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to open fire on sb.
to open on to
to open one's mouth too wide
to open the door slightly
to open to traffic
to open up
to open up by drilling
to open wide (eyes
to operate
to operate a double standard
to operate under a certain name
to operationalise
to operationalize
to opine
to oppose
to oppose (against)
to oppose sth.
to oppress
to opt
to opt (between)
to opt (for
to optimalize
to optimize
to orate
to orbit
to orchestrate
to orchestrate a media circus (around sth.)
to ordain
to ordain sb. priest
to order
to order about
to order an offence
to order away
to order in advance
to order one's affairs
to order some more
to organise
to organize
to organize a coup
to organize a fair
to organize a putsch
to orient
to orient oneself
to orientate (towards)
to orientate oneself
to originate
to originate (in)
to originate from a country
to originate from sb.
to ornament
to oscillate
to osculate
to ossify
to ostracise
to ostracize
to our fullest satisfaction
to oust
to oust sb. from his job
to oust sb. from his position
to oust sb. from power
to oust the government from power
to oust the president from power
to out sb.
to outbalance
to outbid {outbid
to outbrave
to outburst
to outclass
to outclass so.
to outcompete
to outcrop
to outdistance
to outdo {outdid
to outdo {outdid, outdone}
to outface
to outfight {outfought
to outfit
to outflank
to outfox
to outgas
to outgo {outwent
to outgrow {outgrew
to outgrow {outgrew, outgrown}
to outgrow sth.
to outguess
to outhouse
to outlast
to outlaw
to outlaw sb.
to outline
to outline/unveil/present a plan to sb.
to outlive
to outmaneuver
to outmanoeuvre
to outnumber
to outnumber so.
to outpace
to outperform
to outplay
to output {output
to outrage
to outrange
to outrank (sb.)
to outreach
to outreach sth.
to outrun {outran
to outsell
to outsell {outsold
to outshine
to outshine {outshined, outshone
to outsmart
to outsource
to outstretch
to outstrip
to outvote
to outwear {outwore
to outweigh
to outwit
to overact
to overawe
to overbalance
to overbear {overbore
to overbid
to overbid {overbid
to overboil
to overbook
to overbuild {overbuilt
to overburden
to overburn
to overbuy {overbought
to overcall
to overcast
to overcharge
to overclock
to overclock a processor
to overcloud
to overcome
to overcome {overcame
to overcome a difficulty
to overcome one's inhibitions
to overcome one's lack of will power
to overcompensate
to overcrop
to overcrowd
to overcrust
to overdevelop
to overdo {overdid
to overdo things
to overdose
to overdraw {overdrew
to overdraw {overdrew, overdrawn}
to overdress
to overdrive
to overdrive {overdrove
to overeat
to overeat {overate
to overemphasise
to overemphasize
to overestimate
to overestimate the costs
to overexceed
to overexercise
to overexert
to overexpose
to overextend
to overfeed
to overfill
to overflow
to overfly {overflew
to overgrow
to overgrow {overgrew
to overgrown
to overhang
to overhang {overhung
to overhaul
to overhear
to overhear {overheard
to overheat
to overindulge
to overindulge (sth.)
to overinvest
to overjoy
to overjump
to overlap
to overlay
to overlay {overlaid
to overleap {overleaped, overleapt
to overlie
to overlie {overlay
to overload
to overlook
to overmaster
to overmodulate
to overpay
to overpay {overpaid
to overplay
to overpopulate
to overpower
to overprice
to overprint
to overproduce
to overpunch
to overrate
to overreach
to overreact
to overrev
to override
to override {overrode
to overrule
to overrun
to overrun {overran
to oversalt
to overseason
to oversee {oversaw
to oversell {oversold
to overshadow
to overshoot
to overshoot (on landing)
to overshoot {overshot
to overshoot the mark
to oversimplify
to oversleep
to oversleep {overslept
to overspend {overspent
to overspray
to overstaff
to overstate
to overstay
to oversteer
to overstep
to overstep the mark
to overstock
to overstrain
to overstress
to overstretch
to overstuff
to oversubscribe
to oversupply
to overtake
to overtake {overtook
to overtax
to overthrow {overthrew
to overthrow {overthrew, overthrown}
to overtighten
to overtop
to overtower
to overtrain
to overtrump
to overturn
to overtwist
to overuse
to overvalue
to overwhelm
to overwhelm sb. with arguments
to overwind
to overwork
to overwrite {overwrote
to ovulate
to owe
to owe sb. money
to owe sb. sth.
