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to pay damages
to pay dearly
to pay down
to pay duty
to pay duty on
to pay for
to pay for a round (of drinks)
to pay for the goods
to pay homage
to pay homage to sb.
to pay in
to pay in addition
to pay in advance
to pay in kind
to pay interest on
to pay itself off
to pay later
to pay like with like
to pay lip service
to pay money into an account
to pay off
to pay off a debt
to pay off old scores
to pay on account
to pay one's dues (for sth.)
to pay one's last respects to sb.
to pay out
to pay sb. a compliment
to pay sb. a courtesy visit
to pay sb. back
to pay sb. back in kind
to pay sb. back in the same coin
to pay sb. one's respects
to pay so. back in their own coin
to pay sth. into one's account
to pay tax on
to pay the bill
to pay the piper
to pay the price
to pay the rest
to pay through the nose
to pay too much
to pay tribute to sb.
to pay up
to peach
to peach on
to peak
to peal
to peck
to peculate
to pedal
to peddle
to pee
to peek
to peek out (from a hiding place)
to peel (potatoes ...)
to peel off
to peep
to peep through
to peer
to peer hard at sb. / sth.
to peer hard at somebody / something
to peer review
to peeve
to peg
to peg away (with)
to peg down
to peg out
to peg sb. as sth.
to peg the market price
to peg up
to pelt
to pelt (against the roof)
to pelt (at)
to pelt along
to pelt down
to pelt sb. with questions
to pelt sb./sth. with
to pen
to pen in
to pen up
to penalize
to pencil
to pencil in
to penetrate
to penetrate (into)
to pension sb. off
to people
to pep up
to pepper
to perambulate
to perceive
to perch
to percolate
to percuss
to peregrinate
to perfect
to perforate
to perform
to perform a autopsy
to perform first
to perform in front of a jury
to perform magic
to perform obligations
to perform the courtship display
to perform their respective duties
to perfume
to perfuse
to peril
to perish
to perjure
to perk
to perk up
to perk up one's ears
to perlocate
to permeate
to permit
to permit sb sth.
to permute
to perorate
to peroxide
to perpetrate
to perpetuate
to perplex
to persecute
to persevere
to persist
to persist in one's viewpoint
to personalise
to personalize
to personate
to personify
to perspire
to persuade (of
to persuade (of, to)
to persuade (to)
to persuade sb. of sth.
to persuade sb. to do sth.
to pertain to
to pertain to sth.
to perturb
to peruse
to pervade
to pervert
to pester
to pester sb.
to pet
to peter out
to petition
to petition sb.
to petition so.
to petrify
to phase
to phase in
to phase out
to philander
to philosophize
to phone
to phone over the Internet
to phosphoresce
to photocopy
to photograph
to photostat
to phrase
to phrase a statement as a question
to pick
to pick a bone with sb.
to pick a lock
to pick and choose
to pick and place
to pick at one's food
to pick holes in sth.
to pick off
to pick on
to pick on sb.
to pick one's nose
to pick out
to pick out a tune (on the guitar)
to pick over
to pick sb.'s brains
to pick sth. to pieces
to pick the locks
to pick the teeth
to pick the wrong man
to pick to pieces
to pick up
to pick up (speed)
to pick up a few examples
to pick up on a point
to pick up so.
to pick up speed
to pick up sth.
to pick up the pace
to pick up the threads
to pick up where one left off
to pick up with sb.
to pick-up
to picket
to pickle
to picnic
to picture
to picture to oneself
to piddle
to piece
to piece together
to piece up
to pierce
to piffle
to pigeonhole
to piggyback (on)
to pile
to pile (a car)
to pile the fire up (with logs
to pile up
to pilfer
to pillage
to pillage and threaten to burn
to pillory
to pillow
to pilot
to pimp
to pin
to pin one's hopes on
to pin so. down
to pin up
to pinch
to pinch off
to pinch out
to pine
to pine away
to pine away (with grief)
to pine away with
to ping
to pinion sb. against the wall
to pink
to pinnacle
to pinpoint
to pioneer
to pioneer sth.
to pipe
to pipe (bird)
to pipeline
to pique
to pirouette
to piss
to pit oneself against sth.
