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to mind one's P's and Q's (... one's "pleases" and "thank-you's")
to mine
to mine (an area)
to mineralise
to mineralize
to mingle
to miniaturise
to miniaturize
to minimize
to minish
to minister
to minister to sb.
to minor in
to mint
to minute
to mire
to mirror
to misapply
to misapprehend
to misappropriate
to misbecome {misbecame
to misbehave
to miscalculate
to miscall
to miscarry
to miscast {miscast
to misconceive
to misconduct
to misconstrue
to miscount
to misdate
to misdeal {misdealt
to misdemean
to misdemean oneself on
to misdial
to misdirect
to misdo {misdid
to misfile
to misfire
to misgovern
to misguide
to mishandle
to mishear {misheard
to misinform
to misinterpret
to misinterpret sth.
to misjudge
to mislay
to mislead
to mislead {misled
to mislead the public
to mismanage
to mismatch
to misname
to misplace
to misplay
to misprint
to mispronounce
to mispunch
to misquote
to misread
to misrepresent
to misrout
to misroute
to misrule
to miss
to miss a penalty
to miss an opportunity
to miss one's aim
to miss out
to miss the boat
to miss the goal
to miss the mark
to miss the opportunity
to miss the point
to miss the train
to missend {missent
to missionate
to missionize
to misspeak (oneself) {misspoke
to misspell
to misspend
to misspend {misspent
to misstate
to mist
to mistake {mistook
to mistreat
to mistrust
to mistype
to misunderstand {misunderstood
to misuse
to misuse sth.
to miter
to mither
to mitigate
to mitigate damages
to mitre
to mix
to mix (mortar)
to mix in
to mix thoroughly
to mix up
to mix with artists
to mizzle
to moan
to moan (with)
to moan with pleasure
to moat
to mob
to mobilise
to mobilize
to mock
to model
to model for sb.
to model oneself on sb.
to model sth. on sth.
to moderate
to moderate the growing demand for energy
to modernize
to modify
to modulate
to moisten
to moisturise
to moisturize
to mold
to mold (out of
to molder
to molest
to mollify
to mollycoddle
to molt
to monetise
to monetize
to monitor
to monkey (with)
to monkey about
to monopolise
to monopolize
to moo
to mooch
to moonlight
to moor
to moot
to mop
to mop up
to mope
to moralize
to more than make up for sth.
to morph
to mortgage
to mortgage one's future
to mortify
to mortise (into)
to mosey
to mothball
to mother
to motion
to motivate
to motorise
to motorize
to mottle
to mould
to moulder
to moult
to mount
to mount on
to mount up (to)
to mourn
to mourn (for
to mourn (for, over) (at, over)
to mouse-click sth.
to move
to move (up) closer together
to move along
to move away
to move closer
to move down
to move for
to move forward
to move further along
to move hand over hand (along a rope)
to move heaven and earth
to move house
to move in
to move in a circle
to move in artistic circles
to move in with sb.
to move into
to move mountains
to move nearer
to move off
to move on
to move out
to move out of the relegation zone
to move to and fro
to move together
to move up
to move up (to)
to move up the career ladder
to move up the social ladder
to mow {mowed
to mow {mowed, mown, mowed}
to mow a meadow
to mow the lawn
TO MRI W contr IV
TO MRI W+WO contr IV
TO MRI WO contr
to muck about
to muck about sth.
to muck around
to muck around at doing sth.
to muck around in sth.
to muck around with sb.
to muck out
to muck out the stables
to muck sth. up
to muck things about
to muckrake
to mud off
to muddle
to muddle along
to muddle through
to muddle up
to muddy
to muff
to muffle
to muffle (sound
to mug
to mulch
to mulct
to mull
to mull it over
to mull over
to mull wine
to multiplex
to multiply
to multiply (by)
to mumble
to mumble (away) to oneself
to mumble (mutter) sth. into one's beard
to mummify
to munch
to mung data
to municipalize
to murder
to murmur
to muse (on
to mushroom (up)
to must
to must not (in negative meaning)
to muster
to mutate
to mute
to mutilate
to mutiny
to mutter
to muzzle
to muzzle so.
to my amazement/astonishment
to my complete satisfaction
to my delight
To my dismay I discovered that...