to owe sth. to chance
to owe sth. to sb.
to own
to own (up) to sth.
to own company shares
to own up
to oxidate
to oxidise
to oxidize
to oxygenate
to ozonize
to pace
to pace (for)
to pace off
to pace up and down
to pacify
to pacify (baby)
to pack
to pack away
to pack one's bags
to pack ones bags
to pack sth. full
to pack up
to package
to packet
to packetize
to pad
to pad a number/field with leading zeros
to paddle
to page
to page for sb.
to page sb.
to paginate
to pain
to paint
to paint over
to paint sb.'s portrait
to paint someone's portrait
to paint the ceiling
to paint the town red
to paint the walls
to pair off
to palaver
to pale
to palisade
to palletize
to palliate
to palm
to palm sb. off with promises
to palm sth. off on sb.
to palpate
to palpitate
to palsy
to palter
to palter with
to pamper
to pan
to pan for gold
to pan out
to pan out well
to pan-coat
to pander
to pander sth.
to pander to
to pander to sb.
to pander to so.'s ego
to panel
to panhandle
to panic
to panic at the last minute
to pant
to pantomime
to paper
to parade
to parallel sth.
to parallelize
to paralyse
to paralyze
to parameterize
to parametrise
to parametrize
to paraphrase
to parboil
to parcel out
to parch
to pardon
to pardon sb. sth.
to pare
to pare back
to pare down (expenses)
to pare down (personnel)
to pare down sth. to the minimum
to parent sb.
to parenthesise
to parenthesize
to park
to park contrary to/against the regulations
to park funds (deposit them temporarily)
to park wrongly
to parlay
to parley
to parody
to parole
to parole sb.
to parquet
to parrot
to parry
to parry a shot with one's hands/legs
to parse
to part
to part (from)
to part (with)
to part from so.
to part on amicable terms
to part one's hair
to part with sth.
to partake
to partake (of)
to participate
to participate (in)
to participate (of)
to participate in a fair
to particularize
to partition
to partition off
to party
to pass
to pass (by)
to pass (the exam)
to pass (through)
to pass (to)
to pass a bill
to pass a dividend
to pass a law
to pass a sentence
to pass a ship through a lock
to pass a test
to pass an act
to pass an interlocutory decision
to pass away
to pass back
to pass by
to pass each other
to pass for
to pass forward
to pass in
to pass in mourning
to pass in review
to pass into other hands
to pass judgement (on)
to pass judgement on
to pass off
to pass on
to pass on (to)
to pass out
to pass over
to pass sb. over to
to pass sentence
to pass sentence on
to pass sth. on
to pass the ball to sb.
to pass the buck
to pass the lowest point
to pass the night
to pass through
to pass through a crisis
to pass to account
to pass water
to pass with flying colors
to passivate
to paste
to paste (into)
to paste into
to paste over
to paste up
to pasteurise
to pasteurize
to pasture
to pat
to patch
to patch up
to patent
to patrol
to patronise
to patronise sb.
to patronize
to patronize sb.
to patronizing
to patter
to pattern
to pattern oneself on sb.
to pattern onesome on someone
to pauperise
to pauperize
to pause
to pause for breath
to pause for effect
to pave
to pave the way
to pave the way for ...
to pave the way for eventual membership/recognition
to paw
to paw at sb.
to paw at sth.
to paw the ground
to pawn
to pay
to pay (a sum)
to pay (one's) tribute to sb.
to pay {paid
to pay {paid, paid}
to pay 500 Euros back tax
to pay a call to sb.
to pay a deposit on sth.
to pay a dividend
to pay a fee
to pay a flat rate for
to pay a lump sum for
to pay a salary
to pay a visit
to pay a visit to sb.
to pay a visit to someone
to pay all charges incurred
to pay all costs incurred
to pay another 20 pounds
to pay any charges for unloading
to pay any expenses whatsoever incurred
to pay at the till
to pay attention
to pay attention to stretch
to pay back
to pay by (in) instalments
to pay by check
to pay by cheque
to pay by standing order (from)
to pay cash
to pay compensation
to pay court to
to pay customs
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