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Results for T in English, page 196
to razz
to razz sb.
to re edify
to re edit
to re educate
to re elect
to re elevate
to re embark
to re emerge
to re emphasize
to re employ
to re engage
to re enlist
to re enter
to re equip
to re establish
to re evaluate
to re experience
to re narrate
to re present
to re use
to re-accommodate
to re-address
to re-echo
to re-edify
to re-edit
to re-educate
to re-elect
to re-elevate
to re-embark
to re-emerge
to re-emphasise
to re-emphasize
to re-employ
to re-enact
to re-enact a scene
to re-enact sth.
to re-engage
to re-engineer
to re-enlarge
to re-enlist
to re-enter
to re-equip
to re-establish
to re-evaluate
to re-examine
to re-experience
to re-hang
to re-import
to re-introduce
to re-introduce animals or plants to a region
to re-launch
to re-narrate
to re-plan
to re-present
to re-quarter
to re-stress
to re-use
to re-weld
to reabsorb
to reaccess
to reach
to reach (for)
to reach (sth.)
to reach (to
to reach [for]
to reach agreement
to reach an accommodation
to reach an agreement
to reach an amicable settlement
to reach back
to reach deadlock
to reach dry land
to reach in
to reach its peak
to reach maturity
to reach middle age
to reach one's goal
to reach one's peak
to reach out
to reach sth.
to reach the last eight
to reach the last four
to reach the last sixteen (in/of a competition)
to reach the lowest point
to reach the quarter-finals
to reacquire
to react
to react (on)
to react with a sense of outrage
to reactivate
to read
to read {read
to read a play with assigned parts
to read aloud
to read between the lines
to read in
to read in (to)
to read law
to read off
to read on
to read out
to read over
to read sb. the riot act
to read the meter
to read through
to read to sb.
to read to someone
to read up {read
to read wrong
to readapt
to readdress
to readjourn
to readjust
to readmit
to readopt
to readvertise
to ready
to reaffirm
to realign
to realise
to realize
to realize that ...
to reallocate
to reallocate land
to ream
to reanalyse
to reanalyze
to reanimate
to reap
to reap the benefits of
to reap the benefits of sth.
to reappear
to reapply
to reappoint
to reappraise
to rear
to rear (snake)
to rear its head
to rear up
to reargue
to rearm
to rearrange
to rearrange the furniture
to rearrest
to reascend
to reason
to reason why
to reassemble
to reassert
to reassess
to reassign
to reassimilate
to reassociate
to reassume
to reassure
to reattach
to reattempt
to reauthorize
to reawake
to reawaken
to rebaptize
to rebate
to rebel
to rebind {rebound
to reblock
to reboil
to rebook
to reboot
to rebound
to rebroadcast
to rebuff
to rebuild
to rebuke
to rebut
to rebuy {rebought
to recalc
to recalculate
to recalibrate
to recall
to recall a loan
to recall soldiers from Iraq
to recall the past
to recant
to recap
to recapitulate
to recapture
to recede
to receipt
to receive
to receive (administer) Holy Communion
to receive a credit of trust (from sb.)
to receive a decoration
to receive a direct hit
to receive a hit
to receive a knighthood
to receive a severe blow
to receive aid on a massive scale
to receive as a gift
to receive permission to speak
to receive stolen goods
to receive visitors
to recertify
to recess
to recharge
to recheck
to recherche
to rechristen
to reciprocate
to recirculate
to recite
to reckon
to reckon out
to reckon up
to reclaim
to reclaim a swamp
to reclaim land from the sea
to reclassify
to recline
to recline (on)
to reclothe
to recode
to recognise
to recognise (by
to recognise that
to recognize
to recognize (by)
to recognize that
to recoil
to recoil (from)
to recoin
to recollect
to recollect sth.
to recolonise
to recolonize
to recolor
to recolour
to recombine
to recommence
to recommend
to recommend to one's friends
to recommission
to recommit
to recompense
to recompile
to recomplement
to recompose
to recompute
to reconcile
to reconcile (with)
to reconcile oneself to sth.
to reconcile so. to sth.
