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to pore over
to port
to portend
to portion
to portray
to portray as a demon
to portray sb.
to pose
to pose (for sb.)
to pose a question
to pose a risk
to pose a threat to sb./sth.
to pose for one's photograph
to pose nude
to pose topless
to posit
to position
to position oneself
to position oneself more effectively (in the market)
to position onesome
to position the cutting edge accurate on the crosshairs
to possess
to possess oneself of sth.
to possess sth.
to post
to post a bill
to post a letter
to post an officer to a unit
to post pictures on the Internet
to postdate
to postmark
to postpone (to)
to postpone settlement
to postulate
to posture
to pot
to potter
to potter (at)
to potter about
to pouch
to poultice
to pounce
to pounce (on, at)
to pounce (on)
to pounce on sb./sth.
to pounce on sth.
to pound
to pound (at
to pour
to pour a load of water on the stones
to pour in
to pour off
To pour oil on the fire
to pour oil on troubled water
to pour on
to pour out
to pour over
to pour sth. over oneself
to pour towards
to pour water over sth.
to pout
to powder
to powder (with)
to powder one's face
to power
to power down
to power off
to power on
to power the keys
to power up/start the computer
to practice
to practice usury
to practise
to practise a fraud on sb.
to practise a fraud on someone
to practise a hill start
to practise a profession
to practise gymnastics
to practise idolatry
to practise law
to practise on (upon)
to practise on the piano
to praise
to praise sb. to the skies
to praise to the skies
to prance
to prang sb. up
to prate
to pratt
to prattle
to prattle away
to pray
to pray (for)
to pray (to
to pray to
to pray to the porcelain god
to pre-drill
to pre-empt
to preach
to preach to the converted
to prearrange
to precede
to precess
to precipitate
to precipitate the ruin
to preclude
to preclude sth.
to preconceive
to precook
to predate
to predecease
to predefine
to predefine data structures
to predestinate
to predestine
to predeterminate
to predetermine
to predicate
to predicate (of)
to predicate (on
to predicate (on)
to predicate on certain conditions
to predict
to predispose
to predominate
to predunk
to preempt
to preen
to preen oneself
to preexist
to prefab
to prefabricate
to preface (with)
to prefer
to prefigure
to prefix
to preform
to preformat
to preheat
to prejudge
to prejudice
to preload
to prelude
to premeditate
to premiere
to prenegotiate
to preoccupy
to preordain
to preorder
to prepack
to prepackage
to prepare
to prepare (for)
to prepare a draft for
to prepare for
to prepare oneself
to prepare oneself for sth.
to prepare the food
to prepare the ground
to prepare to do sth.
to prepay
to prepay {prepaid
to prepay {prepaid, prepaid}
to prepend
to preponderate
to prepossess
to preprocess
to prerecord
to preregister
to presage
to prescribe
to preselect
to present
to present a decision for approval
to present in detail
to present itself
to present oneself
to present sb. with the bill
to preserve
to preset
to preshrink {preshrank
to preside
to presort
to press
to press (sb.) close to one's heart
to press after
to press against
to press against each other
to press ahead with
to press down
to press forward
to press hard
to press in
to press on
to press out the juice
to press sb. (on)
to press sth. flat
to press sth. on so.
to press the button
to press together
to press towards
to pressure
to pressured
to pressuring
to pressurize
to prestore
to prestress
to presume
to presume (from)
to presume to do sth.
to presume upon sb.'s good nature
to presuppose
to pretend
to pretend not to hear
to pretend to be asleep
to pretend to be ill
to pretend to be silly
to pretest
to pretreat
to prettify
to prevail
to prevail (against
to prevaricate
to prevent
to prevent (from)
to prevent conflicts from becoming violent
to prey
to prey (on
to prey (on)
to price
to prick
to prick all over
to prick in
to prick one's ears
to prick out
to prick up one's ears
to prickle
to pride oneself on sth.
to prime
to print
to print out
to prioritise
to prioritize
to prise a secret out of sb.
to prise sth. open
to prise sth. out
to privatize
to privilege
to prize
to prize sth. highly
to probate
to probe
to proceed
to proceed further
to process
to process an order
to proclaim
to procrastinate
to procreate
to proctor
to proctorize
to procure
to procure abortion
to procure all licenses
to prod
to prod to
to produce
to produce energy
to produce evidence
to produce in series
to profane
to profess
to professionalize
to proffer
to profil
to profile
to profit
to profit by sth.