to pitch
to pitch a tent
to pitch camp
to pitch into
to pitchfork
to pity
to pity sb.
to pivot
to placate
to place
to place a bank/company into compulsory administration
to place a burden on sb.
to place an ad
to place an embargo on sth.
to place an order (for)
to place back
to place in
to place in safe custody
to place on the Index
to place on the market
to place one's bet on sth.
to place one's trust in so.
to place oneself close to sb.
to place over
to place reliance on sb./sth.
to place sb. on hold
to place sth. at sb.'s disposal
to place sth. somewhere
to place under disability
to place under house arrest
to place underneath
to place with
to plagiarize
to plague
to plait
to plan
to plan ahead
to plan down
to plan for the longer term
to plan to do sth.
to plan to make sb. ...
to plane
to plane away
to plane off
to plank
to plant
to plash
to plaster
to plaster on
to plasticize
to play
to play (at) chess
to play (party) politics with the terrorist threat/this issue
to play a cat-and-mouse game with sb.
to play a game
to play a hunch
to play a joke on sb.
to play a part in sth.
to play a piece of music to/for sb.
to play a prank on sb.
to play a square pass to s.o.
to play a tangential role
to play a trick on sb.
to play a trick on someone
to play act
to play as a defender
to play at cards
to play at dice
to play at dominoes
to play at fate
to play at robbers
to play at skittles
to play back
to play badminton
to play ball
to play basketball
to play by ear
to play by the rules
to play cops and robbers
to play dance music
to play dice
to play down
to play fair
to play fast and loose with
to play fast and loose with so.
to play football
to play footsie with sb.
to play for a football club
to play for love
to play for money
to play for safety
to play for the championship
to play for time
to play from music
to play gooseberry
to play handball
to play havoc (with)
to play hooky
to play hopscotch
to play in
to play in an orchestra
to play it by ear
to play it safe
to play music
to play music from tape
to play off sb. against sb.
to play patience
to play pinball
to play poker
to play pranks on sb.
to play rough
to play sb. off-side
to play sb. up
to play soccer
to play tag
to play the bagpipes
to play the flute
to play the guitar
to play the harp
to play the lead
to play the leading role
to play the main part
to play the market
to play the recorder
to play the second fiddle
to play the trumpet
to play the woman
to play through
to play truant
to play up
to play volleyball
to play with the children
to play with two strikers (football)
to plead (for)
to plead {pleaded
to plead {pleaded, pled, pleaded, pled}
to plead {pleaded, pled, pleaded, pled} for
to plead as an excuse
to plead ignorance
to please
to please sb.
to please the eye
to pleat
to pledge
to pledge one's troth
to pledge one's word
to pledge oneself to do sth.
to pledge sth.
to pley on
to plicate
to plight
to plod
to plonk
to plonk down
to plop
to plot
to plot (against)
to plot and scheme
to plot sth.
to plough
to plough back
to plough in
to plough over
to plough through
to plough under
to plough up
to plow
to plow through
to plow up
to pluck
to pluck up courage
to plug
to plug away at sth.
to plug in
to plug together
to plug-in
to plumb
to plume (bird)
to plummet
to plump
to plump down
to plump uo the pillows
to plump up the cushions
to plunder
to plunge
to plunk
to plunk down
to pluto
to ply
to ply (with)
to ply between
to ply sb. with drink
to poach
to poach sb.
to poach up
to pocket
to point
to point (at
to point (at)
to point (pencil)
to point (to)
to point at
to point East
to point out
to point out (to)
to point out a mistake
to point out that ...
to point sth. out to sb.
to point sth. out to so.
to point the finger at sb.
to point the way
to point to
to poise
to poison
to poison sb.
to poke
to poke around
to poke one's nose into sb.'s affairs
to poke the fire
to poke up (fire)
to polarize
to pole
to poleaxe
to polemicise
to polemize
to police
to polish
to polish sth. till it shines
to politicize
to poll
to poll (votes)
to pollard
to pollinate
to pollute
to polymerise
to polymerize
to pomade
to pommel
to pond back
to ponder
to pong
to pontificate
to pooh
to pooh-pooh
to pool
to poop
to pop
to pop sth. from the stack
to pop the question to sb.
to pop up
to popularise
to popularize
to populate
to pore (over
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