to recondition
to reconfigurate
to reconfigure
to reconfirm
to reconnect
to reconnoiter
to reconnoitre
to reconquer
to reconsider
to reconstitute
to reconstruct
to reconstruct (a train of thought)
to recontaminate
to recontrol
to reconvene
to reconvert
to recopy
to record
to record a TV-programme
to record double-digit growth rates (in sth.)
to record s.th. (on tape)
to record sth. (on tape)
to record sth. directly from the Internet
to record sth. on video
to record the death
to recount
to recoup
to recoup one's cost
to recoup one's initial outlay
to recoup one's investment
to recoup one's outlay
to recover
to recover consciousness
to recover damages
to recover from
to recover from an illness
to recover land from the sea
to recover one's health
to recover one's voice
to recover oneself
to recreate
to recrudesce
to recruit
to recrystallize
to rectify
to recultivate
to recuperate
to recur
to recuse
to recycle
to red card a player
to redact
to redden
to redecorate
to redeem
to redeem (for)
to redeem (for) (banknotes)
to redeem (stocks)
to redeem a loan
to redeem a pledge
to redeem oneself
to redeem sb. from sin
to redefine
to redeliver
to redemand
to redeploy
to redeposit
to redeposit (by water)
to redescend
to redesign
to redesignate
to redevelop
to redial
to redigest
to redirect
to rediscover
to redisplay
to redissolve
to redistribute
to redo
to redouble
to redound
to redound to sb.'s advantage
to redound to sb.'s honour
to redound to so.'s credit
to redraft
to redraw
to redress
to reduce
to reduce (pressure)
to reduce (to
to reduce a fraction
to reduce costs
to reduce in price
to reduce sb. to begging
to reduce sb. to despair
to reduce sb. to silence
to reduce sb. to submission
to reduce sb. to tears
to reduce speed
to reduce sth. to a common denominator
to reduce sth. to pulp
to reduce the density of
to reduce the pressure
to reduce the scale of operations
to reduce the temperature
to reduce to
to reduce to ashes
to reduce to order
to reduce to silence
to reduce to small pieces
to reduplicate
to redye
to reef
to reek
to reek of sth.
to reel
to reel off
to reel off a poem
to reel up
to reelect
to reembark
to reemploy
to reenact
to reenforce
to reengineer
to reenter
to reestablish
to reexamine
to reexport
to refashion
to refasten
to refer
to refer (to)
to refer back (to sth.)
to refer back to
to refer for decision
to refer to
to refer to sb.
to referee
to reference
to refill
to refinance
to refine
to refinish
to refire
to refit
to reflect
to reflect (on)
to reflect upon
to refloat
to reflourish
to reflow
to refocus
to refold
to reforest
to reform
to reform sb.
to reformat
to reformative
to reformulate
to refound
to refract
to refrain
to refrain from
to refrain from laughing
to refreeze
to refreeze {refroze
to refresh
to refresh oneself (with)
to refrigerate
to refuel
to refund
to refund money
to refurbish
to refurnish
to refuse
to refuse a claim
to refuse a request
to refuse access to sth.
to refuse an offer
to refuse an office
to refuse bluntly
to refuse point-blank
to refuse sb. admittance (to)
to refuse sb. entry (admission)
to refuse sth. bluntly
to refuse to accept
to refuse to believe something
to refuse to believe sth.
to refuse to follow sb.
to refuse to give evidence
to refuse to give sb. one's allegiance
to refuse to obey sb. any longer
to refuse to testify
to refuse to tolerate
to refuse to tolerate sth. from sb.
to refute
to regain
to regain one's strength
to regale
to regale (on
to regale sb. with funny stories
to regard
to regard as sth.
to regard oneself
to regard with suspicion
to regather
to regenerate
to regerminate
to regiment
to register
to register with the police
to regive
to regreen
to regress
to regret
to regret the absence of sb.
to regrind
to regroup
to regrow
to regularize
to regulate
to regulate the flow of traffic
to regulate the traffic
to regurgitate
to rehabilitate
to rehandle
to rehang
to rehash
to rehearse
to rehearse sth.
to reheat
to rehire
to reify
to reign (over)
to reignite
to reimburse
to reimburse for deferred payment
to reimport
to reimpress
to rein
to reincarnate
to reincorporate
to reinduce
to reinfect
to reinflame
to reinforce
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