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Results for T in English, page 195
to push a child on a swing
to push ahead
to push aside
to push away
to push back
to push for answer
to push for sth.
to push forward
to push in
to push off
to push on
to push one's luck
to push open
to push sb./sth.
to push so.'s buttons
to push sth. off the stack
to push sth. on the stack
to push the envelope
to push the limits
to push through
to push towards
to push underneath
to push up prices
to push up the daisies
to push up too far/high
to push-start
to pushup
to pussyfoot
to pussyfoot around
to put
to put (clamp) the lid on sth.
to put (take) into care
to put {put
to put {put, put}
to put /set a watch/clock forward
to put a (big) question mark over sth.
to put a bandage on sb.
to put a bee in the bonnet
to put a bill through
to put a ceiling on sth.
to put a cover (on)
to put a few drinks away
to put a full stop
to put a hat on a hen
to put a jerk in it
to put a notice up
to put a preservation order on
to put a question mark
to put a spoke in sb.'s wheel
to put a squiggly line under ...
to put a stalled project back on track
to put a stop to sb.'s game
to put a stop to something
to put a stop to sth.
to put a strain on sb.
to put a tourniquet on
to put a veto on sth.
to put about
to put across
to put after
to put against
to put ahead as condition
to put all one's eggs into one basket
to put an apron on
to put an embargo on sth.
to put an end to
to put an end to a deplorable state of affairs
to put an idea into someone's head
to put aside
to put away
to put away (in file)
to put away (safely)
to put back
to put back on its feet
to put by
to put clean sheets on the beds
to put crosswise
to put down
to put down (a well)
to put down a buoy
to put down the receiver
to put dust and ashes on one's head
to put false colors upon sb.
to put forth
to put forward an opinion
to put forward sth.
to put forward/advance an opinion
to put fresh linen on
to put fresh linnen on
to put in
to put in a bad mood
to put in a claim for damages
to put in a cross
to put in a disclaimer of sth.
to put in a good word for
to put in a good word to sb. for sb.
to put in an appearance
to put in one's two cents
to put in order
to put in the way
to put in train
to put inside
to put into another bed
to put into care
to put into interim storage
to put into one's pocket
to put into operation
to put into practice
to put into quarantine
to put into rhyme
to put into words
to put it bluntly
To put it bluntly ...
to put it in a nutshell
to put it mildly
to put it on
to put it to sb.
to put money aside
to put money in escrow
to put obstructions in sb.'s way
to put off
to put off (till
to put off (until)
to put off sb.
to put oil on troubled waters
to put on
to put on (paint)
to put on a baby's diaper
to put on a baby's nappy
to put on a dress
to put on a leash
to put on a level (with)
to put on a list
to put on airs
to put on an act
to put on an apron
to put on clean bedding
to put on clean underwear
to put on end
to put on frills
to put on gloves
to put on guard
to put on hold
to put on ice
to put on make-up
to put on manual
to put on one side
to put on one's best bib and tucker
to put on one's shoes
to put on speed
to put on the back burner
to put on the barmy stick
to put on the dog
to put on the market
to put on the order of the day
to put on the scales
to put on three pounds
to put on weight
to put one´s tongue out (at someone)
to put one's ankle out
to put one's best foot forward
to put one's cards on the table
to put one's feet up
to put one's foot down
to put one's foot in it
to put one's foot in one's mouth
to put one's hands on one's hips
to put one's heart and soul into sth.
to put one's oar in
to put one's shirt on
to put one's shirt on a horse
to put one's tongue out
to put oneself in danger
to put oneself in sb.'s position
to put oneself out
to put out
to put out a rumour
to put out at interest
to put out feelers to ...
to put out of action
to put out of tune
to put people in pigeonholes
to put perfume on
to put poison down
to put pressure on
to put pressure on sb.
to put putty
to put sb. behind
to put sb. in a backwater
to put sb. in a position to do sth.
to put sb. in chains
to put sb. in confinement
to put sb. in her/his place
to put sb. in mind of sth.
to put sb. off
to put sb. off doing sth.
to put sb. off his/her stride
to put sb. on his mettle
to put sb. on the rack
to put sb. on the spot
to put sb. through his paces
to put sb. to great inconvenience
to put sb. under quarantine
to put sb. up
to put sb. upon his oath
to put sb./sth. in the limelight
to put seating in
to put so. a flea in his/her ear
to put so. off sth.
to put so. on the sick list
to put so. to shame
to put so. up for adoption
to put some oomphh into it
to put some other clothes on
to put someone on his mettle
to put something in perspective
to put sth. at sb.'s disposal
to put sth. down to sth.
to put sth. in concrete terms
to put sth. in the balance
to put sth. into circulation
to put sth. into cold storage
to put sth. into words
to put sth. off
to put sth. on file
to put sth. on layaway
to put sth. on show
to put sth. on stage
to put sth. on the backburner
to put sth. out to air
to put sth. over sth.
