at the window
to look in the mirror
to look into
to look like
to look like a plucked chicken
to look like a shorn sheep
to look nice
to look out
to look out for squalls
to look out from behind sth.
to look over
to look pale
to look rosy
to look round
to look sad
to look seedy
to look sth. up
to look there
to look through
to look up
to look well
to lookup
to loom
to loop
to loop (round)
to loop the loop
to loopthrough
to loose
to loose off
to loosen
to loosen the reins
to loot
to lop
to lop off
to lope
to lord it over sb.
to lose
to lose (money) through speculation
to lose {lost
to lose {lost, lost}
to lose a game
to lose control of oneself
to lose control of/over sth.
to lose countenance
to lose courage
to lose face
to lose its shape
to lose its shine
to lose one's balance
to lose one's bearings
to lose one's composure
to lose one's edge
to lose one's footing
to lose one's grip
to lose one's grip on reality
to lose one's head
to lose one's life
to lose one's mind
to lose one's nerve
to lose one's reason
to lose one's religion
to lose one's shirt
to lose one's temper
to lose one's way
to lose sight of
to lose sight of sb.
to lose sth.
to lose the beat
to lose the rhythm
to lose the thread
to lose track (of)
to lose weight
to lounge
to lounge around
to lounge back
to lour
to louse
to love
to love life
to love to distraction
to low
to lower
to lower a boat
to lower down on a rope
to lower expectations
to lower one's eyes
to lower one's sights
to lower the bank rate
to lower the discount rate
to lower the interest rate
to lube
to lubricate
to luff
to lug
to lug a heavy case around
to lug in
to lull
to lull to sleep
to lullaby
to lumber
to lumber (up)
to luminesce
to lump
to lump it
to lump them all together
to lump together
to lunge
to lunge (at)
to lurch
to lure
to lure (into)
to lure sb. into a trap
to lurk
to lurk about
to lurk around
to lustrate
to lute
to luxate
to luxuriate
to lynch
to lyophilisate
to macadamize
to macerate
to machinate
to machine
to machine-gun
to maculate
to madden
to maffick
to magnetize
to magnify
to mail
to mail a letter
to maim
to mainline
to maintain
to maintain some semblance of order
to maintain the course
to maintain the present course
to major in ...
to major in German studies
to make
to make (keep
to make (keep, break) a promise
to make (profit)
to make {made
to make a (new) life for oneself
to make a bad (initial) impression
to make a bed
to make a bee-line
to make a bet
to make a bloomer
to make a bogeyman out of
to make a bolt for
to make a bull
to make a call
to make a call on
to make a career change
to make a case for sth.
to make a choice
to make a clean breast of
to make a clean sweep of
to make a comment to the effect that
to make a complaint
to make a complaint (about)
to make a compromise
to make a confirmed reservation for sth.
to make a contract
to make a corner kick
to make a courtesy call on sb.
to make a critical study of sth.
to make a date with sb.
to make a decision
to make a declaration of intention
to make a defeaning noise
to make a detour
to make a diagnosis
to make a din
to make a draft on
to make a film
to make a find
to make a fool of oneself
to make a fortune
to make a fuss about
to make a gesture
to make a good (initial) impression
to make a good bargain
to make a good deal
to make a good job of it
to make a good save
to make a good time
to make a graceful exit
to make a great song and dance about sth.
to make a grimace
to make a job move
to make a joke of sth.
to make a journey
to make a killing
to make a leg
to make a living
to make a long story short
to make a lot of fuss (about)
to make a lot of noise about sth.
to make a mess
to make a mint (of money)
to make a mistake
to make a motion
to make a mountain out of a molehill
to make a move on sb.
to make a neat copy
to make a niche for oneself
to make a noise
to make a noise in the world
to make a note of
to make a note of sth. in the margin
to make a parting
to make a pass
to make a pass at sb.
to make a pattern
to make a perfect team
to make a phone call
to make a pile
to make a plea for sth.
to make a present
to make a pretext of
to make a projection
to make a prompt decision
to make a racket
to make a record
to make a remark (at
to make a report
to make a request
to make a reserve for bad debt
to make a resolution (to do sth.)
to make a resolve to do sth.
to make a rough guess on sth.
to make a row
to make a run for it
to make a run on the shops /stores
to make a sales presentation
to make a sally
to make a scathing attack on sb.
to make a show of
to make a slip
to make a slip (of the tongue)
to make a slip of the pen
to make a solidarity contribution
to make a speech about
to make a speech on
to make a splice
to make a spring at
to make a start on sth.
to make a statement
to make a statement on sth.
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