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to reinforce (an opinion)
to reinforce sb.'s decision
to reinform
to reinfuse
to reinitialize
to reinoculate
to reinsert
to reinspect
to reinstall
to reinstate
to reinstruct
to reinsure
to reintegrate
to reintegrate into the society
to reinter
to reinterpret
to reintroduce
to reinvent
to reinvent the wheel
to reinvest
to reinvestigate
to reinvigorate
to reinvite
to reinvolve
to reissue
to reiterate
to reiterate sth.
to reiterate that ...
to reject
to reject a motion
to reject a request
to reject an offer
to reject as unfit
to reject flatly
to reject sb
to reject sb. as unfit for service
to reject sth.
to reject sth. firmly
to reject sth. flatly
to reject sth. out of hand
to rejoice
to rejoin
to rejoin each other
to rejudge
to rejuvenate
to rekindle
to relabel
to reland
to relapse
to relapse into crime
to relate
to relate (to
to relativise
to relativize
to relaunch
to relax
to relay
to relay (to)
to relay a message (to sb.)
to relearn
to release
to release energy
to release into the wild
to release on bail
to release sb. from a duty
to release the clutch
to release/introduce animals or plants into the wild
to relegate
to relegate (out of)
to relegate (to)
to relent
to relieve
to relieve (the load)
to relieve oneself
to relieve sb.'s mind
to relieve the distress
to relight a mine lamp
to relinquish
to relish
to relive
to reload
to reloan
to relocate
to relume
to relumine
to rely (on sth./sb.)
to rely (on)
to rely on conjecture
to rely on sb. for my income
to remain
to remain (behind)
to remain (in reserve)
to remain a bachelor
to remain aloof
to remain at the wheel
to remain below the perception threshold (of sb.)
to remain celibate
to remain dormant
to remain in force
to remain lying
to remain on the sidelines
to remain seated
to remain shut
to remain silent
to remain stationary
to remain stuck (to)
to remain true to oneself (one's principles)
to remain undone
to remain untold
to remain upbeat despite ...
to remake
to remand
to remanufacture
to remark
to remark (on
to remark (to)
to remarry
to remeasure
to remedy
to remedy an abuse
to remedy the deficiencies
to remelt
to remember
to remember sb./sth.
to remigrate
to remind
to remind (of)
to remind sb. of sth.
to remind sb. to do sth.
to reminisce (about)
to remit
to remit money
to remix
to remodel
to remonstrate (against)
to remonstrate with sb. (on)
to remount
to remove
to remove a stand
to remove after assembly
to remove burr
to remove from office
to remove from the mold
to remove from the mould
to remove retention areas
to remove sb. from office
to remove stain
to remove the make up
to remove the make-up
to remove the saliva by ejector
to remove timber
to remove with emery paper
to remunerate
to remunerate a position with sth.
to rename
to rend {rent
to render
to render (assistance)
to render (of)
to render a graphic
to render a service
to render account
to render bacon
to render effeminate
to render homage
to render sb. immobile
to render up (a prisoner)
to renege
to renegotiate
to renegotiate an agreement
to renew
to renominate
to renounce
to renounce a pleasure
to renounce the world
to renovate
to renovate a building
to rent
to rent a house
to renumber
to reobtain
to reoccupy
to reoccur
to reopen
to reopen a case
to reopen old sores
to reoppose
to reorder
to reorganise
to reorganize
to reorient
to repacify
to repack
to repackage
to repaint
to repair
to repair a building
to repair the roof
to repass
to repatriate
to repay {repaid
to repay a loan
to repay sb. in kind
to repay so. for sth.
to repay/reimburse sb. his/her travelling expenses
to repeal
to repeat
to repeat after
to repeat sth. after sb.
to repeat sth. parrot fashion
to repel
to repent
to repeople
to rephotograph
to rephrase
to repine
to replace
to replace (by)
to replace the existing rules
to replant
to replay
to replenish
to replicate
to reply
to repolish
to repoll
to repopulate
to report
to report (on)
to report a missing person
to report an offence (against)
to report back
to report for duty
to report in
to report sb. (to the police) for disturbing of the peace
to report sick
to report to sb.