to put sth. up for (at ) auction
to put sth. up for sale
to put straight
to put straight through
to put the accent on sth.
to put the axe in the helve
to put the bite on sb.
to put the bite on someone
to put the blame on sb.
to put the blame on sb. for sth.
to put the book in order
to put the car in for a service
to put the car in neutral
to put the cart before the horse
to put the clock back
to put the clock forward (one hour)
to put the date stamp on
to put the fear of God into sb.
to put the finishing touches (to a text)
to put the lid on sth.
to put the responsibility for sth. on sb.
to put the skids under sb.
to put the teeth into a law
to put things straight (with sb.)
to put through
to put through (to)
to put to bed
to put to death
to put to flight
to put to rout
to put to school
to put to sea
to put to shame
to put to the acid
to put to the test
to put to use
to put together
to put tucks in
to put turf down
to put under
to put under a heading
to put under pressure
to put underneath
to put up
to put up (on)
to put up a building
to put up a fight
to put up a good show
to put up a scaffolding
to put up for (at ) auction
to put up posters
to put up resistance
to put up the bank rate
to put up the banns
to put up with
to put up with sb./sth.
to put up with sth.
to put wood behind the arrow
to put/get sth. back on track
to putrefy
to putt
to putter
to putter around
to putty
to puzzle
to puzzle out
to puzzle sb.
to puzzle someone
to quack
to quadruple
to quadruplicate
to quaff
to quake
to qualify
to qualify (for
to qualify a statement
to qualify as a specialist
to qualify for a position
to qualify for a tax relief
to qualify for benefit
to qualify for the quarterfinals
to qualify for the round of eigth
to qualify for the round of sixteen
to qualify so. to do sth.
to quantify
to quantize
to quarantine
to quarrel
to quarrel with sb.
to quarry
to quarry for sth.
to quarter
to quarter in barracks
to quash
to quaver
to quell
to quell (anxieties)
to quell (fear)
to quell (feelings)
to quell (riot)
to quench
to quench one's thirst
to query
to query sth.
to quest (for)
to question
to question sth.
to queue
to queue up
to quibble
to quick-freeze {quick-froze
to quicken
to quicken the pace
to quicken the pulse
to quiesce
to quiet
to quieten
to quieten sb.'s suspicions
to quieten someone's suspicions
to quill
to quilt
to quintuple
to quip
to quit (from job)
to quit {quitted, quit
to quiver
to quiz (about)
to quote
to quote (at)
to quote (from)
to quote a price
to quote from an author
to quote prices
to quote sb. for sth.
to rabbet
to rabble
to race
to race round
to racemize
to rack
to rack one's brain
to rack one's brains
to rack sb.
to rack up
to rack with beer
to radiate
to radiate (from sth.)
to radiate (from)
to radiate energy/light
to radiate optimism
to radicalize
to radio
to radio an SOS
to raffle
to rag
to rage
to rage itself out
to raid
to raid (a bank)
to rail
to railroad a bill
to railroad sb.
to rain
to rain cats and dogs
to rain down (upon)
to raise
to raise (a child)
to raise (a question)
to raise (money)
to raise a controversy
to raise a hue and cry
to raise a litter
to raise a loan
to raise a monument
to raise a perpendicular
to raise a query with sb.
to raise a question
to raise an issue
to raise an objection
to raise dust
to raise expectations
to raise fears
to raise hell
to raise money
to raise one's arm
to raise one's hand
to raise one's profile (with sb.)
to raise one's voice against
to raise sth.
to raise taxes
to raise the bar
to raise the glass
to raise the level
to raise the roof
to raise the stake
to raise the standard
to raise the temperature
to raise the wind
to raise to higher power
to raise/lift one's hat to sb.
to rake
to rake (into
to rake in money
to rake together
to rally
to rally (round one)
to rally round
to ram
to ram sth. into sb.
to ram up
to ram-raid a shop
to ramble
to ramify
to ramp
to rampage
to rampage around
to randomise
to randomize
to range
to range from ... over ... to ...
to range in
to range over
to rank
to rank 3rd
to rank among
to rank among the best
to rank as a great composer
to rank so. among the great
to rankle
to rankle (with sb.)
to ransack
to ransom
to rant
to rant (at)
to rant (on about)
to rap
to rap at the door
to rap out
to rap sb. on the knuckles
to rape
to rape sb.
to rappel
to rapture
to rarefy
to rasp
to raster
to rate
to rate among
to rate as
to rate high
to rather hazy about
to ratify
to ration
to rationalize
to ratten
to rattle
to rattle at the door
to rattle off
to rattle so.
to rattle the sabre
to ravage
to rave
to rave (over
to ravel
to ravish
to raw-glaze
to ray
to raze
to raze sth. to the ground
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