To my great dismay I noticed that...
To my horror I noticed that...
to my knowledge
To my knowledge ...
to my mind
to my satisfaction
to my shame
to my sorrow
to my surprise
to mystify
to mystify sb.
to nab
to nab sb.
to nag
to nag sb. about sth.
to nail
to nail on
to nail up
to name
to name (after)
to name but a few
to nap
to narcotize
to narrate
to narrow
to narrow down the choice
to nationalise
to nationalize
to natter
to naturalise
to naturalize
to nauseate
to navigate
to near
to neat
to neaten
to necessitate
to neck
to need
to need a licence
to need a rest
to need not
to need surgery
to need to be further improved (draft
to needle
to negate
to neglect
to neglect one's duty
to neglect sb.
to negotiate
to negotiate (about
to negotiate (on)
to negotiate the conditions of a contract
to neigh
to neighbor (upon)
to neighbour
to nerve
to nest
to nestle
to nestle (to)
to nestle against
to net
to nettle
to network
to neuter
to neutralise
to neutralize
to nibble
to nibble at/on sth.
to nibble off
to nibble s.th.
to niche sb.
to nick
to nickel-plate
to nidge
to nig
to niggle
to nip
to nip off
to nip sth. in the bud
to nip things in the bud
to nitpick
to nitrate
to nitrify
to nix
to no avail
to no purpose
to nod
to nod off
to nod to
to noise
to noise sth. about
to nominalize
to nominate
to nonplus
to noodle over
to noodle over sth.
to noose
to normalise
to normalize
to normalize (relations)
to nose
to nose around
to nose out
to nosedive
to not be able to figure sb. out
to not know what to make of sb.
to not pay much attention to sth.
to not set much store by sth.
to not stop sb.
to notarize
to notch
to note
to note down
to notice
to notice sb.'s embarrassment
to notice something with satisfaction
to notice sth.
to notice sth. with satisfaction
to notify
to notify sb. of sb.'s arrival
to notify someone of someone's arrival
to nourish
to novate
to novate (obligation)
to nowhere
to nudge
to nudge away
to nudolize
to nuke
to nullify
to numb
to number
to number all the way through
to number consecutively (from beginning to end)
to numerate
to nurse
to nurse (a baby)
to nurse sb.
to nurse so. back to health
to nurture
to nuzzle
to o astray
to o.d.
to obey
to obey sb.
to obey someone
to obfuscate
to object
to object to
to objectify
to objurgate
to obligate
to oblige
to obliterate
to obliterate stamps
to obscure
to observate
to observe
to observe the right of way
to obsess
to obstruct
to obstruct the light
to obtain
to obtain (from)
to obtain a hearing
to obtain a licence for another category (of vehicle)
to obtain an injunction
to obtain authorization
to obtain by fraud
to obtain by trickery
to obtain sth. by fraud
to obtain sth. by trickery
to obtain sth. for sb.
to obtain sth. through hard work
to obtrude
to obviate
to occasion
to occlude
to occupy
to occupy (with)
to occupy a house
to occupy with
to occur
to occur (in)
to occur at regular intervals
to off-load
to offend
to offend against etiquette
to offend sb.
to offer
to offer a price
to offer a reward (for)
to offer as a reward for
to offer battle
to offer evidence
to offer firm
to offer one's condolences
to offer one's service
to offer one's services
to offer one's sympathies to sb.
to offer opposition to sth.
to offer resistance
to offer sb. sth.
to offer security
to offer subject to confirmation
to offer to
to offer to do sth.
to officially state sth.
to officiate
to offload
to offset {offset
to ogle
to oil
to oil oneself
to okay
to olden
to omit
to omit to ...
to omit to do sth.
to one another
to one's heart's content
to ontologize
to oouze out
to ooze
to ooze away
to ooze out
to open
to open (an account)
to open (close) the meeting
to open (up)
to open a bank account
to open a book
to open a business
to open a can of worms
to open a fair
to open an exhibition
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