to repose
to reposition
to repossess
to repost
to repot
to reprehend
to represent
to repress
to repress/suppress all memory of sb./sth.
to reprice
to reprieve
to reprieve sb.
to reprimand
to reprint
to reprint a book
to reprise
to reprivatize
to reproach
to reproach sb. for being late
to reproach sb. for his mistakes
to reproach sb. for sth.
to reproach sb. with sth.
to reprobate
to reprocess
to reproduce
to reproduce (oneself)
to reproduce verbatim
to reprogram
to reprove
to republish
to repudiate
to repulse
to repunch
to repurchase
to repurify
to repute
to request
to request (for)
to request a book through interlibrary loan/interlending
to request silence
to request sth. from sb.
to require
to require (from)
to require a great deal of energy
to requiring approval
to requisition
to requite
to reradiate
to rerail
to reread
to reroute
to rerun
to resave
to resaw
to resay
to rescale
to rescan
to reschedule
to rescind
to rescind a visa
to rescue (from)
to rescue from
to rescue sb. from drowning
to research
to resect
to reseed
to resegregate
to resell
to resemble
to resemble (closely) sth.
to resend
to resend {resent
to resent
to reserve
to reserve one's right to do sth.
to reserve sth. for oneself
to reset
to reset {reset
to resettle
to resew
to reshape
to resharpen
to reshoot
to reshuffle
to reside
to residualize
to resign
to resign from
to resign from a club
to resign one's seat
to resign oneself (to)
to resign onesome (to)
to resinate
to resist
to resist corrosion
to resist sth.
to resize
to reskill
to resolder
to resole
to resolve
to resolve (doubts)
to resolve (into)
to resolve (optically)
to resolve (problems)
to resolve a problem
to resolve an issue
to resolve itself
to resolve on sth.
to resolve that ...
to resolve to give up smoking
to resonate
to resorb
to resort
to resort (to)
to resort to sb.
to resort to sth.
to resort to violence
to resound
to resow
to respeak
to respect
to respell
to respire
to respond
to respond to
to respond to a toast
to respond with passion
to respray
to rest
to rest (on
to rest (upon
to rest oneself
to rest upon
to restack
to restart
to restate
to restitute
to restock
to restore
to restore a building
to restore order
to restore peace
to restrain
to restrain oneself
to restrict
to restrict (to)
to restructure
to restudy
to restyle
to resubmit data
to result from
to result in
to result in sth.
to resume
to resupply
to resurface
to resurge
to resurrect
to resurvey
to resusciate
to resuscitate
to ret
to retail
to retain
to retain its value
to retain money
to retain sth.
to retaliate
to retard
to retaste
to retch
to retell {retold
to retell {retold, retold}
to retest
to rethink
to reticulate
to retire
to retire early
to retire from a service
to retool
to retorque
to retort
to retouch
to retrace
to retrack
to retract
to retract (landing gear)
to retrain
to retransform
to retranslate
to retransmit
to retreat
to retreat (from sb.)
to retrench
to retrench (expenses)
to retrieve
to retrieve (dog)
to retroact
to retrofit
to retrograde
to retrogress
to retry
to retune
to returf
to return
to return (home) in triumph
to return a loan
to return empty-handed
to return home
to return receipt
to return the favour (favor)
to return to
to return to the fold
to retype
to reunify
to reunite
to reuse
to rev up
to revaluate
to revalue
to revamp
to revarnish
to reveal
to reveal one's innermost thoughts
to reveal oneself
to revel
to revenge
to revenge (on
to revenge oneself
to revenging
to reverberate
to reverberate (with)
to revere
to reverence
to reverify
to reverse
to reverse (an item)
to reverse roles
to reverse sth.
to reverse the polarity of
to revert
to revert (to)
to revert to sth.
to review
to review a book
to revile
to revise
to revisit
to revitalize
to revive
to revive a friendship
to revive interest in sth.
to revivify
to revoke
to revoke an offer
to revoke sth.
to revolt
to revolutionize
to revolve
to reward
to reward the courage
to rewarm
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