to profit from
to profiteer (by
to prognosticate
to program
to programme
to progress
to progress to the quarterfinal round
to progress to the quarterfinals
to prohibit
to project
to project (onto)
to prolapse
to proliferate
to prolong
to promenade
to promise
to promise heaven and earth
to promise sb. the earth
to promise so. sth.
to promise so. the moon/heaven and earth
to promise someone the earth
to promise someone the moon
to promote
to promote a project
to prompt
to prompt (to)
to prompt so.
to promulgate
to pronounce
to pronounce (for, in favour of
to pronounce judgement
to pronounce oneself for sth.
to pronounce sb.'s dead
to proof
to proofread
to prop
to prop (up)
to prop up
to propagandize
to propagate
to propel
to prophesy
to propitiate
to proportion (to)
to proportionate
to propose
to propose (for)
to propose a date
to propose a toast to sb.
to propose an alternative model
to propose marriage to sb.
to propose to do sth/doing sth.
to propose to sb.
to propound
to prorate
to prorogue
to proscribe
to prosecute
to prosecute tax offences
to proselytize
to prospect
to prospect (for)
to prosper
to prostitute
to prostrate
to protect
to protect (from)
to protect the legitimate interests (of investors etc.)
TO protein, Drosophila
to protest
to protest (against)
to protest against sth.
to protest one's innocence
to protest one's innocense
to protract
to protrude
to protrude (over
to protuberance
to prove (ascertain) beyond doubt
to prove (dough)
to prove (establish) the identity
to prove (to be) very useful
to prove {proved
to prove a failure
to prove false
to prove one's identity
to prove one's innocence
to prove one's mettle
to prove oneself
to prove oneself to be sth.
to prove sb.'s identity
to prove to be false
to prove to be sth.
to prove to be true
to prove true
to provide
to provide (for sth.)
to provide (for)
to provide (with)
to provide clarification
to provide evidence of one's training experience
to provide for
to provide for all contingencies
to provide personnel
to provide sb. with sth.
to provide security for
to provide shade
to provide with a water seal
to provide with food
to provide with seating
to provision
to provision (for)
to provoke
to provoke (protest)
to prowl
to prune
to prune (of)
to pry
to pry a secret out of sb.
to pry around
to pry into sb.'s affairs
to pry open
to psych out
to psych sb. up
to psyche oneself up
to psyche out sb.
to psyche up
to psychoanalyse
to psychoanalyze
to pub-crawl
to publicise
to publicize
to publish
to pucker
to puff
to puff and blow
to puff away
to puff away on/at a pipe
to pug
to puke
to pule
to pull
to pull (weeds)
to pull a boner
to pull a face
to pull a fast one
to pull a handle
to pull a tooth
to pull a wry face
to pull anchor
to pull apart
to pull away
to pull down
to pull near
to pull one's weight
to pull oneself together
to pull out
to pull out (from under)
to pull out (of)
to pull out all the stops
to pull out the plug
to pull over
to pull sb. to pieces
to pull sb.'s leg
to pull so. through
to pull someone's chestnuts out of the fire
to pull someone's leg
to pull sth. to pieces
to pull strings
to pull the plug
to pull the rug (out) from under sb.
to pull the strings
to pull the trigger
to pull the wool over sb.'s eyes
to pull the wool over someone's eyes
to pull through
to pull to pieces
to pull together
to pull together in a hurry
to pull up
to pull up (at)
to pull up short
to pull/lift a team out of the relegation zone
to pulp
to pulsate
to pulse
to pulverize
to pummel
to pump
to pump down
to pump dry
to pump iron
to pump out
to pump up
to pun (on
to punch
to punch (the ball)
to punch-mark
to punctuate
to puncture
to punish (for)
to punt
to punt the ball
to pupate
to purchase
to puree
to purge
to purify
to purl
to purloin
to purport
to purpose
to purpose sth.
to purr
to purse
to purse one's lips
to pursue
to pursue a policy
to pursue a target
to pursue sb.
to purvey
to push
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